5+ DIY Modern Flower Arrangements

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I’m sharing my tips, tricks, and ideas for creating easy and beautiful modern flower arrangements for your home. Learn how to arrange tulips, peonies, mini bouquets, monochromatic arrangements, and more!

peony arrangement in glass vase

You know I love me some flowers. That’s why today we’re talking about modern flower arrangements you can DIY for spring and / or Easter!

With a few floral projects in mind, earlier this week I went shopping. I found gorgeous spring flowers in Pittsburgh where I live: tulips, hyacinths, ranunculus, and hydrangeas the size of my head. Into my cart, all of them went.

I haven’t had any formal floral design training (except for a flower arranging class in college), but I have picked up a few tricks and ideas here and there that might interest you.

hydrangea flower arrangement in a vase on a coffee table.

Where to Buy Flowers

First, you’re going to need some beautiful blooms. Here are my go-to sources: 

  • Your Own Backyard: My favorite place to get fresh flowers is in my own yard. I plant a variety or annuals and perennials to create a cutting garden that I can enjoy in the spring, summer, and fall.
  • Grocery Store: If you just need a dozen or two, I recommend picking them up at the grocery store. I particularly love them from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Most grocery stores stock tulips year-round. 
  • Local Flower Shop: Your local flower shop is always a great source for beautiful blooms. You may tend to pay a bit more, but it’s always nice to support a local business. You could also ask if they have any leftover flowers or special deals on older blooms that you could take advantage of at a discounted rate. 
  • PetalDriven: PetalDriven is a go-to for me when I need a lot of flowers. They offer direct (straight from the farm) wholesale flowers shipped directly to your door. You can save 10% on your order by using code “INSPIRED10” at checkout. If you need bulk flowers in beautiful varieties and colors, PetalDriven is a must!
collection of vases for peony arrangement.

The Best Vases

When I’m doing a flower arrangement I generally think it’s easier to work with a smaller opening. I shared a few of my favorite vases below.

One of my favorite things to use for any arrangement is a pitcher. They always seem to have the perfect size opening. 

Favorite Vases

Looking for some really inexpensive options? Visit your local Goodwill or Thrift Store. They always have an entire shelf dedicated to discarded vases. Also, a classic Ball jar is a perfect option for flowers. I love the rustic / country look. This fluted design is especially beautiful!

Ready to arrange? Let’s get to it!

Arranging Tulips

If you follow IBC on Instagram, then you’ve probably had a peek at this first idea for creating modern flower arrangements. The inspiration for this guy came from a vase I found at HomeGoods. In my book, the marble base and a big glass hurricane make it a stunner.

vase of tulips on a cabinet.

Side note: When I’m shopping at places like HomeGoods and find something unique that I wasn’t looking for but “need” to have, I try to think about 3-4 ways or places I can use the item. These vases were a perfect example. (I used the plural because I bought this one and its big sister.) Not only did I picture them as flower vases, but I also figured they could hold candles. In addition, I imagined them in the center of my dining table or on my coffee table. Finally, I thought they would work as the vessel for a cool terrarium. Sold!

For this arrangement, I decided to do something simple but bold. I filled the vase with 48 or so tulips. Just tulips. (I found a couple large packs.)

vase of tulips on a cabinet
vase of tulips on a cabinet

For tulips, I like to tear off a couple leaves, wash the stems (They tend to be dirty), and then tuck them into the vase. Tulips like to do their own thing, so I embrace their awkwardness. After a couple days, I typically go back and remove a few more leaves and change the water. This tulip arrangement lasted a little more than a week. If you want your tulips to be perkier, toss a penny into the water.

If you want more information on arranging tulips, I have an entire post dedicated to the process of arranging tulips filled with more tips, tricks, and ideas for beautiful arrangements.

Try a Tulipiere

And let’s not forget my all-time favorite: tulipiere

tulipiere wtih tulips

Have you ever heard of one of these magical “self-arranging” vases? If not, you’re in luck because I have an entire post dedicated to them. Consider it a mini crash course in tulipieres: what they are, how to use them, and my favorite ones.

Tulipiere - Flower Vase / Tulip Vase #tulipiere #vase #flowervase #tulips #tulipvase #flowerarranging #flowers #bouquet

One Variety of Bloom

As you saw in the last example, sticking with one type of flower is an easy way to design an arrangement. I did the same thing last in my bedroom makeover post. There I used a modern vase and filled it with mini hydrangeas. That was it.

vase of hydrangea on a dresser.

With any flower arrangement, you will want to remove any leaves below the water line and recut the stems before placing them in your vase. To get the longest life out of your blooms, I also recommend changing the water every couple of days.

vase of hydrangea on a dresser.

Arrangements like this are ideal when you want to make a simple but bold statement. They’re not fussy, and the neutral palette looks great in any room.

Monochromatic Arrangement

Speaking of hydrangeas, I found these massive purple hydrangea blooms on my flower hunting adventure. This vase contains only two of them, but each one is the size of my head.

vase of hydrangea on a coffee table

While these hydrangeas would have looked gorgeous on their own, I wanted to play off the purple, so I added a few stems of freesia to create a monochromatic arrangement.

