Vintage Fall Decor Ideas

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Warm up your home with the cozy nostalgia of vintage fall decor! Dive deep into a world of brass objects, weathered books, flickering flames, and heirloom blankets. Unique, nostalgic, and budget-friendly decorating ideas await!

a collage of four different, unique, and cozy fall decorating ideas.

Fall is gently knocking on our doors with its amber hues and cool breezes. If you’re like me, you’re probably itching to give your space a little autumn makeover. And guess what? You don’t need to break the bank to do it. 

I’ve been incorporating vintage, antique, and thrifted finds into my home decor for years. Lately, this is the first place I turn to when I think about decorating my home. In recent years I’ve been less and less inspired by the home decor selection at the big box and home furnishing stores. I’d much rather have a unique piece that tells a story. 

Vintage decor allows you to infuse your space with personality. It’s a reflection of your tastes, memories, and the journey you’ve taken to curate such a unique collection. Vintage finds are a must for those seeking a unique and timeless home aesthetic.

brass house figurine on a stack of vintage books.

Remember, the key is to let your imagination roam free. Vintage decor is as much about the stories and memories associated with the items as it is about that cozy fall aesthetic. So allow these pieces to speak, and listen to the tales they tell. It’s all part of the fun and magic of decorating!

Curious about what makes something vintage? Check out this post and learn the differences between vintage and antique.

Why You’ll Love These Ideas

  • Embrace Authenticity: In a world filled with mass-produced items, each vintage piece is unique, carrying its own history and charm. It’s a celebration of authenticity and character that’s hard to replicate.
  • Budget-Friendly: Thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets are treasure troves of affordable gems. With a keen eye, you can find incredible pieces without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: Reusing and repurposing vintage items is a nod to sustainability. Instead of buying new, you’re giving a second life to something that already exists and reducing your carbon footprint in the process.
  • Instant Coziness: There’s something inherently cozy about vintage. As the days grow shorter and the air begins to chill, these items wrap your space in a warm, inviting hug.
a collage of four different, unique, and cozy fall decorating ideas with title text.

As a final note, before we get into this list of vintage fall decor ideas, I want to mention that not all of these ideas are fall-specific. While they certainly have a fall vibe, a lot of these items can be used beyond a single season. If you’re tight on space or funds, keep that in mind as you acquire decor. 

And with that, let’s get into this list! 

Amber Bottles and Glass

Place these sun-kissed bottles by your window and watch how they capture every ray, sprinkling your room with autumn warmth. You can even pop in a few dried stems or wildflowers to elevate that rustic charm. Use larger or wide-mouth glasses to house a candle. The color and glow are magical!  

amber bottles and pumpkins on a mantel.
fall mantel decor with vintage finds.

Apothecary Jars & Bottles

It should be noted that your glass bottles and jars don’t need to be amber. Any vintage jar will work. I especially like ones with different markings and designs. To make them feel like fall, fill them with colorful leaves, acorns, or even candy corn. These jars and bottles add a touch of whimsical elegance.


Old, weathered books aren’t just for reading! Stack them up on a coffee table or by the fireplace. Their rich tones and worn edges scream autumn coziness. I’ve been using vintage books with my mantel decor for the past couple of years. (Cozy Fall Mantel Decor, Foxy Fall Mantel Decor.) I love the look and it tells a story of the past … literally! 

close up of fall mantel decor.
fox inspired fall mantel decor above sofa.

Transferware Pitchers and Dinnerware

Those intricate transferware patterns and earthy tones are perfect for a fall-themed dinner setting. Whether it’s a family meal or an intimate dinner, let your table tell a vintage tale. Transferware pieces are available as dinner plates, cookware, and more. 

You also know how much I love my vintage transferware pitcher collection. These gorgeous pieces are amazing vessels for storing a collection and double as vases for your fall flower arrangements. I used them to decorate my vintage-inspired fall tablescape.

vintage transferware baker on fall table.
a table set outside with flowers and vintage decor.

Vintage Graphics/Art

Old posters, vintage postcards, or even art pieces from yesteryear can be your wall’s best friend this season. Think of those faded oranges, browns, and reds that tell tales of autumn seasons gone by.

A couple of years ago I used vintage Halloween graphics to make these adorable Halloween treat bags. I also used vintage Halloween touches to style an entire tablescape. Check out The Graphics Fairy for hundreds of free images for both fall and Halloween.

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Treat Bags spread out on a bench.
close up of a halloween place setting.

Baskets and Picnic Baskets

Be it holding logs by the fireplace, a bunch of dried hydrangeas, blankets on the couch, pinecones and gourds, or even a delicious fall treat like these Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies. I often use baskets to corral items together to create a beautiful vignette on a dining table or coffee table. A vintage basket is your versatile autumn companion.

This is one of those items that can be used and reinvented season after season. 

Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies in picnic basket and on plates.

Copper Items

From copper pots in the kitchen to little trinkets on your shelves to serving festive fall cocktails, let this element shine and accentuate the glow of fall in your interiors.

I’ve recently been incorporating copper more and more in my kitchen (specifically my butler’s pantry) and have been loving the look! Plus, copper doubles as a great vessel for delicious fall cocktails including this Caramel Apple Cider Moscow Mule.

copper pan hung on a vintage rack.
copper mug filled with caramel apple cider moscow mule.

