Antique Finds for my Primary Bedroom

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Happy Wednesday and welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge (ORC)! Today is all about my recent antiquing adventure and how I’m using my finds to decorate my master bedroom.

If you’ve been following Inspired by Charm for a while, you know much I love shopping at antique, thrift, and salvage stores. It’s something I’ve been doing since back in high school when I decorated my childhood bedroom. (Yes, I had curtain rods crafted from old spindles and a mirror made out of an old window.)

Antique Finds for my Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4 #bedroom #decor #oneroomchallenge

Antique Finds for my Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4 #bedroom #decor #oneroomchallenge

As I settled into Bayberry House, I knew I wanted to take time to hunt for vintage items to decorate my space. I hadn’t been thrifting that much recently and aimed to bring that aspect of my personality back into my new place in Pittsburgh. In fact, that’s why I included the term “country” in my Modern Country Colonial vision for my home. Rustic accessories and furniture with history have long been a part of my design aesthetic, and I wanted to make them a focus in this house.

Before we go any further, I must tell you that I use the term “antique” loosely. My “antique” finds aren’t necessarily valuable nor are they 100-or-more-years-old. I just happened to buy them at an antique (or thrift) store.

Antique Finds for my Master Bedroom:

When I decided to redo my bedroom as part of the ORC, I jotted down items I hoped to source from second-hand shops.

For my ORC Master Bedroom, I was looking for:

  • two nightstands
  • dresser
  • chest of drawers
  • desk
  • artwork
  • decorative accessories
  • bathroom mirror

With two weeks left in the challenge, I’m still joyfully searching for a few key pieces. I love the thrill of the hunt. Setting aside time to look for these things has been one of the biggest highs of this challenge. Even though I still need some of them, I’ve been pleased with my progress to date.

Antique Finds for my Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4 #bedroom #decor #oneroomchallenge

What I purchased as of today:

  •  two nightstands
  • desk
  • artwork
  • floor lamp

I’ve scheduled another day or two to hit up my favorite shops in hopes of finding the rest of what’s on my list.

Antique Finds for my Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4 #bedroom #decor #oneroomchallenge

I should mention that I did decide to buy a new dresser. (This is the one I got.) After hunting for weeks, I couldn’t find a vintage one to suit my space. With everything’s that going on at my house right now, I also didn’t have time to clean or fix malfunctioning drawers in an antique piece. (I am still hoping to find a thrifted chest of drawers for my closet area.)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed I haven’t spoiled the reveal by tucking in images of a few of the items I thrifted. They hint at the design direction I’m taking in the bedroom, and I hope they generate excitement for the final reveal.

Antique Finds for my Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4 #bedroom #decor #oneroomchallenge

Although I love each of the pieces, I’m smitten with this vintage brass and enamel lamp. (It’s actually a piece I wasn’t looking for.)

It needs a bit of cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, but it’s my new favorite thing. I just want to leave it on all the time.

Antique Finds for my Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4 #bedroom #decor #oneroomchallenge

Antique Finds for my Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4 #bedroom #decor #oneroomchallenge

Another of my fabulous finds is this small green table. It’s definitely a-little-bit-country, but I’m crazy about it. I wasn’t set on the final layout of my bedroom until I found a similar table (which I didn’t purchase) at another store. That made me realize a small desk would be lovely in this room. As you can see, the new-to-me old table is already in use, especially by a certain kitty who likes to look out the window.

Antique Finds for my Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4 #bedroom #decor #oneroomchallenge

I’ve also been collecting inexpensive art. If I remember correctly, nothing was over $20. And although it all might not end up in this space, everything will find a spot somewhere in my home because it speaks to me. That, my friends, might be the best part of antiquing!

Antique Finds for my Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge Week 4 #bedroom #decor #oneroomchallenge

Now, to wrap all of this up, I wanted you to know that I will be sharing a separate post about my tips and tricks for antiquing. I had started to include that here, but I cut it out because things were getting too long. My plan is to share that info with you in a post that will go live on Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned!

Overall, I’m feeling a tad more confident about where I am with the challenge. I can’t wait to show the completed space to you in just two short weeks! I hope this bedroom overhaul has been fun and informative for you.

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  1. Your blog is a fun read and you seem to be a very interesting guy. I thought I saw a link for Leto recipes on your website but can’t find them. Did find all the fabulous desserts though. The pretzel recipe is a favorite of mine but I use orange jello and mandarin oranges…. and no one can figure out what the crust is made of.
    Thanks for the fun read!

  2. I live in Pittsburgh, too. Fairly new to the area. Would you consider posting the names of your favorite antique and furniture resale shops? I love hunting for treasures, too!

  3. I love what you’ve chosen so far! Antiquing, junk-tiquing, etc. is my favorite past time. I totally agree with only buy what speaks to your heart, especially with art and accessories. Last week I found a small, hand blown green vase for $6…it makes me smile every time I see the sun shine through it. I see so many beautiful things and always wonder about their story.