Today we’re going into my family room to take a look at colorful and cozy fall decor ideas. Vintage finds, flickering candles, unique art, and comfy pillows set the mood for the new season.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas:

Over the past week or so I’ve been bringing touches of fall to my home. Last weekend I replaced the dying summer plants on my porches with mums and pumpkins. This week I made a few seasonal tweaks indoors. Because I always love showing you around my home, I thought today we’d look at cozy fall decor ideas for your family room.

It’s an especially exciting day since I’m again being joined by the Seasons of Home Bloggers. If you’re looking for more fall decorating ideas, I’ve linked to all of my participating blogger friends at the end of this post. Everyone is sharing a tour of rooms bedecked for fall. Be sure to take a few minutes to check out the magic that this talented group has created.

In my home, there are two main living areas: the more formal living room (which you can see here) and my family room. This latter space has a TV, and it’s where I tend to spend most of my free time. When decorating this room. I want it to feel cozy, welcoming, and relaxed.

With that in mind, let me show you around and share fall decor ideas that you can use in your space this season.

Family Room Cozy Fall Decor Ideas:

In case you’re curious about where you can buy something in this room, I’ve included a resource section at the end of this post. It has links to products I’ve used in this space.

One of the first things I did to update my family room for fall was to swap out the pillows. This year I used a rust orange and blue. I’ve been in love with that rust color lately, and the blue coordinates with my nearby powder room. Changing pillows and throws is one of the quickest ways to refresh a room for a new season.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

I also swapped out smaller elements throughout the room.

On my coffee table, I added a few new candles, a vase of dahlias, and a beautiful black pedestal bowl filled with caramels. (These Whether’s soft caramels are so good! The Caramel Apple is my personal favorite.)

Sidenote: I also wanted to mention that if you’re looking for even more fall inspiration, I’ve started a new email series where I’m sharing my secrets and tips for creating a picture-perfect fall. There are decorating ideas, my favorite recipes, a shopping list, and much more. And the best part … it’s FREE! You can sign-up HERE.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Candles are a must for fall. They create a beautiful warmth and glow in a room, plus they are fairly inexpensive.

I also recently found this vintage Whitman’s chocolate tin. It’s resting on top of a stack of books on my coffee table. I use it to hide my remote controllers when not in use.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Speaking of tins, do you remember this past Christmas when I filled my wall cabinet with Christmas ribbons? Well, it only took me about nine months, but I’ve finally filled it with a new collection: vintage tins! I’ve been having so much fun collecting them, and I think the display is coming together nicely.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Another thing you might notice is the large and empty wood easel. This was a flea market find, and I’m obsessed with it. I scored it for $75. (I had been looking for months, and the cheapest easel I could find was $300!) I do admit that the easel seems a bit odd sitting out void of any art, but I also kind of like it here. It an interesting architectural element so I’ve decided this is where it’s going to stay until I find a new home for it. Even though I’ve made several failed attempts to get back into my art habit, eventually I hope to put the easel to use.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

On the opposite side of the room, I added a bit of fall flair to my bar cart with a bunch of “bunny tails.” This is a dried flower in that beautiful rust color I’m loving right now. I found my flowers at HomeGoods, but I’ve linked others below.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Here, you can get a closer look at my paint-by-numbers gallery wall. I still love this addition to my family room. I wrote a post all about it here if you want more details.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Over on the mantel is possibly my favorite part of the room.

Fall Decor Idea – Chalkboard Art:

Long-time IBC followers might recognize the artwork. Back in 2012, when I owned a B&B with a gift shop, this “Hocus Pocus Broom Co.” sign was something I designed and drew on a large chalkboard wall in the shop. (You can see that here if you’d like.)

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

When I was cleaning out my basement, I ran across this chalkboard I picked up at HomeGoods at least two years ago. At that moment, inspiration hit, and I knew I needed to recreate my chalkboard art from eight years ago so that’s exactly what I did.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

I realize it’s quirky (and maybe a bit childish), but it makes me happy. For me, it’s a fun and unique addition to the room, and a reminder of pre-COVID times.

