My Favorite Pittsburgh Antique Stores

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Have you ever wondered which antique stores in Pittsburgh are among my favorites? Today I’m sharing a list of local stores where I like to hunt for antiques. I’ll also tell you a bit about why I love these shops and some of the items I’ve purchased from each.

As regular readers of Inspired by charm know, antiquing is one of my hobbies. I often post my finds here on the blog and on my Instagram page. Since moving to Pittsburgh, PA, I’m frequently asked by fellow yinzers about where I like to shop for antiques around here. After living in the area a couple of years and doing a lot of “first-hand research,” I’m ready to reveal this list of My Favorite Pittsburgh Antique Stores.

My Favorite Pittsburgh Antique Stores in Pittsburgh PA #antiques #pittsburgh #PA #antiquing

Pittsburgh Antique Stores:

Before we get to the list, a few notes:

First, I plan to update this list as I discover more stores or if my favorites happen to change. I will also continue to add photos. (Most of my current photos are borderline terrible.) I’m always a bit nervous about snapping in-store photos, but I’ll do my best.

Second, every store has pros and cons. In this list, I’m focusing on the pros of each location. Of course, what I love about any store may differ from what you love. This is a list of MY favorites, not “The Best” antique stores in Pittsburgh.

Finally, I’ve provided a rating of the prices at each shop. This rating ranges from $ to $$$ and reflects my perception of the store’s prices as a whole. Please note that a lower or higher rating is not a factor in my overall impression of a store. Prices are just something to be aware of.

If you’re also into antiques, here are a few other posts that you may want to check out:

Now that I’ve shared all of that, let’s take a look at the list!

My Favorite Pittsburgh Antique Stores in Pittsburgh PA #antiques #pittsburgh #PA #antiquing

My Favorite Pittsburgh Antique Stores in Pittsburgh PA #antiques #pittsburgh #PA #antiquing

My Favorite Pittsburgh Antique Stores:

Wagon Wheel Antiques $$
1399 Pittsburgh Road Valencia PA 16059
– Four buildings of antiques
– Various vendors
– Mix of styles
My Finds: Putz Christmas Houses

Diamond Antiques and Gifts $
311 East Sixth Avenue Tarentum PA 15084
– Two-story building
– Various vendors
– Well-styled and neat
– Seasonal open houses are not to be missed.
– Friendly staff
– Tell Dianna Inspired by Charm sent you!
My Finds: Green desk in my bedroom, dozens of small wares, glass serving cloche, bedroom artwork, bedroom floor lamp

E. N. Miller Antique Mall $$
614 E Railroad Avenue Verona PA 15147
– Large building with four floors
– Various vendors
– Many different kinds of items
– Watch for seasonal storewide sales
My Finds: Vintage glassware, mantel mirror in living room

Miller’s Crossing Fleatique – Pittsburgh $$
92 Crane Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15226
– Large building
– Multiple vendors
– Well organized and maintained
My Finds: Vintage glassware

Kensington Court Antiques $$
3464 Babcock Boulevard Pittsburgh PA 15237
– Large building with two floors
– Various vendors
– Nice displays and styling
My Finds: Vintage chicken crate

3802 Gibsonia Road Gibsonia PA 15044
– industrial metal furniture, barn finds, architectural salvage
– always has card catalog style pieces
– one vendor
– Tell Dave Inspired by Charm sent you!
My Finds: Vintage trophy, wood tray

Garden Style Living $$
192 / 194 Castle Shannon Boulevard Pittsburgh PA 15228
– Large double storefront
– Single vendor
– Beautifully styled
– Tell Mary that Inspired by Charm sent you!
My finds: Coffee mugs, vintage trophy, metal trays

Foxglove Interiors $$$
440 Castle Shannon Boulevard Pittsburgh PA 15228


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– Two floors, don’t miss the basement.Single vendor
– Beautifully styled
– Wonderfully curated
– Tell Carrie that Inspired by Charm sent you!

