Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations

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The holiday season is upon us and I’ve been busy decking my halls. Today, I’m inviting you into my family room to share my magical and cozy fireplace Christmas decorations.

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations:

I feel a little behind in my holiday decorating this year. Perhaps that’s because everyone seems to be starting a bit early. Who knows? Either way, I’m finally making some progress and I thought I would share a little peek at what I’m working on. As I mentioned above, I’m sharing my mantel and fireplace Christmas decorations in my family room.

I’m also joined today by my Seasons of Home blogger friends.We’ve all created a magical candlelight inspired space in our holiday homes and we’re thrilled to be sharing it with all of you. I’ve linked it to everyone at the end of this post. If you’re starting to decorate too and need a little magical candlelit inspiration, be sure to check out everyone’s posts.

As many of you requested, I’ve been trying to share some behind-the-scenes Christmas decorating progress on my Instagram account (You can follow me HERE if you want a look at my process too.), so this mantel might look familiar.

However, I’m finally calling it complete and I’m excited to share it with all of you! If you’re looking for product sources, I will try and link throughout this post, but to make it easy, I’ve linked everything I’ve used here at the end of the blog post.
Without further waiting, let’s get into it!

Ideas for Fireplace Christmas Decorations:

If you’ve been following me the past couple of years, you’ll know that I’ve been doing a red-inspired theme for my family room. I thought about switching it up this year, but I really love how the red works in here so I went for it again. Even though I stick with the same color scheme each year, I do try to switch up the decor.

This year I didn’t have a specific theme in mind. However, when one of my favorite artists, Lindsay Letters, launched her 2020 Holiday Collection, inspiration struck! I was immediately drawn to this pair of art prints that she had available. They feature a quote from one of my favorite Christmas songs.  Printed in red, I knew they would be such a stunning start for my fireplace Christmas decorations.

You can find the “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” canvas print HERE and the “Let Your Heart Be Light” canvas print HERE.

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Hanging these on the brick was a little tricky. At the moment, they are hung with these Command Picture Hanging Strips. Each one has five of the large strips. I’m not fully confident that they will hold, but I’m hoping for the best. (I originally had them hung with just three of the large strips and one fell during the night.)

Sidenote: If you’re just hanging these on the wall, they come with the most genius and easy-to-hang system – I love it! Lindsay really thought of everything.

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

With my artwork in place, I began to add the rest of my decor. As you might know, I’m a big fan of Balsam Hill. I LOVE their trees and the rest of their holiday decor. When I saw this Red Berry Frosted Fraser Fir Garland, I knew it would be perfect for my mantel.

To make it even more magical, I added a string of these White Cherry Light String. Unfortunately you can’t see it in these images, but the lights can be set to a twinkle mode – absolutely beautiful.  (I’ll share a video on my Instagram feed if you want to check them out.)

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Because I can’t leave well enough alone, I decided to amp up the garland with this Candy Cane Stripe Ribbon and a few of these Felt and Wood Vintage Beaded Garland. I’m using the same ribbon and garland on the tree that will be in this room, so I think it will tie everything together beautifully!

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Originally I had just set this garland on top of the mantel like I did in previous years. However, after some consideration, I changed my mind and decided to swag it on the front so I could set a few things on the mantel.
You’ve probably seen these wood house silhouettes floating around blogland and Instagram. They are from the Target Dollar Spot. I debated getting them because I knew everyone else would have them, but they were such a great deal, were high quality for $5, and I loved the wood grain.

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

I brought them home and onto the mantel they went with some white candle hodlers and taper candles I had on hand.
Behind several of the houses I used some of these Miracle Flame Votives. I love these things. (You might remember that I used them on my Thanksgiving Table.) They are great because they are rechargeable. From a distance (and especially behind the houses) they look like real candle flames. The “flame” is designed to move and flicker.

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

To finish things off, I hung some of these Nordic Christmas Stockings on either side of the fireplace. I adore the design and real stitching details on these. They are so high-quality.

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

And with my stockings hung by the chimney with care, I’d say my magical and cozy fireplace Christmas decorations are complete! Here’s a final look around.

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Now that the mantel is decorated, I can focus my efforts on the rest of the room and finally, tackling my Christmas tree. I can’t wait to get things decorated so I can light a fire, turn on a Hallmark movie, pour a Christmas cocktail, and sit back and enjoy!
As always, I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my holiday home and are feeling inspired to tackle your own decor.

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Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

And remember, if you want more inspiration, be sure to visit my blogger friends below. They are crazy talented.
Happy decorating!

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Fireplace Christmas Decorations Sources:

Artwork: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Artwork: Let Your Heart Be Light
Pine Garland: Red Berry Frosted Fraser Fir Garland
Lights: 36″ Warm White Cherry Light String
Houses: Target Dollar Spot (no link available)
Candle Holders: Marin White Candle Holder
Candlesticks: 10-inch White Dinner Candles
Faux Flame Votices: Miracle Flame Votive Candles
Ribbon: Candy Cane Stripe Ribbon
Garland: Felt and Wood Vintage Beaded Garland
Stockings: Nordic Christmas Stockings

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  1. I just don’t think anyone does Christmas as beautifully as you do. Your family room fireplace, tree, and ribbon cabinet are just perfect. The built in from your entry is also…and the butler’s pantry…and the kitchen…and Lindsay Letters. Your gifts are endless. Thank you for sharing it all with us. Merry Christmas!

  2. Micheal, I love your beautiful, Christmas, decorative, mantle. You so keeping me in the holiday spirit. Thank you for that. You always blow my mind with your outstanding ideas. I can hardly wait to start decorating our home with all your fabulous ideas.
    Happy Holidays, and stay safe.

  3. Hi Michael,

    Love you! Love your decorating. Always love your Christmas stuff. I’ve been following along for with your journey for years. <3

    Don't love the insane, insane amount of ads that have literally taken over your posts! On this post alone, on mobile there have been 13 ads while scrolling and 3 in window pop ups. It really, really interrupts the experience. I totally get that you need to monetize (and fully support that) but I think you should cap the amount of content interruption.

    1. In this case, I was able to put small nails into the mantel as it’s a rustic piece of wood. I’m going to use some large Command hooks for my other mantel.

      xo Michael

  4. I absolutely love your fireplace decor…those prints are outstanding and the stockings…I love a good quality stocking! And you knocked it out of the park with the garland, Your layers are “just right”.

  5. Your holiday decorating is stunning and one of the things I like best is that you do not decorate your home like a storefront. I wonder everyday, how many bloggers and influencers actually live in the spaces they showcase for the holidays.

  6. Oh, wow! You truly have worked magic! Thanks for your inspiration—I am going to try adding ribbon and a beaded garland to my mantle greenery! Can’t wait!

  7. Your decor is spot on this year…the little wooden houses reminds us of home and are such a sentimental touch, considering some of us won’t make it home for Christmas this year. The ribbon is so pretty and I love the stockings too. So beautiful and “Inspired by Charm”. What a wonderful display of Holiday cheer!!!

  8. I just love everything you do and this is another brilliant mantel. I have three mantels in my home and I get so much inspiration from you. Have a wonderful holiday season and stay healthy.