My Favorite Cranberry Recipes


Cranberries (the fruit, not the group) have been a part of holiday celebrations for hundreds of years. I enjoy the lively tartness of cranberries all year round and have featured them in a variety of foods here on Inspired By Charm. In this post, I’ve pulled together my favorite cranberry recipes for your convenience.

My Favorite Cranberry Recipes

Gleaming, plump, red ripe cranberries are beautiful to behold and useful for adding color as well as a distinct tart flavor to appetizers, libations, and sweet treats. Today’s collection offers many easy-to-prepare crowd-pleasers. Which cranberry recipes will you serve this holiday season?

Cranberry Recipes: Appetizers

Cranberry Meatballs for an easy holiday appetizer recipe #christmas #holdiay #recipe #appetizer #meatball

Cranberry Meatballs
It’s the tangy-sweet sauce that takes these meatballs to the next level. Simply combine jellied cranberry sauce, chili sauce, brown sugar, and lemon juice, spoon the mixture on meatballs, and bake them in the oven. You’ll be looking for lots of occasions to make this cranberry recipe.

Try this Cranberry Bacon & Walnut Cheeseball for a delicious and easy fall appetizer recipe. #fall #cheeseball #cranberry #bacon #appetizer #recipe

Cranberry Bacon and Walnut Cheeseball
You can’t miss with the flavor combination in this festive cheeseball. It looks stunning amidst small pretzel sticks, hearty crackers, and purple grapes. Best of all, it’s simple to create.

These Cranberry Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts make the perfect Christmas appetizer recipe. #appetizer #bacon #waterchestnuts #HorsDoeuvres #recipe

Cranberry Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts
I’m one of those people who can’t resist anything bacony, including this classic hors d’oeuvre. In my take on the traditional, I use whole water chestnuts, thick-cut bacon, and a cranberry-infused chili sauce. That burst of tartness with the bacon crunchiness is mouth-wateringly good!

Cranberry Recipes: Libations

Maple Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail - Holiday / Christmas Cocktail Recipe #cranberry #bourbon #maple #holiday #chirstmas #cocktail #recipe

Maple Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail
Bourbon has become a go-to liquor at my house, and this is a drink I recently made to mark the start of the holiday season. The maple and cranberry play together so well! Even if you’re not yet a big fan of bourbon, this cranberry recipe will let you explore the medley of flavors as you sip and celebrate.


This Warm Cranberry Thanksgiving Sangria perfect for entertaining in the fall. #sangria #holiday #christmas #cocktail #slowcooker

Slow Cooker Holiday Sangria
You know I LOVE Sangria. (I’ve featured it many times on IBC.) This version is ideal for the holidays because it’s resplendent with the colors of the season. Plus, it stays warm in the slow cooker, and your guests can serve themselves. 

Cranberry Old Fashioned - 10 Christmas Cocktail recipes #cranberry #oldfashioned #cocktail #recipe #christmas #holiday

Cranberry Old Fashioned
I recommend having a signature cocktail for a Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or Christmas celebration. And this fabulous drink is one I often suggest. You can mix one up in a flash with cranberry simple syrup (I’ll show you how to make that, too.), a quality bourbon, and a splash of bitters.


Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail #cranberry #bourbon #cocktail #recipe #christmas #thanksgiving

Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail
The base of this cranberry recipe is equal parts bourbon and cranberry juice. I fancified it with a rosemary sage simple syrup (Directions are included.) and a little lemon juice. If you haven’t decided what cocktail to serve before the turkey and trimmings, this might be the one.

Cranberry Recipes: Sweet Treats

This Mascarpone Cranberry French Toast recipe makes the perfect holiday breakfast! #breakfast #recipe #frenchtoast #cranberry #mascarpone #holiday #christmas

Mascarpone Cranberry French Toast
This cranberry recipe is likely to become your new favorite breakfast for the holiday and winter season. The creamy mascarpone and fresh juicy cranberries make this French toast appealing to both the eyes and the palette. And when life is even busier than usual, you can put this dish together in advance. Just refrigerate it overnight and bake the next morning.


This Apple Cranberry Tart make a delicious and beautiful holiday dessert. #cranberry #apple #tart #dessert #recipe #thanksgiving #christmas #holiday

Apple Cranberry Tart
In this delicious dessert, cranberries are the star and apples and walnuts are supporting players. Bursting with cheery red color and warm, sweet, and tart flavors, this cranberry recipe is my seasonal take on a traditional apple tart. You and your family and guest will love it.


Crock Pot Monkey Bread Recipe Cranberry Orange #cranberry #orange #monkeybread #recipe #breakfast #dessert

Slow Cooker Cranberry Orange Monkey Bread
Whether you’re planning a small brunch or a big gathering, this monkey bread is the kind of sweet yumminess everyone loves. Drizzled with icing and full of seasonal flavors, this gooey cranberry recipe will be gobbled up in no time.


Cranberry Orange Walnut Tassies for the Holiday #christmas #cookies #cranberry #recipes #tassies #orange #walnut

Cranberry Orange Walnut Tassies
The look and taste of these small tarts will wow your family and friends. Although this cranberry recipe appears time-consuming, it comes together pretty quickly once you’ve made the cookie dough and the filling has had time to chill.


How to make Cranberry Pecan Pie #cranberry #pecan #pie #dessert #recipe #christmas #holiday #thanksgiving

Cranberry Pecan Pie
Something tells me this is a cranberry recipe your dear ones will be begging you to make! The cranberries offer the perfect counterpoint to the traditional rich and sugary pecan filling. And their ruby color gives this pie a holiday touch.


This Apple Cranberry Slab Pie is the perfect fall dessert. It's easy to make and the flavor combination is delicious. #apple #cranberry #slabpie #pie #dessert #recipe

Apple Cranberry Slab Pie
The secret to this dessert is the puff pastry crust. Once it’s rolled out and filled with a mixture of dried cranberries, sliced apples, cinnamon, and sugar, another layer of pastry goes on top. After the pie is baked and cooled, you drizzle it with icing. I promise it will get rave reviews!

Sugared Cranberries #sugared #cranberries #dessert #holiday #christmas #thanksgiving #recipe

Sugared Cranberries
To make these shimmering beauties, you coat fresh cranberries in simple syrup and then in sugar. After the sugared berries are dry, use them for snacks, garnishes, and décor. I recently decorated a Black Walnut Christmas Cake with them. You can find that recipe here. Also, check out my Gingerbread House Cake where I used these cranberries to garnish that too. 

Gingerbread House Gingerbread Cake

This Black Walnut Cake is a delicious Christmas Cake perfect for the holiday season! #blackwalnut #cake #recipe #christmas #christmascake #cake #dessert #recipe

I hope this collection of cranberry recipes from IBC inspires you. Enjoy your holiday preparations!

Want more tasty Christmas treats and ideas? Try these:

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