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I realize the end of October might seem early to start talking about Christmas, but I couldn’t resist popping in to share details about my little feature in the BHG Christmas Ideas Magazine 2019.

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

It always feels awkward writing a post such as this because I don’t want to come across in the wrong way. However, I’ve been getting questions about the BHG article, so I thought it might be best to have a place to answer those and also share a few links. Plus, having a 10-page spread in a magazine is a dream come true for me, so it’s hard to contain my excitement! The issue is out on newsstands now through Christmas if you’d like to pick up a copy.

BHG Christmas Ideas Magazine 2019:

Back in February of this year, the Better Homes & Gardens crew descended on my home to photograph it for their Christmas Ideas Magazine. If you experienced deja vu as you read that, there’s a reason. In 2017, the same crew came to photograph my St. Marys home for the 2017 Christmas Ideas Magazine. My Christmas tree made the cover of that issue. (You can read more about that here.)

Even though my decor didn’t make the cover this year (They did shoot a few cover test photos.), my home is featured in a beautiful 10-page spread that I couldn’t be more pleased with!

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

While the crew was here, I snapped a few photos to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the process. They were at my home for two full days. Their process is much more intense than my photoshoots. They bring lights, screens, filters, and so much more. During the two days, they only shot 20-25 photos. Some photos took up to an hour to shoot.

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

What I love about working with BHG on this type of shoot is that they barely touch or move anything. They will move and adjust things so they look more pleasing in the photo, but the design is 100% mine. I love that.

Looking at some of the behind-the-scenes photos, you might be able to tell that the photoshoot took place before my big kitchen remodel. It’s fun to see that and know I’ll have a new space to decorate this year.

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

It was also bittersweet for me to view these behind-the-scenes captures. Sebastian, my first-ever kitty, was sick around that time. He would slowly work his way through the photographers’ gear and find places to sleep. It was so sweet. He passed away a couple weeks later.

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

Unlike my previous Christmas photoshoot with BHG, the decorating for this issue stayed pretty much the same as it did when I shared my 2018 Christmas home tour. Typically, they like the decor to be new and fresh for the issue. However, I was notified a little too late in the season to completely redecorate. In one way, that was nice because decorating twice for Christmas is A LOT!

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

BHG Christmas Ideas Magazine Sources:

If you want a closer look at my decor or are looking for sourcing information for things you see in my home, I want to direct you to this post here. This is my full 2018 Christmas Home Tour. There are loads of photos and lots of details about items in the space, plus even more holiday decorating inspiration.

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

I also wrote two posts about my 2018 Christmas trees. You can find information about my green-themed tree here and my red-themed tree here.

And if all of that isn’t enough, I did a bonus photo tour of my home. Typically, I take photos of my home during the day, but for this special tour, I snapped photos of my home at night. If you want another look around during the evening hours, click here to see that post.

Printable Plaid Gift Tags:

Every year I like to pick a theme for my wrapping paper. (Yes, I know that may sound a bit extreme, but that’s me!) This past year it was plaid. Inspired by that, I shared plaid gift tags you could download and print.

These Plaid-Inspired Printable Christmas Gift Tags are the perfect finishing touch on your holiday gift wrapping! #printable #christmas #gifttags #plaid #tags #holiday #wrapping #giftwrap


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Better Homes & Gardens was also kind enough to show my plaid-inspired Christmas gift tags. They are available as a free printable here on my blog. If you’re looking for those, you can find them here.

Recipes from the Issue:

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

The BHG team asked me to prepare a few recipes for the shoot. Since baking and cooking are two of my other passions, I happily obliged. If you’re looking for links to any of the recipes, just tap on the photo or recipe name below.

Christmas Tree Cheese Ball - holiday appetizer #christmas #cheeseball #recipe #holiday #christmastree #cheese

Christmas Tree Cheese Ball – I made this Christmas Tree Cheese Ball two years ago, and the recipe continues to be a holiday favorite. I’m one of those people who LOVES a cheese ball. I’ve compiled a post with cheese ball recipes for every season!

Very Merry Ornamentini - 10 Christmas Cocktail recipes #christmas #cocktail #recipe

Very Merry Ornamentini – In addition to my three-ingredient Jingle Juice Holiday Punch, this Very Merry Ornamentini is one of the most popular IBC pins on Pinterest during the holiday season. It’s a delicious cocktail, and the presentation is wow-worthy. If you’re looking for more holiday cocktail recipes, I have plenty. Take a look at this post here.

