Ready for a little fall decorating, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? No worries! I’m sharing more than a dozen inexpensive fall decorating ideas you can implement today! Let’s get decorating.

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas

The fall (and soon-to-be holiday season) is upon us and that means I’m back with my Seasons of Home blogging friends. Every other week we will be sharing ideas to decorate and style your home for the season. We are kicking things off with budget-friendly and inexpensive fall decorating ideas. Once you scroll through my ideas here, be sure to visit all of the other bloggers I have linked at the end of this post. They are some talented ladies with fabulous and festive decorating inspiration. Instead of just focusing on one inexpensive fall decorating idea, I thought I would share some new ideas and others that I have implemented in the past.

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas #budget #inexpensive #fall #decor #decorating #ideas #autumn #homedecor #seasonaldecor

This post comes at the perfect time because, as you might know, I have a lot of projects happening at my house right now, so my decorating budget is non-existent. Plus, my decor storage closet is at max capacity for holiday items. It’s not always feasible or smart to constantly buy new decor. That’s why this year I’m keeping it simple, using what I have, and focusing on several of these budget-friendly ideas. Let’s look at my list!

Vintage Finds

You might already know that I love decorating with vintage and antique decor. Because of their rustic and weathered look and feel, vintage finds lend themselves really well to fall. Think of an old wooden barn door, a rustic wood stool, an old wooden picnic basket, vintage bottles, etc. Here are a few ideas to show you what I mean.

1. Wooden Trays – Everything looks more purposeful and autumnal when styled on an old wooden tray. Before styling things like a coffee or console table, first, lay a wooden tray down, then do your styling to create a much more intentional and seasonal look.

Colorful Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Dining Room #fall #decorating #decor #diningroom #falldecorating

2. Brass – Brass objects are another thing you’ll often find while thrifting and antiquing. Brass lends itself really well to the fall and holiday season. It adds warmth, shimmer, and that perfect golden fall color.

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas #budget #inexpensive #fall #decor #decorating #ideas #autumn #homedecor #seasonaldecor

Simple Fall Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen #fall #decor #decorating #kitchen #ideas #autumn

3. Seasonal Glassware – Vintage glassware is a must. Not only do I love the vintage designs, shapes, and colors, but it’s also so much cheaper than new glassware. I especially love to use it when I’m entertaining. It suits the season, and better yet, you don’t have to worry about breaking an expensive glass.

Pumpkin Old Fashioned Fall Cocktail Recipe #pumpkin #oldfashioned #cocktail #fall #recipe

How to Incorporate Antique Into Your Home Decor #antiques #vintage #homedecor #decorating #vintagestyle #antiquefinds

4. Amber Bottles– If you go into an antique store and don’t find at least one amber bottle, I’d be surprised. I love these for fall decor. Skip the expensive new ones in the store and buy an old one for just a couple of bucks.

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas #budget #inexpensive #fall #decor #decorating #ideas #autumn #homedecor #seasonaldecor

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas #budget #inexpensive #fall #decor #decorating #ideas #autumn #homedecor #seasonaldecor

Forage Your Yard

Yes, you can find fall decor inspiration right in your own backyard. Go foraging for pinecones, acorns, sticks, dried flowers, etc. You can even cut tree branches when they are bursting with color or use fall blooms that are just emerging.

1. Sweetgum Ball Wreath – You can make a wreath out of anything (seriously)! Think pinecones, acorns, dried leaves, or even just twigs. I have a sweetgum tree in my yard. It drops hundreds of these little balls. Last year I turned them into these adorable wreaths.

Foraged Fall Wreath with Sweetgum Balls #fall #decor #foraged #sweetgumballs #sweetgum #wreath #fallwreath #budgetdecor

2. Dried Blooms – Go around your yard and snip any dried blooms or dead branches. Things like hydrangeas and grasses are perfect candidates. This year I even planned ahead and saved all of my allium blooms and added those to a display.

