DIY Color Wrapped Wheat (Fall Decor)

Today I’m so excited to share this DIY Color Wrapped Wheat with you. It’s the perfect project for fall and a fun way to add a touch color to your home!

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat (Fall Decor):

It’s a simple and easy project, but it’s a beautiful way to add interest and a splash of color to your Thanksgiving table. And don’t worry, even if you’re not hosting the holiday feast, you can still whip up a few of these to decorate your space.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

I used mine in a bunch as a centerpiece on my dining room table. It’s beautiful, right? A touch of tradition with a modern and colorful twist.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

I also shortened a few of the bunches to decorate place settings.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

It’s a pretty way to tie everything together.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

These could even double as place cards by attaching a tag to them with your guest’s name.

And, if you’re willing to give them up, your guests could take them home as a little favor.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

Let me show you how easy they are to make.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

How to Make this DIY Wrapped Color Week:

For this project, you will need dried wheat stalks, embroidery floss (in any color you’d like), and a pair of scissors. Yep, that’s it.

You can buy dried wheat stalks HERE or HERE

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

You will want to start off with a few stalks of wheat. I prefer sticking with an odd number so I made some with five stalks and some with seven stalks.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

Bunch the wheat together near the top, wrap around once with the embroidery floss, and tie a knot to hold everything in place.

Then, start to wrap the embroidery floss around the stalks. I found it easiest to spin the wheat to wrap the floss rather than spinning my hand around the wheat.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

Cover about 2 inches of the stalks with the floss and then tie another knot to hold everything in place.

That’s it!

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

If you’re putting them in a vase like I did here, you can trim the bottom of the stems so they are all the same length.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

I like using a clear glass vase because the wheat is so pretty on its own. (You can check out how I made the gold and burlap runner here.)

To use the wrapped wheat on my place settings, I just trimmed the stalks so they’re really short.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

The wheat would also look great tied on a package or a gift. Another possibility is to tuck one or two in a live flower arrangement for a little touch of harvest.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed this simple, yet beautiful DIY.

DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

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  • Malk Ehsan at

    I just love your website. you’re doing great job dear. I am happy for you.

  • Vermögensverwalter at

    Maybe with toothpicks? And at the end of the party you just slice the wreath and each guest takes a slice home? It’s just that I hate wasting food, plus cranberries, if I manage to find any fresh ones, are horribly expensive in France…

  • Shaeer at

    Keep you up, admin. One day you will succeed.

  • Adele at

    I love how you have added a touch of colour, it looks so effective!!

  • Gracie at

    Very pretty style. I will try to make this kind of craft…

  • Ahsan Tahir at

    This color wrapped wheat looks so beautiful. I love reading these amazing DIY ideas for home decor.

  • emma at

    Maybe with toothpicks? And at the end of the party you just slice the wreath and each guest takes a slice home? It’s just that I hate wasting food, plus cranberries, if I manage to find any fresh ones, are horribly expensive in France…

  • Cheryl Foley at

    This is delightful. I will try it this week ☺ I intend to do mine in Macrame’. Won’t that be fun? Love your posts!🎩

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      YES!! You must share a picture! I can’t wait to see.

      xo Michael

  • Chasity at

    So simple, yet beautiful!!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you!!

      xo Michael

  • Anna at

    Splendid! I had never seen something like this. Complete original idea <3

  • Kay Sig at

    I would really like to know where you purchased the wheat or did you actually hand pick it? Thank you

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I found mine at Crate & Barrel, but you can find it at most craft stores or even on Amazon.

      xo Michael

  • Ivo at

    We will feature your project in our best selection of fall crafts very soon. Thanks for the project.

  • violette at

    J’ adore votre idée.
    7 épis de blé par bouquet comme porte bonheur.
    les couper le 24 juin ( fête de la saint jean ) il faut couper 7 épis et les offrir aux personnes qu on aime
    cela porte-bonheur

  • Katka at

    Your wheat looks like barley to me :-).

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at


  • Lauree at

    i was thinking this would be lovely in bridal colors for a shower. i realize it is no longer fashionable to wish fruitful life to a new couple…but there is more to fruitfulness than children.

  • Natasha at

    So cute and simple! Thank you for sharing this idea. =) Now I just have to get my hands on some wheat stalks here in Hawaii!

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