Relaxing with a delicious drink in hand after a long day or week is one of life’s pleasures. In this post, I’ve rounded up more than 20 fall cocktails from IBC that you will want to make as soon as possible (if you haven’t already done so).

Must-Make Fall Cocktail Recipes #fall #cocktails #fallcocktail #recipe #cranberry #apple #applecider #pumpkin #recipes

20+ Must-Make Fall Cocktail Recipes

As regular readers of Inspired by Charm know, I enjoy creating libations with a seasonal twist. These 20+ Must-Make Fall Cocktail Recipes are among my best concoctions. I’m confident you’ll enjoy each of them!

Caramel Apple Cider Martini Recipe #fall #cocktail #martini #apple #caramel #applecider

Caramel Apple Martini
This fall cocktail is like a liquid dessert. And it only takes three ingredients: apple cider, caramel vodka, and butterscotch schnapps. I also rim the glass with caramel sauce.


This Caramel Pear Cider makes a delicious and unique Fall Cocktail Recipe! #caramel #pear #cider #fall #cocktail #recipe #mulled

Caramel Pear Cider
Don’t be fooled by this unpretentious-looking fall drink. The combination of apple cider, pear cider, and caramel syrup is out-of-this-world! To add a bit of drama, I serve it with a cinnamon stick and thin, fresh-cut whole pear slice.

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Homemade and really Good Cider Mulled Wine #apple #cider #mulled #wine #fall #cocktail #recipe

Cider Mulled Wine
This seasonal libation is not to be missed. It combines mulled wine and mulled cider. Need I say more!? I’m certain you’re going to enjoy it as much as I do.


A delicious Autumn Harvest Fall Sangria cocktail recipe! #fall #sangria #autumn #cocktail #recipe #redwine #redsangria

Autumn Harvest Fall Sangria
Fall is an ideal time for sangria. (For that matter, any season is. Find all of my seasonal sangria recipes HERE.)  This version has the bold colors and flavors of autumn, and it’s easy to make a big batch if you’re expecting guests.

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Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe #moonshine #apple #christmas #gift #holdiay #recipe

Apple Pie Moonshine
As its name suggests, this fall cocktail packs a punch. I warn folks about this and serve it in small doses. I found some tiny mason jar-shaped glasses that were the perfect size, but standard shot glasses will work equally well.


Caramel Apple Pie Martini - Fall Cocktail Recipe #apple #pie #caramel #fall #cocktail #recipe

Caramel Apple Pie Martini
This is another autumn take on the martini that you’re going to love. It’s like drinking a slice of fresh-baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream. The glass is even rimmed with graham cracker crumbs.


Apple Cider Sangria #fall #cocktail #recipe #applecider #sangria

Apple Cider Sangria
You can’t miss when you make this fall cocktail! It’s a mix of apple pie vodka and apple cider. Seasonal spices and cut-up apples, pears, and grapes enhance the flavor and visual appeal.


Pumpkin Old Fashioned Fall Cocktail Recipe #pumpkin #oldfashioned #cocktail #fall #recipe

Pumpkin Old Fashioned
Yes, you can have your pumpkin and drink it, too. This classic cocktail has been tweaked with pumpkin puree, maple syrup, and black walnut bitters. All of that is mixed with bourbon, so the taste is amazing!


Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy #fallcocktail #hottoddy #cocktail #apple #cinnamon #recipe

Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy
If you’re craving something warm on a chilly autumn evening, may I suggest this yummy toddy? This fall cocktail gets a flavor upgrade inspired by apple pie. Traditional with a twist!

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Salted Caramel White Russians #saltedcaramel #caramel #fallcocktail #whiterussian #kahlua #recipe

Salted Caramel White Russian
I’ve always enjoyed a White Russian (It’s like a vanilla milkshake with vodka.), and this one is incredible. Two of the reasons are the salted caramel coffee liqueur and salted caramel vodka.


Frozen Pumpkin Pie Martini #pumpkin #pie #martini #cocktail #recipe

Frozen Pumpkin Pie Martini
This is an ideal dessert drink when you need to chill out on a fall night. You will love the fusion of a pumpkin milkshake and a pumpkin pie martini. I topped mine with a dollop of whipped cream.


Maple Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail - Holiday / Christmas Cocktail Recipe #cranberry #bourbon #maple #holiday #chirstmas #cocktail #recipe

Maple Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail
The tart-meets-sweet of this cocktail gives it a unique flavor sensation for the season. Folks who follow IBC know that I have become a bourbon aficionado in recent years. In case you haven’t yet been converted, I have a feeling this drink will favorably influence your preferences.

