8+ Quick Bread Recipes To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Whip up one of these quick bread recipes whenever you want a tasty dessert, delicious side for brunch, or a filling snack.

The Best Quick Bread Recipes

If you have browsed this blog a bit, you can probably tell that I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I also don’t always have the patience to make complicated recipes. Therein lies the beauty of quick breads!

They are all the confectionary satisfaction of dessert without the kneading, rising, or delicate pastry skills that other desserts entail.

I love to keep these recipes on hand because they also make fantastic gifts. Hostess gifts, bake sale goodies, and tasty treats for your BFF are all perfect ways to give these little breads.

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Quick Bread Recipes That Embody The Word Quick

When you want a sweet bread without having to wait, make one of these! They are as easy as mixing and baking.

Delicious and Easy Cinnamon Nut Quick Bread #quickbread #bread #dessert #cinnamon #breakfast #brunch #recipe

1. Cinnamon Nut Quick Bread

Sweet ribbons of cinnamon and sugar wind throughout this delicious sweet bread. Each slice is alluring and enticing, with a flavor that matches the beauty. Even better than the bread is the sweet and crunchy nuts on top. You’ll devour every crumb!

Honestly, this bread reminds me of how Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal tastes. Plus, the walnuts on top fortify the bread with more protein.

Rhubarb Streusel Quick Bread #rhubarb #streusel #quickbread #bread #cake #breakfast #dessert #streusel

2. Rhubarb Streusel Quick Bread

Known as a summertime plant, the rhubarb is a staple in homemade baked goods, and this rhubarb streusel bread is a prize-winner! The soft consistency of the bread is matched by the crunchy streusel topping – and all of it melts in your mouth at the same time.

Even if you have never baked with rhubarb before, this is a really simple recipe to follow that might even become one of your new favorites.

This Really Good Pumpkin Bread recipe is a delicious fall dessert recipe. #pumpkin #bread #recipe #pumpkin #spice #fallbaking #dessert #loaf

3. Really Good Pumpkin Bread

If the aroma of this amazing pumpkin bread doesn’t make you hungry, then the sight of the sugary glaze dripping down the sides will. This might fit in better with other fall recipes, but it is perfect to eat any time of the year.

Delicious Apple Fritter Bread #quickbread #bread #apple #applefritter #fall #recipe #dessert #breakfast

4. Apple Fritter Bread

The best thing about apple fritters is the sticky-sweet glaze, and this apple fritter bread has that same glaze and iconic taste. As the batter bakes, the apple-cinnamon flavors will fill your kitchen with the most tantalizing and tempting aromas, you’ll have a tough time waiting for it to cool down enough to glaze and eat.

Trader Joe's Pancake Bread Recipe #pancake #bread #quickbread #cinnamon #maple #recipe #traderjoes

5. Trader Joe’s Pancake Bread

How about a few slices of quick bread for breakfast? This copycat Trader Joe’s pancake bread tastes divine with a few slices of butter and real maple syrup drizzled on top. Serve it with a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Delicious and Easy Lemon and Blueberry Bread #quickbread #lemon #blueberry #bread #dessert #recipe

6. Lemon and Blueberry Bread

Whisk up a bowl of this lemon and blueberry bread for happiness in a loaf! The plump blueberries stand out proudly among the lemon-flavored bread. It’s like summertime and sunshine in a loaf of baked bread.

With fresh berries, this Homemade Mixed Berry Banana makes the perfect sweet summer treat. #bananabread #banana #berries #dessert

7. Mixed Berry Banana Bread

For a sweet bread that tastes like dessert but gives you plenty of fiber and nutrients, make a loaf of mixed berry banana bread. You can literally add all of your favorite types of berries to this recipe. From strawberries and raspberries to blueberries or blackberries – they all tasted delicious in this recipe.

cinnamon sour cream bread

8. Cinnamon Sour Cream Bread

The dainty cinnamon swirl flows throughout the loaf of this slightly-sweet cinnamon sour cream bread. If you aren’t a fan of overly sweet types of bread, then this is the perfect recipe for you. It has the best balance of sweet and spicy flavors that don’t overpower your senses.

Carrot Cake Loaf with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

9. Carrot Cake Loaf with Cream Cheese Frosting

This Carrot Cake Loaf topped with decadent Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting is packed with delicious flavor from shredded carrots, pineapple, coconut, and walnuts. It’s a delightful sweet treat perfect for any occasion.

Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Swirl #fallbaking #pumpkinspice #pumpkinbread #pumpkin #quickbread #creamcheese #dessert #recipe #fall

10. Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Swirl

Classic Pumpkin Quick Bread is taken to the next level with a creamy and tangy cream cheese swirl right through the center. This Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Swirl will quickly become your new and preferred fall sweet treat.

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Rhubarb Streusel Quick Bread #rhubarb #streusel #quickbread #bread #cake #breakfast #dessert #streusel

Frequently Asked Questions About Quick Bread Recipes

Here are some questions people often ask about making these quick bread recipes. If you have a question that isn’t listed below, please leave it in the comments.

Can I make these in a muffin tin?

Yes, you can make quick breads into muffins. However, there are a few things that might change. Some types of bread have a swirl through them – like the cinnamon sour cream bread. You won’t be able to achieve that with a muffin.

You will also have to pay closer attention to the baking times. Muffins bake quicker than loaves of bread. You’ll know they are finished baking when a toothpick comes out clean.

What is the difference between a quick bread and a cake?

One of the main differences between a quick bread and a cake is the shape. A quick bread is baked in a loaf pan, but a cake is baked in a round or rectangular cake pan.

Another big difference is the ingredients and texture. Loaves of quick bread tend to have less sugar and fat (butter) than cakes, which affects the texture. Quick bread also has more crumbs and a slightly-drier texture than cakes.

Delicious and Easy Cinnamon Nut Quick Bread #quickbread #bread #dessert #cinnamon #breakfast #brunch #recipe

What does butter do in quick bread?

Butter is an essential type of fat that bakers use in quick breads. How much butter you use will depend on what type of texture you are going for. More butter means it will be moister.

Butter doesn’t just add flavor and moisture, but it has an important role to play with the sugar too. It makes the quick breads lighter by trapping air that expands during baking.

Is it better to use oil or butter in quick bread recipes?

Whether you use oil or butter in quick bread recipes is entirely a personal preference. They really can be used interchangeably. Some people have noticed that when they use butter in baked goods (like quick breads), they turn out drier than if they used the same amount of oil.

This is probably because oil is liquid – even at room temperature – so it retains moisture in the bread well. Plus, it’s easier to incorporate with other ingredients, so the risk of over-mixing (and over-developing the gluten in flour) is less of an issue when you use oil instead of butter.

Can you freeze quick bread?

Yes, every single one of these quick bread recipes is freezer-friendly. Always freeze quick breads before you add the glaze or frosting on top. Let them cool down to room temperature, then wrap them up tightly in plastic food storage wrap and store them in a freezer-safe food storage bag.

These quick breads will last about six months in the freezer.

Delicious and Easy Lemon and Blueberry Bread #quickbread #lemon #blueberry #bread #dessert #recipe

That’s a Wrap on Quick Bread Recipes!

Which one of these yummy treats will you make first? Let me know in the comments!

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