My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet


It’s back! After its popularity last year, I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to my Christmas ribbon cabinet. Whether this cabinet is new to you or a familiar favorite, I hope it provides a little joy and holiday inspiration.

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

Some of you may have seen this last year as part of my Christmas family room tour or you may have spotted it on Instagram or you may have no idea what I’m talking about, but my Christmas Ribbon Cabinet is back.

A little back story … last year I found this vintage wood cabinet on one of my antiquing adventures. (If you’re local to (or visiting) Pittsburgh, you can find my favorite antique stores HERE.) At first, the cabinet sat empty for most of the summer and through the fall season as I hadn’t decided what I wanted to fill it with. When Christmas came around I knew I needed to come up with something to put inside. I was racking my brain and just couldn’t come up with the perfect thing. Then, as I was pulling all of my Christmas decor down from the attic, I saw my tote of Christmas ribbon and inspiration struck. Why not use something that I have instead of trying to find something new?

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon


Why Christmas Ribbon?

I should explain that I have a peculiar addiction to Christmas ribbon. Why? Who knows. I think it ties into my general love of office supplies, paper products, gift wrap, etc. Anyone else? If you know, you just know.

I have a full, large tote that is only filled with Christmas ribbon. Some might call this a problem; I call it wonderful!

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

Could I ever use this much ribbon in my lifetime? Probably not. However, it brings me joy and we could all use a little more joy in our lives.

Either way, here we are. And why let this beautiful collection just sit in a tote when it can be on display?

Where Do I Buy My Christmas Ribbon?

I get asked this question quite a bit, so I thought I would answer. The short answer is anywhere and everywhere, but that’s not very helpful so here are some of my go-to sources:

  • Amazon– In recent years Amazon has become a great source for ribbon. There are just so many options and the price is typically right. In fact, in my Amazon Storefront, I put together a collection of some of my favorites. You can find that HERE under “My Go-To Ribbons.”
  • HomeGoods / TJ Maxx / Marshalls – Did you know that these are all the same company? Yep! These stores might be my favorite as they tend to have the biggest selection and the lowest prices.
  • The Container Store – They have fewer options, but I’ve found some of my favorites here. This is also where I get the glittery twine.
  • Joann / Michaels – Not the same company this time, but they both have a great ribbon selection. The only thing I don’t love about their ribbons is that they typically come on cardboard or paper spools. It’s not a deal breaker, but I defiantly prefer wood if possible.
  • Etsy – Surprisingly, I’ve found several ribbons here. I like Etsy as a source because it is where I often find some of my most unique and special ribbons. They can be more expensive, but I find them to be worth it.
  • Nashville Wraps – This is my go-to source for my gift wrapping ribbon. For the past several years I’ve used their satin ribbon when I’m wrapping all of my gifts. I enjoy working with it and I love how it looks. This cabinet doesn’t have any of this ribbon in it, but I thought it was worth mentioning. (I’m planning on putting together a gift wrapping post, so stay tuned for that.)

See a ribbon in my cabinet you love and want a source? Unfortunately, I don’t have links or sources for every (or any) specific ribbon. I apologize in advance. I suppose it’s my best worst kept secret. However, if you check out some of the places I shared above, I’m certain you’ll find some beautiful ribbons for your own decor and collections.

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

Ideas for Cozy Lodge Christmas Tree Decorations #christmastree #decor #holiday #decorations #christmas #tree #ideas

Do I use this Christmas Ribbon?

Yes and no.

Most of the ribbon in this cabinet is mostly decorative. However, there are times I will use it to wrap presents as you can see in the image above. Most of the gifts are tied up with my go-to satin ribbon, but I did use that wonderful lantern ribbon on one of the packages. Here is another example from under my Navy and Green Christmas Tree from last year. I did use some of this beautiful plaid ribbon along with my satin ribbon.

Green and Navy Christmas Tree Decor Ideas #christmas #tree #decor #navy #green #ornaments #decorating #holiday #christmastree

Sidenote: The gift tags available are available as a FREE download! You can find those HERE.

There is at least two ribbons in this cabinet I’ve used on my trees. I love adding ribbon to my tree. If you’re curious about my process I have a full tutorial (with video) on how to add ribbon to your Christmas tree. I know you’ll find it helpful. You can find that post HERE.

