Living Room Cabinetry Reveal


It’s an exciting day! I’m thrilled to share my new living room cabinetry and updated fireplace and mantel.

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal

As I mentioned back in September when I shared the design plan for this renovation, I have been itching to update the cabinetry and mantel in my living room since the day I moved into this home two years ago. Well, that day has finally come and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Before we get to the after, let’s start with the before. Here’s where I started:

Living Room Autumn Decorations - Fall Decoration Ideas #autumn #decorations #fall #decorating #livingroom #decor #seasonal

Living Room Autumn Decorations - Fall Decoration Ideas #autumn #decorations #fall #decorating #livingroom #decor #seasonal

Now, I realize this situation wasn’t terrible, but a couple things bothered me. Here’s a little recap of what I mentioned before:

  • The shelves in the bookcases are only 8 inches deep so they aren’t practical for book storage. (At least half of the books I own won’t fit on the shelves without hanging off the edge.)
  • I don’t love the mantel. I’m not a fan of the dentil molding, and like the bookcases, the mantel is narrow, making it hard to style.
  • Because I have two other wood-burning fireplaces in my home, I’d love to have gas-burning logs in the living room so I can have a fire with the flip of a switch and no sooty mess to clean up.
  • With the new cabinetry in my kitchen and entryway, the existing fireplace and bookcases in the living room feel dated. New cabinetry would elevate the entire room.

Okay, so now you’re all caught up on where I started. Let’s take a look at the after!

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Ta-da! Isn’t it spectacular? I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. And yes, I realize that there is absolutely zero decor on the shelves. Sorry about that. I had wanted to decorate this all for fall, but then life happened and I just couldn’t get it together. However, the holiday season is upon us and you know I’ll be styling this entire space up for Christmas. It’s going to be magical!

I with with classic white for the cabinetry. It’s timeless and will be the perfect background for my seasonal decorating endeavors. The color is Sherwin-Williams Extra White SW 7006. The finish is custom to the cabinet maker, but I’d say it’s between a satin and matte.

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

For this project I worked with Drury Cabinetry. This name might sound familiar as they are the ones that did my entryway cabinetry. They are AH-mazing! It was a joy to work with them. Their work is stunning (clearing) and I’m already thinking about what I can have them do next. If you are anywhere near Pittsburgh and need cabinetry, I highly recommend them. Let them know I sent you!

As you can see, all of the old cabinetry, mantel, and marble surround was removed to make room for this masterpiece. Everything was custom built and installed on site. I’ve tried to include lots of close-up photos so you can see all of the beautiful detail that went into this work. It’s exquisite.

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

I mentioned this before, but I should mention it again: the fireplace does not sit in the center of this wall so the cabinetry on the left is larger than the cabinetry on the right. This is just one of those weird things you have to make work. Besides, symmetry is overrated, right? To be honest, I love “odd” details likes this. It gives my home and this room character.

In addition to the new cabinetry, I also replaced the old marble with new Carrara marble. I was so excited to get this replaced as the previous hearth had a piece of quarter round trim that ran around the edge. It always bothered me. Now the marble has a nice finished edge.

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

I also made the decision to switch this fireplace from wood-burning to gas. Since I have a wood-burning fireplace in my family room just across the entryway, I thought it would be nice to have the convenience, cleanliness, and low-maintenance of a gas burning fireplace in this room. I can turn it on and off with the touch of a button. Plus, it looks pretty realistic too. I’ll be putting together a post all about this conversion, so stay tuned for that.

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork


I do have one question for you! I don’t love the tan brick inside the fireplace. I was thinking about painting it black. Thoughts?

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

I did order a screen to keep my kitties out, so maybe the screen will hide the brick. It just sticks out like a sore thumb to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

The beautiful picture lights are from Husdon Valley Light. They are their 18″ Ridgewood in Distressed Bronze. It’s wonderful to have these light here as the lighting in this room so limited. I only have one other lamp so it always feels super dark. (Which reminds me I should get another lamp or two.)

