DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath

Inspired by a Scandinavian design, I’m showing you how to craft a wreath out of gingerbread cookies. This DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath is a beautiful project that will certainly add a festive touch to your holiday home.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath

I’m thrilled to be bringing you another fun and festive DIY project to add something special and unique to your Christmas decorating. I was actually inspired to make this Gingerbread Cookie Wreath after seeing the idea on one of my favorite instagram accounts: @vibekedesign. As soon as I saw this stunning wreath hanging in Vibeke’s home, I knew I had to make one. I adore her account by the way. If you’re not following her, do yourself a favor and check out her account.

Based on the pictures she shared of her wreath, the design seemed pretty straightforward.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

As you might remember, last year I shared my recipe for gingerbread cookies (which you can find here). I whipped up a batch of these gingerbread cookies for the wreath and the rest of the items I either had on hand or ordered online.

Once the cookies were baked and iced, this Gingerbread Cookie Wreath took no time to assemble. I think the results are beyond cute.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

As you can see, I have the wreath hanging on the French doors in my dining room. Because the doors are mostly windows, the wreath was a little bit challenging to photograph. Therefore, I moved the wreath to the cabinet in my living room for a moment to capture a few more photos. This also gives you the opportunity to see the wreath used in a different way.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

While I think the wreath looks wonderful in both locations, I’m keeping it in my dining room as I have a little gingerbread theme going on in there. I added some extra gingerbread cookies to a tree I have tucked in the corner and I even made some gingerbread cookie trees to create a little “snowglobe” in a cake stand. You can get a sneak peek of what it looks like on my Instagram account HERE.

While I assume this Gingerbread Cookie Wreath project might seem straight forward to some, let me walk you through the steps I took to create it.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

How to Make a Gingerbread Cookie Wreath:

For this project you will need:

  • gingerbread cookies (you can find my recipe HERE)
  • 19″ round wreath hoop painted black (or whatever color you prefer)
  • faux pine branches
  • twine
  • hot glue gun

First, start by baking your gingerbread cookies. Again, you can get the full recipe HERE along with the royal icing recipe. I stuck with different snowflakes and stars for my wreath, but you can use whatever shapes you like. I did purchase THIS cookie cutter set and then used other cookie cutters that I had on hand.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

Once your cookies are baked and the icing has fully hardened (let them sit out overnight), you are ready to assemble your wreath.

I used the wreath hoop that I linked above and spray painted it black.

To attach the the cookies to the wreath, I added a dab of hot glue to the back of each cookie as I positioned it where I wanted it on the wreath hoop. Just hold the cookie in place until the glue hardens.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

Once all the cookies were attached to the front, I carefully flipped the wreath over and added more hot glue where the back of each cookie met the wreath hoop to ensure each cookie was fully secured.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

With all the cookies in place and the wreath still face down, I snipped several pieces of faux pine (approx. 6 inches in length) from a garland and attached them to the back of the cookies with more hot glue. In keeping with the Scandinavian design, I kept things sparse, but did add the pine all around the wreath.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

As a finishing touch, I added three more gingerbread cookies to the center of the wreath. I attached them using some twine which I tied to the top of the wreath hoop.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

And with that, my gingerbread cookie wreath was complete!

To hang the wreath on my French doors, I added a Command hook to each door, right where they meet. The wreath will need to be moved if I want to access the doors, but I don’t use these doors much in the winter, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with how this came together. I need to give another shout-out to Vibeke as this project was fully inspired by her beautiful creation.

While I followed her design closely, you could really have fun with this and create something to match your home or style. You could even have fun with different color frostings or cookie cutter shapes.

Looking for more festive holiday DIY projects? Try these:

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath #christmas #holiday #wreath #gingerbread #cookies #gingerbreadcookies #craft #christmasdecor

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Gingerbread Cookie Wreath as much as I did. If you give it a try, I would LOVE to see the end results. Be sure to share a picture with me on Instagram.

Happy Christmas Crafting, my friends!

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  • Shirley at

    This is the first time I’ve seen your blog and I am loving what I’ve seen so far! This wreath is awesome! Just so vintage/modern/German/Swedish/danish and a few other countries as well as 50’s,60’s,70’s,80’s,and 90’s all rolled into one and I’m loving it! I’ve browsed a little and I want to see more so I’m subscribing!

  • Lor Wagner at

    Hey Friend,
    Though we have never met I feel as though you are one of my besties but glad you don’t live close by as then I can duplicate your ideas and everyone thinks I am so crafty and smart of course I have to give you the credit and direct them to your blog. You are so inspiring some of my favs are your gingerbread cake from last Christmas “ I believe” and your “hot chocolate set up” from this year I duplicated both as closely as possible and everyone loved it. I am hoping to duplicate your gingerbread wreath next year this year was a little challenging as my arm is in a sling so no cookie baking for me lol but I save your post to my favorites for the holidays. Thank you for all your inspiration

  • Colleen at

    Wow! Nice work, Michael. The Scandinavians sure know how to do “hygge “, don’t they? Simple, cozy and elegant, all at the same time. I wish I had more time this year to make this. My question would be, where did you find faux pine? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. I’ve also never made Royal icing am going to educate myself on that task right now! Thanks for sharing! Running off to read your recipe right now!

  • Brenda Nicholson at

    I really love this wreath’s simplicity and charm. Do you think the cookies would hold up for a few Christmases?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I think so. I’m going to try. I’ll report back.

      xo Michael

  • Jeanne at

    Love this wreath! I use meringue powder in my royal icing to avoid the raw meringue issue! My granddaughter has a hard time not tasting the icing when we make gingerbread houses! Thank you for sharing!

  • Mary Sher at

    I love this gingerbread wreath. I like how you added dimension to it by adding on smaller cookies, off center, on top of larger ones. It’s so festive!

  • Landrie at

    Gorgeous wreath! I feel like I’m back in the mountains of Europe. Now I just need a cup of mulled cider.

  • Penny at

    Absolutely adorable, Michael! Makes the room feel so incredibly Christmasy!

  • Traci S at

    Fabulous idea! I think I’d like to try it with extra cinnamon added to the cookies to give off that holiday baking aroma.

  • Debbie at

    Your wreath looks beautiful. I love the “Old World” charm. I am really enjoying your blog ever since I happened upon your site through Instagram. Thanks for all the great ideas.

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