Star-Spangled 4th of July Desserts

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Baby you’re a firework! Get ready to ignite your taste buds and sweeten up your Independence Day celebrations with this sensational collection of 4th of July desserts! As we gear up to commemorate the birth of our great nation, what better way to celebrate than with a delectable array of sweet treats!

four delicious 4th of July dessert recipes.

In this ultimate 4th of July dessert roundup, I’ve curated a selection of mouthwatering recipes that encompass all things patriotic and indulgent. From luscious cakes and pies to delightful single-serving desserts, cookies, bars, and even a dessert ‘salads’ I’ve got you covered with a variety of options to satisfy every sweet tooth. I love a delicious recipe collection and one was essential for this special holiday.

Once you’ve decided which ones to create for your celebration, the difficult part will be stopping yourself from going back for a second helping!

Need more recipes for your 4th of July celebrations? Don’t worry. I have you covered with a collection of all the best 4th of July recipes. I’m covering everything include best dip recipes, crowd pleasing appetizer, main courses, cocktails, and so much more!

Why You’ll Love These Recipes

  • Irresistible Sweet Treats: These desserts are guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth. From classic favorites to innovative creations, each recipe has been selected for its mouthwatering appeal and indulgent flavors.
  • Creative Twists: While the recipes provide a solid foundation, they also leave room for creativity and personalization. Feel free to add your own unique touches, experiment with flavors, or adapt the recipes to your taste preferences for a truly one-of-a-kind dessert experience.
  • Tried and Tested: The dessert recipes have been carefully curated based on their popularity, positive feedback, and reputation for being crowd-pleasers. You can trust that you’re serving desserts that have delighted many people and are guaranteed to be a hit.
  • Summertime Delights: These recipes embrace the flavors of summer, incorporating refreshing elements like citrus, berries, tropical fruits, and creamy delights that perfectly complement the warm weather and outdoor festivities.

Red, White, and Blue Desserts

To truly capture the spirit of Independence Day, your dessert table must be bursting with the rich colors of the American flag. Red, white, and blue desserts are always a hit and they’re a perfect way to celebrate the country’s birthday.

red velvet trifle layered with berries and whipped cream in a large glass jar.

Red, White and Blue Trifle  

Layers of red velvet cake, strawberries, blueberries, and Cool Whip give this decadent dessert the colors of the holiday. At my family’s request, I make this beautiful trifle every year for the Independence Day party that my dad hosts.

Mixed Berry Shortcakes in mason jars with berries and whipped cream.

Mixed Berry Shortcakes

Not serving a crowd, but still want a beautiful and festive trifle? These Mixed Berry Shortcakes are the perfect solution. Served in tall mason jars they are as pretty as they are delicious. These are always a crowd favorite.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting topped with patriotic sugar candies.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

These cupcakes are patriotic in every way. The cake is red (of course!), and the crème cheese frosting is white. I also serve the cupcakes in red, blue, and silver liners and decorate them with Americana-themed sugar candies.

mixed berry pound cake

Mixed Berry Pound Cake

Bursting with fresh berries, lemon zest, and vanilla, this Mixed Berry Pound Cake will quickly become your new favorite sweet. The addition of sour cream adds moisture to the cake and is the base for a sweet and tangy glaze.

Cakes and Pies

If you’re looking for a dessert that can feed a crowd, cakes and pies are the perfect solution. They’re versatile, easy to serve, and always crowd-pleasers.

Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies in picnic basket.

Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies

It wouldn’t be the 4th of July without apple pie. These Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies are a delicious and sweet way to celebrate. With a homemade pie crust, fresh apple filling, and salted caramel that you can hold in your hand, what’s not to love?

piece of cream puff cake on a while plate with a fork.

Cream Puff Cake

This spectacular 4th of July dessert is like a cream puff in cake form. The cake part is similar to a Pennsylvania Dutch pancake. And the filling combines vanilla pudding and cream cheese. It’s all topped with Cool Whip. Yummy!

