Inspired by Charm Paint Colors

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I’ve been meaning to put together this post for awhile. Since I’ve been painting lately, I figured now was an opportune time.

People often ask about the paint colors I’ve used in my house. I thought it might be helpful to have a central location where folks can reference paint colors. This information will appear as a post today, but I will update it as I add and/or change colors. I will also create a button on the side bar so that you are able to easily reference this post whenever you may need it.

Because questions about items in the rooms may also arise, I will link a few related posts below the room colors. If you notice something is missing or you’re curious about something I don’t have linked up, just leave a comment below and I will link it if I can. Sound good?

So, without further ado, grab your party hats and paint brushes and let’s get this painting party started.


Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

1. Fireweed (shutters) // 2. Heron Plume (walls) // 3. Moderne White (cabinets)

Dining Room

Dining Room | Inspired by Charm

1. Dior Gray (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Greenfield (cabinet)

Front Entryway

Entryway | Inspired by Charm

1. Banana Cream (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Commodore (rug)


Office | Inspired by Charm

1. Aloof Gray (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Rosy Outlook (rug)

Living Room

Dining Room | Inspired by Charm

1. Lighter Mint (accent wall) 2. Aloof Gray (main walls) // 2. Sensible Hue (around mantel)


Hallway | Inspired by Charm
1. Angora (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Rock Candy (bedroom walls)

Back Entryway


1. Elation (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Cathedral Stone (floors)

Master Bedroom


1. Rock Candy (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Loyal Blue (bed)

Master Closet


1. Rock Candy // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Ellie Gray (curtains)

Guest Room #1


1. Reserved White (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Black Magic (bed frame)

Guest Room #3


1. Shoji White (walls) // 2. Extra White (trim) // 3. Slate Teal (accent wall)

All of the trim throughout the house is Extra White (right out of the can) by Sherwin Williams. It’s their ProClassic trim paint in semi-gloss. All of the walls are a satin / eggshell finish.

I hope this answers your painting questions. Again, if there are additional details you’d like, please leave your questions below. Happy Painting!

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  1. I love how you posted color swatches, links, and actual painted room/decor ideas to this post.
    We are a small painting service business and our clients always asks for swatches as well as “the final look” pictures if possible.
    Also, it’s always hard to picture the paint colors with furnitures and decors. Great article.
    Thank you!

  2. You just made it SO simple to paint my house! All of those color combinations will be easy to re-create when I do a complete house make-over! Thank you for your creativity!

  3. These colors are so beautiful!! My kitchen and sun porch are both painted Banana Cream, and my parents unknowingly did their bedroom in the same exact color. Crazy! Out of all the shades of yellow!! Your use of it makes us feel as if we’ve really done something right!! You’re awesome!

  4. Sitting here on NYE with my husband while he watches football, and I’m obsessing over your blog. I lived in Carlisle PA for 7 years… So I feel like we are central PA kindred spirits!! Your house is fantastic!

  5. Absolutely LOVE your home! Oh if only I could make mine look half as good as yours. It is absolutely DIVINE!

    So, I would like to try out some of these paint colors. I went onto the Sherwin Williams website and there are so many different kinds of paint: Ovation, Cashmere, Harmony, Duration, Emerald. Which type of paint did you use for your walls?

  6. Hi, Michael! I’m completely enamored with your home! I absolutely love every single detail, and I’ve been pouring over your blog for months now. So, can you come to Saint Louis and decorate my home now? It’s 100 yrs old and reminds me a lot of yours as far as the ceiling height and tricky spaces that aren’t squares. That’s why I have an awful time making decorating decisions! That, and I don’t want to invest time and money and be wrong. I need courage and help! My question for you is: how do you like your mint/gray side by side in the living room? In your pics, they don’t look so much as separate colors, and I wonder how they do in person. I’m thinking of using your downstairs colors as my palette but need guidance. Thanks! Also, I’d be honored if you checked out my Etsy store: I’d love to gift you a piece! Let me know!

  7. I know, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but you are SERIOUSLY talented. I adore your home! One of my friends saw your living room pinned on my pinterest board and is coming over tomorrow to help me move around my furniture/layout to look more like yours… but will she help me paint? That is the question. Anyway, thank you for the beautiful inspiration and sharing it with everyone!

  8. Hi Michael,
    Just found your blog and have been pouring over it, and Love your style and your fearless color choices. Just want to let you know that your trim color is really called Extra White -SW7006 “right out of the can” because it comes from the factory that way as opposed to tinting at the store. Just clarifying because Sherwin does have a color SW7007 Ceiling Bright White. I will definitely be back to visit and will recommend! Best, Karen

  9. I really liked how Aloof Gray looked in your home that I decided to use it in mine and I love it! It has hues of green and blue that change throughout the day depending on the light. A while back you had a link to another blogger who painted her home the same color and it looked so sophisticated. Thanks!

  10. Finally, I’ve been hoping you’d list all your paint colors in one spot. Thank you! Thank you! And just in time for SW’s sale. I’m excited to try “Aloof Gray.”

  11. All the colors you’ve chosen are beautiful, Michael! I’m not fond of yellow walls, but that Banana Cream my very well change my mind! The reference button for this post is a great idea! Your house is absolutely lovely and you should be very proud of all the hard work you’ve done. It shows! TFS

    1. Thanks Kris. And yes, Banana Cream turned out to be a great color. There is a bit of orange in it, so it’s not in-your-face yellow.

      xo Michael

      1. Great job! Really pretty color scheme…
        Also thanks for the color block guides..
        Now I know exactly what colors I need & the names…. Hope you have a lovely,
        Meaningful Thanksgiving?