DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath

Learn How to make a Christmas wreath. Dress up your home for the holidays with a touch of nostalgia. I’m so thrilled to be sharing this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath with you today.

As I’ve mentioned a few times here on the blog, I have a mild obsession with glass Christmas ornaments. I’ve been collecting them for years. If I remember correctly, it all started with my rainbow Christmas tree. So of course, when I saw a few vintage Christmas ornament wreaths pop up online recently (shout out to The Makerista for posting one in her Instagram stories thrift store adventures), I knew I had to make one as well.

Here’s what I came up with:

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

Isn’t she lovely? I do realize that this colorful and kitschy look isn’t for everyone, but it certainly makes my holiday heart sing. That’s why today, I’m going to teach you how to make a Christmas wreath!

DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath:

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

Surprisingly enough, crafting a vintage Christmas ornament wreath is fairly straightforward. However, I do have a few tips to offer that will make the process even easier.

Let’s get started, shall we?

How to Make a Christmas Wreath with Ornaments:

1. You’re going to need ornaments. I decided to use all glass and mostly vintage ones. I pulled lots of ornaments from my collection and purchased some at local thrift stores and from Etsy and eBay.

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

A couple things to note here: Vintage ornaments appear to be in big demand these days, so sourcing them online can be expensive. I recommend hitting up local second-hand stores for the best deals. Also, if you’re hunting for any vintage Christmas items, plan ahead and shop online from May to August. The demand (and price) isn’t likely to be as high.

In addition to their being vintage and glass, I wanted most of the ornaments to be round. I also decided to go with a mix of colors for an eclectic look. Your vision will probably be different. You can follow the same procedure using shatterproof ornaments or a selection of ornaments in a specific color palette. Make the wreath uniquely your own.

There are about 150 ornaments on my wreath. To get a full look, you will need ornaments in various sizes.

2. You’ll need a wreath. I chose this tinsel one because that felt vintage to me, but a green wreath with faux pine-like needles would work well, too. Having a wreath made from the right material is important because you’ll be hot gluing the ornaments to it. Hot glue does not hold glass on glass. A wreath like this one will give your ornaments something to adhere to.

3. Once you have your supplies, begin by cutting off 10-15% of the pine needles; set them to the side. Then, using a glue gun, start attaching the ornaments, one by one, to the wreath.

4. For the majority of the ornaments, I put the hot glue near the tops (hangers) because I didn’t want those to show. With the hot glue on the ornament, gently press it on the wreath. Ensure that the hot glue on the ornament is coming in contact with the tinsel/pine needles This will provide the hold you need.

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

5. I started by gluing ornaments in a small section and then worked out from there. Attach the larger ornaments first and then fill in with smaller ones. Save your special ornaments and glue them on when most of the other ornaments are in place.

6. Once you start covering the wreath, it will be harder to find areas where you can attach the ornaments to the tinsel/pine needles. This is when you’ll use the pine needles that you cut off at the beginning. As needed, tuck them between the ornaments and use hot glue to secure.

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

7. I also found it helpful to flip the wreath over and add hot glue in various places on the back of the wreath to ensure everything was well secured. However, as you work, be conscious of where you are adding the hot glue so that it’s not visible on the front of your wreath.

8. Once the wreath is covered, double check to make sure everything is well glued. (If you are using glass ornaments, be aware that you will probably break a few along the way. It’s almost inevitable.) If there are any areas where things aren’t securely attached, add hot glue to a piece of your reserved tinsel/pine needles and place it between the two ornaments. This will create a stronger bond.

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

9. Finally, look the wreath over carefully and trim off any hot glue strands or tinsel/pine needles that might be sticking out. Then, attach a piece of floral wire to the back of the wreath. Put the wire around the metal frame of the wreath for a firm hold.

10. Sit back and admire your handiwork!

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday
Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

That, my friends, is the step-by-step process I followed to  make a Christmas wreath out of ornaments.

The whole project took about 2 hours, and overall, things went swimmingly. The only exceptions were a few ornament casualties and one nasty hot glue burn.

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday
Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

Like this wreath? See more of my DIY wreaths here:

I’m not sure where the wreath will end up hanging this Christmas season, but I’m having fun trying it out in different spots around my home.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and enjoy making your own wreath. Happy crafting!

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

Learn how to make this DIY Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreath #christmas #ornament #wreath #shinybrite #vintage #christmaswreath #DIY #holiday

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  • Lyndea at

    How do you store this wreath after Christmas? Has anyone had any issues?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I store it on a piece of cardboard, then wrapped in a garbage bag. Store in a natural temperature area avoid heat (attic) or cold (garage).

      xo Michael

  • Janet at

    I just found your blog and love this wreath – and OMG the rainbow tree came from YOU! I found it on Pinterest and copied it in my front room this year, and it gets soooo many compliments. Now I know who to credit!

  • Lisa Ronan at

    I LOVE it!!!!! I had some random vintage ornies I got at an estate sale that I wasn’t going to use on my tree and figured I’d sell them but I’m going to give this a shot! I’m thinking I will spray paint a green wreath to get the silvered effect-what do you think?

  • Phoebe K at

    Love the wreath! It reminds me of a tabletop tree my grandma always put up. I’m planning to make a wreath of my own. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Geni at

    I love how you’ve chosen to use an evergreen (faux?) as the base of your ornament wreath. It is more festive and warm to have the foliage showing through in places. I have lots of vintage ornaments so I’ll get a wreath after Christmas at a discounted price and be ready to use it next year. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. It is really beautiful!

  • Ellen T at

    Beautiful wreath. I need to collect about a hundred more ornaments tome one – ugh. Your eye for detail is amazing. Keep on posting.

  • Leigh at

    Michael, there’s a comment on this post that lists an inappropriate link–the comment from ZACHARYOMIMI, I thought you’d want to know.
    The wreath is awesome btw.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you! It’s been deleted.

      xo Michael

  • M Preston at

    i think it’s beautiful, you can make me one anytime ☺️☺️ and thank you for the great tips!🥰

  • Pat at

    Great idea for using those vintage glass ornaments, I’m thinking a single color(maybe smaller) wreath would be cute too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Jacqueline Milner at

    You make it seem so easy to do even I could try it. Thank you for instilling some confidence into me.

  • Judy at

    Love your use of multi colored ornaments. This wreath along with your rainbow tree are classy and beautiful. Love your work.

  • Cathy L CLARK at

    This wreath is GORGEOUS!!!! WOW! You are amazing!

  • Susan at

    Gorgeous! I need to make one. Love the fullness. Lavender essential oil is great for burns. Even just the auria cacia that you find at a natural grocers. And fresh cut aloe

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Oh! Good to know! Thanks, Susan!

      xo Michael

  • Karen Cantrell at

    love, love, love!

  • Lindsay at

    I’m loving all your Christmas posts so far! It’s fun to see how your new home is coming together for the holidays!

  • Leah at

    So pretty! Those ornaments remind me of my grandmothers’ trees.

  • Matilda at

    Love it!!! Where are the little houses in the picture from?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I found them at a craft market a few years ago.

      xo Michael

  • Cindi at

    Once again Michael, you nailed (glued) it! Beautiful!

  • Nanette at

    That is stunning!

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