Okay, I think I’ve covered all of the possible questions (feel free to leave more in the comment section below), so let me show you my Christmas ribbon cabinet!

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet!

Here she is in all her glory.

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

I did a rough count and there are about 80 spools of ribbon (or twine) tucked into this little cabinet.

I’m not sure why, but this just brings me so much joy. And it’s not just about ribbon; I love the idea of a carefully crafted collection too. A collection says a lot about it’s collector. These items weren’t chosen randomly. They sparked joy. They stirred an emotion. They meant something. They stood out among the other options.

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

And in this case, while I know it’s just ribbon, I suppose it’s also about the journey, the collecting, and the hunting.

If you like this cabinet, stay tuned as I will be doing a full tour of this room all decked out for Christmas. In fact, I already shared how I decorated the mantel which you can see HERE.

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

Curious about what I put in this cabinet the rest of the year? Well, I decided to start a collection of vintage tins. I’ve been building this up over the past year or so and I think it looks pretty great! Here’s a look at how it’s filled the rest of the year.

My Christmas Ribbon Cabinet #christmas #ribbon #wrapping #decor #decorations #holiday #christmasribbon

And with that, I will stop going on and on about Christmas ribbon. Ha! I certainly hope you enjoyed looking at my Christmas ribbon cabinet. If you have questions that I didn’t answer in this post, please leave them in the comments below. I’m happy to answer whatever I can.

I hope this post was helpful, inspiring, or at the very least, entertaining.

Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links as part of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Programs and other affiliate services. This means that receives a small commission by linking to and other sites at no cost to the readers.

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  • Mary at

    It brings me joy just looking at your Christmas ribbon cabinet! So festive!

  • Sarah at

    I saw this cabinet last year and tried to recreate something similar ….but with no luck. So happy to read this year’s post and get a little closer look and more info. I will definitely be on the lookout for a similar cabinet for myself and all my Christmas ribbon. As always ….thanks for sharing Michael. You have such a talent!

  • Janet at

    Your ribbon cabinet reminds me of my candle cabinet! No apologies!

    • Marilyn Heard at

      Love this idea!

  • LuAnne at

    So happy you devoted a blog post to this sweet cabinet. And yay for collecting pretty ribbons just because they bring you joy to look at! This and your mercury glass tree collection are two of my faves from last year. You have the best Christmas posts! Thanks for all the inspiration. ❤️💚

  • Jennifer K. at

    Your ribbon display looks effortless and timeless and collected and quirky…and I’m here for it! The wooden spools are so unique and they are definitely my favorite! 🙂

  • Rikki at

    My very favorite view is back! Loved this from last year and this year I’m so happy to see it again, and early too!!(Thank you!!) This precious cabinet has the perfect personality to bring decorating to it’s finest, whether it’s Christmas or any time of year. I know it brings you happiness and for that, I’m happy too! You make EVERYTHING very SPECIAL!!!

  • Marilyn Heard at

    This caught my eye last year on your blog. So glad you brought back with your comments. Did you happen to re-stain the cabinet? I saw one in Pottery Barn on sale with the cubbies but I like yours better.

  • Barb Feidler at

    This post gives me such joy and comfort as I’ve been a ribbon collector for years…actually for all occasions. I bought what I loved. Some I’ve shared, some I used on wreaths, gifts and centerpieces and some I can’t seem to part with. It feels so good to know I’m not the only ribbon collector!!! I may look for a cabinet like this or maybe use a (antique side by side) cabinet currently in my scrapbook/craft room. You never fail to inspire me! Keep on posting Michael!

  • Rachelle at

    I’m pinning this. There is a beauty to ribbon stacked decoratively in a cabinet, or overflowing in a basket. It forms its own vignette for Christmas.

  • KC at

    Such a good idea– I see lots of Joy in that cabinet. Hmm, my silk sewing ribbon trims are pretty fancy, I think I’ll keep my eye out for a cabinet and shamelessly copy you!

  • Janice at

    The X-stitch Merry Christmas ribbon is wonderful, I was filled with envy when I saw it! Good for you!

  • Patti at

    This gives me almost as much joy as it gives you, Michael! Sometimes these simple collections just connect us to a simpler time and that is enough. Reminds me of my grandmother’s button tin which gave me hours of joy! Who would think that a tin of odd buttons could offer a child such delight! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Lorena Tuinenburg at

    AAAAHHHHHHH! You’ve inspired me!! I mean…DUH! I have a little cabinet collecting dust in my garage, and i also love to collect Christmas ribbons, so now I know what to do with both! Thank you Michael!

