Halloween Cocktail Recipes

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Spooky season is complete now that you have the best Halloween cocktail recipes to serve at your next fall party!

collage of four halloween cocktails in glasses.

The perfect cocktail sets the mood for any party you host. For Halloween parties, you need something with a festive color, design, flair, and flavor! These spooktacular cocktail recipes are all that and more.

You’ll find everything on the fall and Halloween spectrum here. From harvest-celebrating apple cocktails to delicious pumpkin drinks, all of these cocktails will fit in no matter what.

Easy Halloween cocktails

Bellinis, ciders, vodka drinks, and mules – even basic mixologists can serve and prepare these seasonal Halloween cocktail recipes. Most of the drinks on this list only have a few ingredients.

All of them are the perfect things to serve (and drink) in the fall and autumn months.

1. Hot Apple Cider

When you make this drink, it will fill your home with cozy holiday aromas. Mulled apple cider is spiced to perfection. Just follow the recipe, and you’ll have a perfect mug of cider every single time.

This recipe includes how to make it with or without alcohol.

glass mug that says Forever Fall in vinyl lettering filled with hot cider

2. Pumpkin Apple Cider

When you can’t decide between apple pie and pumpkin pie, make this tasty drink. Pumpkin apple cider is delicately spiked with either bourbon or apple liqueur for a tasty fall libation.

Stirring it with a cinnamon stick is the perfect way to enjoy it.

Pumpkin Apple Ciders in glasses.

3. Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Serve both Vampire’s Kiss and Haunted Highball at your next Halloween party. Both spooky cocktails are vodka based, but each has distinctly different looks and tastes.

Vampire’s Kiss is zesty and sweet, with orange liqueur, sugar, and lemon juice. The red dye around the rim looks like blood – a wonderfully eerie design for your party.

The haunted highball is quite different. The rich vanilla vodka, sweet white chocolate liqueur, white cream de cacao, and half and half make this a delightful dessert drink. The little ghost’s eyes and mouth are a must-add!

two halloween cocktail recipes - vampire's kiss and haunted highball

4. Caramel Apple Martini

Serve a caramel apple martini any time of year, but especially around apple harvest time in the fall. You’ll love the cinnamon sugar around the rim and the fact that this smooth cocktail only has three ingredients.

It’s the perfect thing to drink after spending time picking apples or at the pumpkin patch.

up close shot of an apple slice floating in a caramel apple martini

5. Frozen Old Fashioned Slush

This colorful adult slush drink has a bourbon base and a bunch of other ingredients that catapult the frozen old fashioned to stardom. You’ll want to make this every holiday.

The frozen orange juice concentrate, bitters, and cherry juice will remind you of your favorite Old Fashioned drink.

frozen old fashioned cocktail recipes for halloween

6. Cider and Maple Old Fashioned

Another way to reimagine the old fashioned is to add some apple cider and maple syrup. One taste and you’ll be making cider and maple old fashioned cocktails for your friends next.

This cocktail is perfect for anyone that thinks typical old fashioned drinks are too strong.

cider and maple old fashioned served over ice

7. Peach Raspberry Bellini

These lovely fall drinks are ideal for a fall brunch. The deep orange and red colors mimic the foliage that’s turning colors outside. Plus, a peach raspberry bellini has the fruitiest and sweetest flavors too.

Raspberry Peach Bellinis in glasses on table

8. Apple Pie Sangria

Diced red and white apples float in the copper mugs along with whole cinnamon sticks. You can tell just by looking at them that the apple pie sangria will have a sweet and spicy flavor. What you can’t see is the hidden kick it has from the wine and vodka.

copper mug full of apple pie sangria with chunks of apples floating on top

9. Pumpkin Spice White Russians

Another way to bring a fall twist to a classic drink is to stir together a pumpkin spice white Russian. It has all the same White Russian flavors you love – vanilla vodka, Kahlua, and half and half – but with some added pumpkin spice and a cinnamon stick to fancify it.

pumpkin spice white Russian halloween cocktails with lit candle in the background

10. Apple Cider Manhattan

Apple cider and bourbon both have rich, spicy flavors. It just makes sense to mix them together to create a fall cocktail. Apple cider Manhattans are elegant and fun to sip slowly at an elegant cocktail party.

fall flavored Manhattan served with a cherry on a cocktail skewer

11. Caramel Pear Cider

If you don’t normally enjoy pear flavors, let the caramel pear cider help you fall in love with it. It is delicately sweet with a ribbon of buttery caramel flavors that are entwined with notes of crisp apples.

Serve it hot with a cinnamon stick, and enjoy it on cold days.

halloween cocktail recipes for caramel pear cider

12. Pumpkin Old Fashioned

This fall drink is made with real pumpkin puree – not just the spice. You can taste the sweetness from the pumpkin as it mixes with the bold bourbon. Use black walnut bitters in the pumpkin old fashioned for some nutty undertones that enhance the citrus flavors.

pumpkin spin on an old fashioned drink served with a cinnamon stick

13. Apple Cider Sidecar

Mixing real apple cider with cognac gives you the ultimate fall libation. An apple cider sidecar is a festive fall cocktail that only has four simple ingredients.

Serve it in a showy cocktail glass, and it’s ready to serve.

apple cider sidecar halloween cocktail recipes in gold rim glass

14. Harvest Apple Mule

Do you enjoy Moscow mules? Then you will probably love this harvest apple mule. It tastes like an apple cider Moscow mule.

Even though Moscow Mules are traditionally served in copper mugs, you’ll want to show off the gorgeous ombre effect of this fall cocktail.

apple flavored mule in a clear glass

What to serve with Halloween cocktails

These 14 Halloween cocktails are the best fall drinks you’ll ever find. They all have the perfect balance of fall flavors mixed with familiar drinks.

As you plan your Halloween or fall party, put a few of these drinks on the menu, along with some creative and whimsical Halloween appetizers or snacks.

Make some cute Halloween pretzels – they take almost no effort and look almost too cute to eat. Halloween gingerbread cookies are just as adorable, but they take a bit more effort.

Spider cheeseballs are savory and work double as a table centerpiece.

For even more Halloween snack ideas, check out this Halloween food guide. It has everything you need in one place.

That’s a wrap on Halloween cocktails!

There you have it – the tastiest, most show-stopping spooktacular Halloween cocktails you will ever find! Whether you love apples or pumpkins more, there is something just for you on this list. Cheers!

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