A Cheeseball Recipe for Every Season

I love cheeseballs. In fact, I love them so much that I’ve made a cheeseball recipe for every season.

Cheese is one of those foods I enjoy eating year-round. As seasons change, I like to make cheeseballs that highlight flavors and shapes we associate with different times of the year. In this round-up post, you’ll find cheeseballs to delight the palate and the eye. There truly is A Cheeseball Recipe For Every Season.

Click on the cheeseball name or photo of the cheeseball for the full recipe.

Cheeseball Recipes for Fall:

Easy Apple-Shaped Cheeseball appetizer recipe. #cheeseball #cheese #appetizer #snack #recipe #entertaining

Fall “Apple” Cheeseballs
These easy-to-make cheeseball recipes will wow partygoers with complex flavors, rich colorings, and authentic apple stem and leaves.

Spooky Spider Cheeseball for Halloween #appetizer #recipe #halloween #snack #cheeseball #spooky

Spider Cheeseballs
Get your spook on with these cute spider-shaped cheese treats. Before adding pretzel legs, simply roll each mini-cheeseball in black sesame seeds.

A Sun-Dried Tomato Cheeseball: Fall-inspired and pumpkin shaped cheeseball recipe for entertaining. #cheeseball #sundriedtomato #appetizer #recipe

Sun-Dried Tomato Cheeseball (Pumpkin Shaped)
In this recipe, the basic cheeseball gets a mouthwatering and eye-popping makeover with dried tomatoes, seasonings, and breadcrumbs. It’s then shaped like a pumpkin, complete with a stem.

Everything Bagel Cheeseball and Sun-Dried Tomato Cheeseball: Fall-inspired and pumpkin shaped cheeseball recipes for entertaining.

Everything Bagel Cheeseball (Pumpkin Shaped)
This is another cheeseball shaped like a pumpkin that will grab the attention of your guests. Rolled in “Everything But the Bagel Seasoning,” it’s a fan favorite.

Easy Cheddar Bacon Cheeseball appetizer recipe. #cheeseball #cheese #appetizer #snack #recipe #entertaining

Cheddar Bacon Cheeseball (Apple Shaped)

These easy-to-make cheeseball recipes will wow partygoers with complex flavors, rich colorings, and authentic apple stem and leaves.

Cheeseball Recipes for Winter:

Try this Cranberry Bacon & Walnut Cheeseball for a delicious and easy fall appetizer recipe. #fall #cheeseball #cranberry #bacon #appetizer #recipe

Cranberry Bacon Walnut Cheeseball
A cheeseball that is beautiful and delicious! – Who could ask for more? You are likely to have many of the ingredients on hand and can easily put this one together on a cold wintry day.

How to make a Christmas Tree Shaped Cheese Ball #christmas #appetizer #cheeseball #recipe

Christmas Tree Cheeseball
I love decorating Christmas trees, so I reveled in adding sliced almonds, cherry tomato halves, and chopped parsley to this tree-shaped cheese creation. It’s even topped with a star cut from yellow pepper.

Cheeseball Recipes for Spring or Summer:

Cheese Truffles - Mini Cheeseballs #appetizer #recipe #cheeseball #bacon

Mini Cheeseballs/Cheeseball Truffles
These Blue Cheese, Bacon, and Pistachio Cheese Truffles and Cheddar, Bacon and Ranch Cheese Truffles will look gorgeous in your party spread. The latter cheese truffles are rolled in bacon bits or finely chopped pecans for even more visual variety.

Each truffle contains enough cheese for three crackers. However, if you’re a fellow cheese lover, it’s a truffle per cracker!

Cheese Truffles - Mini Cheeseballs #appetizer #recipe #cheeseball #bacon

Buffalo Cheeseball
This spicy cheeseball is a breeze to make for a spring or summer event. The crunch of celery or crackers nicely complements the heat and full-on cheddar flavor.

Everything Bagel Cheeseball and Sun-Dried Tomato Cheeseball: Fall-inspired and pumpkin shaped cheeseball recipes for entertaining.

Sun-Dried Tomato Cheeseball
I love this recipe in the summer, too. Shaped like a regular cheeseball (not a pumpkin with a stem! as described above) and served with crisp veggies and crudités, it’s sure to impress the people at your next pool or patio party.

The Ultimate Everything Bagel Cheeseball recipe #cheeseball #holiday #recipe #appetizer #everythingbagel #cheese

Everything Bagel Cheeseball
This cheeseball is fabulous for fall (as I shared above), but if you make it in a classic log or ball shape, it’s a perfect prelude to traditional summer cook-out fare.

A Colorful Birthday Cake Cheese Ball dessert recipe! #cheeseball #birthday #birthdaycake #cake #batter #dessert #recipe #funfetti

Birthday Cake Cheese Ball
If you’re looking for a fun, unique, and delicious way to celebrate, this Birthday Cake Cheese Ball is the perfect sweet treat. Colorful and full of birthday cake flavor, this dessert cheese ball is a crowd pleaser!

More Cheeseball-Inspired Recipes:

Bonus Recipes:

I know these aren’t technically cheeseballs. They’re a block of cheese dressed up in a delicious way. You can assemble them in minutes, and your guests will rave for days.

Red Pepper Jelly with Cream Cheese

Red Pepper Jelly | inspiredbycharm.com #holiday #appetizer #recipe #christmas #jelly

Caramel Cream Cheese Spread

Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Spread | #appetizer #recipe #caramel #apple

*Red Pepper Jelly is easy to make. However, if you’re not inclined to make your own, you can find it at most grocery stores.

What. more tasty recipe collections? Try these:

Happy Crafting with cheese!  I hope you will add at least one of my cheeseball recipes to your repertoire. Enjoy getting creative with cheese!

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