Party-Ready Finger Foods for Any Occasion

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Skip the forks and ditch the spoons! These finger foods ideas will make party set-up even easier (and cost less, too!).

Finger foods aren’t just for kids or tailgating. They can be as fancy or casual as you make them. You can either serve finger foods exclusively at your next party or mix them in with appetizers that need utensils.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wonton Cups on plate.

I think there is something light-hearted and enjoyable about party finger foods. It reminds me of my childhood, eating snacks like pigs in a blanket, roll-ups, cheese and crackers, and many more favorites. (Some of which I shared below.)

But, if it’s been awhile since you have enjoyed finger foods, you may be surprised at just how elevated they can be.

You’ll find a mix of salty, savory, and even sweet finger foods in this list. There is something for every palette and party theme, so browse this list of options and pick out your favorites.

Tools you may need

The exact tools you will want to reach for will vary depending on the specific recipe you are making. But these are the go-to staples I recommend every aspiring chef keep on hand.

My Ultimate List of Kitchen Essentials #kitchen #essentials #kitchentools #appliances #dinnerware #serveware #baking #bakeware #glassware #pans

After all, you never know when you need to whip up a batch of party-ready snacks!

  • Decorative serving tray
  • Toothpicks
  • Serving spoons
  • Chef’s knife
  • Serving bowls

If you are curious about ALL of my kitchen and serving essentials, I have an entire post dedicated to my must-have kitchen essentials. You can find that HERE.

Party-Ready Finger Foods for Any Occasion

1. Brie Fig and Prosciutto Crostini

The marriage of sweet and salty flavors on a crispy crostini is pure perfection. There is nothing like the rich flavors of figs with the salty brie and prosciutto on top.

These crostini appetizers are perfect for guests to pick up and munch on.

This Brie, Fig, and Prosciutto Crostini recipe makes a flavorful and easy appetizer. #appetizer #crostini #fig #arugula #brie #prosciutto

2. Turkey Bacon Cranberry Roll-Ups

You don’t need any toothpicks or serving utensils for these finger foods. They are easiest just to pick up and eat. These turkey bacon cranberry roll-ups work for fall or winter parties. The sweet and tart cranberries and salty bacon steal the show.

Want more? I have an entire collection of roll-up / pinwheel recipes which you can find HERE.

Turkey Bacon Cranberry Roll-Ups on plate.

3. Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Peppadew Peppers

Everything tastes better when you wrap it in bacon! Although I have to admit, stuffed peppadew peppers don’t need much help. Bacon-wrapped stuffed peppers have so much flavor bursting in each bite that guests will clamor for seconds.

I also have a similar recipe using jalapeños which is one of my favorites! There are dried cranberries in the cream cheese which adds the perfect touch of tart sweetness. You can find that HERE.

These Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Peppadew Peppers on a plate.

4. Baked Delicata Rings

How about something healthy? These baked delicata rings are covered in herb-crusted breading and served with a zesty dipping sauce. They are simple, fun, and easy to eat as onion rings. I like to serve them at more casual parties.

hand dipping Baked Delicata Rings into Creamy Herb Dip.

5. Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes

Desserts can count as finger foods too. Baked in phyllo pastry shells, these little blueberry cheesecakes are perfectly bite-sized. This is a fun and creative way to serve cheesecake at a party without utensils.

Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes made with Phyllo Cups.

6. Really Good Seasoned Pretzels

Crispy and crunchy seasoned pretzels are popular at football tailgate parties and outdoor BBQs. I like to make a double batch and then add them to my lunch later that week too. They are so much tastier than potato chips—try them and see what I mean.

Really Good Seasoned Pretzels in a bowl.

7. Cinnamon Pecans and Walnuts

Candied nuts are a staple at any party, no matter the season. However, the cinnamon flavors on these pecans and walnuts make them perfect for fall parties. They are easy to eat and won’t leave your fingers sticky.

Cinnamon Pecans and Walnuts in bowl.

