10+ Creative and Unique Pie Recipes

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I’m sharing my favorite unique pie recipes. I’ve taken your favorite classic desserts and gave them a unique twist, flavor, or presentation. You’re in for a treat!

Pie is one of my favorite desserts. Over the years, I’ve made many kinds of pie, including some that are a bit unusual. I’ve even had a Year of Pie on Inspired by Charm. Not long ago I shared A Collection of My Favorite Pie Recipes. Today’s post features more of my Creative and Unique Pie Recipes: skillet pies, hand pies, slab pies, and mini pies. Right now, this post offers 10 pie recipes, but I plan to add more as I continue to create one-of-a-kind pies.

10+ Creative and Unique Pie Recipes #unique #pie #dessert #recipe #easy #fruitpie #handpie #slabpie

Let’s get into these delicious and unique pie recipes!

Skillet Pie Recipes:

A unique and delicious Skillet Apple Pizza Pie #skillet #apple #pie #dessert #recipe

Skillet Apple Pizza Pie

If you’re a fan of apple pie but dread making crust, this pie recipe is for you. It uses a tube of pizza dough(!) and precooked apple chunks; all of that is finished off with a delicious crumb topping. This pie may be the best dessert pizza ever!

Mini Skillet Blueberry Pies #skillet #blueberry #pie #recipe #dessert #blueberrypie

Mini Skillet Blueberry Pies

This is a quick, down-and-dirty, no-fuss blueberry pie recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth. What makes the pies unique is that they’re baked in single-serving cast iron skillets. Cute and tasty for the win!

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Hand Pie Recipes:

Strawberry Hand Pies - Summer Dessert Recipe Idea #strawberry #pie #handpie #recipe #dessert

Strawberry Hand Pies

If you’re craving the taste of summer, this on-the-go dessert is for you. Rounds of dough are folded over so the edges can be crimped to keep all of the strawberry goodness inside. I used my go-to pie crust to make this pie recipe, but you can opt for a store-bought variety.

Delicious Air Fryer Berry Hand Pies dessert recipe idea! #handpies #pie #dessert #recipe #airfryer #berries

Air Fryer Berry Hand Pies

Did you know that you can make hand pies in an air fryer? These adorable round pies are filled with a couple of tablespoons of berry jam and some fresh berries. Putting them together is so easy and clean-up is a snap!

A delicious and easy handheld treat - Purrrfect Berry Hand Pies

Berry Hand Pies

I made this fun and flavorful pie by cutting dough in the shape of a cat face. You could use any large cookie cutter that doesn’t have a lot of detail or freehand a simple design. For the filling, I went with mixed fresh berries, but feel free to substitute your favorite fruit to make this pie recipe your own.

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Slab Pie Recipes:

This Apple Cranberry Slab Pie is the perfect fall dessert. It's easy to make and the flavor combination is delicious. #apple #cranberry #slabpie #pie #dessert #recipe

Apple Cranberry Slab Pie

To make these beauties, you roll out puff pastry and spread it with a generous filling of apples, dried cranberries, cinnamon, and sugar. Another piece of puff pastry goes on top to seal in all that yumminess. After baking but before slicing, the slab pie is drizzled with a buttery sugar glaze.

This Pumpkin Pan Pie recipe is a classic fall dessert with a modern twist perfect for entertaining.

Pumpkin Slab Pie

This pan pie recipe is an easy and interesting way for you to serve the quintessential fall dessert. Different-sized dough circles complement the modern look of the angular pieces of pumpkin pie. A dollop of whipped cream dusted with cinnamon finishes off each slice.

Mini / Bite-Size Pie Recipes:

These Mini No-Bake Key Lime Pie in a Jar are a summer dessert perfect! #keylime #pie #dessert #recipe #masonjar

Key Lime Pie in A Jar

With its rich key lime flavor, graham cracker crust, and whipped cream garnish, this mini pie will hit the spot whenever you’re wanting a little sunshine in your life. I used bottled key lime juice, which takes the tedium out of making this unique pie recipe. Because the pies are in jars, they’re also a breeze to pack for your lunch, a picnic, or even an afternoon snack.

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Mason Jar Blueberry Pies #masonjar #dessert #blueberrypie #recipe #blueberry #pie

Mason Jar Blueberry Pies

Almost anything tastes better when served in a cute jar, and this blueberry creation is no exception. Each little pie is made with a store-bought dough that you fill with a blueberry mixture and top with a star dough cutout. Before going into the oven, the top crust is lightly brushed with an egg wash and sprinkled with coarse sugar.

Bite-Sized Peanut Butter Pies with Chocolate Crust #peanutbutter #pie #chocolate #crust #dessert #recipe

Bite-Sized Peanut Butter Pies

If you’ve been reading IBC for a while, you know about my fondness for peanut butter. (If you love peanut butter as much as I do, check out more of my favorite peanut butter desserts HERE.)  This unique pie recipe has a flower-shaped chocolate(!) crust that is baked and then piped with a filling made from PB, cream cheese, vanilla, powdered sugar, and Cool Whip. All of that deliciousness is drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with chopped peanuts!

Thanks all … for now! Happy Pie Baking!

I hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting more of my pie recipes. Which are your favorites? Which will you make? Please let us know in the comments below.

Happy Baking and Eating!

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