Ritz Cracker and Mixed Berry Icebox Cake on a galvanized metal cake stand.

Ritz Cracker and Mixed Berry Icebox Cake

I love this old-fashioned summer treat because it’s the best of all worlds – sweet and salty as well as crispy and creamy. To make it, you need a little patience, plus Ritz Crackers, whipped cream, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and mixed-berry jam.

Homemade Strawberry Shortcakes on plate.

Classic Strawberry Shortcakes

Making Homemade Strawberry Shortcakes couldn’t be easier! Today I’m showing you how with my recipe for this classic summer dessert. Want more? I also have Blueberry Shortcakes and Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcakes!

Blueberry Cream Pie in a glass pan with a piece removed.

Blueberry Cream Pie

A slice of this pie is like a sweet taste of summer! The graham cracker crust has coconut in it, and the filling is a creamy custard. All that goodness is topped with a filling made from fresh blueberries.

The BEST Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie served on plate with a whole pie in the background.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie

This Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie is a quintessential summer dessert recipe. Made with garden fresh rhubarb, plump strawberries, and crunchy crumble topping, it’s the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Filled with flavors of the season, this recipe is a crowd pleaser that everyone will enjoy.

Single Serving Desserts

After enjoying some classic potluck desserts, take your 4th of July celebration to the next level with single serving desserts. These miniature treats are perfect for adding a personal touch to your festivities.

Berry Cup Pies on a white platter.

Berry Cup Pies

In case you’re wondering, a cup pie is a pie in cupcake form. Cup pies are cute and easy to assemble. I used sweetened berries in these and created a variety of toppers – a plain crust sprinkled with sugar, an interesting lattice crust, and an irresistible crumble.

Mason Jar Cherry Supreme in small glass canning jars.

Cherry Delight

Prepared in small Mason jars, this classic cherry cheesecake, know as cherry delight, is easy to pack up and take to your 4th of July picnic. The individual servings are a perfect size. No need to feel guilty about enjoying this treat or having seconds.

Old-Fashioned Dessert “Salads”

If you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your 4th of July dessert spread, then old-fashioned dessert “salads” are definitely worth considering. Despite their name, these desserts don’t usually involve any actual greens. Instead, they typically feature sweet ingredients like fruit, marshmallows, and whipped cream, all mixed together into a delightful, creamy concoction.

The Best Strawberry Pretzel Salad in a pan and served on a plate.

Strawberry Jell-O Pretzel Salad

The contrasting flavors and textures of strawberry gelatin and pretzels are probably one of the reasons this dish has never gone out of style. It’s also easy to transport to any 4th of July get-together. There’s never a wrong time to introduce it to new generations.

ice cream pudding dessert on plates.

Ice Cream Salad

This old-fashioned Ice Cream Pudding Dessert (or Ice Cream Salad as it’s known in my family) is an easy-to-make dessert recipe comprised of a salty Ritz cracker crust and creamy toasted coconut ice cream pudding filling. I know you’re going to love it.

strawberry jello salad in pan.

Strawberry Jello Salad

Fluffy, fruity, and full of flavor, this Strawberry Jello Salad is a dessert recipe from my childhood that hasn’t gone out of style. Twenty-five years later it’s still just as delicious! It might quickly become your new go-to treat. 

Bars and Cookies

If you’re looking for bite-sized desserts that are easy to serve and even easier to eat, cookies and bars are the way to go. There is a wide range of options to choose from and they all can be dressed up with patriotic colors and flavors to fit any 4th of July celebration.

Strawberry Cheerio Treat Bars on a plate with strawberries.

Strawberry Cheerio Treat Bars

Cereal bars don’t require a lot of ingredients, and the preparation is simple, so they are a great 4th of July dessert. These Cheerio bars are colorful and loaded with strawberry goodness. Adults and kids love them! (You can also find the original chocolate and peanut butter recipe that inspired this strawberry variety here.)

White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Cookies stacked on a plate.

