There’s nothing better than a warm beverage on a cool day. During the fall and winter, one of my favorites is chai tea. I get the Tazo Chai liquid concentrate, mix it with skim milk, and warm it up. Ooh, it is just so good!

With cooler temperatures rolling in, I thought I’d amp up my warm beverage options and give a hot toddy a try. Typically, I’m not a fan of bourbon or any kind of whiskey, although, between you and me, I wish I was. When I see people sipping a glass of bourbon on TV or in a movie, I think they look so sophisticated and commanding.

Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy |

Anyway, I have tried a few drinks made with bourbon, and I do enjoy them a bit more than just drinking it straight up. So, inspired by my need for something warm and my desire to acquire a taste for bourbon, I created an Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy.


Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy |

Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy |

Mixed with cinnamon, maple syrup (Finding Home Farms, of course), and black tea, bourbon takes on a whole new life. And you know what, I love it! Move over chai tea, you’ve been replaced. (Just kidding, there will always be room for you.)

In all honesty, this toddy is quite delicious and perfect for cooler weather. Plus, rumor has it that hot toddies are a great cure for a cold. Sick days just got a whole lot better.

Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy |

And for those of you who don’t imbibe, I’ve got a bourbon substitute so you can enjoy this cozy beverage, too.

I’m excited to be sharing my recipe for this Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy over on the HomeGoods Design Happy blog. You can find the recipe here.

Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy |

Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy |

Even if you’re not a big bourbon fan like me, I think you’ll like this toddy. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Also, If you’re looking for more of my HomeGoods blog posts, click here to catch up.

Do you drink hot toddies? What’s your favorite thing to sip during the cold months?

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