Vintage Christmas Decor: My Top Picks + How To Style It

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Want to add a touch of nostalgia to your holiday decorating? Then this list of vintage Christmas decor ideas will be both helpful and inspiring. Let’s deck your halls with some vintage holiday style!

Vintage Christmas Decor + How to Style It #vintage #christmas #decorating #antique #holiday #decor #style #festive #santamug

If you are familiar with my blog and decorating style, you’ll know that I love incorporating vintage elements into my decor. Of course, this also applies to my seasonal and holiday decorating.

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been sharing my Christmas decor ideas on this blog for 12 years. Over the last decade-plus, I have incorporated vintage items into my space in different ways.

In this post, I’ll walk you through some of my favorite vintage Christmas decor ideas from years past and how I use them to add festive cheer to my home.

Christmas In my Bulters Pantry #kitchen #christmas #decor #holiday #pantry #decorating #santamugs

What is vintage decor?

Before we jump in, I want to clarify what I mean by vintage decor. In this context, I’m mainly talking about truly authentic pieces that have lasted over the decades.

While there are plenty of stores that offer inexpensive reproductions, the quality of these items isn’t always up to par with true vintage pieces.

That’s why, when it’s within my budget, I’ll almost always prefer a genuine vintage item over a reproduction.

Ideas for Cozy Lodge Christmas Tree Decorations #christmastree #decor #holiday #decorations #christmas #tree #ideas

However, there are times when the reproductions make more sense. Whether they fit in my budget better or are just in much better shape, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing something new that’s manufactured to look older. In fact, at Bayberry house, you’ll always find a good mixture of new and vintage items. To me, it adds the perfect balance of character and charm.

Want more? Check out all these Christmas Ideas:

Where can I find vintage Christmas decor?

There are so many places you can shop for vintage items. A few of my favorites include:

  • estate sales
  • eBay
  • Facebook marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • antique store
  • thrift stores
  • Etsy
  • flea markets

One thing I will say is that vintage Christmas items (and vintage in general) gain popularity every year. Because of this, finding really special, unique items has become more difficult and more expensive.

I don’t say this to deter you from decorating with vintage items, but I just want you to be prepped and ready. If you see something you truly love, grab it!

Evening at Bayberry House: Christmas 2018 #christmas #holiday #decor #decorations #night #evening #hometour

Vintage Christmas Decor Items to Add to Your Home this Holiday Season

To help you get started with your holiday decor, here is some inspiration from my own home.

1. Vintage Santa Mugs

I am a huge fan of these vintage Santa mugs. They add the perfect touch of whimsey to your kitchen (or, in my case, my Christmas butler’s pantry)

Christmas In my Bulters Pantry #kitchen #christmas #decor #holiday #pantry #decorating #santamugs

These mugs are the result of several years of collecting. Hunting for these cheery mugs has been one of my favorite activities over the last few years.

I also have some new mugs layered in with the authentic vintage ones. I really like the ones from Pottery Barn. You can purchase either the standard size mug or the mini mugs, but I highly recommend both.

Christmas In my Bulters Pantry #kitchen #christmas #decor #holiday #pantry #decorating #santamugs

You can use these mugs to enjoy hot chocolate or a fun Christmas cocktail. And the little mini mugs are the perfect shot glass size.

See more ideas for how to decorate with these vintage mugs in the kitchen here.

2. Vintage Ornaments

There are so many things you can do with vintage ornaments. If you are looking for the perfect item to start collecting, this could be the one.

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Ornament Wall Decor Tree #christmas #holiday #vintage #ornament #tree #walldecor #decorating

Here are just a few of the ways I’ve used thrifted glass ornaments over the years:

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

While all the projects above used mainly vintage ornaments, you don’t need to have a ton to get started. Almost all my Christmas trees throughout the years have been a mixture of new ornaments along with colored glass balls nestled among the Christmas lights to help fill in the tree.

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

If you are having a hard time finding vintage ornaments, consider purchasing reproductions instead. There are so many beautiful options these days, like the ones in this gingerbread tree. You can find similar ornaments everywhere from Target to Amazon and anywhere in between.

3. Vintage Tins and Packaging

Tins are a seriously underrated tool in your Christmas decor arsenal. These items are pretty affordable and very sturdy. You can use them as part of your decorating display (like I did here in my entryway) or stack them under the tree for added oomph.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

I like using these tins because they can also double as storage if needed. They make the perfect spot to tuck away labels, twine, or any other gift wrapping supplies. You can find some of the vintage Scotch Tape tins here. They are my favorite!

4. Vintage Glassware and Dinnerware

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for vintage dining items (particularly around the holidays when I’m all about nostalgia).

Vintage Modern Christmas Table Decor ideas to dress up your home for the holidays! #diningroom #decor #tablesetting #tablescape #table #decorating #christmas #holiday #modern #vintage

I’m especially fond of vintage glassware because it can easily elevate your entire tablescape, even if it’s the only vintage item there. You can see what I mean in this vintage-modern Christmas table decor.

Plus, they are fun for making festive cocktails in too!

Vintage Modern Christmas Table Decor ideas to dress up your home for the holidays! #diningroom #decor #tablesetting #tablescape #table #decorating #christmas #holiday #modern #vintage

5. Gift Wrap

Leading up to the holidays, you’ll likely have a stack of gifts under the tree. Why not make the presents themself part of your decor? Not only will you enjoy the look, but the recipient will too.

