Sherwin-Williams Anew Gray

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If you’re on the hunt for your perfect greige, you definitely do not want to ignore Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams.

This special mid-tone gray can fit into just about any room it encounters. A true neutral, Anew Gray sits in that lovely middle point between gray and beige, suiting design schemes everywhere!

Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams on board and batten

When painting my home, I was searching for a warm or neutral gray. And the second I rolled this paint onto the wall, it was game over. I was in L.O.V.E.

More than a basic neutral, Anew Gray has this wonderful warmth to it, shining through in dim lighting conditions.

It takes a special color to appear this comforting while equally clean, and Anew Gray has achieved that ideal balanced mid-point. 

Don’t believe me? 

Read on to see just how special Sherwin-Williams Anew Gray really is (and decide if this warm greige is right for your space!). 

anew gray paint color strip.

What color is Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams?

Anew Gray is categorized as a neutral paint color by Sherwin Williams. It’s definitely a greige – gray and beige are equally present in its makeup. 

This color is incredibly popular in interior design because it’s understated enough to use all over your house, though far more interesting than a simple white. 

Greige also pairs well with a variety of furnishings, ranging between warm, cool, and neutral tones. This being said, each greige is unique, with different color temperatures shining through. 

And while gray is in the name of this paint, the color has a true warmth that can’t be ignored as it’s present in all lighting.

In west-facing rooms, evening sunsets enhance its inner glow. In dimly lit or north-facing rooms, this warmth keeps your space from feeling dim or washed out, providing a little bit of necessary rejuvenation.

primary bedroom with board and batten painted anew gray.


Undertones speak to the color that lies beneath the surface. While paint may appear gray or “greige” on the surface, there’s often more going on than meets the eye. 

Subtle colors peak through in optimal lighting conditions, giving paint versatility and interest. 

In Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams, the undertones are extremely subtle. You may notice a bit of violet with an even teenier bit of green. 

Beyond these undertones, color temperature can also affect the way paint looks in different lighting conditions. 

Colors with more red will appear warmer, and colors with more blue will appear cooler. Heavy green influence sits in a neutral place. 

Anew Gray is neutral, though it skews warm, with RCB levels of 191 red, 182 green, and 170 blue. 

If you’re thinking of using Anew Gray in your home, I highly recommend swatching before you commit. Though you might not want to bother with this extra step, it’s worth it to see how the color interacts with your home. 

For more information on choosing paint and swatching potential colors, check out my post on How to Choose Paint Colors

anew gray paint color on board and batten in primary bedroom.


Finally, don’t forget to take LRV into account! A color’s LRV, or light reflectance value, measures how much light will be reflected off your paint. 

With high reflectance values, the color will appear incredibly bright (100 would be pure white). With lower reflectance values, your color will look darker and moodier (0 would be the blackest black). 

Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams lands a 47 on the scale, classifying it as a light-medium shade. This value will suit most rooms, though it’s just dark enough that it may appear a bit cave-like in basement settings. 

Where to use

This paint works wonderfully on both exteriors and interiors, looking great in most lighting conditions. 

The color is versatile enough to be used over the entire house, offering a neutral yet special base for decorating. 

In my home, I used Anew Gray in my primary bedroom as the board and batten color. I paired it with Sherwin Williams North Star for a fresh and serene combination, perfect for sleeping quarters. 

This room faces north and west, so the paint gets an amazing warmth in the afternoon light. Best of all, this warmth proceeds in the earlier hours under limited light because of the paint’s inner glow. 

nightstand with clock, lamp, and plant with walls painted sherwin williams anew gray.

Complementary Colors

Because Anew Gray is such a fabulous neutral, its complementary colors are wide and varied! From clean cotton whites to beautiful blues, you can pair Anew Gray with tons of your favorite shades. 

Here’s the full scoop:

My Recommendations

I recommend complimenting Anew Gray with warm neutrals, earth tones, soft blues and greens, yellows, or classic whites for the perfect combination of contrast and harmony. 

Anew Gray would also work great with statement colors like burnt orange, muted coral, or rosy pink. 

For trim, stick with clean neutral whites, nothing too yellow or blue-based. A true white is Anew Gray’s perfect highlight!

Warm Neutrals 

Earth Tones

  1. Sherwin Williams Taupe Tone (SW 7633) – cozy taupe, like woven burlap 
  2. Sherwin Williams Retreat (SW 6207) – fresh, muted green complete with blue-gray undertones
  3. Sherwin Williams Clary Sage (SW 6178) – soft herbal sage with yellow undertones

Soft Blues and Greens


Classic Whites

Sherwin Williams Recommends

Sherwin Wiliams has their own color recommendations, opting for bright and clear whites with a bright pop of true blue. These combinations would be bright and stunning, like a soft cloudy sky. 

Sherwin-Williams anew gray on bedroom wall

Anew Gray vs. Agreeable Gray

I’ve talked a ton about Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray in the past. I’ve even called it the BEST “greige” shade. 

So, how does Anew Gray measure up? 

Clearly, I love Agreeable Gray. However, I’m a big fan of both paint colors because though they’re often compared, they give totally different effects. 

Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) is a much lighter color, with an LRV of 60 compared to Anew Gray’s 47. It’s soft and pretty, with slight green undertones.

Both colors are close in makeup, neutral with a slight warmth to them. When choosing between them, think about the room you’re painting. 

If it’s a brightly lit room in danger of looking stark, Anew Gray is a good choice. For dimly lit areas, Agreeable Gray’s higher LRV is going to be an asset. 

anew gray by Sherwin Williams painted board and batten

Colors Similar to Anew Gray

No matter how seemingly fabulous a color is, sometimes it’s just not the right fit. Maybe it’s a smidge too light or dark. Maybe, you need a slightly different undertone. 

Whatever your needs, I’ve got you covered. These paint colors are all super similar to Anew Gray with small tweaks to fit your space. 

sherwin Williams anew gray paint sample card strip.

Final Thoughts

That finishes up my thoughts on Anew Gray. It’s a pretty special neutral with a subtle warmth that can liven up your walls. It’s fresh and creamy, which is a welcome surprise for a “greige” shade. 

I am so happy with my decision to use Anew Gray in my own bedroom for a quiet, comforting addition. 

Before you start slapping Anew Gray on your walls, I highly recommend you get swatching. You never know how this neutral will appear in your space, so this step is an absolute must. Better safe than sorry!

So, what do you think? Is Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams the greige of your dreams? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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What are your thoughts on Anew Gray? If you have any questions, drop them in the comments. I hope you find it as serene and lovely as I do.

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