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas #budget #inexpensive #fall #decor #decorating #ideas #autumn #homedecor #seasonaldecor

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas #budget #inexpensive #fall #decor #decorating #ideas #autumn #homedecor #seasonaldecor

How to Incorporate Antique Into Your Home Decor #antiques #vintagefinds #homedecor #styling #brass #decorating

3. Colorful Branches – Cut one big colorful branch and stick it into an oversized vase filled with water. It’s that easy and it’s free! If you want to be able to use the branch year after year, check out these preserved branches. You will have to spend a bit of money here, but the color is beautiful and you can use them again after again.

Fall Decorating in My Dining Room #fall #decor #decorating #diningroom #styling

Fall Porch Decorating Ideas - How to style your porch for Fall #decorating #fall #decor #autumn #porch #pumpkins

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Decorations / Tablescape #vintage #halloween #tablesetting #tablescape #vintagehalloween #decor #decorations

4. Apples, Pumpkins, Gourds – Okay, so these might not be from your own yard (though they could be), but It’s always nice when your decor can serve two purposes. What I mean by this is choosing decor that you can use in multiple ways. For example, a bowl of apples adds color and a harvest feel, but also makes a delicious treat. A basket of squash is perfect for the season and can be used as an appetizer for Thanksgiving. See what I mean? In the end, it is like getting “two for the price of one” so it is quite budget-friendly.

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas #budget #inexpensive #fall #decor #decorating #ideas #autumn #homedecor #seasonaldecor

Use What You Have

At the start of any new decorating adventure, the first place I “shop” is in my own home. Is there anything that you have that could suit the season and decorate your space? Below, I’ve shared a few ideas to get you started.

1. (Vintage) Books – I picked up a box of vintage orange books at an antique store for one dollar. They were such a good find and worked perfectly for my fall mantel. To start, I suggest taking a look at the books you have and then hitting up the thrift stores to fill in any blanks. Pro tip: Try removing the book jacket on your hardback books when putting them on display. The books themselves are usually so much prettier than the book jackets.

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

2. Blankets and Throws – Bust out all of your blankets and throws. As the weather cools, it’s nice to have these around. If possible, think about seasonal textures and patterns like cable knit, faux fur, plaids, tweed, houndstooth, etc. These textures and patterns will instantly create a cozy fall feel.

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas #budget #inexpensive #fall #decor #decorating #ideas #autumn #homedecor #seasonaldecor

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas #budget #inexpensive #fall #decor #decorating #ideas #autumn #homedecor #seasonaldecor

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas #budget #inexpensive #fall #decor #decorating #ideas #autumn #homedecor #seasonaldecor

3. Candles and Candlesticks – I have a collection of black candlesticks. I’ve picked them up over the years whenever I could get them at a good price. Grouped together they add the perfect warmth and autumnal glow. Also, consider swinging by a dollar store to pick up some inexpensive candles that you can tuck into your amber jars. The color is gorgeous.

Autumn Al Fresco: Fall Candlelit Entertaining #alfresco #fall #fallentertaining #tablescape #tablesetting #candlelight #autumn #entertaining #falldecor

Autumn Al Fresco: Fall Candlelit Entertaining #alfresco #fall #fallentertaining #tablescape #tablesetting #candlelight #autumn #entertaining #falldecor


Get Crafty

I know that crafting can sometimes end up costing more than just going out and buying something. However, if you do some resourceful planning, crafts and DIY projects can be a great idea for inexpensive fall decorating. What I love about crafting is that you will ultimately create things that no one else will have in their home.

1. Vintage Fall and Halloween Graphics – There is an endless supply of free vintage graphics online. (One of my favorite places to find them is The Graphics Fairy.) You can print these out and use them in a variety of ways, and it’s totally free.* I’ve used them to create vintage-inspired treat bags, dancing skeleton artwork, and more.

