Handmade Gift Ideas


Do you prefer to make your gifts for family and friends? Are you still looking for something unique to give someone on your holiday list? If so, this post is for you. It’s brimming with Handmade Gift Ideas from Inspired by Charm.

Handmade Gift Ideas

Today, I’ve gathered more than 12 ideas for handmade gifts. They range from décor to food and drink to what I call feel-good items. Although these gifts are perfect for Christmas, many of them would be appropriate and appreciated at any time of the year.

Handmade Gifts to Decorate the Home:

Cookie Cutter Wreath

I made this wreath several years ago and still love it today. I probably wouldn’t be considered a minimalist, but I adore the simplicity of this wreath. You can customize it for any season or event by using different colored ribbon and different cookie cutters. This is a handmade gift you will enjoy designing, crafting, and giving!

DIY Oversized Wood Bead Garland #garland #christmas #gift #DIY #handmade

Wood Bead Garland

Garlands are a wonderful finishing touch when decorating for the winter holidays or any special occasion. This wood garland is easy to paint and put together with a sturdy string or leather cord. I love it so much that I’ve made several versions. What bead shapes and paint colors will you use?

DIY Colorful Wood Christmas Tree Decorations

Colorful Wood Trees

I’m crazy about these trees and I predict the people who receive this handmade gift from you will be as well. Paint the trees various shades of green or whatever colors will complement the recipient’s décor. These colorful trees look gorgeous on a mantel or shelf or nestled among miniature houses and ribbon in a table centerpiece.

Vintage-Inspired Christmas Gift Bags #craft #christmas #holiday #giftbags #gift #printable #transfer #giftideas #vintage #vintagechristmas

Vintage-Inspired Christmas Gift Bags

Looking for a unique way to give a holiday gift? Let me help! I’m teaching you how to make these festive Vintage-Inspired Christmas Gift Bags. Made with vintage Christmas graphics these are a beautiful way to wrap up small gifts. They can even be used as decor. They are so easy to make. I’ve even shared a free download of the vintage graphics!

DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments on pine with lights and felt garland.

DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments

Use old plaid shirts and embroidery hoops to craft these DIY embroidery hoop Christmas ornaments. This is an easy and budget-friendly craft with stunning results.

I used some of my old shirts (along with thrift store finds) to craft these ornaments. However, you could use a piece of clothing or fabric from a family member that may have passed away to make this gift extra special.

Embellish these anyway you’d like. Use them as a gift topper or gift card holder. Get creative!

Edible Handmade Gifts:

Learn how to make this easy and delicious Homemade Pancake Mix. #homemade #pancake #mix #breakfast #recipe #pancakes #gift #handmade

Homemade Pancake Mix

This has been my go-to pancake mix for years, but I only recently got around to posting it on the blog. For a practical and pretty gift, mix up the dry ingredients and put a jar of the mix in a basket along with my homemade pancakes recipe, a bottle of pure maple syrup, and a whisk. For holiday appeal, add a bright bow, a couple of candy canes, and a cheery tea towel or two.

The BEST recipe for delicious Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix #hotcocoa #hotchocolate #cocoa #recipe #holiday #christmas #gift #handmade

Hot Cocoa Mix

It’s that time of year…for handmade gifts and hand- and heart-warming drinks. Why not combine the two by tucking a container of this homemade hot cocoa mix in a gift box with a fun Christmas mug, peppermint candies, and marshmallows? The mix is so easy to make. There are also white chocolate and spiced chocolate versions.

DIY Bottle Brush Drink Stirrers #drink #stir #stirrer #christmas #holiday #bottlebrush #bottlebrushtree #cocktail #hotcocoa #hotchocolate

DIY Bottle Brush Drink Stirrers

Want something to include with your hot cocoa mix? Why not make some festive holiday drink stirrers! Add the perfect festive touch to any holiday beverage with these DIY Bottle Brush Tree Drink Stirrers. You only need a few supplies and a little time to craft these unique and whimsical drink accessories.

Red Pepper Jelly | inspiredbycharm.com #redpepper #jelly #gift #handmade #holiday #christmas

Red Pepper Jelly

Did you know that you can make the classic red pepper jelly rather than buying it at the store? It’s quite simple to do, plus you decide on the level of heat. I should warn you, though – you will probably get requests for this handmade gift every year. It’s that good!

Peppermint Kiss Christmas Cookies #peppermint #blossom #peppermintkiss #christmas #holiday #cookie #recipe

Holiday Cookie Tray

Like many folks, you probably bake a lot during the holidays. Share some of the goodness (and calories!) with family and friends by putting together trays of favorite cookies and confections. Here are a few of mine: Cream Wafer Cookies, Three-Ingredient Fudge, and Sweater Weather Sugar Cookies. (Lots more cookie recipes are linked in the post.)

Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe #moonshine #apple #christmas #gift #holdiay #recipe

Apple Pie Moonshine

This handmade gift is as dangerous as it is delicious! Made from 190 proof grain alcohol, apple cider, apple juice, and seasonal spices, this drink is best enjoyed in moderation. To reinforce this, you might present a small bottle of it with a couple of cute shot glasses and a friendly reminder about drinking responsibly.

More DIY Gift Ideas:

Learn how to make these DIY Christmas Cookies Bags! #Christmas #holiday #cookiebags #diy #craft #handmade #gift

Cookie/Gift Card Bags

These gift bags are an alternative to the pricey ones that are commercially available. Don’t worry – no sewing is required. Just iron the free printable transfer on ready-made cotton bags that can be purchased online. The bags are also a clever way to package other handmade gifts or even gift cards.

Holiday Gifting with Clear Glass Ornaments #gift #holiday #christmas #ornament

Clear Glass Ornament Gift Ideas

I like to make these for stocking stuffers or as accompaniments to year-end cash presents for the wonderful people whose services I rely on. I fill clear glass ornaments with something I think each person will like. Examples: sprinkles for baking, bath salts, loose leaf tea, lottery tickets, hot cocoa mix with mini-marshmallows, colorful small candies.

Learn how to make a terrarium! #terrarium #plants #diy #garden


A terrarium is a beautiful handmade gift that allows you to bring the natural world inside. Once you choose a glass jar and gather the supplies, it won’t take long to set up the terrarium. Your family and friends will love tending their little indoor gardens. A green thumb is optional.

Learn how to make your own candles with this DIY Beeswax Candle making tutorial #candle #handmade #tutorial #gift #holiday #christmas

DIY Beeswax Candles

This is a handmade gift that can be completed in an evening. Even though candle making sounds difficult, it’s not. For me, the most challenging part is selecting the vessel and making sure I have all of the necessary supplies. As for the scents, I went with lavender and sandalwood.

DIY Bath Bombs | #bathbomb #gift #holiday #chirstmas #handmade

Bath Bombs

Yes, you can make bath bombs. Stay with traditional holiday colors or go with the recipient’s favorite hues. The fragrance is also up to you. I prefer essential oils that relax and reenergize. (You might pair several bath bombs with a couple of the DIY beeswax candles for an extra special handmade gift.)

Printable Gift Tags:

Keep the personalization going with these FREE printable gift tags.

Gift Wrapping Ideas - Christmas Printable Gift Tags #handmade #printable #gifttags #tags

Christmas Gift Tags

These North Pole Express Delivery Service tags are so much fun. They are another free download from IBC and available in blue and red. Seeing one on a package from you is sure to bring a smile to your dear one’s face!

These Plaid-Inspired Printable Christmas Gift Tags are the perfect finishing touch on your holiday gift wrapping! #printable #christmas #gifttags #plaid #tags #holiday #wrapping #giftwrap

Plaid Gift Tags

I’ve been mad for plaid wrapping paper for a while now, and it is my pleasure to offer free printables such as these on Inspired by Charm. As one of the gift tags says, “Plaid Tidings of Joy” (from me to you). Which of your handmade gifts will you top with a plaid tag?

Abstract Holiday Gift Tags

Abstract Art Gift Tags

Add a unique and festive touch to your gift wrapping with these Abstract Holiday Gift Tags. Not only are they fun and easy to make but they add a personal, homemade touch to any gift. Get the kids involved and have fun creating with paints, markers, crayons and more!

Printable Christmas Bottle Hang Tags #download #printable #christmas #holiday #tags #gifttags

Christmas Bottle Hang Tags

If you’re giving someone wine or spirits this season, may I suggest adding one of these clever and festive tags? The printable can be downloaded from IBC for free. As with all of my tags, I recommend printing on cardstock.

Homemade Candy

Give the gift of candy. I have three delicious candy recipes that when put together (or even on their own) would make a delicious and beautiful gift idea. I will link to them below. Try one or all three for a tasty gift idea.

Easy Crock-Pot Candy Recipe

Crock Pot Candy made with chocolate and roasted peanuts.

four Salted Turtle Candies on a plate.

Salted Turtle Candies made with pecans, caramel, and chocolate.

Pistachio Cranberry White Chocolate Candy on a plate.

Pistachio Cranberry White Chocolate Candy made with white chocolate, dried cranberries, and pistachios.

That’s all for now!

I hope these Handmade Gift Ideas inspire you to make life a little merrier for others at Christmas and throughout the year.

And don’t worry, there will be more. I will continue to add my handmade gift ideas to this list as I create them.

Happy DIYing and Giving!

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  • Linda at

    The idea of clear ornaments for gifts is so unique and pretty. However, you didn’t mention to wash them first. To dry the inside, roll up a tissue or small piece of paper towel to absorb moisture. I’m uneasy about consuming food gifts in containers that still have stickers on them and have not been washed. This has happened several times to me.

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    Oh thanks! Some great ideas just in time for my white elephant gift exchange. I’ll be making the terrarium. So cute! I’ve been enjoying your blog for years and I love the blue prints you show in your video. Although I have to say none of my renovations have looked this spotless.

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