I’m overjoyed to welcome you back into my home to share some ideas for a festive Christmas kitchen decor!

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

I had no intention of doing a kitchen tour this holiday season (I shared one last year), but I recently put together a post for a brand and I was so pleased with how it turned out that I couldn’t resist showing you my 2020 Christmas kitchen decor.

Yes, much of it looks very similar to last year, but I did add some new and unique touches. Plus, I figured that some of you wouldn’t mind a look around again and I assume some of you may have never even seen my kitchen before.

Also, if you’re new here, I wanted to mention that in 2019 I completed a major kitchen remodel and wrote a whole blog post about it. So, if you have questions about anything you see in this space (that’s not Christmas related) it’s likely that you’ll find the answer or source in this blog post HERE. I hope it’s helpful in answering any questions you may have.

And with that being said, let me show you around.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

1. Create a Display of Treats

While Christmas may be a little different this year, typically I recommend having a little display of cookies and treats out for guests.

Speaking of … If you’re looking for my favorite Christmas cookie recipes, I have a blog post dedicated to them. You can find that HERE.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Here on my peninsula I set up this tiered tray of delicious and festive holiday treats. I wanted to go vertical and didn’t have an actual tiered tray, so instead, I stacked together three different sizes of cake stands to create the same look.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

I also decided to use these sturdy cardboard cupcake liners as “plates.” Guests can grab one of these liners and fill it up with treats from the display.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

With a bouquet of flowers in coordinating colors added to the mix, I think this turned out wonderfully well.


2. Decorate with Greens

Last year I decided to hang some small wreaths, that I found at a local Christmas store, on my kitchen windows. I loved the look so much that I repeated it this year. I used some small clear Command hooks to hang the wreaths and then added a red ribbon.

I found a garland that matched the wreaths, so I decided to add that to the ledge on my range hood. I love the look.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

My wreaths and garland are faux as I need them to last a for a long time as I start decorating pretty early and my forced air heat tends to dry things out quickly. However, you could easily create the same look with real greens if you prefer.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

3. Add a Mini Tree

Speaking of greens, I also decided to add a small Christmas tree to my kitchen as well.

This wasn’t planned, but I stumbled upon this amazing tree at a local floral shop and had to bring it home. I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it, but as I was trying it out in a few areas around my home, when I set it here, I knew I had a winner.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Back in the fall, I picked up this large pitcher bowl which became the perfect nesting place for my new tree.

To hide the base of the tree, I filled the pitcher with vintage ornaments.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Naturally the tree needed a little holiday decor, so I wrapped it with some mini lights, added some linen ribbon (from the fabulous Tidbits Linen) and then used vintage cookie cutters as ornaments. I have a collection of little cookie cutters, so it was the perfect use for them.

And with that my kitchen Christmas tree was complete! It’s the cutest!

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday


4. Create a Hot Cocoa Station

One of my favorite little moments in my kitchen is my hot cocoa station. This look is really easy to replicate and can take up as much or as little space as you’d like.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

I kept things really small and simple, taking up just a small area on my countertop. I love things that are pretty and functional.

I used a cutting board as a base for the display and then added in my homemade hot cocoa mix (you can get the recipe HERE), some mini marshmallows, peppermint sticks, a set of seasonal dishes, and my favorite vintage metal thermos.

DIY Bottle Brush Drink Stirrers #drink #stir #stirrer #christmas #holiday #bottlebrush #bottlebrushtree #cocktail #hotcocoa #hotchocolate

What I love about this is that I can easily move the whole display onto my worktable or peninsula when I need it for entertaining.


5. Craft Seasonal DIY Decorations

I also added a few seasonal DIY decorations to my kitchen to add an extra special personal touch. One of the projects I’ve already shared with you: my DIY bottle brush tree drink stirrers.