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

I did slightly change the hardware I originally selected. You can find the knobs I selected for the drawers HERE and the pulls HERE. (The pulls are the same pulls I used in my kitchen remodel. I LOVE them.)

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

I am just so insanely pleased with the results. This is everything I wanted and then some. I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with you. Let’s take a look at a few more pictures.

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

Living Room Cabinetry Reveal #custom #cabinetry #livingroom #fireplace #builtin #bookcase #mantel #woodwork

And that’s a wrap on another Bayberry House renovation! Now I’m off to another project because my Christmas decor is calling me and these shelves are just begging to be styled. I can’t wait to show you how they look all dressed up.

Until then……..!

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  • Lauren at

    Truly stunning! Love the interior of the fireplace just like it is though! Avoid the black!

    • Patricia at

      Hi I love your cabinets. They are truly beautiful built ins!!!
      I would do a mock up as well with your fireplace brick to see if you’ll like it black. I think it looks fine the way it is but you are the one looking at it all the time. The marble on the fireplace looks superb.

  • Sarah G at

    Gosh, your new cabinetry is gorgeous! I’m also in love with the green chairs and can’t wait to see what you come up with in this room for Christmas! I agree with the fireplace thought too – black would look so clean and chic

  • Kathleen at

    They look amazing! What you had looked nice but this really looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see them all styled. I agree with your idea of painting the firebox black, that last little touch.

  • Cara at

    What a gorgeous outcome! You’re going to out-do yourself with your holiday styling of those shelves! I can’t wait to see it. The firebox works as it is, but would also look nice in black.

  • Diane Hutchings at

    Incredible!! Love it so much!

    • Laura at

      Beautiful cabinetry! And the lights and hardware are the perfect compliment.
      How about taping some black construction paper in the firebox to get a feel for the black paint? Mock-ups help me with decision making—perhaps worth a shot!

      • Julie at

        This is a great idea. I love mock ups!
        Beautiful space, love it all!

  • Keli Marie at

    Love the results! I do like the idea of painting the bricks black.

  • Stephanie Simpson at



      What color do you have on the walls in that room? Love the cabinetry! Firebox, my vote would be black.

  • Mom at

    Wow what a transformation, I just love the new look, it all came together, can’t wait to see it

    • Constance DeMarte at

      Michael, your design magic is stunning. I enjoy your posts and pictures. I have been trying to think how I could reach your Mother….so I am taking this opportunity to tell her….”Barb, you must be so very proud of Michael ! ! ! His home and gardens are absolutely beautiful, he truly is a talented design artist.” (Please pass this note onto her . .

  • Juli at

    Paint it black. I think it will play off the lights nicely. Love the new cabinets.

  • Shumway at

    Instead of black, what about a dark grey, almost black? It’s a little warmer but will still give you a nice contrast. We just painted the brick of our fireplace surround (a similar color to the inside of yours) a dark grey and it looks fantastic. Black I think would be too harsh.

    • Deborah P at

      I think this is a fabulous idea, Shumway! My mother painted the inside of their fireplace black and it looked great, but the fireplace surround was a red brick with wood paneling around, so it all went together. Black may be a little harsh against all the white. One note of caution, though, Michael. My mother decided that spray painting would be easier and it was, until she saw all the mess that the “mist” created in the room. If you spray, cover EVERYTHING first. 🙂

    • Tricia Heliker at

      I second this idea. I was going to make a similar comment and then read the one above. With all that white, I think you have the black accents you need. A dark gray will be perfect with the new marble.

    • Lesleyannefaith at

      I totally agree!

  • Alexis at

    Oh wow, this is STUNNING! I just love what an impact custom cabinetry makes. it has totally transformed your room! Enjoy! xx

  • Angel at

    Your home is always so inspiring. Classic style and a statement that will always be current. It’s so cozy and I would love to settle in for a long winter’s nap. Bravo!

