The Ultimate Flower Arranging Guide

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I’m thrilled to share this complete flower arranging guide with you – including a valuable Petal Driven ( coupon code that will save you money on gorgeous fresh flowers shipped right to your door.

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Creating floral arrangements is one of my favorite things! You can literally create an entire mood with flowers and greenery. I can’t think of a single occasion where flowers don’t belong. Graduations, weddings, birthday parties, even funerals – flowers express what we can’t find the words to say.

Flower arranging might look complicated at first, but once you learn the basics, you’ll realize how easy and fun it is. If you have ever created other pieces of art like photographs, paintings, or sketches – then you probably already know the basic design rules I’m talking about. If not, keep reading, and I’ll tell you more about it in this guide.

I have to warn you – once you begin arranging flowers, your hobby might turn into an addiction or a lucrative side hustle. You won’t mind, though, because arranging flowers is an artistic outlet where you can express your creativity.

Plus, I’m sharing my favorite place to get the freshest flowers: Petal Driven. This company sources flowers from across six continents and ships gorgeous blooms right to your front door. These flowers are a lot more varied and fresh than what you might find at your grocery store florist.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Flower Arranging

Before we get to the flower arranging guide, here are some questions people often ask about it. If you don’t see your question in this list, please leave it in the comments.

What is flower arranging?

The term flower arranging describes the art of displaying floral blooms in a container to show them off. This can look like a large bouquet full of a variety of different flowers or one single type.

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Are silk or fresh flowers better for arranging?

The decision to use silk or fresh flowers all depends on the purpose of the arrangement. For example, how long will the flowers be displayed? How will they be transported? What is the purpose of the event?

If you want a seasonal floral arrangement that lasts all season long, you might want to go with silk flowers.

If you plan something formal like a wedding, fresh flowers set a more regal tone.

Personally, I’m a big fan of fresh flowers!

flower arrangement on dresser

What is the basic rule in flower arrangement?

Flower arrangements follow the same design principles as other types of art. You need to pay special care to the balance, scale, and emphasis of the arrangement.

Make sure you have a focal point and build around it, making sure you balance the design evenly on both sides of the focal piece.

How do you arrange your flowers like a florist?

You don’t have to have a degree in floral design to arrange flowers like a pro – you just have to be picky with your designs.

  • Choose the highest-quality flowers and greenery. Cheap florals make your entire arrangement look cheap. I love to shop at PetalDriven because they always send me the freshest and boldest blooms (and I have a coupon code for you if you scroll down a bit).
  • Next, keep your arrangement secure. Use the correct mechanics to keep your flowers where you place them. As you place the flowers into the vase or container, pay close attention to the mechanics of good design principles.
  • Finally, go with your gut! If you think it looks fantastic, then go for it!
Flower Arranging Guide

Surprisingly, it isn’t roses. It’s lilies. They are one of those types of flowers that are at home at any event – from weddings to funerals.

Roses aren’t a flower I choose often for my arrangements, but I can work on a guide specific to arranging them if you are interested.

Flower Arranging Guide

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PetalDriven is a go-to for me when I need a lot of flowers. They offer direct (straight from the farm) wholesale flowers shipped directly to your door.

You can save 10% on your order by using code “INSPIRED10” at checkout. You can find their beautiful collection of florals HERE.

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Flower Arrangement Ideas

Here are some of my best flower arrangement ideas. I hope they spur on some creative ideas for you and give you a fresh new way to create more projects.

How to Arrange Tulips

Tulips are an attention-grabbing flower. They are some of my favorite florals to arrange because they almost arrange themselves as you place them in the vase.


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vase of tulips

In fact, I have an entire guide about how to arrange tulips. Check that out for lots of photos and my take on the penny and vodka hack.

My biggest tip for arranging tulips is to trim them and change the water every day. They open towards the light, so place tulip arrangments near a window that receives sunshine.

How to Style Modern Flower Arrangements

The key to modern flower arrangements is the vase. Choosing the correct container is half the battle. So pick out something understated that still grabs your attention.

Browse these modern flower arrangement ideas to give yourself a few designs to try out. I even share some of my favorite places to buy modern floral vases.

Peony Arrangement on coffee table

How to Arrange a Tulipiere

Have you ever used a tulipiere? If not, this guide will answer all of your questions.

Tulipiere - Flower Vase

A tulipiere is a wonderful vase with individual spouts that keeps your tulips separated from each other and prevents them from sagging too much.

It can seem intimidating at first, but it is actually quite simple. You just need to make sure you trim the tulips at the correct height. The container does the rest of the work for you.

Tulipiere - Flower Vase / Tulip Vase #tulipiere #vase #flowervase #tulips #tulipvase #flowerarranging #flowers #bouquet

Creating Beautiful Peony Arrangements

When it comes to my favorite flowers, peonies rank high on the list. Not only are they beautiful and available in so many varieties, but part of their magic for me is that their season is so short. In mid-spring, they pop up, and before you know it their beauty is gone and we wait for their return the following spring.

peony arrangement in glass vase.

In this post, I’m sharing all of my tips and tricks for creating easy and beautiful peony arrangements.

We’re covering everything including where to buy, how to arrange, and tips for keeping your arrangements looking their best.

How to Arrange Flowers for Events and Gatherings

One of my favorite things about arranging flowers is how they can set an entire mood. When I arranged flowers for a retreat, I discovered a few tricks that helped me use the flowers to set the tone.

Flower Arranging Guide

It’s important to use muted colors. The flowers need to enhance the room’s atmosphere, not demand all the attention from it.

You should also aim to fill the vase as fully as you can. When an arrangement is full and bountiful, it helps everyone’s hearts and minds feel full too.

Flower Arranging Guide

How to Arrange Fall Florals

The biggest difference between the flower arrangements of different seasons is the colors. When you create a fall bouquet, you will use flowers that fall within the golden spectrum. Use lots of red and orange hues.

fall flower arrangement

The greenery should be vivid and dark, enhancing the colors of the flowers.

That’s a Wrap on this Flower Arrangement Guide

There you have it! From understated tulip arrangements to full arrangements at retreats, there are so many different ways to create the perfect display. As someone who doesn’t have any floral training, I can honestly tell you that the best thing you can do is follow your heart.

Don’t forget to check out Petal Driven and use code “INSPIRED10” to save 10% off your next order!


fall flower arrangement.


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