DIY Bottle Brush Drink Stirrers #drink #stir #stirrer #christmas #holiday #bottlebrush #bottlebrushtree #cocktail #hotcocoa #hotchocolate

DIY Bottle Brush Drink Stirrers #drink #stir #stirrer #christmas #holiday #bottlebrush #bottlebrushtree #cocktail #hotcocoa #hotchocolate

Again, I love these because they are both functional and decorative. You could add these to your hot cocoa bar, coffee station, or even a cocktail bar / bar cart. They are so simple to make and add such a festive touch to any beverage you are serving. Get the tutorial HERE.

And speaking of cocktails, if you’re looking for some new libations to try this year, I have a collection of amazing holiday cocktail recipes. You can find that HERE.

Even though the next DIY item might look familiar to some of you veteran IBC readers, it was actually made by my mom last year as a Christmas present for me.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

It’s a marshmallow wreath!

The quick back story on this is that I made one of these for myself many years ago. (You can see it HERE in the kitchen of my previous home.) However, I made the mistake of storing it in my attic the first year I lived in my current home. The heat from the attic melted the marshmallows on my beautiful wreath into one big misshapen blob. After hearing this, my Mom was kind and thoughtful enough to craft another one for me.

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

The wreath is now proudly hung on the door to my basement. I don’t have a tutorial for this item . If you’d like one, let me know and I’ll put one together for you.

6. Style your Pantry

At the start of the holiday season I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to my butler’s pantry which I styled for the season. I’ll give you a little peek at how the space looks, and if you want to see more, head on over to this post HERE for all of the details.

Christmas In my Bulters Pantry #kitchen #christmas #decor #holiday #pantry #decorating #santamugs

Christmas In my Bulters Pantry #kitchen #christmas #decor #holiday #pantry #decorating #santamugs

I just love how my Santa mug collection looks in this space. The pop of red against the green cabinetry makes me giddy with delight.


Final Look – Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

And with that, I’d say that this little tour of my Christmas kitchen decor is complete. Let me give you one final look around.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

Festive Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas #christmas #kitchen #decor #decorating #ideas #holiday

See more of my 2020 Christmas decor here:

Thank you so much for joining me in my home once again. I hope that you enjoyed looking around and picked up a few Christmas kitchen decor ideas for your own space.

Happy Holiday Decorating!


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  • Mary at

    Love your triple tiered cake stands with all the delicious treats! Beautiful kitchen, Michael.

  • Jennifer Park Cox at

    Your kitchen is truly amazing. My favorite room in the house. Love the wreath too. Would love a tutorial!! You are such an inspiration!

    • Marianne Quaas at

      I love all your ideas! Please send me the marshmallow wreath directions- too cute!

  • Sarah Joelson at

    Beautiful as always! You have such talent Michael ….thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Cathy at

    I love your kitchen! I don’t know where you find the time to do all that baking but it just looks wonderful. One Christmas I’m going to steal your ideas. Still won’t be able to bake that many cookies and have them look that great. Maybe you should give a lesson on icing cookies. Please

  • Jennifer Gohn at

    Absolutely beautiful! Love every inch of your kitchen! Where are the skiing coffee mugs from?

  • Beverly at

    Amazing! So festive!

  • Kim M. at

    You’re whole house looks absolutely gorgeous. I love all your little added DIY touches and love that you share them with us. Thank you so much!

  • Jan in Portland at

    Wonderful again, Michael. In this challenging year’s holiday season, your home is so fun and comforting to see. I swear – I think every time I read your blog – I jump up and try something that you made me think of. Different arrangement, different way to do a bouquet, and so much more. Very best to you.

  • Rosie S at

    Love everything about this post!!! Going to remember the cupcake liner ‘serving dish’ idea.

  • Geraldine at

    I really look forward to your holiday posts to see how you will integrate your vintage finds and collections into your holiday decor. Your holiday decor always reflects a warmth and authenticity that we need more of, especially this year!

  • Julie Stark-John at

    I would love a tutorial for the wreath, I wanted to make one and could use a step-by-step. Thanks!

