Cozy Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

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Welcome to my home! I’m inviting you back into my living room to share with you some cozy fall mantel decor ideas. These simple ideas will help you get your home ready for stepping into the autumn season.

mantel and bookcases decorate for fall with a fire in fireplace.

Cozy Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

Yes, my friends, it’s time for a new season which means a shift in decor. Today we are starting with some fall mantel decor in my living room.

I’m attempting a new approach for my seasonal decor this year. Typically, I feel the need to buy a bunch of new things and start from scratch each year. Since I’ve been doing and sharing things that way for over ten years now, my new goal is to buy less (way less) and use what I have.

close up of amber bottles on books with fall decor.

I especially LOVE decorating for the fall and holiday seasons, but I’m finding that as I get older, all of the “stuff” can be more of a stress inducer than a joy inducer. I know it won’t be as easy as flipping a light switch because I enjoy all of my decor things, but my goal is to only keep and buy the things I really love and attempt to simplify a bit each year moving forward.

I’m not becoming a minimalist (not that there’s anything wrong with that). There will still be plenty of decor inspiration and ideas to come. I just want to see how this new approach feels.

amble bottles on a stack of books with pumpkins and a candle.

Why You’ll Love These Ideas

  • Sustainable & Budget-Friendly: By focusing on using items you already own, these ideas prioritize sustainability and cost-effectiveness. There’s no need to splurge on new decor every season. Instead, rediscover and repurpose the treasures you have.
  • Versatile & Timeless: Amber bottles, vintage books, and candles are not just autumn staples, they’re timeless. This means your mantel can look chic and seasonally relevant without seeming overly trendy.
  • The Warmth of Nostalgia: There’s something undeniably comforting about a stack of old books or the glow of a candle. These decor pieces don’t just beautify your space, they also evoke feelings of nostalgia, warmth, and coziness – perfect for the fall season!
  • Ease and Simplicity: For all the DIY enthusiasts and decor beginners out there, these ideas are approachable and straightforward. No complicated setups, just simple placements that anyone can replicate.

With all that being said, pour your favorite fall cocktail recipe or a glass of hot apple cider and let me show you around my living room and share some fall mantel decor ideas with you!

fireplace decorated for fall in a living room with ottoman and sofa.

Incorporating Fall Colors

Right around this time last year, I had a completely new mantel, fireplace surround, and bookcases installed in my living room. This project was finished so late in the season that I didn’t even decorate for the fall; instead, I just went ahead and styled the space for Christmas.

That makes this fall mantel decor extra exciting as I basically get to style my mantel area for the first time!

white fireplace mantel decorated for  the fall season.

The existing colors in this room are navy and green so I kept those colors and added in some warmer, cozier amber tones.

On the fireplace, I swapped out the artwork for this simple black framed arch mirror. From there I styled things with books, faux pumpkins, vintage brass pheasants, candles, and amber glass jars/vases. I was even able to tuck in the sweetgum ball wreath that I made last year.

close up of brass animal and amber bottles on a fall decorated mantel.
close up of amber bottles on a stack of books with pumpkins.

The arrangement (which you might remember from my post about Inexpensive Fall Decor) is just preserved oak leaves and dried allium.

On the hearth, I added in some more faux pumpkins, black lanterns, and a stack of birch logs in a vintage magazine holder. And since I know someone will ask, yes, my fireplace is gas. I made the switch from wood burning to gas last year and have loved the change.

close up of a white pitcher filled with fall leaves and more fall mantel decor.
close up of a mantel and fireplace decorated for fall with lanterns and pumpkins.
side view of a fireplace and mantel decorated for fall.

For the bookcases, I kept things mostly the same with a few minor changes.

First, I swapped out some of the brighter teal and green books for brown and orange books. In some cases, I just turned the books around so you couldn’t see the spines. I’m not referencing these particular books a lot, so in this case, I’m more concerned with esthetics over functionality.

bookcase and mantel decorated for fall with leaves, pumpkins, and a fire in the fireplace.
mantel and bookcase with fall decor and fire in fireplace.

From there I added in a few small pumpkins, a large bowl of pinecones/potpourri, and some more amber bottles.

