I’m thrilled to welcome you back into my home to share my first Christmas tree of 2020! Today we’re in my family room to take a look at my Red and White Christmas Tree.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

Red and White Christmas Tree

It always feels like the unofficial start of the Christmas season when I have one of my trees completely decorated. (I suppose it also helps that Thanksgiving is now behind us.) So let the season begin because my Red and White Christmas tree is ready. There may even be a gift or two underneath the tree for those that made the nice list.

If you want a look at over 16 unique trees that I’ve decorated in the past, check out this post HERE. It features many of my favorites and provides a lot of inspiration if you’re looking to change up your Christmas tree decor.

Today is especially exciting as I’m honored that Balsam Hill invited me back to be a part of their 12 Trees of Christmas. As you know I’m a big fan of Balsam Hill. They have become my go-to for the most realistic trees. I also love their ornament collections, wreaths, garlands, and other holiday decor. Be sure to visit their site HERE for Black Friday deals and there are also hosting a fabulous giveaway HERE.

Without further waiting, let’s take a closer look at my Red and White Christmas Tree.

Red and White Christmas Tree:

As I mentioned above, this tree is in my family room. As I’ve done the past two years, I went with a red-inspired look in this room. Maybe I will switch it up one of these years, but I just love how the red looks in this space. It’s such a cozy and classic Christmas look. In previous years I did a nostalgia-inspired tree and last year was my Cozy Lodge Christmas tree.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

This year, I went in a different direction and decided to focus on red and white.

Unfortunately, I don’t have sources for all of the items that I used on my tree. However, I did link whatever I could at the end of this post including the tree, some of the ornaments, tree skirt, and more! I hope that it’s helpful!

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

Inspiration for this tree came from a few different places. First, I love many of the ornaments from Balsam Hill’s Nordic collection. I especially loved two of their Nordic Christmas Stockings from this collection which I have hanging on my mantel. (If you missed it, I shared a look at my mantel decor HERE.) These items inspired the look, but from there I made it my own.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

When decorating a tree I always like to start with the ribbon. (You can find my Christmas Tree ribbon tutorial HERE.) For this tree I used this Candy Cane Stripe Ribbon. It’s beautiful and even has a little sparkle to the top of the ribbon. Every tree needs a little sparkle.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

As you know I like a fully decorated tree, so with the ribbon in place, I just continued to add ornaments that fit into my color scheme. If I had to give a rough count, I’d say there are over 250 ornaments on this tree – not including the ribbon or garland.

In fact, many of you were curious about my tree decorating process. This year, I documented the entire thing and shared lots of tips on Instagram stories. If you missed it, have no fear as I’ve saved it to my Instagram story highlights. You can head over HERE and watch the whole series.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

One of my big tree decorating tips is that I like to add lots of solid colored glass balls to my tree in various sheens and sizes. This can be an easy and inexpensive way to make a tree feel full.

Many of my solid color glass ornaments were purchased from thrift stores over the past 10 years or so. Balsam Hill also has Essentials Classic Christmas Ornament Set if you’re looking for some of the the solid color ornaments. I love that they come in two sizes and two sheens. On this tree I’ve used the red and white.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

Another thing I always like to do is add a few quirky touches to my tree. This year, I opted for mushroom ornaments. I had used some of these on a tree I did many years ago and have been itching for a reason to use them again.

When I decided on a red and white theme, I knew they would make the perfect quirky addition. I had a couple dozen from my previous tree and I picked up a few new ones from Pottery Barn.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

I found this beautiful Ulsta Tree Skirt at Crate & Barrel. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect match for my theme.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

The finishing touch to my tree was this beautiful Felt and Wood Beaded Garland – another Balsam Hill find.

I also used my vintage metal star tree topper. I’ve been using this topper for years and it’s one of my favorites. In fact, the first time I used it was when I did my “famous” rainbow gradient tree.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

And after I wrapped up a few presents to tuck underneath, I would say that my Red and White Christmas tree is complete and ready to welcome in the Christmas season.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

It’s always such a joy to share my Christmas trees with you. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. I also hope that it provides a little inspiration as you decorate your own tree this holiday season.

I have so much more to share with you this 2020 holiday season so stay tuned for my holiday decor, seasonal recipes, and festive cheer. If you’re not on the list already, be sure to subscribe to the IBC Mailing List HERE so you don’t miss a thing.

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

Red and White Christmas Tree #christmas #christmastree #tree #decor #decorating #holiday #christmastreedecor #ornaments

And until next time … happy tree trimming, my friends!

Red and White Christmas Tree Sources:

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  • Teresa Purves at

    You really need to do a coffee table book of all your stunning Christmas trees past and present! You are right…red really looks great in this room especially with your black and white rug and cream white sofa. My favorite ornament on your tree is the red/white mushrooms. So unique! Can’t wait to see the rest of your gorgeous home. I believe that snow is in the forecast next week for the Pittsburgh area so I know your house will look like a Winter Wonderland.


      I agree!!

    • Dawn at

      YES!!! Michael should absolutely create a book featuring all of his gorgeous Christmas trees and room decor. Perfect idea!! Oh, and he could include his wonderful holiday recipes, too!

  • Shawn at

    Another gorgeous tree,Michael. Love the combo of the candy cane stripe ribbon and the polka dot mushrooms. The tree skirt and stockings are beautiful. Also your new? Christmas pennant pillow is perfect in the room.

  • Marla at

    Lovely, absolutely lovely! You have the BEST imagination and your creativity is inspirational for all of us.