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

Birch Yule Log – The BHG team loved the Pink Yule Log I made several years ago. However, they knew pink wouldn’t match my Christmas decor. I suggested doing a birch-inspired version of that recipe.

This was the result. You can find the recipe for my Pink Yule log here. I used the same recipe; I just didn’t add red/pink food coloring for the one I made for the BHG crew. I will be posting my Birch Yule Log version soon.

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

Olive and Rosemary Wreath – This Olive Wreath is a delicious and beautiful holiday appetizer idea. You can assemble it in minutes, and it adds a tasty and colorful touch to any party spread. Get the recipe here.

Christmas Ideas Magazine FAQ:

As I said, I’ve been getting emails and messages with questions about the article and where to find things. I’ve linked and sourced a few items above, so please read through this post first. I also wanted to create this Frequently Ask Questions section for other inquiries. Let’s get to it!

Q: Where can I find the large paint-by-number in your dining room?

A: It’s from the fabulous Lindsay Letters. You can get it here. The artwork in my living room,  is also from her site.

Christmas at Bayberry House - Holiday Home Tour with color Christmas Decoration ideas. #christmas #holiday #home #decor #decorations #christmastree

Q: Any tips for decorating Christmas trees?

A: My goal for 2019 is to write a post about my process from start to finish. Until that is ready, let me direct you to a few posts where I offer guidance on various aspects of trimming a tree:

Christmas at Bayberry House - Holiday Home Tour with color Christmas Decoration ideas. #christmas #holiday #home #decor #decorations #christmastree

Q: Where do you get your Christmas Tree ribbon.

A: Anywhere and everywhere. I spend a ridiculous amount of time sourcing and shopping for Christmas decor, but I love doing it. If you’re curious about my green and red tree from this issue, I found the green ribbon here. The plaid ribbon on my red tree came from TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.

Well, friends, I think that covers everything. If you’re looking for more Christmas and holiday inspiration, I’ve listed more posts below. They are packed with dozens of Christmas crafts, decorating ideas, and recipes, plus lots of holiday merriment!

More Christmas Ideas:

If you have any questions about the 2019 BHG Christmas Ideas Magazine, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll do my best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Christmas Inspired from BHG Christmast Ideas Magazine 2019 #christmas #holiday #decor #recipe #entertaining #ideas

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  1. Congratulations Michael for your article in this magazine. I am wondering if you would mind telling me which magazines you are in…all of them…I believe I have the new special edition, the regular one just came in the mail, and I know there was one or two others from BH&G. I want to save them together for next year’s planning. I must admit that my blue and navy tree has gone back to just green since I saw yours. I don’t have the same color green, but I did try to buy that color. I love a deep kelly green like you have! You have a fabulous talent for decorating for Christmas.

  2. I’m not surprised you have been picked again to display your beautiful home in BHG. You are soooo talented and have such wonderful ideas! Everything is beautiful! Pinning the whit birch log 😉

  3. So happy you and your home are featured again in a BH & G magazine. I kept the 1st issue that you were featured in. I am having trouble finding this particular magazine. I’ve tried WalMart, Target, and a few grocery stores that have large magazine selections. Any thoughts?

    1. Barnes and Noble Susan. That is where I got mine although I have seen them in Walmart and our grocery chain. Good luck finding it. He is also in the December 2019 regular issue of Better Homes and Gardens…

  4. So happy your lovely home and tree were shown. So sorry about your sweet Kitty but hope the memory of its life continues to bless your daily routine. You should be so proud of your accomplishments and I recall not too long ago….you were not very happy about an upcoming move/uncertainty in your life. I prayed your future would bring happiness and know you may be at a new happy place in life. Best of luck in the future and keep on creating.

  5. You have such talent. Your home deserves to be in a magazine, it’s absolutely beautiful!! Congrats and thanks for sharing your Christmas photos and decorating tips!

  6. Seriously nobody does Christmas as well as you Michael-your trees and decor stop me dead in my tracks every single year!! Congrats and I think you should have been featured on the cover. Keep up the phenomenal work & inspiring posts-you’re the best🎄🎄

  7. You are unbelievable! Every detail is just perfect! I love your style. Are you a professional decorator? Do you do this for a living? You should be styling for Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel or something! Perfection! It’s beautiful, yet warm and cozy!

    Pat in Chicago