  • Joanne Coyle at

    I LOVE ❤️ this! Gorgeous! About the tan bricks….they don’t bother me at all. In fact I didn’t even notice them. But they obviously bother you so I think you should go ahead and paint them black. Otherwise it’s going to annoy you every time you go in the room! Lol! Either way the room looks wonderful.

  • Stephanie Royter at

    I absolutely love this! The fireplace bricks don’t bother me at all!!! I think it just bugs you when the fire is off. It’s such a great room and Eeek! Can’t wait to see how you style the shelves!!!!

  • Susan at

    So beautiful! I also use a screen for the gas fireplace (3 cats). Maybe get your screen and then assess the bricks? Whatever you do it will certainly be fabulous!

    • Debbie at

      I agree, get the screen first and then assess the bricks. The cabinets are beautiful! I can’t wait to see it styled for Christmas!

  • Judy at

    There is special paint designed for high heat. Just ask at your local paint store

    • Margot at

      Our chimney sweep recommended Rustoleum BBQ black – made for high heat situations. Made a huge difference in the looks of our fireplace and I think will put the finishing touch on your fireplace.

  • Cathy Claus at

    The end result is stunning! I’m so impressed- i love the design above the mantel! i think i would live w the brick for a bit – esp if you get a screen — see if that makes a diff— cannot wait to see it styled for the holidays!!

  • Kathy at

    Love your new cabinetry! I would paint the firebox a gloss black, the flames will reflect back from the paint a bit. Black will also compliment your hardware. As always, great design!

  • Pam Capone at

    Gorgeous love the cabinetry and hardware especially the lights. Look forward to the styling.

  • Kathleen at

    Just so lovely!!! We painted all of our fireplaces black inside after the first year in our new home. The fireplaces were all wood burning at the time and were part soot and part light brick color, ick!

  • Melissa at

    I agree with Shumway. Dark Gray is less harsh and less of the bold contrast. Also good idea to do a mock up. It really helps. Very beautiful transition. Congrats!!

  • Marla at

    Gorgeous! I cannot wait to see it styled for Christmas! I think a dark gray would look great with the marble surround.

  • Tracy at

    Your home is just beautiful! This update turned out amazing! I wanted to let you know that you might want to avoid painting the inside black because propane leaves a white residue on the brick overtime. It has to be refreshed every year to keep it looking good, and they can only spray it in the summer with the windows open. It will just create more upkeep/maintenance. This has been my experience, since mine is black. It looks great the way it is though.

  • Christine Horne at

    I feel like if the firebox is painted black you won’t be able to see the detail of the logs. It would look like a black hole most of the time and the room is so beautiful and airy. I like the firebox as is.

  • Tessa at

    Oh My, the woodwork is GORGEOUS!! It’s weird, but I didn’t even notice the marble surround before, but now it stands out and makes everything sparkle!! Do you keep walking out of the room and walk back in again just to get that “wow” moment again? Cause I would!! 😀

  • Melissa at

    Wow! Looks amazing. I actually liked the look of your old set-up but this is so much more YOU and clearly way more functional. So glad you got what you wanted!

  • Shawn at

    Well I LOVE it! And I didn’t even notice the brick inside the fireplace box.

  • Kathy at

    This is a truly gorgeous transformation! I didn’t even notice it wasn’t symmetrical until you pointed it out. We had a couple of wood burning fires in our new fireplace before installing the gas. Not all the tan bricks darkened, but just enough to make it more pleasing to the eye. Is that possible for you, or maybe too late for a simple fix. If that’s the case, yes paint.

  • Sue Bowles at

    Very lovely! I do think the brick in the fireplace would look good painted black. Love your home and all your creative ideas!

  • Geraldine at

    Lovely! I cannot wait to see how you style the new cabinets with your vintage Christmas decorations.

  • Kim Gurley at

    This is stunning and perfect! Extremely well done, congratulations! I agree with your assessment on painting the brick black…. it would finish it beautifully!!

  • Eileen at

    Michael, your new cabinetry is so beautiful. I cannot wait to see how you style it. Your blog is my very favorite!