White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Cookies

These White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread Cookies are a family favorite! In fact, my family loved this recipe so much that they now refer to them as “crack cookies”. If you love soft and chewy cookies with tons of flavor, this is the cookie for you.

Italian Sprinkle Cookies (Italian Wedding Cookies)stacked on a plate.

Italian Sprinkle Cookies

These Italian sprinkle cookies (also known as Italian wedding cookies) are delicious, soft cookies dunked into a sweet glaze and topped with colorful sprinkles. Change up the sprinkle colors to red, white, and blue to make them more patriotic!

close up of stuffed peanut butter cup cookies.

Stuffed Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Get ready to experience pure bliss with this dessert recipe. If you’re a fan of peanut butter cups and cookies, then you’re in for a treat. Introducing the stuffed peanut butter cup cookie! This delectable bite-sized dessert is a perfect combination of creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate.

Unique and Creative Ideas

After indulging in the delectable classics, it’s time to get creative! Impress your guests with these unique and fun desserts that are sure to make your celebration stand out.

Cheesecake Dip with Strawberries served on a large platter and on a small plate.

Cheesecake Dip with Strawberries

When you’re pressed for time, try this delightful, “deconstructed” strawberry cheesecake. Just serve fresh whole strawberries with cheesecake dip and graham cracker crumbs. Your guests will enjoy the unique presentation.

strawberry crumble served in two bowls with a scoop of ice cream.

Strawberry Crumble

If you’re looking for an easy-to-make and scrumptious dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth, then this strawberry crumble recipe is for you! Made with juicy strawberries and a divine crumble topping, this dessert is sure to become your go-to. Topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, each bite will leave you craving more.

cherry mountain pies stacked on cutting board.

Cherry Mountain Pie

Having a campfire this 4th of July? Then grab some sliced bread, your favorite pie filling, and a couple of pie irons because we’re roasting up some Cherry Mountain Pies. You’ll also love these Strawberry Nutella Mountain Pies.

Never heard of a mountain pie before? You’re going to love them. Learn all about mountain pies here, plus I’ve shared over a dozen unique mountain pie recipes.

Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes arranged on a large white platter.

Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes

Are you on the hunt for a dessert that is both easy-to-make and impressive? Made with store-bought phyllo pastry shells, these Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes Bites will quickly become your new go-to entertaining dessert. They are simple to put together, and look like a professional baker created them. Best of all, they’re delicious!

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I prepare desserts for my Fourth of July celebration?

Most desserts can be prepared a day or two in advance, but it’s important to make sure they are stored properly. Keep cakes and cupcakes covered with plastic wrap or in an airtight container to prevent them from drying out. For fruit-based desserts, be sure to store them in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

What if I have guests with dietary restrictions?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of options for those with dietary restrictions. Vegan and gluten-free desserts are becoming more popular and can be found at specialty grocery stores or made from scratch. Fruit salads and sorbets are great options for those with dairy allergies.

How can I make sure my desserts look as good as they taste?

Presentation is key! Consider using patriotic-themed plates and serving dishes to add to the overall theme of your celebration. A little extra effort in decorating and displaying your desserts can make a big impact on your guests.

What if I don’t have time to make desserts from scratch?

Don’t stress, store-bought desserts can be just as delicious. Add a personal touch by decorating them with patriotic sprinkles or fruits. Another option is to jazz up pre-made cupcakes or cakes with homemade frosting and decorations.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, attending a picnic in the park, or simply celebrating at home with loved ones, I hope this 4th of July dessert extravaganza becomes your go-to resource for sensational sweet treats. Let’s make this 4th of July a celebration to remember—one sweet bite at a time!”

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for more recipes ideas (appetizers, salads, main course, cocktails, etc.) to serve at your Independence Day celebrations, be sure to check out this collection of the best 4th of July recipes.

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Which of my 4th of July dessert recipes are your favorites? What are your “must-makes” for Independence Day? Please let me know in the comments below.

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