The colors work together nicely, and the size and style of the blooms complement each other. Putting the different blooms together makes it look a bit more intentional, interesting, and stylish.

vase of hydrangea on a coffee table
vase of hydrangea on a coffee table

Also, I find it easiest to work with vases with a smaller opening at the top. It helps to keep the stems in place and standing up straight.


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Here is another example of a monochromatic look, but done in a different way. This was the centerpiece for my Easter table.

tulips and roses in vases on a dining table.
tulips and roses in vases on a dining table.

Here, I used three white pitchers and filled each one with a different flower. While the colors vary slightly, all the hues are similar and work well together.

tulips and roses in vases on a dining table.

I think it turned out beautifully. I love the bold pop of color.


Peonies are one of my favorites flowers. In fact, I love them so much I have at least two dozen bushes on my property that I enjoy growing, cutting, an arranging every spring.

I created an entire guide to creating beautiful peony arrangements, so I won’t go into too much details here.

peony arrangement in a white vase on a countertop.

While peonies are a classic and romantic bloom, they can also be arranged in away to feel more modern. I especially like this arrangements of just whites and greens.

Flowering Bulbs

Because it’s spring, you’re going to see a lot of blooms that come from bulbs. (For example, tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, and lilies) In stores, you’ll even see these flowers being sold as potted plants or blooming bulbs.

daffodil bulbs in a vase on a table.

I saw these potted mini daffodils and thought they would look delightful in an Easter tablescape I was working on. They came in a plastic pot, so I transferred them to a white-footed bowl I had on hand. It took minutes and instantly made this $3.99 plant feel special and rich.

daffodil bulbs in a vase on a table.
daffodil bulbs in a vase on a table.

When buying tulips as planted bulbs, I prefer getting ones with lots of unopened blooms. Watching the blooms open gives you more bang for your buck. Potted tulips with unopened blooms will also last a lot longer than those with all their blooms open.

Mini Bouquets

Last but not least are mini bouquets. If you’ve been following Inspired by Charm for some time, you know these are my go-to. Why? Because they are the easiest and they look good every single time and in any location.

mini vase of flowers on a table.
mini vase of flowers on a table.

The key with these is to use a small vase with a small opening and just pack it with flowers. It basically arranges itself. You can use all the same flowers or a mixed bouquet. One tip is to make the overall flower arrangement the same size as the vase or just a bit larger.

This idea is best for when you need quite a bit of floral decor, but don’t have a big flower budget. Instead of lumping everything together in one vase, you can divide the flowers into 3 or 4 smaller arrangements you can spread all over your house.

mini vase of flowers on a table.
mini vase of flowers on a table.

I especially like this idea for creating a line of 3 or 5 vases down a table. It’s also an easy way to add a little life and freshness to your bathroom or dress up a bookcase or side tables in your living room.

Plant a Terrarium

…or anything for that matter. I know that a plant is different from a fresh flower arrangement, but they essentially serve the same purpose. I also like plants because they last longer. I’m talking years if you have a green thumb.

terrarium in a jar on a table.
terrarium in a jar on a table.

I recently took a class at a local plant shop (Farm & Forest) and created my own terrarium. But you don’t need a class to plant something fun and special. Nowadays you can buy them at the store. Check out this beauty I picked up at Whole Foods.

terrarium in a jar on a table.

You can use plants just as you would flower arrangements. They can add life to a side table, function as a centerpiece for Easter, or bring a splash of color to your kitchen island.

terrarium in a jar on a table.

If you’re looking for a terrarium tutorial, I have one of those too! Check out this beauty…

terrarium in a jar on a table.
terrarium in a jar on a table.

So whether you planting something or simply adding fresh blooms to a vase, do what works for you to create beautiful modern flower arrangements that will make you smile.

I hope you found a few of my tips and ideas helpful.

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  1. It’s surprising that you are not a professional florist yet came up with these amazing flower arrangement ideas! Thanks Michael, for sharing this informative post.

  2. I am on week 6 of being home I never would have found your website
    If I was still working. I love your ideas and how you make them workable
    For the regular person. I need to do my guest room over how do you begin?
    Looking forward to your next subject!

    Thank you,Louise

  3. Beautiful arrangements and great tips, Michael! Have you tried Hellebores (a.k.a. Lenten Rose)? The cut flowers last for weeks and the blooms are stunning. Easy to grow in partial shade and deer don’t touch them!

  4. Now, here in Texas, red amaryllis are in bloom; they’re so very beautiful and unlike the pink that bloom in Monterey County, CA in August. How do I fix them properly? Have lots of beautiful cut glass, also some old while porcelain.
    Interesting you say you’re from Pgh, lived there many yrs ago while my husband built Mellon Bank & 3 rivers’ stadium! Enjoyed it, loved the people, hated the potholes!

    1. Hmmm. I can’t say I have much experience with amaryllis. They are usually a holiday flower up here. The bulbs are typically potted and grown in a container.

