I thought it might be helpful to share some unique and memorable Christmas entertaining ideas and tips to help you create a welcoming and festive holiday home.

Unique and Memorable Christmas Entertaining Ideas

It’s no secret that our holiday entertaining will look a bit different this year. I’m sharing these ideas for you to use this year and beyond. Whether you’re gathering with just the people under your own roof or have other plans, I think that these ideas are applicable no matter how you celebrate.

Unique and Memorable Christmas Entertaining Ideas #christmas #holiday #entertaining #ideas #easy #recipes

I’m also excited to be joined again by my Seasons of Home blogger friends. Everyone is sharing Christmas entertaining ideas and holiday tablescapes. Inspiration abounds! I’ve linked everyone at the end of this post. If you’re looking for holiday entertaining ideas, I encourage you to click through everyone’s posts.

Looking for more Christmas inspiration? This list is for you!

The Ultimate Christmas Idea and Recipe Resource List:

With all of that being said, let me walk you through some of my best tips and ideas. I’ve added in a few photos from my current Christmas decor and a few photos from some Christmases past.

Christmas Entertaining Ideas:

Create a Signature Cocktail / Drink:

I think I include this tip on every entertaining list as it is one of my favorites. I also just created a new holiday cocktail (You can find the recipe for this amazing Poinsettia Pomegranate Martini HERE.) so it was fresh on my mind.

Unique and Memorable Christmas Entertaining Ideas #christmas #holiday #entertaining #ideas #easy #recipes

Unique and Memorable Christmas Entertaining Ideas #christmas #holiday #entertaining #ideas #easy #recipes

I like this idea because it’s a fun way to create something unique and memorable. As you know, I’ve created and shared dozens and dozens of unique and classic cocktail recipes here on Inspired by Charm. My favorite thing is to take a classic recipe and make it unique just by changing out a few ingredients. If you’re looking for some of my best Christmas cocktail recipes, I have an entire post dedicated to them. You can find that HERE. It even includes a non-alcoholic sangria which everyone can enjoy.

Another fun idea, once you have chosen your drink recipe, is to print out a few copies of the recipe for guests to take home with them. It’s a great way to share a little piece of your festivities with your guests. I have some FREE recipe card printables HERE if you need them.

Not a fan of cocktails? Try a hot cocoa bar! You can go big or small. Here in my kitchen I just use a small area to set-up this beautiful and functional hot cocoa bar. If you need a hot cocoa mix recipe, I have one that I love! You can get that recipe HERE.

Unique and Memorable Christmas Entertaining Ideas #christmas #holiday #entertaining #ideas #easy #recipes

Unique and Memorable Christmas Entertaining Ideas #christmas #holiday #entertaining #ideas #easy #recipes


Incorporate Vintage Finds:

I don’t know about you, but I love getting wrapped up in the nostalgia and tradition of the holiday season. While I love antique shopping all year long, I especially love it for Christmas. I’ll take vintage plates, vintage glassware, and vintage decor over new any day. Last year I set this fun table setting inspired by a set of glassware I picked up at one of my favorite antique stores.

Vintage Modern Christmas Table Decor ideas to dress up your home for the holidays! #diningroom #decor #tablesetting #tablescape #table #decorating #christmas #holiday #modern #vintage

Vintage Modern Christmas Table Decor ideas to dress up your home for the holidays! #diningroom #decor #tablesetting #tablescape #table #decorating #christmas #holiday #modern #vintage

Other vintage finds can influence your holiday entertaining adventures too. Here are a few examples:

  • Use vintage ornaments as place cards for your holiday table setting. You can write a guest’s name directly on the ball or add a festive gift tag to the ornament. (These vintage inspired tags, that I shared as a free download last year, would be perfect.)

Vintage-Inspired Christmas Gift Tags (Free Printable) for your holiday gift wrapping! #christmas #gift #wrapping #printable #gifttags #tag #vintage #giftwrap


  • Pick up a vintage punch bowl set. I just scored this set on eBay. While this bowl and cups are traditionally for a classic Tom and Jerry cocktail, you could use them to serve any holiday punch.

Unique and Memorable Christmas Entertaining Ideas #christmas #holiday #entertaining #ideas #easy #recipes

  • Don’t have enough glassware? Shop local thrift stores for glasses. They are so inexpensive and you can find some beautiful vintage designs.


  • I’ve found that guests are always intrigued by my vintage decorations too. I can’t tell you how many people have said to me, “My mom had those growing up.” or “I remember having these as I kid.” I love moments like this. For me, this is what the holidays are all about.

Unique and Memorable Christmas Entertaining Ideas #christmas #holiday #entertaining #ideas #easy #recipes

Have a Well Stocked Pantry:

Last week as part of our Seasons of Home series, I shared a look into my bulter’s pantry. During the holiday season, I think it’s so important to have a well-stocked cupboard or pantry. When you’re ready to entertain or whip up you favorite holiday recipe, there’s nothing worse than to realize you’re missing a key element or ingredient.

Christmas In my Bulters Pantry #kitchen #christmas #decor #holiday #pantry #decorating #santamugs

I’m a list maker, so I like to plan ahead with a big list of all of my holiday essentials. I like to stock up in advance on longer lasting items like flour, sugar, sprinkles, butter, etc. I also stock up on things like soda, seltzer water, oranges, lemons, fresh herbs, cranberries, etc. Not only are these useful ingredients to have on hand when cooking for the holidays, but they also make great garnishes for your dishes or beverages.

It’s also helpful to plan your menus ahead. This way, you can make one trip to the grocery store instead of several. If you’re planning ahead and looking for some festive and tasty holiday appetizer recipes, I have the perfect list for you. You can find my go-to Christmas appetizer recipes HERE.

Holiday Appetizer Recipe - Christmas Tree Cheese Ball


You Can Do Anything, but Not Everything:

Last but not least, possibly the most important entertaining idea that I could share with you is that you can’t do it all! Trust me, I’ve tried. Because of the abundance of “perfectly” styled tables, charcuteries boards, bar carts, and homes on social media, it’s easy to feel like we must do it all and we must do it perfectly. This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Do what you can. Do what you love. Do what works for you. Do your best and forget the rest. Often times these beautiful styled photos you see on social media and Pinterest are just that: beautifully styled photos. They are meant to delight and inspire rather than to be used as a means for comparison or to make you feel less than.

Unique and Memorable Christmas Entertaining Ideas #christmas #holiday #entertaining #ideas #easy #recipes

And that’s a wrap, friends. I hope these tips and ideas where helpful.

I also hope you enjoyed a little peek into my holiday home and are excited for more to come! I have so much more to share with you this 2020 holiday season so stay tuned for my holiday decor, seasonal recipes, and festive cheer. If you’re not on the list already, be sure to subscribe to the IBC Mailing List HERE so you don’t miss a thing.

Unique and Memorable Christmas Entertaining Ideas #christmas #holiday #entertaining #ideas #easy #recipes

Again, If you’re looking for even more holiday entertaining ideas and decor inspiration, you need to tap through the links below and gift my blogger friends a visit. I’m certain you’ll find several beautiful and inspired ideas.


Seasons of Home Christmas Entertaining Ideas:

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