Free Download of this Art:

I’m also THRILLED that I was able to turn this chalkboard drawing into a FREE printable. Woot! Woot! You can find all the details on how to download and print this Hocus Pocus Broom Co. chalk print HERE!

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

To decorate around the chalkboard, I added vintage books, colorful dried gourds, ceramic pumpkins, a vintage tray, more candles, and a vase with a branch of leaves I cut from my yard.

Using clippings from the yard is one of the best fall decor ideas. Mother Nature is putting on a color show that you might as well bring inside. Plus, it’s free!

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Once I had this space decorated, I thought I’d celebrate with a drink so I whipped up Apple Cider Manhattans. Boy, are they delicious. Stay tuned for the recipe. I’ll be sharing it on the blog later this week. (In the meantime, you can find some of my other favorite fall cocktail recipes HERE.)

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Every space needs a coordinating cocktail recipe, right? Ha!

And that’s my family room for fall. I think it turned out wonderfully seasonal. It’s ready for me to snuggle in with a good book or more likely, my latest must-watch TV show. And, when the weather cools a bit more, you know I’ll be lighting a fire in that fireplace. It’s one of my favorite things.

Here’s one final look at the space.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my home and gathered a few cozy fall decor ideas for your family room.

As I mentioned above, if you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out the talented bloggers below. Sources for this room are listed just below.


Seasons of Home Cozy Fall Decor Ideas:

Ella Claire & Co. | French Country Cottage | Handmade Farmhouse | Inspired by Charm


City Farmhouse | Zevy Joy | Dear Lillie Studio | Craftberry Bush


Fall Living Room Decor Sources:

Sofas: Ravity Sofa in Hailey Linen (no longer sold)
Ottoman: Leather Topped Darrow Ottoman
Sideboard: Hughes Kelly Sideboard
Bar Cart: Libations Bar Cart
Rug: Buffalo Plaid Rug
Side Table: Target (no longer sold)

Brass and Marble Lamp: Sphere + Stem Table Lamp
Wall Sconces: Black Swing Arm Sconce
Table Lamp: Ikea

Large Orange Pillow:  Ori 23″ Pillow in Baked Clay
Blue Plaid Pillows: Plaid Pillow with Fringe
Pennant Pillow: Fabric Scout Studio
Throws: HomeGoods
Round Mirror: Umbra Wall Mirror
Gold / Silver Coupe Glasses: Pryce Coupe Glasses
Mirrored Tray: Grant Mirror
Chalkboard: HomeGoods
Dried Gourds: Dyed Colorful Dried Gourds
Ceramic Pumpkins: Decorative Ceramic Pumpkins
Black Pedestal Bowl: Skylar Large Pedestal Bowl
Large Lidded Candle: Kanda Candles Velvet Pumpkin
Taper Candle Holders: Marin White Taper/Piller Candle Holder
Dried Grass: Bunny Tails in Rust (similar)
Gold and Glass Candle Holders: Target (no longer sold)
Vintage Items: Paint-by-Number Artwork, Oak Wood Easel, Wall Cabinet, Metal Tins

Paint Colors:
Wall Color: PPG Paints Early Evening PPG 1006-3 (Satin Finish)
Trim Color: Sherwin-Williams Extra White SW 7006  (ProClassic Semi-Gloss Finish)

Want More from Inspired by Charm?

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Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

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  • Jennifer Park Cox at

    Wow you Are talented! Looks awesome!!!!!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      You are so kind, Jennifer! Thank you!!

      xo Michael

  • Landrie at

    What a homey space! You make me love fall even more. Thank you, Michael.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Awww! I love that! Thank you, Landrie! I love all of your comments. They mean so much to me. Happy Sunday!

      xo Michael

  • Theresa at

    Stunning! I’m in LOVE with your space and so inspired!

    Many blessings

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you! Thank you!!

      xo Michael

  • Debra at

    So homey and chic at the same time! My den fireplace is very similar to yours so you’ve given me ideas on how to rejuvenate the traditional vibe with modern furnishings. (If I could add a photo to this comment, I’d share my antique shelf with vintage tins. So fun, isn’t it?)