Vintage-Inspired Christmas Gift Bags #craft #christmas #holiday #giftbags #gift #printable #transfer #giftideas #vintage #vintagechristmas

Vintage-Inspired Christmas Gift Bags #craft #christmas #holiday #giftbags #gift #printable #transfer #giftideas #vintage #vintagechristmas

These DIY vintage bags are one of my all-time favorite ways to package a gift. Prefer to keep it simpler? Stick with plaid wrapping paper and then add one of these adorable printed gift tags on top.

6. Plastic Deer

This is my absolute favorite vintage decor I own. My Gram and Pop started out my collection with three vintage deer, and I’ve kept an eye out for them while thrifting ever since. They are hard to come by but worth the effort!

Living Room Christmas Mantel Decor #livingroom #mantel #christmas #fireplace #holiday #decor #bookshelf #bookcase #garland

You can see them displayed on my vintage-themed fireplace mantle here.

7. Garland

It wouldn’t be a classic Christmas without a garland or two! Find some vintage garland or tinsel to bring magic to the basic garland. You can see my vintage crocheted star garland nestled around the pinecones and greenery on my mantel here.

Living Room Christmas Mantel Decor #livingroom #mantel #christmas #fireplace #holiday #decor #bookshelf #bookcase #garland

Living Room Christmas Mantel Decor #livingroom #mantel #christmas #fireplace #holiday #decor #bookshelf #bookcase #garland

8. Vintage Thermos

I love having a hot chocolate bar a few times a year when entertaining in the winter months. I always pull out this vintage thermos. Not only does it add a festive backdrop to my mugs, but it’s practical too as it keeps drinks warm.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

You can see my thermos in action, plus learn how to make a delicious homemade hot chocolate mix here. I even found one to match my gingerbread-inspired tree! It was so perfect!

9. Putz Houses / Christmas Village

On a whim, I started collecting these vintage Putz houses. They are a little quirky and weird which makes me like them even more.

Vintage Christmas Cabinet Decorating Ideas #christmas #vintage #putz #holiday #decor #ideas

Vintage Christmas Cabinet Decorating Ideas #christmas #vintage #putz #holiday #decor #ideas

I found that these little vintage Putz houses are fairly easy to come by when I’m out antique hunting. They seem to be pretty affordable too.

1o. Vintage Cookie Cutters

Did you spy another vintage Christmas decor item above? Vintage Cookie Cutters! No only do I use these for cooking making, but I love using them as decor too.

Vintage Christmas Cabinet Decorating Ideas #christmas #vintage #putz #holiday #decor #ideas

My collection is pretty large at this point, so I use them in two ways. First, I simply tuck them into a bowl as filler. I’m especially fond of the cutters with colored wood handles.

Last year I had the idea to style this small little tree in my kitchen. I didn’t want to buy ornaments, so I opted to use some vintage cookie cutters.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

They worked perfectly and I love the look.

11. Brass Candleholder

Candles are the perfect way to add coziness and holiday cheer to any space! If you look at my nighttime Christmas home tour you can spot my vintage brass candleholder in the living room acting as a centerpiece.

Festive Ideas and Inspiration for Living Room Christmas Decor #christmas #holiday #decor #decorating #ideas #livingroom #mantel #christmastree

That’s a Wrap on Vintage Christmas Decor!

… for now! I’m alway hunting for new vintage goodies, especially Christmas decor!

I hope this post provided some inspiration to keep your eyes open all year long while you are out antiquing and shopping. You never know what you’ll find, which is part of the fun! Happy decorating.

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  1. WOW‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Even though Christmas is past…. each and every one of your articles were WONDERFUL‼️

    I have noticed QUITE ALOT THROUGH THE YEARS that NO ONE seems to display a nativity scene… which “is what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.” I always do a different idea for a nativity display on my mantel each year and decorate around that. Then all my other decorating ideas include all the beautiful things there are to choose from‼️♥️

  2. My sister and I have been reminiscing on several of your Vintage Christmas Decorations. I still have the large green Christmas tree. My mother had several of the Putz Houses (though I never knew what they were called) on our fireplace mantle when we were younger as well as several of the tree decorations you show.

    Thanks for the memory!

  3. Hi Michael! Would you kindly share the source for your cookie cutter tree and the tree pictured with the vintage thermos? I love that they provide a framework to let the ornaments take center stage!
    Thanks 😄

  4. Michael
    Love vintage and you have a nack for styling them so beautifully.
    Could you please tell me approximately how tall your love brass candleholder is. I just love it.

  5. Michael, I don’t even celebrate Christmas but I would want to decorate exactly like this if I did. That mantle is perfection. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us year after year.

  6. Michael, this post is over the top good! I’ve gotten so many brilliant ideas. Thank you for sharing everything with us. Your home is perfect. Happy holidays!

  7. We have two old department stores in our city that are now gone and whenever I see a vintage item especially Christmas with their name I snatch it up!

    1. I love your ideas and recipes!! Every time I read your blog I’m inspired by all your thoughts and creations!! You have just made my Christmas a little happier!!! Enjoy your holiday in your beautiful home..simply gorgeous. I am smitten.