20+ Halloween Home Decor Ideas For Spooky Season

Eerie, gothic themes come alive in October. These Halloween home decor ideas will help you embrace your darker side while maintaining your love of style.

collage of Halloween Home Decor Ideas for Spooky Season

Are you feeling stuck and low on creativity? Do you love spooky DIY and Hallowen crafts but running out of inspiration?

This post is just what you need.

These Halloween home decor ideas are perfect for any space. Whether you want something mysterious and brooding or more whimsical and creative, these ideas are all over the Halloween spectrum.

FAQs about Halloween decor

Below are some questions people often ask about putting together stunning Halloween decor. If you don’t see your question in this list, please leave it in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

Where can I find affordable Halloween decor?

The best place to find affordable Halloween decor is at your local thrift shop. You can often find some amazing treasures! Upcycle things and turn them into your own favorite centerpieces.

How do I choose my Halloween theme?

The best way to choose your Halloween theme is to start with your favorite thing about Halloween. Do you like creepy things? Haunted houses? Skeletons? Pumpkins?

Then, choose a color scheme. Black and white is often the easiest to use. Add an accent color – like red – for a little pop!

Honestly, black, white, and silver are timeless Halloween colors. Colors follow trends each year. Sometimes different shades of green and blue will also appear in decoration themes. If you want to lean heavily on pumpkins in your decorating plan, you can’t go wrong with a classic orange!

Cute & spooky Halloween home decor

Scroll through the ideas in this list and pick out the ones that strike your fancy. You’ll find tutorials for your entryway, porch, mantel, and even some cute garlands to hang wherever your home needs a bit of flair.

Use this list to decorate your home for Halloween parties or to get your home into the Halloween spirit.

1. Boo-tiful Halloween mantel decor

If you have a mantel in your living room, then use my ghostly theme as your inspiration. It’s filled with ghosts, candles, and a lovely but simple piece of wall art.

This design is cohesive and looks elegant without being too cheesy.

ghost decor along a fireplace mantle

2. Witchy Halloween entryway decor

Don’t neglect your entryway as you decorate for Halloween. Adding a little witchy decor in these little spots is a simple way to spread the designs around your home.

The best thing about these small touches is how they seamlessly fit into the space! It looks like a witch actually lives in this home. From the black shoes to the broom and pointy hat, it’s just natural enough not to stand out too much.

witchy halloween home decor ideas

3. DIY jack-o-lantern garland

Maybe you aren’t as into the spookiness of Halloween, but you still want to decorate your home with something for the holiday. Jack-o-lanterns are cute and not at all scary.

This paper garland is the perfect thing to place on your mantel or to hang up in a child’s room. It’s playful without being too dark.

jack-o-lantern halloween home decor garland

4. Hocus Pocus Broom Company free printable

Changing the wall decor is one of the easiest ways to decorate for each new holiday, especially if you don’t have a mantel.

This free Halloween printable is a fun little way to bring some witchy themes to your walls. Set out some straw brooms with it to really make it pop.

Hocus Pocus Broom Company free printable for Halloween

5. Vintage-inspired Halloween treat bags

You can use these lovely Halloween treat bags to hand out to trick-or-treaters or set them on your table as a centerpiece.

They also make thoughtful hostess gifts. There are so many ways to use them—they are a must!

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Treat Bags

6. Spooky skeleton Halloween mantel

Skeletons are another perfect Halloween theme to use in your living room area. Design your mantel with an undead theme of different bones and skeletons.

This idea brings in some darker themes without making it so scary that it will freak out children.

skeleton arms with hands making a heart shape for spooky halloween home decor ideas

7. Halloween flower arrangement

I love making Halloween decorations that are more subtle. This Halloween flower arrangement is so understated that you have to look at it for a while before you see it – the skeleton hands!

skeleton hands as part of a floral arrangement centerpiece

8. Outdoor Halloween decorations

As you decorate the inside of your home, don’t forget about your porch and yard. You don’t have to go overboard and use tons of flashy lights. In fact, less is more.

