Custom Cabinetry for my Entryway


A new project is underway at Bayberry House. Custom cabinetry is being added to my entryway, and I thought I’d invite you along to watch the process.

Custom Cabinetry for my Entryway:

As I mentioned back in January, I have a slew of home projects I’d like to complete in 2020. (If you missed that post, you can find my project list here.) A few of the items might be delayed given our current global situation, but I’m still working away at the things I can complete.

One of my big goals for this year is to add custom cabinets in my entryway and living room. I’m pleased to say that both of those projects have officially begun and are slated to be completed this fall. I couldn’t be more excited!

The first project is in my entryway.

Quick backstory … (And I apologize to those who might be familiar with this. Feel free to skip this section.) Last year I had my kitchen renovated. As part of that, the slate tile in my entryway was replaced with hardwood. I also removed a built-in drywalled closet.

The latter decision was made knowing that down the road the existing closet would be replaced with custom cabinetry. As much as I would have loved to have the cabinets built during my kitchen renovation, the additional expense wasn’t in my budget.

So here we are. It’s roughly a year later. I’ve saved my pennies, and I’m now ready to wrap up this part of the reno project.

And because everyone loves a before and after, here’s how this space looked when I bought the house:

Tour my new Modern Colonial Home in Pittsburgh, PA. Inspired by Charm's New Home. #moderncolonial #inspiredbycharm #hometour

And I realize that is the wrong angle, but you can see where the old drywalled closet jutes out on the very left of the image. I’ll have to sort through my pictures to see if I might have a better view. If I do, I will update this post.

Here’s how it looked after I painted it: (Details on the paint are HERE.)

A look at my newly painted entryway. Color: Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue

And here’s how it looks after the kitchen renovation with the new flooring but no closet.

Since I knew more changes were coming, I didn’t do much decorating in the entryway. The only time I decorated was at Christmas, and it was filled with holiday cheer. However, for the rest of the year, it’s been a blank canvas and not especially welcoming. I hope that the new cabinetry will motivate me to add more personal style to this space.

Now that we have all of that covered, let me tell you about the plan.

I’ve enlisted Drury Cabinetry to complete the project. They are local to Pittsburgh, Latrobe specifically, and come with very high recommendations. So far, they have been a joy to work with. You can visit their website here or follow them on Instagram here. Even if you’re just looking for a little cabinet style inspiration. Their work is STUNNING!

In planning this space, I knew I wanted a closed closet where I could store my vacuum, coats, shoes, and other odds and ends. I also wanted a small bench with storage and a shelf with room to hang things below.

I created a cabinetry board on Pinterest (which you can find here) to share my aesthetic along with cabinet styles and storage features I like.

Entryway Custom Cabinetry Design:

Taking all of that into consideration here’s a peek at the design for the cabinets:

Custom Cabinetry for my Entryway #cabinetry #entryway #foyer #design #farrowandball #pigeon #storage

Custom Cabinetry for my Entryway #cabinetry #entryway #foyer #design #farrowandball #pigeon #storage

I. am. LOVING. it!

Based on my wants and needs, the design was pretty straightforward. There’s a closet, bench, and shelf with hooks.

As I was deciding on the materials and style, I looked to my kitchen for inspiration. I wanted to keep things harmonious but not the same. For example, we will use a similar shelf bracket, but the detail on the cabinetry edge will be slightly different from that in the kitchen.

Custom Cabinetry for my Entryway #cabinetry #entryway #foyer #design #farrowandball #pigeon #storage

If you’re wondering about color, I’ve chosen Pigeon from Farrow and Ball. It’s a beautiful chameleon color. Sometimes it’s gray. Sometimes it’s green. Sometimes it’s blue. But it’s always lovely!

Custom Cabinetry for my Entryway #cabinetry #entryway #foyer #design #farrowandball #pigeon #storage

It took me a while to determine the best color for this space, but when I stumbled across this image from Becca Interiors, I knew I had a winner. (If you love the image below as much as I do, you should check out the rest of this home here. It’s a stunner!)

Custom Cabinetry for my Entryway #cabinetry #entryway #foyer #design #farrowandball #pigeon #storage

Image Source: Becca Interiors – Hudson River Colonial

In fact, her overall cabinet layout (minus the window) is very similar to mine.

Here’s the next question you may have … Michael, are you painting the walls?

I haven’t decided. I go back and forth. One part of me wants to paint, and the other part of me isn’t quite ready to see the navy go. I still love it.

I also don’t think it matters at this point. Yes, it would be ideal to make the decision now so that I can paint before the cabinetry goes in, but it’s also not the end of the world to wait.

I did look at the colors side by side. I think they work great together so I can’t wait to see how the entryway looks without changing the wall color. Once the cabinetry is in, I can determine if the wall color stays or goes.

Custom Cabinetry for my Entryway #cabinetry #entryway #foyer #design #farrowandball #pigeon #storage

In the back of my mind, I imagine that one day I will update the chair molding to something a bit cleaner and maybe add a fun wallpaper to the top half of the wall. But time will tell.

Whatever happens, I’m bursting with excitement. It will be wonderful to have a functioning storage space in this room and finally feel like I can properly decorate.

And that’s it, my friends! There are a few final things to work out, and then I just have to wait until it’s my turn on the schedule.

Drury Cabinetry will also be adding cabinetry around the fireplace in my living room. That’s going to be so beautiful. I have plans for that as well, and I will be sharing those with you soon! Stay tuned.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this close-up of the start of my entryway custom cabinetry adventures and are looking forward to seeing this project come to life.

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