Toll Gate Revival $$$
224 Braddock Avenue Braddock PA 15104
– Large warehouse
– Single vendor
– Salvage, industrial, Americana/folk
My Finds: Wood crates, galvanized water cans

Emma Jean’s Relics $$
930 5th Avenue Coraopolis PA 15109
– Multiple-storefront location
– Various vendors
– Very welcoming with snacks and drinks
– Well-displayed items
– Tell Ray that Inspired by Charm sent you!
My Finds: Vintage linens, kitchen tools

Vintage Revival $
439 Mill Street Coraopolis PA 15108
– Cute corner location
– Single vendor
– Wonderfully and thoughtfully styled
– Tell Tracey that Inspired by Charm sent you!
My Finds: Bedside “dresser,” cutting boards, ironstone

Off the Avenue Antiques $$
1000 4th Avenue Coraopolis PA 15108
– Multiple-storefront location
– Various vendors
– Recently under new ownership
My Finds: Wallace Nutting artwork in my kitchen, brass watering can

Lincoln Highway Hub $$
1404 Lincoln Highway North Versailles PA 15137
– Huge building with two stories
– Various vendors
– Neat and tidy
– Friendly and helpful staff
My Finds: Vintage picnic baskets, wood bead string, man-with- pipe painting, vintage paint-by-numbers

Antique Mall at Ohio River $$$
4331 Ohio River Boulevard Bellevue PA 15202
– Large building with three floors
– Various vendors
– A little bit of everything
FYI: I have chosen not to include cons on this list. However, I have mixed feelings about this store because it is not tidy or organized.
My Finds: Wood trays, vintage lunch box

Wexford General Store Antiques $$$
150 Church Road Wexford PA 15090
– Adorable building with two floors and annex
– Quaint “general store feeling”
– Top-quality vendors
– Organized and styled well
My Finds: Dining room table, bedside table, vintage nut grinder in my pantry

My Favorite Pittsburgh Antique Stores in Pittsburgh PA #antiques #pittsburgh #PA #antiquing

My Favorite Pittsburgh Antique Stores in Pittsburgh PA #antiques #pittsburgh #PA #antiquing


Although I know this post is about antique stores, I did want to tell you about a few Flea Markets/Vintage Markets that are must-visits for me.

Flea-tique $3 Entrance Fee
Tour-Ed Mine 748 Bull Creek Road Tarentum PA 15084
3rd Sunday of the Month (May – October)
– Arrive as soon as the sun comes up
– Lots of vendors

Pittsburgh Vintage Market Days Tickets Required
Monroeville Convention Center 209 Mall Boulevard Monroeville, PA 15146
July 10-12, 2020
– Go on Friday, if possible
– Mostly vintage farmhouse style

Neighborhood Flea Market Free
Strip District – 26th and Railroad Streets
2nd Sunday of the Month (May – October)
– Vintage finds, food trucks, local artists
– Get flowers and plants from Pisarcik Flower Farm.

Kinsey Vintage Market $10 Entrance Fee
7237 Noblestown Road Oakdale PA 15071
Seasonal Events (Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday)
– Variety of vendors
– Antiques, local artists, furniture paint

My Favorite Pittsburgh Antique Stores in Pittsburgh PA #antiques #pittsburgh #PA #antiquing

And there you have it. Those are My Favorite Pittsburgh Antique Stores, plus a few flea markets and vintage markets I also like to visit!

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, are there any antique stores that I’ve missed? Please let me know in the comments below. Also, have you visited any of the antique stores on this list? Which is YOUR favorite?

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  1. Michael this is a great list! Being from Washington, PA I appreciate to learn there are some not too far from here! Thanks for sharing. We just got into thrifting at our local Hidden Treasures, and Goodwills down here in Washington County! Let us know if you are nearby sometime!

  2. I just moved from Pittsburgh to Myrtle Beach. I wish I would have known about these antique stores. Maybe if I visit I can check them out. I have a hallway table and a copper boiler now but had a lot of antiques but had to give them up from moving around a lot. I’ve kept these two pieces because I love them and won’t part from them. I have to do some repairs to my hallway table. When we were away and the landlord replaced the carpet the people really tore up my furniture. I can’t find anybody to repair the damages. I guess that is a lost art. I guess I have to figure out what I can repair myself. Have you ever done any repair work on furniture? If you have I would appreciate any tips.
    Thank you for the information.