*Generally speaking, if you’re using an image you found online, it should be for personal use only. I only source from royalty-free image sites to avoid any copyright issues. Paying attention to copyright rules and laws is a must.

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Treat Bags #vintage #halloween #graphic #treat #treatbag #trickortreat #DIY

Haunted Halloween Table Decor Ideas #halloween #decor #entertaining #ideas

Haunted Halloween Table Decor Ideas #halloween #decor #entertaining #ideas\

2. Create Your Own Art – Grab an old board, a chalkboard, or any surface you can create on and make your own art. You can spell out your favorite fall saying, paint a pumpkin, or create a unique chalkboard design as I did here. The options are virtually endless. (And speaking of my chalkboard design, it’s available as a free printable HERE.)

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

Cozy Fall Decor Ideas for Your Family Room #fall #decor #decorating #mantel #livingroom #familyroom #cozy #vintage #autumn #chalkboard

3. Color-Wrapped Wheat Bundles – This might be my favorite fall project and it’s SO EASY. This colorfully wrapped wheat is an easy way to add beautiful and colorful detail to a rather basic decor item. I did this colorful version years ago. I loved this project so much that I repeated it last year with a more muted version. Use whatever colors suit your decor. Get the tutorial HERE.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat #fall #decor #DIY #wheat #decorating #autum #colorful

Unique ideas for Moody Fall Mantel Decor #fall #decor #mantel #decorating #ideas #vintage


That’s a Wrap on Inexpensive Fall Decorating Ideas

Did you pick up any new fall decor ideas? I hope you found one or two that you’ll be able to use this fall season! Want more? I’m glad you asked! My Seasons of Home blogger friends have more inexpensive fall decorating ideas to share with you. Click through the links below for more festive and fabulous inspiration!

Ella Claire & Co. | Dear Lillie | Inspired by Charm | Zevy Joy

Azure Farm | French Country Cottage | City Farmhouse | Handmade Farmhouse

Happy Decorating, friends!

Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links as part of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Programs and other affiliate services. This means that receives a small commission by linking to and other sites at no cost to the readers.

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    Love this! The decorations is a good transition for my holloween decors.

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    That sweetgum ball wreath! You are a genius.

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    Hi Michael, Loving all of your fall vignettes!!! I always love how you add a touch of whimsy in your seasonal decor… the vintage tin plate with the “rooster” on your mantel caught my eye immediately, because my Mom had the same exact one back when I was growing up!!! You have something else that reminds me of my childhood every time I see it in your photos, and that is the black lunch pail you’ve used on your bookcase, and under your Christmas tree…my Dad carried his lunch to work every day in one just like it…

    Thank you for stirring up those memories!

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    Michael, your mantel is adorable! Love the little brooms and the Hocus Pocus Broom Company artwork.

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    Where can I get the satin and glass votive candle holders?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

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    Your taste level is superb, and I love your decorating posts. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

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    Great post – you (unlike some other bloggers) understand that fall is a season of colorful nature! I am moving and hope to incorporate some of these in the rental house that we are going to (going to pause on buying again for a couple of years) One other thing – what is that awesome looking drink? I’m guessing there is some cider in there…?

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    Hi! I love you style! Your home seems perfectly cozy! Thank you for sharing!

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    Wonderful ideas and inspiration – thank you!

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    I still use the craft project you featured several years ago using rope and acorn squash to make a fall acorn display. The rope has lasted years but the acorn squash ends up in a fall dish!

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    Thank you for the wonderful ideas. I love the idea of reusing past items (less waste), vintage and natural. We appreciate your generous sharing of ideas, recipes, art, etc. We love it ALL>

  • Marti KM at

    Well, I’ll be spending a day in my attic, shopping for items I never thought to use for autumn decorating. Thank you for the great ideas! Whether it’s art, recipes, gardening or decor, your talent is amazing.
    Note to self: plant allium asap – the dried flowers are striking.

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