Must-Make Easy Vodka Drinks For Any Occasion

I’ve shared before how much I enjoy creative and fun mixed drinks, and vodka cocktails are the perfect empty canvas. From flavored vodka to fruity concoctions, to martinis to cosmos and other classics, there are so many different ways to make easy vodka drinks.

To make things even easier for you, I am sharing all my favorite vodka drinks in one place. Browse this list and find a new cocktail to make. They are full of creative artistic flair that will impress your friends and family (and make any gathering so much more fun).

Must-Make Vodka Drinks - delicious vodka cocktail recipes

FAQs About Vodka

Before we get into the actual recipes, let’s chat for a bit about this liquor.

Is vodka gluten-free?

I always assumed all liquor was gluten-free, but recently learned that isn’t necessarily true. Thankfully, pure vodka is considered gluten free.

What makes this question interesting is that I always heard vodka was made with potatoes. However, these days, using wheat is considered the more sophisticated method. That being said, vodka, even if distilled from wheat, is still considered gluten free.

Learn how to make Strawberry Basil Infused Vodka! #strawberry #basil #vodka #cocktail #cocktails

If you are sensitive or allergic to gluten, it’s best to avoid any vodka with mix-ins or additional flavorings unless you know for sure they are also gluten free.

What is the most common vodka mixer?

The recipes below will show you dozens of ways to enjoy vodka. But, if you want to keep it simple, here are a few basic mix-ins to use with vodka:

  • orange juice (called a screwdriver)
  • other types of juice including pineapple or cranberry juice
  • sprite or other soda
  • lemonade
Peach Cosmopolitan Martini Recipe

What is the best brand of vodka to buy?

I know it can be tempting to buy the cheapest bottle possible, but I highly encourage you not to. While vodka cocktails have mixers and add-ins that will add to the flavor of the drink, the liquor itself is still a very important part of the recipe.

A cheaper vodka is much less smooth and will add more of the unpleasant alcohol taste, whereas a more mid-range version creates a smooth drink that doesn’t have any bitterness to it.

The good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to get a nice vodka. Many bottles are under $20 and will last you a while. I have tried several different brands and my favorites are Tito’s and Boyd & Blair (both made in the USA) but experiment and see which you prefer.

Party-Ready Easy Vodka Cocktails You Need To Make

When you need something new and different that will get the party started, reach for one of these fun vodka drinks.

This Strawberry Basil Martini is like sipping on summer! #cocktail #strawberry #martini #basil #recipe

1. Strawberry Basil Martini

Revel in the flavors of summer with this strawberry martini. It’s made with homemade strawberry basil-infused vodka and has a sweet and earthy flavor that tastes like it belongs at a summer garden party.

This Watermelon Basil Martini is a fresh and herby cocktail perfect for summer sipping! | Inspired by Charm

2. Watermelon Basil Martini

What other type of fruit encapsulates summertime, like watermelon? This watermelon basil martini is refreshing and looks like the perfect thing to sip on while you sit poolside with your friends.

Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini #summer #cocktail #recipe #spicy #pineapple #chipotle #martini

3. Spicy Pineapple Martini

Fans of chipotle peppers will really enjoy this drink…it’s got a kick. With a combination of sweetness and heat, a spicy pineapple martini is exactly what you need to complement rich desserts.

cosmo drink in glass

4. The Perfect Cosmo

What makes the perfect cosmo? Follow the instructions in this drink recipe, and you’ll find out! It has the perfect mixture of vodka, orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and fresh-squeezed lime juice. This pretty pink drink is then garnished with fresh lime.

Peach Cosmopolitan Martini

5. Peach Cosmo

The best peaches are from Georgia, and this peach cosmo is a nod to that lovely southern state. It has peach vodka and peach schnapps instead of orange liqueur. Don’t forget to garnish with a blood orange! It has the most amazing pigment and looks extra festive in the drink.

cosmo in martini glass

6. Carnival Cosmo

Light and bright flavors fill the martini glass when you shake up a Carnival cosmo. It is a drink looking for a party! The limoncello is irresistible, especially when it is mixed with tart cranberry juice. This might just become your new go-to drink.

Berry Watermelon Limeade Martini recipe

7. Berry Watermelon Limeade Martini

This is a fancy spin on the typical vodka lemonade. The secret to this incredibly fruity martini is the homemade watermelon limeade. It’s super sweet without overpowering the vodka and St. Germain liqueur. Plus, it’s easy to make this a virgin drink too.

The garnish on this one is yummy too – a lime wheel, berries, and watermelon. Good enough to eat!

Sweet Heat Summer Cocktail Recipe

8. Sweet Heat

There are two powerful ingredients in this sweet and spicy vodka drink. First, thinly sliced jalapenos which are both aromatic and add heat to your tongue. Then, fresh ginger brings a bold and deep spice that rounds out all the other flavors. It is all sweetened up with pineapple juice, simple syrup, and, of course…vodka

Birthday Cake Martini

9. Birthday Cake Martini

Enjoy this martini, even if it isn’t your birthday. With sprinkles around the glass and a rich, white drink inside, this beautiful martini dresses up the drink cart. It’s one of those easy vodka cocktails that looks fancy enough for a party and is sweet enough for date night, too.