  • Sue at

    Oh, I get it! I adore ribbon and am an avid collector of journals and notebooks as well. This display is just beautiful. You have brought so much inspiration and I am so thankful for your blog.

  • Sharon Rexroad at

    I’m laughing at how much overlap there is between your ribbon collection and mine! Of course, I’ve been working for TJX (first at a HomeGoods and now as an Assistant Manager for a Marshalls) for six years and shopped them for ten years before that! Oh, and my ten years at Paper Source didn’t fuel my ribbon fetish, no, not at all (HA!)

    I’m also inspired by the cabinet and may have to convert the what-not I inherited from my grandmother into a ribbon holder! I’ll keep you posted.

  • Teri at

    Love it, and joy is enough of a reason! But “defiantly “? Pretty sure you meant “definitely”.

    • Charlotte Graham at

      You had me at tote full of ribbon. If you haven’t been, you need to check out the Berwick Offray Ribbon Outlet in Hagerstown, MD. It’s one of my stops when I drive back to PA from VA.

  • Glory Albin at

    This cabinet bring me so much joy just to look at on the screen!! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  • Nancy Burke at

    There is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said by others! I truly do appreciate you sharing your inspiration and it is always brings a smile to my face to see your innovative, yet timeless style.

  • Shannon at

    I loved it last year and I love it this year! It’s so pretty and festive. It brings me joy seeing it, so thank you for the wallpaper screenshot! I traded my kids faces for it!! Does that make me a bad mom?! 🤔 Lol

  • Anne Collins at

    Your collection is beautiful! I collect ribbon too, seeing your collection brings me joy! I would never have thought to display my collection so thank you for the inspiration! I’m now on the hunt for a cabinet😊

  • Roxanne at

    Yes to everything said above (except the person who corrected a typo…so tacky). The cabinet hits every note…it tells a story and is full of texture and color. You’re sweet kitty is probably thinking “ drat, he locked all that delicious ribbon behind glass”!

  • MelanieL at

    I love this so much, it reminds me of my late grandmother who tied a pretty, all unique, ribbon to all the gifts under her tree. I’ve kept some of the ones she used for my gifts and I treasure them! Also, thank you for the screenshot in your stories, I now have a festive phone wallpaper! 🙂

  • Laurie Guzman at

    I Do Know 🙂 I also have a thing for ALWAYS using fancy ribbon for all my gift giving.
    I LOVE this idea of decorating with your Christmas supplies when they are this pretty.

  • Peggy at

    The cabinet itself is a wonderful find and the ribbon is a perfect filler. Red is my favorite color, so all the better. The collection of tins is also a perfect display. You have a gift for decorating and unique ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us. I agree, if you know, you know. It brings you Joy 🤩

  • Tracey at

    Yes to what everyone else said! That little cabinet is pure joy…it really is a great way to display such an awesome, drool worthy collection.

  • Cindy at

    I too have a cabinet filled with Christmas happiness. I visit it every month and the joy it brings especially in 2020 can’t be measured. The cabinet holds my collection of genuine German paper mache candy holders. They are different types of Santa’s and have the prettiest glitter. They come signed and numbered. The store that I get them at is The German Haus in New Oxford PA, near Gettysburg. Michael, this place is up your alley. The items are authentically German. The owner has people from Germany come to his stores (not this year!) to promote their decorations…works of art. Pricey? Some items. Worth every penny? Yasss! I’m heading there this weekend to get another Santa and a dose of Frohe Weihnachten!

  • Patty at

    I’m newish to your blog…..I loved everything! I printed gift tags, 2 recipes, and I want to make a ribbon cabinet! I’m also a fiend for any kind of ribbon!

  • Typhoon TV Apk at

    I am very interested in this article, in my opinion this is very useful, like my site

  • Betsy at

    I thought I was just about done with my decorating, but now I have to search for a cabinet like yours, but it, and fill it with all my ribbon that I keep in a box, hidden away all year where I can’t see it! I love your decorating style, especially at Christmas…I need a butler’s pantry as well, but that’s not happening in this house unfortunately! Thanks for your great post!

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