  • Ann Grace at

    Your home is so welcoming and thoughtfully put together. It’s wonderful! Your talent for design is quite amazing! One thing that I notice specifically about your blog is your photography. The photos are so beautiful!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Jenny at

    I name you the king of Christmas. With zero authority to do so. Seriously though – been inspired by you for years. Thank you so so much!

  • Madeleine at

    You have a very pretty and inviting home! I could never achieve this, but I get a lot of inspiration! Thank you! 🙂

  • Kathy M. at

    When can I come for a visit? It is so cozy and inviting. You never disappoint!

  • Colette at

    Great job! Love seeing your creative work. I like the Christmas tree idea you used here and the treats you showed on your tier tray-yum! Merry Christmas Michael

  • Debi at

    Oh Michael why would you ever consider not doing a kitchen tour?? (Except of course we do understand it is a lot of work for you especially at a busy holiday season!). We LOVE all your tours and would miss seeing them! I do love your new kit hen and that butlers pantry!! I’d love to have one of them!!!

  • Marla at

    Love it that functional joins festive! The filled sturdy cupcake liners are fabulous for mini treat cups. I’m pinning that one for future use since it’s a great idea for any party, not just Christmas. Thank you for sharing your gift of nesting and Merry Christmas.

  • Deb at

    Years ago my sons and I made gingerbread ornaments. They are now 43 and 40 so you know it was years ago!! Anyway, I have them them in my little kitchen tree! Such a wonderful memory of Christmas past!

  • Susan Kramer at

    YES! Marshmallow wreath tutorial….. could probably figure it out, but I would love to see your pictures and instructions!

  • Jill H at

    Michael, your style is so beautiful and warm. You inspire me to try different things in my home. Thank you so much for being a light in this world. I with you a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

  • Soshie Young at

    Michael, thank you so much for sharing. I know how busy life can be especially during the holidays! Needless to say, your home is beautiful!

    May I ask where you found the coasters on your hot cocoa bar? They’re lovely!

  • Robin Alley at

    I am a new follower of your blog and just love your kitchen! It’s perfect. 🙂
    And I love how you decorate as well, it’s very similar to my style. I too like to collect vintage dishes, items to decorate with during the different holidays and seasons. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to receiving your blog posts via email.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Melody Stabler at

    Awesome kitchen Michael. Could you have a tutorial for the marshmalow wreath. Thank you and I love all your blogs and links. Merry Christmas

  • Bridgett Junkin at

    Definitely need a tutorial for the wreath. I could probably replicate it but I would prefer help. I made your ginger snaps last night.

  • KimS at

    Everything is just amazingly beautiful… your Royal Icing Christmas trees are just SO professional looking. Wow, just Wow. Also, I love the Christmas tree in your kitchen atop the stool in the sweet basket filled with Shiny ball ornaments. It’s the perfect size for where you put it, imho

  • Karen M. at

    I love your kitchen, so full of holiday spirit. I made your cocktail Christmas tree stir sticks and they are the cutest. My tree this year is mostly vintage ornaments and I love it. Thank you Michael for all your wonderful decorating and crafts. Merry Christmas!

  • Lisa Gardiner Mountjoy at

    Beyond precious in so many ways!

  • Carla at

    Your kitchen is delightful! Thank you for doing the tour.

  • Darlene at

    Love your kitchen decor and will use some of your ideas next year.


    Just when I think it can’t get any better, you do it! This year’s kitchen is amazing! The faux greens look so real and I love that little Christmas tree more each time I see it! The 3 cake stand trick looks like it was made that way and beautifully displays all your delicious treats. Wonderful job; I could spend all day in your beautiful kitchen…so bright, so cheery & so welcoming!

  • Nan, Odessa, DE at

    Thanks for sharing!
    Everything is beautiful. You have come along way. I remember viewing your blog years ago.
    Just lovely.
    Where can I find the Christmas tree in the kitchen? Provide a source, please. Gotta try using the cookie cutters in my kitchen! Happy holidays.

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