Star-Spangled Mule - Cocktail Recipe

10. Star Spangled Mule

Fresh berries and bold fresh mint garnish this party-ready mule. At first, it might seem surprising to combine ginger beer and vodka, but the result is a bold taste that you’ll want to replicate over and over again.

The best thing about this drink is that you can use all of your favorite berries in it for new flavors and looks. Just muddle them in and enjoy!

Raspberry Beer Cocktail Recipe

11. Raspberry Beer Cocktail

For a large party, mix up this raspberry beer cocktail. This recipe makes the cocktail punch-style. Add some fresh fruit to the punch bowl, and people can serve themselves as much of it as they want. It’s a layered drink with both sweet and sour flavors mixed perfectly together.

pear cocktail in martini glass

12. Pear Martini

This is one of my favorite easy vodka drinks! Do you enjoy the light and crisp flavors of pears? If you do, then this luxurious martini is perfect for you. It is spiced with bold angostura bitters that are enhanced with tangy lemon juice. Every single sip transports you to a time of dancing, music, and laughter.

Black-Eyed Susan Cocktail

13. Black-Eyed Susan Cocktail

This citrusy cocktail is a drink that is fun to enjoy during the Kentucky Derby (or anytime, really). It’s no mint julep, it’s better. 😉 This sweet cocktail is a combination of orange and pineapple juices.

I love how vodka mixes with St. Germain liqueur – it creates a strong drink that hides its strength under incredible flavors. Serve it over fresh ice and enjoy.

Apple Pie Sangria in mugs

14. Apple Pie Sangria

This lovely sangria looks as delicious as it tastes. Small chunks of juicy apples float in the drink with aromatic cinnamon sticks. You can imagine how it tastes before your first sip. There are a lot of ingredients in this amazing sangria – including homemade apple pie spice simple syrup.

hibiscus tea cocktail

15. Hibiscus Iced Tea Cocktail

This Hibiscus Iced Tea Cocktail is the perfect combination of bright flavors and rich color. Made with freshly brewed Hibiscus Tea, sparkling water, and orange vodka, it’s a refreshing and delicious cocktail perfect for spring and summer entertaining.

Lemon Drop Martini in martini glass.

16. Lemon Drop Martini

This lemon drop martini provides the perfect balance of tart and sweet. It’s a classic cocktail that’s simple to make and the flavor is something everyone will love. 

Seasonal Vodka Drinks

As a bonus, here are some festive and delicious seasonal vodka cocktails too! Celebrate your favorite holiday seasons with gorgeous and easy vodka cocktails.

Sweetie Martini: Valentine's Day Cocktail

16. Sweet Martini

This lovely pink martini is perfect for Valentine’s Day or celebrating anniversaries. The best ingredient in this drink is the rich and decadent Godiva white chocolate liqueur. It’s a really strong drink because it features four different types of alcohol and only 2 ounces of heavy cream.

Very Merry Ornamentini - Holiday Cocktail Recipe

17. Very Merry Ornamentini

Let me introduce you to the world’s most perfect Christmas martini! Make the drink and pour it into a clear glass Christmas tree ornament. Then, set the ornament in a garnished martini glass. When you are ready to serve the martini, all you have to do is pour it from the ornament into the glass. It is so much fun!

Cottontail Martini - a coconut martini cocktail recipe

18. Cottontail Martini

As an ode to the fluffy Easter bunny that always brings kids marshmallow treats, this cottontail martini is full of sugary goodness. Everything about it looks like a white bunny, and it tastes like the treats kids find in their Easter baskets. This is a spring favorite here at Bayberry House.

Naughty but Nice Christmas Cocktail #christmas #holiday #cocktail #easy #recipe #cranberry #drink #ChristmasCocktail

19. Naughty But Nice Christmas Cocktail

Club soda gives this vodka drink fun fizzies. The cranberry and orange juice together are a sweet contrast to the dry vodka and spicy ginger. This Christmas cocktail is delicious and fun to garnish.

Poinsettia Pomegranate Martini

20. Poinsettia Pomegranate Martini

For some pretty reds and pinks on the table, make this festive poinsettia pomegranate martini. The sweet whipped vodka tastes even sweeter when you mix it with some bubbly rose!

Pumpkin Spice White Russians

21. Pumpkin Spice White Russian

How about a fall drink? For all those people that enjoy the pumpkin spice life, this white Russian is creamy with the perfect level of spice. The Kahlua and vanilla vodka taste like a traditional white Russian, but it is topped with pumpkin spice and garnished with a cinnamon stick.

Peppermint White Russian Recipe

22. Peppermint White Russian

Take the Kahlua and vodka duo and use the peppermint versions – now you have a winter-themed white Russian! There are just three simple ingredients in this rich and creamy drink.

Chai Spiced White Russian

23. Chai Spiced White Russian

The star anise in these drinks looks like a pretty Christmas tree decoration. That’s why I think this chai-spiced white Russian is one of the best drinks you can make in the winter. It is thick and creamy and oh so amazing.

Salted Caramel White Russians |

24. Salted Caramel White Russian

Finally, if salted caramel is one of your favorite winter lattes, then this white Russian is perfect for you! Both the coffee liqueur and the vodka are a salted caramel flavor. Then, they are poured into a glass drizzled with sticky sweet and salty caramel sauce. Delicious!

That’s a Wrap on Easy Vodka Drinks

I hope you find a new favorite vodka cocktail (or two) to make from this list. Each one of these are so creative and fun. Cheers!

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