  3. About 15 minutes North of Wagon Wheel is Lil Birdys Antiques! I may or may not be a vendor there and a little biased but I shopped there long before becoming a vendor! Tracy does great daily posts of new items coming in. From there, we can recommend heading into town to see Mystique Moon, another great shop!

  4. Hello Michael! I love your post and have visited many of the shops on your list. If you travel Rt 28 north from Pittsburgh and get off at exit 17 Butler/Freeport and take a left at the red light heading towards Butler you will find a hidden gem of an antique shop called the Risch Building Antiques, Collectibles and Notary! It is located on the corner of Rt 356 (N. Pike Road) and Winfield Road. Lots of variety from about 30 vendors, all at great prices! Then travel a short distance to the small German town of Saxonburg where you will find 2 other treasures – Saxonburg Unique to Antique Shop and Red Door Antiques as well as a custom wood shop – C.Matus & Sons Millwork. All located on Main Street! Saxonburg is a historic town and has a wonderful restaurant called Hotel Saxonburg. Other must visit shops include Batch, Main Street Bakery, Blue Jar Candle Co. Mercantile, Heritage Wine Cellar and Saxonburg Coffee & Tea. Make it a day trip! You will be glad you did! Enjoy.

  5. The Goodwill in North Versailles isn’t exactly an antique store but it’s a lot of fun and you can spend hours and hours there going through the bins looking for finds … wear gloves and your oldest clothes! Quite inexpensive … you pay mostly by the pound. My mom always comes home with great stuff and I always find stuff I didn’t think I needed.

  6. I have been to many of these on your list and appreciate the reviews of a few I haven’t ventured into, yet. I wanted to let you know that Miller’s Fleatique has 2 locations and looks like you have them slightly crossed. I am vendor #382 in the original Miller’s location at 210 4th St, Irwin, PA 15642. The other is the Pittsburgh location at 92 Crane Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15226. They’re both full of awesome treasures!

  7. I’m from the South Hills area of Pittsburgh and there are some great shops on Route 19 from Mount Lebanon down south into Washington. Thank you for the list of some north of the city. I’m excited to check some out!

    1. I need to get down the way. It’s a bit far for me as I’m northeast of the city. I’ll be sure to check them out. Any favorites that are must-visits??

      xo Michael

  8. Have you ever been to the antiques and collectibles market at historic Hanna’s Town? They are held the second Sunday of the month from May – October. It is one of my favorite places to go during the summer. I have had so much fun exploring the vendors there!

  9. Head south and check out what is just down the road….
    THE ANTIQUE LOFT at Trax Farms Market on rt 88 between Bethel Park and Finleyville close to 43. While your down visiting us also check out the 3 antique shops right on rt 19 between Peter’s Township and Washington. You can download the free app…GOANTIQUING and see all of the stores that advertise in the SUNDAY DRIVER.
    Happy hunting 😊

    1. Thanks! I don’t get down that way too often. I did visit a couple places in Washington, but only once. I’m excited to have some new places to check out. Thanks for the tips!

      xo Michael

  10. I’m a yinzer and have been to a most of the places north of town. So much to look at. The Fleatique is always a fun outing with my daughter and usually one of us finds something. One Weekend had so much rain that by Sunday morning parking towards the entrance was nothing but a muddy mess. Some people’s cars got stuck, mine included. On that day I actually spent more at the car wash. But I did buy the Polish donuts and that was worth it. Think it’s time to go treasure hunting. Thanks for putting together a list for us in the Pittsburgh area.

    1. Oh no. That’s a bummer of an experience. I went several times last year and lucked out with no rain or mud. I had a pleasant experience each time. (And YES to the donuts – I get one every time I’m there! So good!)

      xo Michael

    2. Garden Style Living is one of my all time favorites! Mary is super talented and I want it buy everything when I’m in her store. Route 19 Antiques is one of my favorites, worth the trip. Take 79 and get off at Canonsburg, it’s super close off the exit.

  11. Thank you for the list, Michael! My son was just accepted to Pitt for a Masters program and I can see that I will have plenty to do when I visit! If you have any other favorites, restaurants etc feel free to share 🙂