More Quick Fall Decor Ideas

Autumn is a season that lends itself beautifully to effortless and natural decor. If you’re looking to quickly bring the spirit of fall to your mantel without diving deep into specifics, here are some broader strokes to consider:

  1. Natural Elements: Incorporate items from nature like leaves, twigs, or pinecones. The idea is to let the beauty of the season speak for itself.
  2. Warm Lighting: Use soft lighting, be it from candles, fairy lights, or lanterns. The warm glow instantly brings a sense of coziness.
  3. Seasonal Palettes: Focus on autumnal colors. Think burnt oranges, deep reds, and golden yellows. Even a simple colored cloth or vase can evoke the feel of the season.
large bowl of fall potpourri with pinecones.
  1. Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces: Amplify light and create depth. Mirrors can also reflect any beautiful outdoor scenery you might have, bringing a touch of the outside in.
  2. Textured Materials: Think about using rustic and textured materials like wood, burlap, or wool. This adds depth and a tactile element to your decor.
  3. Scented Elements: Introduce autumn scents, whether through scented candles, potpourri, or natural elements like dried orange slices or cinnamon sticks.
  4. Layering: Don’t shy away from layering items. A stack of books with a pumpkin on top, or a cloth draped under a wooden bowl, adds dimension without complication.

Remember, the aim is to capture the essence and warmth of fall without overthinking. By sticking to broader themes and ideas, you can let your creativity flow and adjust based on what you have on hand or what feels right for your space.

close up of a bookcase and mantel decorated for fall with pumpkins, candles, and fall leaves.

Additional Living Room Fall Decor

While this isn’t a full living room tour, you’ll also notice that I swapped out some of my throw pillows on the sofa to tie in all of the colors of the room. I also added some amber bottles with a few sprigs of fresh greens to the coffee table.

living room decorated for fall with a mantel and fireplace in the background.

Leo decided to check out the sofa and new pillows while I was photographing this space. He might be the cutest photo-bomber ever!

close up photo of a cat on couch with pillows.
cat laying on a sofa with fall decor around it.

If you missed it, earlier this week I shared how to create fall flower arrangements. I had fun styling them in this room. You can check out that post if you want to see more of those and get some flower arranging tips!

I think everything turned out so lovely. One thing I would love to change is the ottoman and rug. I LOVE both, but I think it’s time for a change. In fact, the ottoman and the rug were not purchased for this space. The ottoman was one of the only pieces I brought from my previous home. (It used to be in my “closet”) and the rug was from the office in my apartment. I’m on the lookout!

amble bottles on a woven tray on an ottoman decorated for fall.

Mantel Decor Sources:

Wall Color: Agreeable Gray Sherwin-Wiliams
Cabinet Color: Extra White Sherwin-Williams
Sofa: Carlisle Upholstered Sofa (more details here)
Green Chairs: Anthropolgie (no longer sold)
Ottoman: La-Z-boy
Rug: Distressed Foliage Rug
Faux Pumpkins: Heirloom Pumpkins
Sonos Speakers: Sonos Play:1
Scones:  18″ Ridgewood in Distressed Bronze
Door Knobs: Ruth Knobs
Drawer Pulls: Mission Bin Pull
Mirror: Over-the-Mantel Mirror

large bookcase around a mantel decorated for fall.
close up of an amber bottle, candle, and pumpkin.
side view of mantel and bookcases decorated for fall.

And with that, I’d say my fall mantel decor is complete!

As always, I hope you enjoyed looking around and picked up a few cozy fall mantel decor ideas that you can implement in your own home. It’s always such a joy having you here. I have lots more fall decorating ideas to share with you.

More Fall Decorating Ideas

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  1. I really resonate with your ideas about using what we love, not buying more new “stuff,” and working towards simplifying things. It has become stressful to use all the things! And you are also right about it being difficult to whittle down the inventory of decor because I love it all! That being said, there are some favorites, and that is where to start with the “keep” pile. Your chic fall mantle is so lovely with the amber bottles, vintage books, leaves, brass figures, the votive candles, and the blue-green pumpkins. The way you repeat the colors on the coffee table and the pillows keeps the eye moving makes it so cohesive. I keep studying what you do in hopes that I can apply these ideas. It is all inspiring and educational.

  2. Michael this is lovely and I loved your sentiments regarding seasonal decorating. I too love to decorate for the seasons and holidays but as I get older I’m finding I have less energy to go all out with my decor. I too find it’s becoming stressful instead of joyful. Almost like it’s an obligation that I must decorate.
    I think I’m going to follow your approach and downsize using what I have and use what I truly love. Not just putting up something because I have it or have always put something in a particular place.
    It’s time to donate things I don’t absolutely love and let them be a blessing to someone else.
    Thanks so much for your beautiful blog. I so enjoy visiting you through it and find lots of inspiration for decor, cooking and of course all your tasty cocktails.
    I look forward to seeing your ideas for the “cozy season” (fall, Christmas and winter) ahead inspired by simplicity and joy.