Quilts, Blankets and Tablecloths

Drape them, fold them, or snuggle under them. Vintage quilts and blankets aren’t just about warmth. They are stories woven within the fabric. Choose patterns and colors that resonate with autumn vibes.

For fabric choices, I recommend plaid, wool, cable knit, and sherpa. For colors, look to Mother Nature for inspiration. Traditional fall colors like orange, burgundy, brown, etc. are perfect, but jewel tones like plums, ruby red, and sapphire can mix in beautifully too. 

throw blankets hung on a peg rail.


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I have several vintage tablecloths, napkins, and runners. Whether it’s a pattern of faded autumn leaves or a nostalgic plaid design, these textile treasures not only add charm to our dining space but also carry stories of past gatherings. Unfurling one across the table makes every autumn meal a touch more special.

The one that I used on my vintage-inspired fall tablescape (pictured below) is one of my favorites. I had hunted for months and ended up finding this one on Etsy.

vintage tablecloth with fall decor styled on top.
outdoor fall table setting.


Old mirrors, especially those with ornate frames, can be an elegant touch to your fall decor. Mirrors reflect the lovely changes happening all around, doubling the beauty. I especially love mirrors behind candles to reflect the glow and flicker of the flame. 


If walls could talk, they would be gushing about the vintage artwork you hang on them! Whether landscape, portrait or still life, these pieces transport you to another time. 

vintage oil painting on a mantel.

Seek out original paintings at thrift shops or estate sales. Artwork often holds emotions and stories that resonate even today, echoing the nostalgia that fall naturally evokes. If you find a unique and ornate vintage frame but don’t like the image, switch out the image with your personal artwork, photographs, etc. 

My vintage paint-by-number gallery wall is one of my favorite collection in my home.

gallery wall of vintage paint by numbers in wood frames.


Have you ever stumbled upon those cute and quirky salt and pepper shakers or beautifully crafted canisters at an antique store? (I have these adorable football player salt and pepper shakers that are one of my favorite things to decorate with in the fall.) There’s something so enchanting about them. The intricate designs, the old-world charm, and the stories they must’ve witnessed over the years.

Simple Fall Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen #fall #decor #decorating #kitchen #ideas #autumn

I adore using vintage ceramic containers to stash away my little trinkets or even everyday essentials. They’re not just decor items; they’re functional pieces that add character and personality to our spaces. Imagine having a cup of tea and reaching for a sugar cube from a beautifully aged ceramic canister, or using a vintage ceramic dish to hold your jewelry. It’s those small touches that make our homes truly feel like our own.

ceramic container with a squirrel on top.

Brass Objects

Brass is the unsung hero of vintage. Ever seen those little brass animals? They can be the cutest mantelpiece decor or a quirky addition to your coffee table. I have a collection of my own that I keep up year-round. 

Brass trays? Perfect for serving those pumpkin-spiced lattes or simply holding your collection of scented candles. The patina that brass develops over time just adds to its charm.

brass pumpkins on a book and stack of plates.
vintage brass house on a stack of orange books.


Now, onto another delightful decor piece that’s often overlooked: spools! If you’ve ever ventured into a quaint little thrift store, you might’ve seen those chunky spools of thread, twine, or rope. They carry a certain rustic charm, don’t they?

Not only do these spools serve as unique decorative items, but they’re also super practical. I often use them to tie gifts, hang up little notes on my pinboard, or even for some crafty DIY projects. Pair them with vintage scissors, and you’ve got yourself a functional art piece.

vintage spools with thread and twine.

If you can get your hands on those larger wooden spools, they can be transformed into side tables, stools, or even display stands. There’s a sense of satisfaction in repurposing these gems. It’s a little nod to the past, while making them fit seamlessly into our modern-day lives.

close up of vintage wooden spools with string and twine.

Wooden Crates & Fruit Baskets

Whether holding logs, magazines, or even used as a side table, old crates and baskets give a rustic, harvest feel to any space.

In this fall outdoor tablescape below I used a vintage berry tray / crate as a dessert tray to serve pumpkin roll.

outdoor tablescape for fall with vintage crate filled with pumpkin roll dessert.

Brass Candlesticks

If there’s one thing you’ll find in abundance at thrift and antique stores, it’s brass candlesticks. Tall, short, ornate, simple – the variety is endless. 

Group the candlesticks together for a dramatic effect on your dining table or space them around your living room for that dispersed golden glow. Candles in varying heights can create a visual treat, especially when the nights grow longer.

Here I filled my brass candlestick collection with these DIY decorative taper candles.

DIY Decorative Taper Candles in brass candlesticks.
dining room table setting for fall.

That’s a Wrap

So there we have it, over a dozen vintage fall decor ideas you can incorporate into your home. For me, it’s such a joy to blend the charm of vintage pieces with the beauty of autumn. Remember, it’s all about adding those personal touches to make your space uniquely yours. Embrace the change of season and let your creativity flow.

Happy decorating, and here’s to a warm, cozy, and utterly gorgeous fall-filled home!

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