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More Tasty Fall Cocktail Recipes:

How to Make Delicious Mulled Wine for Fall #christmas #holiday #mulled #wine #cocktail #recipe #fallcocktail

Mulled Wine
Who doesn’t enjoy a cup or two of mulled wine? This easy and delicious recipe can take you from fall right into the holiday season. I always recommend mulling the type of wine you like to drink and varying your choice to suit the occasion.


How to Make Chai Spiced White Russians #chai #tea #whiterussian #cocktail #holiday #christmas #cocktail #recipe

Chai Spiced White Russians
In this take on a White Russian, I used vodka infused with chai tea, plus coffee-flavored liqueur, half-and-half, and cinnamon. The finishing touch is a cinnamon stick and star anise. It’s autumn in a glass!

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How to Make Apple Pie Sangria #fall #cocktail #recipe #applepie #sangria #applesangria #cinnamon #apple #cocktail #recipe

Apple Pie Sangria
This fall cocktail has all the flavors you expect in traditional apple pie filling. The lovely apple pie spices come from a homemade simple syrup. The syrup is super easy to make, and I’ve included a link to it with this sangria recipe.


This Warm Cranberry Crock-Pot Sangria Recipe is perfect for entertaining in the fall. #sangria #holiday #christmas #cocktail #slowcooker #fall #cocktail

Slow Cooker Sangria
You know a slow cooker is great for soups, stews, dips, and slow-cooking meats, but you might not have thought about using it for sangria. In this recipe, you heat red wine, brandy, simple syrup, cranberries, orange slices, cranberries, and spices. Your house is going to smell heavenly!


Spiced Pear Gin Cocktail is the perfect signature cocktail for Thanksgiving or any fall celebration. #pear #gin #fallcocktail #cocktail #recipe #spicedpear

Spiced Pear Gin Cocktail
Pears work beautifully in fall cocktails. This delightful concoction combines gin, pear juice, pear liqueur, lemon juice, and cardamom bitters. For garnish, there’s a pear slice and thyme sprig.

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This Spiced Pear Moscow Mule is the perfect cocktail recipe to celebrate the fall season. #pear #moscowmule #mule #gingerbeer #cocktail #recipe #fallcocktail

Spiced Pear Moscow Mule
You can’t go wrong with a mule this time of year. This version gets its unique taste from homemade spiced pear simple syrup, a splash of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. When you make one, you’ll know exactly what I mean.


These Harvest Apple Mules are the perfect seasonal cocktail for fall. #harvest #apple #mule #fall #cocktail #fallcocktail #recipe

Harvest Apple Mule
Here’s another mule you’re going to enjoy. In a nutshell, it’s a Moscow mule plus apple cider. Sometimes simple is best.

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Cranberry Old Fashioned - Fall Cocktail recipes #cranberry #oldfashioned #cocktail #recipe #christmas #holiday #fallcocktail

Cranberry Old Fashioned
This fall cocktail is as pleasant to look at as it is to sip. I was inspired to create it several years ago following a Thanksgiving Boot Camp I attended in NYC. This drink would be an amazing signature cocktail for any fall event.

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Cider and Maple Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe #applecider #maplesyrup #cider #bourbon #oldfashioned #cocktail #fallcocktail #recipe

Cider and Maple Old Fashioned
I took a classic old fashioned and added seasonal flavor with apple cider and pure maple syrup to create this sensational Cider and Maple Old Fashioned. I know you’re going to love this combination as much as I do.


The BEST Hot Apple Cider / Mulled Apple Cider #mulled #hot #applecider #fall #cocktail #recipe

Hot Apple Cider
Welcome cooler weather with a warm cup of the flavors of fall with this delicious and classic Hot Apple Cider. For me, bourbon is the crowning touch, but you could use brandy, spiced rum, or tequila. You’ll need mulling spices for this recipe. You can find my recipe for Homemade Mulling Spices HERE.


Apple Cider Sidecar - easy and delicious fall cocktail recipe. #sidecar #applecider #cocktail #fall #recipe

Apple Cider Sidecar
I love the name, look, and taste of this fall cocktail. And with its combination of apple cider, cognac, and orange liqueur, it’s perfect for celebrating the bounty of the season. I garnished mine with lemon peel.

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Fall Cocktails: That’s a Wrap!

How many of these IBC fall cocktails have you already tried? Which ones are now on your “must-make” list? Please let us know in the comments.

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