  • Leah at

    LOVE the classic red and white!!! It fits the tenor of our times. The variety of textures and tones gives your tree a rich depth. You’ve outdone yourself once again.

  • Kathleen F at

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Jackie at

    Red and white Perfection!! 😍❀️🀍❀️🀍

  • Bettye Greenwood at

    Very inspiring. I’m going to put a few more ornaments on my tree now.

  • Sandy at

    Oh my gosh Michael…it turned out beautiful! I would just sit there and stare at it all day long… Great job! I loved following your story while decorating it. love it!

  • Karen at

    MERRY CHRISTMAS πŸŽ„ Michael……this tree is breathtaking…….but I must say the GRANDEST of them ALL is the GREEN EMERALD TREE……my most favorite of all time trees! Is that one coming back?

    • Kerna Pettorelli at

      Absolutely gorgeous Christmas display!
      I also love the large basket on the floor. Can you share where that is from?

  • Amy Kaminski at

    This tree is absolutely everything!!

  • Sandy at

    Michael, I always look forward to seeing your Christmas tree. I agree with the one commentator that you should print a beautiful coffee table book of your past Christmas trees.

  • PJ at

    Michael, how do you keep your cats from destroying your trees?

  • Mary at

    Wow 😍- this tree is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it. You have such a great gift for creating beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

  • Kathy Thompson at

    Beautiful! Michael, do you have any idea how many ornaments you use on a 7’ tree? Just a guess, if possible!

  • Jan in Portland at

    2020 display of your “super power”!!! If ever we needed this beautiful but cozy display – it is this year. Thank you, really, thank you. P.S: I agree with you publishing a book on Christmas. I would buy it (and for gifts!).

  • Julie at

    Michael, what more could I possibly add to what your readers have already said. I LOVE red so I truly embrace this tree for that alone. EVERYTHING is beautiful!! Where did the white stars come from because there’s just enough for them to still stand out and love the look. And another vote for creating a holiday book. I encourage you to look into this and make it a goal for 2021!! Everything shared this season is over the top and appreciated by us novices! lol An early MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Friend!! A BIG THANK YOU for sharing your talents and showing us how we can make this happen too!!

  • Sue at

    Absolutely mesmerizing, I could stare at that tree for hours. Always have and always will love everything you decorate. Thank you Michael for sharing.

  • Effie at

    Always in awe at the beauty you create…year after year! This year especially, we need all the beauty we can get!
    Though a bit early, wishing you all the best this Christmas season, Michael! β„πŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈπŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈπŸŽ„β„

  • Kim Arsenian at

    Just love all you do! I look forward to all of your posts. Best wishes for the Christmas season, from a fan in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  • Darlene at

    Love this tree it is beautiful.

  • Dolly at


  • Ivory at

    Your Christmas tree is fab. We are a day late putting our tress up this year, but we plan to put them up today.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Penny Thomas at

    This tree is absolutely gorgeous! I could sit and look at it all day long!

  • Dawn at

    My gosh, Michael ~ this tree (and the whole room, really) is absolutely gorgeous! I knew it would be! Your tree is just magical. Every little detail makes me smile. As another reader mentioned, you should totally create a holiday book filled with your gorgeous Christmas trees (plus home decor and recipes)! I bet it would be a huge seller! Merry Christmas to you and thank you for always sharing so many details and photographs with your readers ~ so inspiring!

  • Mary Sue Grein at

    Your red & white stand out so beautiful and simple. I’m not even a fan of true red either, but with all the white, it is perfect for my taste. I would recommend a nativity for the perfect finish over all. Never offended by baby Jesus.

  • Freda Carroll at

    You are such an inspiration to all who read your beautiful blog. Another beautiful tree
    Thank you for sharing

  • Sue at

    Love your red and white tree and how your whole family room looks so inviting.

  • Jan Hamilton at

    It is practically impossible to pick a favorite among your trees, but this one might be it. I love peering into the branches and discovering ornaments that I had missed before. There are so many good ideas here, but you are a master of ribbon and garlands. It’s just gorgeous.

  • Anne at

    Your Christmas decorating is always second to none! Another glorious tree, thank you for sharing all your tips and tricks. It has been so helpful for my decorating this year!

  • Gay H Ramella at

    Oh Michael, another beautiful tree for us to enjoy. As mentioned previously, it is such a bright spot in our days this year. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Totally agree 2021 should be your year for publishing books. We will all be standing in line at our computers to order them. Here’s wishing you a wonderful fun filled Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Anne at

    What a fabulous post! Yours is one of the best blogs. You always do such an excellent job of creating beautiful dΓ©cor. Your Christmas tree is amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us and for all the work you put into your blog!

  • Tricia at

    You have outdone yourself once again. It’s a beautiful tree. Would you consider putting your tree decorating video on the blog for those of us who aren’t on Instagram? Thank you.

  • Paula at

    Michael you are so talented. I love this traditional red & white tree. It’s a classic! I agree with the other comments concerning a book with all your beautiful trees & recipes. It would be a favorite by many! Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your beautiful decor with us πŸ™‚

  • Toni at

    Michael, honestly, your trees are just spectacular. Perfect in every way! You should be designing trees for Balsam Hill!!!! No, don’t do that because then you might not have this fun blog to follow!!! I LOVE THE RED AND WHITE….and….and….and….and….and Great job. Have a Merry Christmas. I’m going to do the tip you gave about adding solid balls in different sheens next year. I think that will take my tree to the next level….Swarovski crystals and pink!

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