Deliciously Festive Christmas Breakfast Ideas

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Christmas is a time for family, friends, and of course, FOOD. And what better way to start the day than with a delicious and festive Christmas breakfast?

I’m sharing the best Christmas breakfast ideas that will get your morning off to a great start! From sweet treats to savory dishes, there is something for everyone on this list.

close up for christmas donuts on a platter.

The best part of waking up on Christmas morning is knowing that you get to indulge in a delicious breakfast feast! Okay, okay, maybe Christmas breakfast comes second to those of you who love presents, but for us foodies, this is our time to shine!

Breakfast Ideas

1. Cranberry Sweet Rolls

Sweet, tart cranberries are nestled in fluffy pastry then topped with a decadent cream cheese drizzle. Serve these rolls freshly baked to really wow your guests!

Plus, if you have leftovers (or want to double the batch) they are perfect for dessert later that day too!

Cranberry Sweet Rolls christmas breakfasts on a platter and plates.

2. Breakfast Strata Cups

These cute little strata cups make an ideal breakfast dish or a hearty brunch option. They are easy to assemble and bake which is ideal for early, bleary-eyed mornings.

While this version is made with sausage and fresh veggies, they can easily be customized with your favorite veggies and meats.

Breakfast Strata Cup with berries

3. Cranberry Orange Marmalade

This marmalade is a fun twist on the classic jam. The sweet-tart flavor combination of cranberry and orange make it ideal for slathering on warm toast or adding to pancakes.

Plus, this beginner-friendly jam recipe recipe doesn’t require pectin so you don’t have to worry about using any special ingredients!

cranberry orange marmalade toast for best Christmas breakfasts

4. Everything Bagel Overnight Breakfast Casserole

Bagels, sausage, cheese and eggs are combined in one dish for a hearty breakfast treat that is easy to prepare. This casserole can be prepped the night before, making it ideal for Christmas morning.

With its savory flavor, this casserole will surely satisfy both your brunch guests and your taste buds!

everything bagel breakfast casserole served on plates

5. Gingerbread Cinnamon Rolls

These delicious rolls are full of festive flavor and make the perfect treat for sweet tooths. The frosting is a unique blend of cream cheese and molasses that adds a subtle richness to the classic cinnamon roll flavor.

You can also double or triple the recipe if you need to serve more guests – just pop them in the oven before opening gifts and enjoy the yummy scent.

gingerbread cinnamon rolls Christmas breakfasts

6. Homemade Pancakes (Mix)

Skip the store-bought mix and make your own homemade pancake mix! This easy recipe just requires pantry staples like flour, baking powder and salt.

To make them special for Christmas morning, simply add a few festive touches with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or allspice then top them off with your favorite syrup or the cranberry marmalade recipe from above. They are sure to be a hit!

make homemade pancakes with this mix for the best Christmas breakfasts

7. Mascarpone Cranberry French Toast

Mascarpone cheese and cranberry come together to make this decadent French toast using a brioche bread base. Topped with powdered sugar, it makes a sweet and festive start to your Christmas morning.

You can also prepare the french toast ahead of time, then pop them in the oven just before serving for convenience (and less mess!).

cranberry covered French toast on a plate covered in syrup

8. Brown Sugar Baked Bacon

Who said bacon couldn’t be festive? This recipe is sure to please everyone and it is easy to double the batch if needed. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any mess as this bacon bakes in the oven

The brown sugar and bacon combo is pretty addictive. Want to take it up a knotch? Shake a bit of cayenne pepper in. It’s the ideal combination for a sweet-spicy kick!

brown sugar glazed bacon on a platter

9. Spinach Bacon Swiss Quiche

This quiche features a creamy blend of eggs and swiss cheese complimented with smoky bacon and spinach.

I’ll admit that I use a store-bought crust usually when making this quiche, but if you fancied Christmas breakfast, you can go absolutely make one from scratch. Either way, this is sure to be a popular dish at the table!

slice of spinach bacon swiss quiche Christmas breakfast

10. Chelsea Buns

These warm, sweet buns are a classic British treat. These are made with an enriched dough that is filled with dried fruit and spices then topped with a decadent apricot-orange glaze. Serve these rolls freshly baked to really wow your guests!

Plus, if you have leftovers (or want to double the batch) they are conveniently freezer-friendly, so you can enjoy them throughout the holidays.

glazed homemade chelsea buns in a baking dish

11. Christmas Donuts

With bright colors and festive designs, these Christmas donuts are a delicious and fun way to add a little sweetness to your Christmas breakfast or brunch. 

colorful christmas donuts on a platter.

12. Apple Cranberry Baked Oatmeal

When the air outside turns crisp and cool, this Apple Cranberry Baked Oatmeal is a hearty and flavorful way to start your Christmas day. Packed with fresh apples, dried cranberries, chopped pecans, and seasonal spices, this seasonal breakfast dish is also easy to make.

Apple Cranberry Baked Oatmeal in bowl.

13. Easy Overnight Breakfast Casserole

This quick and easy overnight breakfast casserole is the perfect Christmas breakfast idea. This recipe is so simple to make and loaded with flavor. Make it the night before so you just need to put it in the oven the next morning.

Easy Overnight Breakfast Casserole on plate.

Christmas Morning Drinks

Outside of the standard requisite coffee and tea, why not offer a festive christmas morning drink to start the day off right? I have two fantastic options for you here.

14. Spiced Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

This bubbly drink is a festive take on the classic mimosa. It features a simple homemade spiced cranberry simple syrup—but don’t worry, I walk you through how to make the entire thing.

Pour a little syrup in a flute and layer on some champagne. That’s it—you have the perfect festive cocktail to enjoy with Christmas breakfasts for years to come!

tall flute filled with festive cranberry champagne cocktail

15. Non-Alcoholic Christmas Sangria

This non-alcoholic sangria is a crowd pleaser. With its vibrant colors and fruity flavor, this drink will be sure to make your Christmas morning special.

It’s also super easy to make—just pour some cranberry juice, tea, and sparkling grape juice into a pitcher, add in some seasonal fruits (think cranberries and oranges!) and let it sit for a bit. The flavors blend together nicely for a perfect christmas morning toast!

non-alcoholic Christmas sangria for holiday breakfasts

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve seen this list of delicious breakfast options, here are a few FAQs I’ve gotten on this topic. Have a question of your own? Drop it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it.

What is served at Christmas brunch?

There are many different christmas brunch options. Some popular dishes include egg casseroles, pancakes, french toast, and finger foods.

I like to make sure there’s at least 1-2 savory options, and 1-2 sweet options on my breakfast table. It allows for a good variety and ensures there’s something for every taste bud!

How should I set up my Christmas breakfast table?

I actually have an entire post devoted to how to style your Christmas table! Check it out for tons of tips.

Now let’s get into it! From sweet cinnamon rolls to savory bacon, these are some of the most festive breakfast recipe ideas around. So gather your loved ones around the table and dig into some scrumptious holiday eats!

christmas breakfast ideas on plates.

There you have it: festive christmas breakfast ideas for your next holiday celebration. So what are you waiting for?

Get cooking and make this Christmas morning one to remember! Happy Holidays!

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