  • jenw at

    Oh, it’s so pretty! I bet you are dying to get out the Christmas decor…or already have! I say go for painting the brick. Now that your fireplace is soot-less, you could go with any color you want. If you don’t like the black after you try it, you could try white even. Another thing, the little rocks under the fireplace, you can replace those too. I did glass pieces in ours, and really like the nicer finish to whatever the standard pebbles are. The glass was intended as vase filler I think, but is safe to touch and in small pea-sized pieces.

  • Elizabeth A Weber-Falk at

    Beautiful. Really, truly beautiful. Well done.

  • Rosie S at

    Soooooo lovely! I vote for painting the interior brick a dark color. Cannot wait to see your newly decorated shelves!

  • Sally Christiansen at

    Beautiful! I also vote to paint the bricks black.

  • Meredith at

    Your design eye is wonderful. I want to take a seat in there and watch you create Christmas shelves. You’re so talented. A black firebox is very traditional and will be a great contrast to everything around it.

  • Karen Labbree at

    It looks beautiful! I like the idea of darker brick especially with the dark hardware.

  • Heather at

    Gosh! So beautiful and it will be fun to see how you style it for Christmas and beyond. Your home is one of my absolute favorites ever. I agree on painting the firebox. I think black or a darker grey that coordinates with your marble would be pretty. My gas fireplace sits against a black background and kind of fades away into the blackness when it’s off. I think something a little lighter might make it pop.

  • Susan Flynn at

    Looks beautiful! We also just converted our fireplace to gas and painted the inside black. The exterior is also white (painted brick) and the inside was the same color as yours. It looks so much better, do it! (I’d post a pic but can’t figure out how to do that lol).

  • D. L. Keur at

    Love the room. As to the change to black of the fireplace brick, try it before making permanent changes. Not sure you’ll like black. Might look a bit too much like a dangerous pit to elsewhere. 😉

  • Lyn at

    I read one time that every room should have a touch of black – and I totally agree with painting the interior of the fireplace. I love the entire project – it’s still traditional, but also transitional at the same time – my style exactly!

  • Chris Strautnieks at

    What a wonderful transformation! Having tall/to the ceiling bookcases makes the room look bigger! I don’t think you notice the different sizes of the bookcases as much either. I understand wanting to paint the interior bricks black. Probably a good idea, even though a screen might disguise the current ones. It has all turned out so wonderfully! I love that you thought ahead and put cord holes in the bookcases. I noticed a light switch in one of the book cases as well. Is that for the fireplace or the picture lamps? I loved that you showed the interior of a drawer and cabinet. It really shows off the wonderful workmanship. So excited for you! It all looks beautiful! I know your Christmas decor in this space will be gorgeous. Looking forward to that post 🙂

  • Kathy at

    Stunning! I want that. I think you should definitely paint the brick in the fireplace black! Brilliant idea! Can’t wait to see it all fancy for the holidays. You should dress it up for fall for Thanksgiving, pay homage to the overlooked holiday, my favorite! Love your posts! Happy Holidays! Don’t forget Thanksgiving😁

  • Gale Eley at

    Love the transformation and those green chairs!!!!! I agree painting firebox black would look better. Always look forward to your posts. My family will be having Pumpkin Chili for the holidays.

  • Dolly at

    Absolutely beautiful. My first thought when I saw the fireplace was that it would look good painted black. As I read further I saw you had that thought as well. I painted ours black and love it. I personally think fire brick is unattractive not to mention impractical. Am looking forward to seeing which way you go.

  • Chsr at

    Beautiful update. Can’t wait to see it styled. Painting the firebox black is an easy project. Just remember to use high heat approved paint (but you probably already know that).

