Since we’ve celebrated a few Christmases together here on Inspired by Charm, today I thought we could take a little stroll with the Ghost of Christmas Past and look at 5 Creative Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas that I’ve shared over the years.

“The most wonderful time of the year” is almost upon us. If you’re anything like me, as much as you love the holiday season, there’s also a stressful sensation of getting everything done on time. I hope these Christmas mantel decor ideas will inspire your holiday spirit and get you in the mood to decorate when the time is right for you to start.

Creative Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

Living Room Christmas Mantel Decor #livingroom #mantel #christmas #fireplace #holiday #decor #bookshelf #bookcase #garland

Living Room Christmas Mantel Decor #livingroom #mantel #christmas #fireplace #holiday #decor #bookshelf #bookcase #garland

Living Room Christmas Mantel Decor #livingroom #mantel #christmas #fireplace #holiday #decor #bookshelf #bookcase #garland

A Snowy Pines Inspired Christmas Mantel

I took inspiration from bold art work to create this festive holiday mantel decor. (You can see more of it HERE.) I used overside pine cones, unique stockings, vintage crocthed star garland, and other festive trimmings to create this look.

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Magical and Cozy Fireplace Christmas Decorations #christmas #mantel #fireplace #decor #decorations #holiday #garland #stocking #cozy

Cozy and Colorful Red and White Mantel Decor

Red, white, and Nordic where the inspiration for this bold and colorful holiday mantel. (You can see more of it HERE.) I love how cheerful this decor looks. It always put a smile on my face and a twinkle in my holiday heart.

Bottle Brush Trees
A couple years ago (for my 2015 Holiday Home Tour) I splurged and bought an array of green and blue bottle brush trees. They ended up being the feature of my mantel. For variety, I added a pair of vintage brass deer.

Modern Aqua Creative Christmas Mantel Decor

To bring in a little warmth and twinkle, I also wrapped a strand of white lights with a white wire. It’s unassuming during the day but makes the space magical and cozy when lit in the evening.

How to Style a Mantel for Christmas

Bottle brush trees are still popular so they are readily available for purchase. You could get a similar look with glass/mercury glass trees which seem to be everywhere these days. I found the “Merry & Bright” banner on Etsy.

DIY Wood Stockings
You might have noticed something else that’s special in the image above. These DIY wood stockings! I created these back in 2015 (You can find the tutorial here.) after seeing vintage ones online. Not wanting to pay the price for vintage, I cut my own out of lumber and stained them to work with my decor. They were actually quite easy to make.

Antique Wood Stockings for a Christmas Fireplace Mantel

While they aren’t functional, they sure are pretty. I think any decor can benefit from a touch a vintage. These wood stockings were the perfect addition to this space. They also work with a more traditional red and green Christmas decor. I’ll show you that below.

DIY Wood Forest
Okay, technically this set-up is not on a mantel, but it’s still one of my favorite holiday crafts, and I think it would be well suited to a mantel. I’m talking about this Colorful DIY Wood Forest. (Yes, I made these trees. I teach you how to make them here.) I would recommend creating a collection of 12-15 trees. I chose vibrant colors, but you can paint the trees to fit your holiday/home decor.

A Colorful DIY Forest for Christmas Decorating

Colorful Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

You could make a dynamic mantlescape simply by filling it with these. Anchor each corner of your mantel with a hurricane candle for a little twinkle. An alternative would be to mix in some simple houses that match the trees in scale.

Inspired by Nature
During my Holiday Home Tour last year, I looked to nature to inspire my Christmas mantel. While shopping at a local resale store, I stumbled across this set of elk antlers. To display them, I removed them from their mount and set them on the mantel, surrounding them with fresh greens, a string of copper ornaments and large pinecones.

Styling a Christmas Mantel with Modern Farmhouse Style.

I also brought back a pair of my wood stockings. Two did the trick in adding a little warmth, texture, and touch of vintage.

Rustic Modern Farmhouse Christmas Mantel Decor

To soften the look and heighten the Christmas feel, I added a few strands of this bright red felt ball garland. I thought it was the perfect finishing touch.

More Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas:

DIY Colorful Wood Bead Garland
In case you haven’t noticed, wood bead garlands have become popular again in recent years. I love a plain wood bead garland, I decided to craft my own. (You can find the full tutorial here.)

Traditional Modern Christmas Decor

Wood Garland for Holiday Christmas Mantel

Here I opted to use wood beads in various shapes and sizes to create a unique garland. To make it even more special, I painted some of the beads in shades of reds, whites, and greens. As you can imagine, this garland coordinated beautifully with my “Inspired by Nature” mantel.

DIY Christmas Wood Bead Garland for a mantel

Wood Bead Garland for Christmas

And, because I was feeling especially ambitious, I created aanother garland in a different color scheme to suit my decor after the holiday. I love DIY because you can customize things to suit your personal style and space.

Add a Garland

This is my most recent holiday mantel in my new home.

Red and Rustic Christmas Mantel Styling Inspiration #christmas #decorations #holiday #mantel #manteldecor

Sometimes it can be just as simple as adding a pine garland and filling it with ornaments, garland, and pinecones. A few festive stockings finishing things off.

Red and Rustic Christmas Mantel Styling Inspiration #christmas #decorations #holiday #mantel #manteldecor

You can see more of this mantel HERE.

And that’s a wrap, my friends. I hope you found these creative Christmas mantel decor ideas helpful and inspiring as you plan and start creating your own holiday displays.

Happy Decorating!

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  • Carol OMalley at

    Michael, your Christmas decorating is always beautiful and inspiring! May I ask how/where do you store your decorations so you know what you have and can reuse another time? By the time I figure out what I have and what box or where, it is exhausting & I end up not doing anything special. Do you think of a plan months ahead? You totally amaze me. And, I love your recipes! Thank you!!

  • Jean Raymond at


  • Anne at

    I had my son cut out about 10 of the triangle wood trees. Painted them some fun colors, pistachio green, lavender, blue, red, coral. Then I painted white dots on them. Put them on my window sill and decided that I wanted some bling, so bought some of the sticky clear gem dots and stuck them over the white dots. Love them. The next ones that I painted, I didn’t add painted dots just stuck on the clear sticky gems. These are my most favorite Christmas decoration. Thanks for a super fun idea.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      They sounds amazing and beautiful! Love this idea!! You’re so welcome!! Thank YOU for sharing!

      xo Michael

  • Ann at

    Looking beautiful, as usual, with your Christmas trees! You’ve turned your house into something wonderful.

  • Melanie Strobel at

    Can you share the source for the black and white chair. Thanks.

  • Emily at

    I love your mirror over your mantelpiece and have been driving my husband crazy looking for something similar! Can you tell me where you found it? Love all your décor ideas. Thanks

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It was from the Jonathan Adler collection at JcPenney a few years back.

      xo Michael

      • Emily at

        Thank you!!

      • Emily Fowler at

        Two years on and I’m still on the search for the elusive mirror!!! Still can’t find anything I like as much as yours 🙈

  • Carol at

    I love the way you weave ribbon on your trees. Is there a secret to doing this so beautifully????

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Yes! I’ll be sharing a tutorial on the blog tomorrow.

      xo Michael

  • Jean Wright at

    Congratulations on the BHG Christmas cover!! You do such a beautiful job and presentation with all of your decorating. You should be proud of yourself! Good Job

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