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I love that fireplace! I may give it an update some day, but for now I’m enjoying the brick.

      xo Michael

  • Andrea at

    Thank you for the fabulous inspiration for starting my fall decorating! I copied your chalkboard design years ago and I just might do it again!

    Just wanted you to know the link to the leather ottoman doesn’t work.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you so much! And sorry about that. It’s been updated.

      xo Michael

  • Julianne at

    You are so talented and I love everything in this post!!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you very much, Julianne!

      xo Michael

  • Rebecca Pyper at

    This is just the coziest space! Makes me happy just looking at it. I love the idea of embracing blue and orange for fall.

  • debi at

    Michael, your family room looks so warm and cozy. It’s beautiful. And I love your chalkboard!

  • Jan at

    Absolutely wonderful. Beautifully styled but cozy! Again, you inspire. Thank you!

  • Amy Kaminski at

    This is such a beautiful room Michael. Just the right touches to bring out the season. That coffee table is everything!!! The perfect nod for a gentlemen’s home.

  • Roxanne at

    Michael, this truly is one of the most inviting rooms I’ve seen this Fall. It is so warm and welcoming. Your chalkboard is fantastic!

  • Nancy Moreton at

    This room is so beautiful, Michael! All of your colors and your treasured items make it so appealing. I always look forward to your posts and your fabulous decorating ideas!

  • Kenna Haj at

    Gorgeous! And I love the antique tin display and the Whitman’s tin box. I have a tin collection started but have not displayed them yet. I will save this for future reference!

  • Talia at

    You have created a most wonderfully cozy space! It is so warm and welcoming – my favorite combo! I love when I see an email from you in my inbox. I know I am going to be so inspired!

  • PAM at

    I’M HOOOMMMEE!!!!!


  • Darlene at

    Love your fall decor it is fun and inviting.

  • Elise Laney at

    I am coming over to drink cocoa!

  • Bettye Greenwood at

    You always get it just right; not cluttered but cozy. Now I’m inspired!

  • Debbie Kirkland at

    Your room is beautiful and I Love, Love, Love the chalk drawing! Can’t wait for the printable download. Your recipes are always amazing too. I really enjoy IBC. Thank you for all the great ideas.


    I’ve never had a mantel to decorate and so I always have mantel envy! Can you believe it, 68yrs. old and never had a mantel?!?! Your fall décor is perfect; I especially like the “step” of books on the right side. It’s a small detail, but my eye immediately caught it. I also have bar cart envy & yours is set up beautifully! I especially love the gold rimmed goblets; they remind me of a set my grandmother owned. Once again, beautifully done…you have created such an inviting room!

  • Colette at

    I love the rust and navy blue together! Caramel apple chewy caramels are the best! I love the Hocus Pocus sign, it isn’t at all childish, and if so many are asking for it, other people love it too! Thank you for so much inspiration! I better get started on my home!

  • Jill at

    Once again, you have inspired me! You truly are so talented and your home is so inviting and warm. Thank you Michael!


    This is such a relaxing space, Michael. I covet your dutch door in the family room, and your ottoman/coffee table. I love your bar cart styling with “bunny tails”, and that easel! You can display a piece of art on it, (another vintage paint by number?), until you have completed a piece of your own making to display. Also, admiring an amber jar with mushroom designs I spied in one of your cabinets; your shelf styling with copper/wood items (pantry?), and your black/white gingham chair (still). Actually, there is so much to admire about your home and your renovation projects. Thanks for always sharing. Would love to see more shopping with charm posts, too, when the environment allows.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I so appreciate you taking note of all the little details. That means so much to me. Thank you for your sweet comment!

      xo Michael

  • Julie at

    The room is beeeutiful MIchael! LOVE IT!! The chalkboard drawing is stunning! What talents you have!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you so much, Julie!!

      xo Michael

  • Nina at

    Hi Michael,
    Love the room; perfect comfortable autumn decor. In my mind I’m curling up with a good book, my cat and a cup of tea in front of a fire.I’d love to know more about the interior of the fireplace. Can you, and do you, cook in it?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Yes, there’s a little grill in there. I assume you can cook in there. I haven’t yet, but I’m determined to do it this year. I’ve been a little intimidated but it, but I’m making a promise to myself to give it a try this year!

      xo Michael

  • Paula Nicholson at

    Michael your home could not look any more cozy! I love all your fall touches. When I view your pictures online the rooms always look warm & welcoming! Isn’t that what we all want when we feather our nest? Beautiful job!

