Beautiful and Functional Pantry Storage

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Looking to organize dry goods in your pantry? Well, you’re in luck because I’m sharing some creative, beautiful, and functional pantry storage ideas and inspiration.

hand putting a jar on a shelf

Pantry Storage Ideas

This post is sponsored by the makers of Ball® home canning products.*

Welcome back into my kitchen. Today, I’m taking you into my pantry to share how I took a shelf (one that I found while thrifting) and some Ball® canning jars and together, turned them into stylish dry good storage.

I’ve always had a big blank wall in my pantry. Previously, I displayed a collection of vintage trays on it. While this looked great, I always wondered if there was a way to make this wall even more purposeful and functional. I ended up ditching the trays (well, put them in storage), installed a new-to-me vintage shelf, and filled it with pantry staples and a few decorative accessories.

pantry storage and decor
Beautiful and Functional Pantry Storage

I think it turned out great and I’m loving the added storage. And the bonus is that it looks fabulous! Ball® just released new Wooden Lids (Regular and Wide Mouth) and they are perfect for a project like this. The wood blends in beautifully and adds a touch of coziness, would you agree? 

(You can also shop the Wooden Jar lids on Amazon.)

Now that you’ve seen the project, let me show you how it all came together.

chocolate chips in a ball jars
pantry organization on a shelf

From Thrift Find to Stylish Storage

Before hanging my thrifted shelf, I decided to give it a new finish. (In my excitement to put this project together I failed to take a picture of the before, so you’ll just have to imagine this shelf with an orangey gloss finish which wasn’t ideal.)

empty wood shelf

I stripped away the old finish and applied a new stain and a coat of sealant. The new finish works much better with some of the other wood tones in this space. A couple of anchor screws into the wall hold the shelf in place.

Ball® Jars with Wooden Lids

With my shelf hung, it was begging to be filled. After thinking about what ingredients I wanted to store here, I went through my stash of Ball® jars and gathered a suitable collection. Here’s what I used:

(You can also shop the Wooden Jar lids on Amazon.)

ball jars and with wooden lids


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As I mentioned above, what I really love about this project is the new Wooden Lids. They are a game-changer in terms of stylish storage.

ball jars and wooden lids

The Wooden Lids are crafted from Acacia wood and available in both Regular and Wide Mouth sizes. The lids are airtight which makes them perfect for pantry or countertop storage. And if that wasn’t enough, they are also designed to be stackable with most Ball® jars. (Love that!)

Here I used the jars to hold old-fashioned oats, dried pasta, chocolate chips, and assorted nuts. If you are going to do a similar project, you could choose from the kitchen dry goods that you use most frequently.

ball jars with wooden lids
ball jar with ball wooden lid

I had all of my jars filled in under 5 minutes. Easy peasy!

Bringing it All Together

Once I had all of my jars filled with my pantry staples, the final step was to style the shelf. I first started by putting all of my jars into place.

shelf with filled jars

Once I had the jars where I liked them, I filled in with some kitchen essentials and decor. I used plates, crocks, plants, vintage utensils, and other kitchen essentials. I love how all of these pieces add character and make this pantry storage area look so pretty and collected.

kitchen shelf with jars of food
pantry shelf storage

And voila! My chic and functional pantry storage is complete! I couldn’t be more pleased with the final results.

pantry design shelves and decor

It will be so handy to have these goods at an arm’s reach when I’m in the kitchen. (This may also be handy for snacking too! A handful of nuts and chocolate? Yes, please!)

walk in pantry
ball jar with wood lid
pantry storage

I hope you enjoyed this project and picked up a few storage and decorating ideas for your own space.
Happy Organizing!

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post that is part of an ongoing partnership with the Fresh Preserving Division of Newell Brands. They have provided jars, equipment, and monetary compensation. All thoughts and opinions expressed remain my own.

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  1. All I can say is perfection! The warm wood juxtaposed with the cooler colors of your cabinetry and white countertop are in a word simply perfect!

  2. Michael,
    I adore your pantry. I grew up in a home with a walk-in pantry like this, minus the window which streams in light and certainly makes it more welcoming. I also had a shelf like this but when we downsized, I gave it away, thinking it was too “old school”. But the idea to refinish yours in a more neutral stain and use it for beautiful organization is just perfect. Everything on display in your pantry is thoughtfully organized; the eye just roams from one lovely spot to another. What a joy it must be to use that pantry every day!

  3. Love the way you styled your self and love the wooden lids! I randomly came across them on Amazon a couple of weeks ago and they were already sold out. I couldn’t wait so ordered some of the bamboo lids. Not as warm looking as the Ball lids, but still attractive. Now eyeing wooden lids for Oui yogurt jars. They would be perfect for spices

  4. This looks great! Have you tried the wooden lids to store things in the refrigerator yet? Thinking of salads in jars – I wonder how they would hold up in those conditions.

    1. The Wooden lids are designed for dry goods and pantry storage so I wouldn’t recommend using them in the refrigerator. They do have THESE lids that I’ve used and love for refrigerator storage.

      xo Michael

  5. love the wooden lids and immediately went to the link. They are expensive at over $4/each! But most importantly, they won’t ship for 1-2 months!!

    1. Terry, the lids are BRAND new. Right now they are available on Amazon, but will be making their way to places like Target, Walmart, etc. In time they should be readily available, but as with anything new they might be a bit harder to find in the beginning. The lids are reusable and should last for years, however you’ll have to determine if they are worth the investment for you. In my opinion I feel like they are priced fairly. Hope that helps!

      xo Michael

      1. Terry, just after posting my comment, I found the lids quick quicker shipping and a better price. You can find them HERE (regular) and HERE (wide mouth.) Hope that helps!

        xo Michael

  6. Good Morning Michael,

    I love this post! I was compelled to comment on a couple of things. I have a very similar shelf that I inherited from my mother. It was always called the “Mustn’t Touch” shelf and all her tiny, fragile antiques were kept there. I never thought about using it in the kitchen for practical storage! I also love to organize things, so the mason jars with wooden lids really speak to me. Maybe one day you can do a post on storing and organizing household “stuff” like lightbulbs, extension cords, batteries, vacuum attachments, etc. I try to keep it organized but it seems like it’s strung all over the house in various drawers, baskets, and bins.

  7. Envious of your pantry! (Our pantry is very small). Love the wood lids. I sometimes give little gifts of homemade items and these lids will be perfect to add to a jar of homemade granola, cocoa mix, dry ingredients for cookies, etc. tie a pretty ribbon or raffia around the filled jar & wooden lid and give away.
    Love your posts; always look forward to them. Happy weekend!