      And yes – the potholes are not fun. I think they’ve gotten worse too! Ack!

      xo Michael

  5. You are a man after my heart, and you just captured it with these lovely arrangements. I love these ideas, and the different ways you arranged them. I will be stealing each one of them. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Please stay safe and healthy.

  6. I love, love , love this post!!! I, too, am a plant person and your tips are on point. I have to try a terrarium! Your ideas for a variety of flowers is very helpful. Please keep the posts coming and be safe.

  7. Michael,
    I just found your site and I love it! A tip my florist friend told me was when changing the water to use warm water, not cold or hot. This works wonders with my hydrangeas and they will last me for min two weeks if I change the water every 2-3 days. I get them primarily at TJs. What are the little tiny purple flowers called, love them!

  8. A tip on buying roses is to make sure the rose is very firm before you buy them. Mine usually last a good 2 weeks. I get my roses at Aldi for $3.99 for 6 and they are just beautiful I also take my own vase to HyVee and get a nice arrangement for about $16. This is much less than a florist.

    I will be glad when we can go back to Home Goods and shop again. My list is getting long

  9. You did an excellent job for these flower arrangements. I can say that they are really modern, unique but very classy. I am an aspiring florist for a year now and I am motivated seeing these lovely flower arrangements. Thank you so much for sharing it. Looking forward to another great post! Cheers

  10. great content but your site is so annoying. i came from a google search but when i arrived i had to close 4 pop ups. 1 was a video pop up there was some other pop up on the bottom and two on top. think about it. people dont want to be annoyed with all of that. theyre coming to a site for a specific reason. if they want to subscribe theyll subscribe if they want to like or share or watch videos on your site they will your content is good enough to keep people around with out forcefeeding them with a feeder tube down their throat. It makes people not want to come to a site because its a hassle.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, John. It’s honestly a tough balance. If you are brand new to the site the GDRP/Cookies Pop-up (required by law) and mailing list Pop-up will be visible. However, once you close out of them you won’t see them again.

      The video and ad (at the bottom of the page) are there to help keep this site alive. I’m able to share hundreds of recipes and ideas to you and thousands of others for absolutely no charge. I hope you don’t mind a few momentary taps for access to all of my content.

      Thank you again!

  11. Love this post! Such beautiful, minimal ideas. Seems like so many “decorator” bloggers think they have to put everything they own on display! Don’t seem to know “less is more”! So glad I found your site. Love all of your recipes too!! Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen!

    1. Lynne, thank you so much! Everyone has a different style, but I understand what you mean. I’m glad you like and appreciate what I share here. Thanks again!

      xo Michael

  12. OK! Want to have your tulips sitting smart and upright and not drooping?
    Secret is to take a straight pin and prick the stem just at the base of the tulip flower. This will not hurt the bloom and it will allow your tulips to sit upright and not droop…. IF THAT IS THE LOOK THAT YOU WANT. Try it.
    SO WANTING SPRING after (for us) a long cold winter. Warm weather has arrived in Vancouver British Columbia,Canada and the flowers are just spectacular medicine to wash away the winter blahs.

  13. I’m a florist and I love any content that encourages people to have more flowers in their life! You are lucky to live in a region with a lot of wonderful flower farms. Buying local flowers from the farmers will give you an even greater vase life because you are getting the freshest product. Check out SLOW flowers or Floret Flowers for a list of nearby farms.

    1. Excellent! I really appreciate this list. In the summer I’m part of a weekly flower CSA and it’s the best! The flowers seem to last forever.

      Thanks! xo Michael

      1. Michael Wurm, Jr
        Would you tell me what is a weekly flower CSA?
        I live in Georgia and would enjoy being part of one.
        Thank you for your help,

      2. A flower CSA is just like a vegetable CSA. Basically a local flower farmer provides a bouquet every week. You buy in at the beginning of the season and pick-up your bouquet every week on a set date / time.

        xo Michael

  14. I like buying flowers at Costco – they’re sustainably sourced, and seem to last a long time. Questions: How do you keep cut hydrangeas fresh? I mist mine daily, a tip someone gave me, and it helps but they still seem to wilt in 3-4 days. And Pittsburgh has a Wegmans? Finally, have you been to Madeleine Bakery in Regent Square? I think you’d like it!

    1. If you search there are tips for keeping them fresh (soaking in water, recutting the stems in boiling water, etc.) I’m not exactly sure of what works best. Pittsburgh doesn’t have a Wegmans, I was just providing some ideas.

      And no, I’ll be sure to check it out. Thank you!

      xo Michael

  15. A tip to keep hydrangeas looking good for weeks, every couple of days change the water AND snip about a half inch off the stem and dip them in alum. You’ll find alum in the spice/herb section of the grocery. I think it’s used in pickling.

      1. Patty is right…the alum tip really works! I live in South Carolina and have been bringing in huge armfuls of daffodils, azaleas, snowball (similar blooms to hydrangeas) roses, etc. it has been heavenly, and I’m a little sad things are on the wane now. Thank goodness the kitties have not been to interested! Your arrangements are all very beautiful and inspirational, Michael.