  • Maria at

    I really enjoy all your blogs. But this one is perfect, given I live in New England (Boston). So perfectly cozy and warm room. Lots of great ideas. Thank you!

  • Rebecca M at

    Michael I have never left a comment but I feel compelled to do so now! I love your family room and everything about it. It’s warm, cozy and inviting! I wish you great health during our Covid situation and plenty of fireside nights this fall and winter! I enjoy your blog very much. I think you’re lovely!❤️

  • teresa d'alessandro at

    You definately are talented – everything is warm and cozy. btw I especially like the pillow that says Pennsylvania. I am from there.

  • Mary Sher at

    I absolutely LOVE your Hocus Pocus Broom Co. art. I’ll be watching for the free printable!!!

  • Cynde at

    Micheal, I am fairly new to your blog, but loving everything I see!!! Your fall decor is amazing, so warm and inviting. I’m in love with your chalkboard art work, I have a chalkboard and chalk markers in my cart at hobby lobby as we speak, so creative, so talented.. thank you for your inspiration, happy fall!!!!! I live in Southern California, no fall here, just record heat, yuck!!!

  • Margot at

    Love this room and how seasonal your refresh is! It just feels so natural and not contrived. I love the chalkboard – just the right touch of whimsy!

  • Brenda Schmadeke at

    Your decor is just awesome. It just shouts fall and warmth and is so inviting, I wish I could be your guest!! I love the colors, scents and tastes of autumn. Your ideas and attention to every detail are wonderful! Your Manhattan sounds great; last year I found a copy cat recipe for Bonefish Grill’s apple martini …they are awesome (worth the effort of making the apple infusion which is an ingredient!)

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you sooooo much! And that martini sounds amazing. I’ll have to check that out. Cheers!

      xo Michael

  • Debra at

    LOVE your personality and character of your home! I think your chalkboard drawing is absolutely charming and adds a little whimsy to the room. I LOVE IT! You’ve given me some great ideas this morning for adding a few more touches of fall to my home. Thank you!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I’m so happy to hear that, Debra! Thank you for the kind compliments!

      xo Michael

  • Amy at

    I recently discovered your blog from CBL (Carrie Bradshaw Lied) and have enjoyed it so much! I love your leather ottoman/coffee table and was so glad you had the resource list @ the end with links to the products you used…so very helpful! Also, love your simple and yet creative idea of the vintage tin for your TV remotes! I already have a vintage cigar box on our coffee table and plan to use it in that same way!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you so much for following along and taking the time to comment. Love the idea of using a cigar box. So smart!

      xo Michael

  • Stephanie at

    Lovely & inviting! I watch your blog all the time. Great decorating style and recipes! May I ask what type of chalk markers you use? I would love to recreate your broom designs for my grandkids! Thanks

  • Tracey at

    This room screams “come snuggle!” I love all of the little touches, and you always have such great style. Thanks for sharing the links. The whole look is perfect for fall. The first thing I noticed is that sign above the fireplace and thought that it was awesome. Your blog makes me happy, and your home looks so comforting and inviting. Cheers!

  • Debbie Peeples at

    Love your site! This room is so inviting and clean. Love the blue and rust. I’ve made a few of your recipes and am always asked for them. Your blog makes me feel warm and cozy!

  • Birdie at

    Your home always looks so gorgeous, warm, and inviting! You have beautiful taste, and are so inspiring!

  • Paula D at

    Loved all the colors and textures and how they meshed together! Wish I had the room (and $) to do the same.
    So looking forward to your free Hocus Pocus broom printable!

  • Rachelle at

    Michael, it’s always a joy to visit your blog and see all the delightful updates – especially during the fall!
    Thanks for inspirations 🙂

  • Susan Lindeman at

    I absolutely LOVE everything about this room! So inviting, cozy and peaceful. All my favorite colors of the season. And I love how you included and nice fall cocktail too 🙂 I’m very excited for the Broomsticks Printable!

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