I don’t know about you, but I’ve been listening to a Christmas music playlist since early November. Yep, I’m one of “those people.” I just can’t get enough of the songs on that list. Because I thought you might enjoy it too and I couldn’t let the year pass without a Christmas playlist, today I’m bringing you My Ultimate Christmas Music Playlist.

My Ultimate Christmas Music Playlist

(If you’ve been following IBC for a while, you might remember I shared several holiday playlists last year. But don’t worry if you missed them; all of them are linked later in this post.)

Christmas Music Playlist:

Since I realize taste in music is subjective, I’m calling this “my” playlist. These are my favorite Christmas songs. However, if you like the music I share in my TuesdayTunes music series, I’m guessing you’ll like them, too.

I think most of us have certain Christmas songs by certain artists that tug at our heartstrings this time of year. These are the songs that bring back magical moments and remind us of Christmases past.

For me, many of the songs from one of Jewel’s albums – the first Christmas album I bought – stir up strong memories of holidays when I was a teen. I also instantly time travel to my younger years when I hear Kenny G’s Christmas album. – My mom was a big fan. “Winter Song,” though somewhat melancholy, fills me with joy anytime I listen to it. And I could go on . . .

My Ultimate Christmas Music Playlist

I suspect there are many holiday songs that are memory-inducing for you as well. I hope this playlist and all of my Christmas playlists help to stir up a little yuletide magic in your heart.

While I was listening to the playlists I created last year, I went back into each and added a handful of new songs. In my opinion, each is a great playlist in its own way. You can listen to them via the links below or by clicking on the images at the end of this post.

More Christmas Music Playlists:

In the meantime, take a moment to listen to my newest holiday playlist. You can listen using the player below or directly on Spotify by clicking here.

The Ultimate Christmas Music Playlist:

And if you like my musical selections, be sure to follow the playlist or subscribe to my Spotify profile here so you never miss a tune.

Thank you so much for spending a bit of your holiday with me. I hope my Christmas music playlists add a little “fa la la la la la” to your day.

Classic Christmas Music - My Ultimate Christmas Music Playlist

Country Christmas Music - My Ultimate Christmas Music Playlist

Contemporary Christmas Music - My Ultimate Christmas Music Playlist

Folksy Christmas Music - My Ultimate Christmas Music Playlist

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  • TriciaG at

    I love this playlist. There are so many loud, non-traditional songs on the radio, it’s so nice to hear such beautiful, peaceful guitar music.

  • Christy at

    This playlist is everything! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Dolly Webb at

    What a lovely blog today…lots of wonderful gifts for us! Thank very much…playing Winter Song right now!

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