Inspired by Charm Paint Colors

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I’ve been meaning to put together this post for awhile. Since I’ve been painting lately, I figured now was an opportune time.

People often ask about the paint colors I’ve used in my house. I thought it might be helpful to have a central location where folks can reference paint colors. This information will appear as a post today, but I will update it as I add and/or change colors. I will also create a button on the side bar so that you are able to easily reference this post whenever you may need it.

Because questions about items in the rooms may also arise, I will link a few related posts below the room colors. If you notice something is missing or you’re curious about something I don’t have linked up, just leave a comment below and I will link it if I can. Sound good?

So, without further ado, grab your party hats and paint brushes and let’s get this painting party started.


Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

1. Fireweed (shutters) // 2. Heron Plume (walls) // 3. Moderne White (cabinets)

Dining Room

Dining Room | Inspired by Charm

1. Dior Gray (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Greenfield (cabinet)

Front Entryway

Entryway | Inspired by Charm

1. Banana Cream (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Commodore (rug)


Office | Inspired by Charm

1. Aloof Gray (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Rosy Outlook (rug)

Living Room

Dining Room | Inspired by Charm

1. Lighter Mint (accent wall) 2. Aloof Gray (main walls) // 2. Sensible Hue (around mantel)


Hallway | Inspired by Charm
1. Angora (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Rock Candy (bedroom walls)

Back Entryway


1. Elation (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Cathedral Stone (floors)

Master Bedroom


1. Rock Candy (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Loyal Blue (bed)

Master Closet


1. Rock Candy // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Ellie Gray (curtains)

Guest Room #1


1. Reserved White (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Black Magic (bed frame)

Guest Room #3


1. Shoji White (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Slate Teal (accent wall)

All of the trim throughout the house is Extra White (right out of the can) by Sherwin Williams. It’s their ProClassic trim paint in semi-gloss. All of the walls are a satin / eggshell finish.

I hope this answers your painting questions. Again, if there are additional details you’d like, please leave your questions below. Happy Painting!

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  1. Hi there,
    In guest room with Shoji white… do you feel it is too beige? Looking for a white to pair with bone cabinets and cream tiles. I don’t want the paint o be the outstanding feature or make the fixed elements look odd :/ White can be tricky.
    I also love the window accents in the guest room. Where did you purchase or are they custom? Thank you!!