  • lisa phillips at

    Your taste is truly exquisite, you have that east coast old money look…(that is the only way I can describe it) and I LOVE it. The details are perfection! I had a fireplace installed and was disappointed the liner did not come in black. I was going to paint it with a high heat paint but have decided to leave it tan. I’m so happy I did…I feel like it would have looked like a black hole and the logs would have become lost. The tan adds a little life inside the FP. Looking forward to seeing what you end up deciding!
    Thanks for brightening my day, you are so inspiring to me.
    Be well,

  • Denise at

    I definitely would paint the inside of the fireplace black. I think it looks old the way it is. Black would make it look much more refined and chic. Your cabinet makers are true professionals. When I see all your pictures, I am sorry I don’t still live in Pittsburgh! Happy Christmas decorating. I can’t wait to see it all!!

  • Michele at

    This is truly gorgeous! I didn’t even notice the shelves on each side were different sizes until you said something. A lovely addition to your fabulous home.

  • Theresa Queen at

    Black is stark and bold, but, it’s a small area and would pick up the black from the lights and hardware. My vote is yes, black brick.

  • Amy at

    Looks beautiful! I think every room should have built in cabinets 🤣 I just wondered what depth you changed the bookshelves to? You said 8” wasn’t deep enough… I’m planning on doing some built ins and was trying to decide on sizes, depths, step back depth etc. if you don’t mind sharing I would love to know! Your proportion look great! Thanks!

    • Colleen at

      I am curious as well, as to the shelf depth you have now? Did you lose floor space?

  • Sandra at

    Love It!!

  • Norma Martin at

    Absolutely beautiful! You have such good taste! You may want to wait until you see how it looks with the screens.

  • Julie at

    Michael, I loved this room before the change, and yet love it more! Totally beautiful and with perfection! Re the fireplace insert, would go dark grey leaning towards black. Think it would compliment the lamps and cabinet hardware. Can’t wait to see these bookcases decked out! Beeeeutiful! Awesome!

  • Sue at

    So nice and yes, I am anxious to see your new bookshelves decorated for Christmas.

    I, too, think the fireplace brick would look better painted.

  • Natalie at

    Just love the new cabinets. My vote would be to definitely paint the bricks black. It’s not a huge space but I think it would tie in beautifully with the lights and hardware. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas styling

  • Lauren S at

    The new cabinets and fireplace look wonderful! I would leave the bricks as they are. Painted black they would call attention to themselves. I think you’d want the focus to remain on your beautiful new additions.l

  • Mary at

    Michael-DO NOT PAINT THE BRICKS. You’ll be forever cleaning up flakes of black paint. Take the spot and smear it all over the white

  • Mary at

    Soot not spot

  • phyllis at

    Slow and steady wins the race! Every reveal shows your style and exquisite taste. Waiting for the styled shelves; another of your talents. Yes to the black and yes to more lamps. Enjoy the process of making Bayberry House all yours.

  • Patty Davis at

    I agree regarding the fireplace interior. I too had this same issue, I had it painted black and I felt it much improved the look of the entire fireplace.

  • Debbie at


  • Barbara at

    I think black would go well especially since the handles on cabinets are black.

  • Colette Bate at

    ALL fireplace boxes should be painted black, IMHO. It’s much more attractive than ugly, sooty brick. And, the flames and logs are showcased against the black background. Heat resistant BBQ black has always worked for me. It doesn’t flake or peel. You’ll be happy you did!

  • Edna at

    Cabinetry is so beautiful! I believe black would be too harsh a color for inside of fireplace. Use a mock up of both colors to see what you like best. I think gray would blend in better with all the colors in your room. Can’t wait to see your Xmas decor for your room. Just love your classic sense of timeless style.

  • Mary Lee Butterworth at

    Your cabinetry is exquisite.The fireplace redo is also! I always recommended to my interior design clients to have the firebox interiors painted in a high heat black paint, matte or something similar. It takes that new construction look away and when the logs are lit, they are the focus. Enjoy your new project. It’s gorgeous!

  • Melissa at

    Love the cabinetry! Definitely paint the firebox black…or maybe dark gray.

  • Floormost at

    I love your new makeover!!! Many thanks!

  • Deborah Maxey at

    I would love to know which gas logs those are. So realistic. I have been looking and want to buy now. LoL. I don’t think I can wait for your post – unless I’ve missed it. Can you share with me now??

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