8. Brown Sugar Bacon-Wrapped Glazed Shrimp

When you leave the tails on the bacon-wrapped shrimp, they are a lot easier to eat with your fingers. The crispy bacon on top and juicy shrimp underneath are a perfect pairing! Just looking at them makes me hungry.

Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp on plate.

9. Chicken Bacon Ranch Wonton Cups

Pastry shells protect your fingers as you indulge in these tasty chicken bacon ranch cups. The beauty of this recipe is that you don’t have to stick with bacon and ranch. You can make them taco cups or sweet and sour chicken cups. Play around with the flavors depending on the theme.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wonton Cups

10. Peanut Butter Pretzel Puppy Chow

A little messier, but even tastier, finger food – puppy chow! Some people call them muddy buddies, others call them monkey munch. No matter what you refer to them as, they are delicious! This recipe changes it up a bit with the addition of peanut butter and pretzels instead of Chex cereal.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Puppy Chow

11. Deviled Eggs

I think deviled eggs should be served at every party. Top them with bacon, and they are dressed up for even the fanciest occasion. There are tons of ways to change them up – use a piping bag, add jalapeños, or top with candied bacon.

deviled eggs with bacon on a plate

12. Jarcuterie

A charcuterie board is filled with finger foods. Take that idea and place the items in a jar – now every guest has their own little jarcuterie. This is a health-conscious way to serve fresh fruit, smoked meat, and exquisite cheese to your guests.

hand holding a Jarcuterie

13. Parmesan Truffle Popcorn

Looking to level up your snacking? Then you need to try this Parmesan Truffle Popcorn. It’s an easy and decadent way to elevate a classic snack into a gourmet treat!

Parmesan Truffle Popcorn in a bowl

14. Walnut and Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms are a classic, crowd-pleasing appetizer. I’m sharing my recipe for Walnut and Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms. Although this warm and hearty flavor combination works well any time of the year, I especially love these mushrooms in the fall and winter.

Walnut and Blue Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms on platter.

15. Avocado-Pesto BLT Bites

If you’re looking for a tasty appetizer that’s fairly easy to put together and suitable for almost any occasion, these Avocado-Pesto BLT Bites. Not only is the flavor combination on point, but it’s wrapped in bacon. The combination of tomato, bacon, and pesto is SO GOOD! These look fabulous too.

Avocado-Pesto BLT Bites Appetizer | Inspired by Charm

16. Mini Cheese Balls / Cheese Truffles

These Mini Cheese Balls (aka Cheese Truffles) are an easy, cute, and delicious appetizer recipe everyone will love! I love a cheese ball and this idea makes them the perfect finger food!

Cheese Truffles - Mini Cheeseballs on a plate with crackers.

17. Snackle Box

This is a really fun way to serve all your favorite finger foods. A snackle box is fantastic for anyone that is short on space since it takes up more room vertically than horizontally. Use this idea for summer BBQs or parties in the warmer months.

snackle box filled with snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions people often ask about making the best finger food appetizers. If you don’t see your question in this list, please leave it in the comments.

How do you serve finger foods?

I like to set finger foods out on a serving tray and then let guests pick out which ones they want. You can give them one plate or set each finger food in their own dish.

What are some examples of finger foods?

Finger foods are things you can eat without a spoon or fork. Besides the recipes above, some examples of finger foods are deviled eggs, cubes of hard cheese, small pieces of raw veggies, and crostini apps.

What is the most popular party snack?

The answer to this can vary widely depending on what type of event you are hosting. For example, chips and dip are popular at football parties, but might not fit at a fancy birthday event.

Deviled eggs are popular appetizers at dinner parties, and can be dressed up or down depending on how you top them. Just know your audience and theme, and plan accordingly!

Okay, now on to my favorite finger foods recipes!

And that’s it… for now.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of easy and fun party finger foods. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite appetizers from this list are or which one of them you’d most like to try.


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