These outdoor Halloween decorations are simple and beautiful at the same time.

silhouette of a witch and cat and assorted pumpkins in a front yard

9. Spooky chic Halloween table decorations

Impress your guests with a chic Halloween table setting. Every single detail is thoughtfully curated and works together perfectly.

From the centerpieces to the dishes, this is a table that is party-ready!

Halloween home decor ideas for your dinner table

10. Haunted Halloween decor

Are you a fan of haunted houses? Add a bit of inspiration from them into your house. These haunted house decorations will keep your home looking stylish and spooky all at the same time.

a black candelabra centerpiece

11. Wicked and eclectic Halloween table setting

Do you want a table setting that really gets comments? This one is for you! The large eyeballs, the black pumpkins, and even the dark red flowers all create an eerie vibe.

It’s the perfect table setting for Halloween parties that get people talking.

eyeball Halloween decor on a spiderweb covered table

12. Haunted Halloween table decor ideas

Bring in some spiders and even more black candles and create some stylish-but-creepy decor for Halloween. This is just creepy enough to be fun but not so over-the-top that it will really freak out your guests.

There are a lot of different details in these ideas. Find your favorites and use them on your own table settings.

gold pumpkin spider halloween home decor ideas

13. DIY Halloween paint can decor

Hey crafters, this one is for you! Paint a paint can and use it to hold an old wine bottle. It’s the perfect thing to use on a wine cart, side table, or bar. Use my idea for a saying, or create your own.

It’s a really easy and cheap way to create unique Halloween decor.

cute personalized halloween paint can craft

14. DIY tag banner

Short on time? Then make this simple banner. It’s bold enough to really make a huge statement, but it only takes minutes to put it together.

Host a craft night and make this craft together with friends or family. It’s such a wonderful fall banner for mantels or even a home office.

happy fall banner in Halloween colors

15. Black, white & blue Halloween mantel

At first, this mantel looks like it’s full of crows and spiders. Look closer, and you’ll see a bold black, white and blue theme that draws attention.

Read through the guide to pull out your favorite pieces and use them in your Halloween decorations.

black white and blue themed Halloween home decor mantel ideas

16. Succulent pumpkin planter

Since fall is the time when most plants go into “wintering” mode, the best way to incorporate greenery into your house is to use succulents. Fill a pumpkin with all your favorite plants and decorate it with a few plastic spiders.

This is a simple DIY Halloween craft you can use as a centerpiece or a DIY gift.

pumpkin and spider centerpiece for fall

17. Halloween Kitchen Decor Ideas

Gather some halloween decor inspiration for your kitchen! I’m inviting you into my butler’s pantry to share some spooky chic Halloween kitchen decor. I used ghost tealight holders and pumpkins to create a ghoulishly good display. 

18. DIY Acorn Acorn Squash

Turn an acorn squash into an extra large acorn. This is such a fun and easy project. I suppose it’s now halloween specific, but still a unique decor idea. Once you’re done with the decor, you can cook and eat the squash.

DIY Acorn Acorn Squash

19. Halloween Recipe Cards (Free Printable)

I love these Halloween recipe cards. You can print some out (for free) and have them available to share recipes all spooky season long.

I have two designs available as a free download. You can find those HERE and HERE.

Free Halloween Recipe Card Printable download #halloween #recipecard #printable

20. Spooktacular Halloween Snacks

I love when your menu doubles as decor. Thinks like my pumpkin shaped cheeseball, a chocolate skull cake, and even edible spiders make for a ghoulish good display that you can eat! You can find all of these ideas and more HERE.

Spooktacular Halloween Snacks and Recipes #halloween #snacks #recipe #fall #dessert #appetizer #cocktail #drink #spooky

21. DIY Feather Wreath

This DIY Feather Wreath would make a chic Halloween decoration. Feathers and other natural elements add style, pattern, and color to a rustic wreath. If you’re looking for a new and unique wreath to decorate your home for the spooky season, this is it! 

DIY Feather Wreath for Fall

That’s a wrap on Halloween decor ideas

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed browsing these Halloween decor ideas. They are unique, fun, and really easy. Anyone can have a stylish room this Halloween – you just need a little inspiration.

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