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Well, my friends, this is probably the last post in the series on my kitchen remodel project. (That is until I finally finish decorating my dining room!)

In case you’re new here, I recently completed a major kitchen remodel. During the renovation, I also added a butler’s pantry, made significant changes to my dining room, updated the powder room, and refinished the hardwood floors throughout the first level of my home. The latter change included replacing the slate flooring and removing the closet in the front entryway. I have yet to show you around that space, so I thought I’d do that today.

Not a great deal has changed in this space. As I mentioned, I installed new flooring and took out the closet. There are a couple of reasons why I decided to tackle both of these projects at the same time I was remodeling my kitchen.

Entryway Update:

First, the slate floor in the entryway needed some love. Although it might not be visible in the before photos, the grout was cracking in several places and a couple of the slate tiles needed to be replaced. I also wasn’t happy with the finish that had been applied to the slate. It was glossy and seemed to have yellowed/discolored over the years.

Tour my new Modern Colonial Home in Pittsburgh, PA. Inspired by Charm's New Home. #moderncolonial #inspiredbycharm #hometour

Tour my new Modern Colonial Home in Pittsburgh, PA. Inspired by Charm's New Home. #moderncolonial #inspiredbycharm #hometour

Secondly, knowing that I would be replacing my kitchen floor with hardwood to match what’s in the other rooms on the first floor, it just made sense to redo the entryway at the same time. I figured that would increase the likelihood of getting a seamless look among the spaces and mean I wouldn’t have to deal with the disruption and dust of a separate remodel down the road.

Because I was changing the flooring in the foyer, it seemed like an opportune time to remove the existing drywalled closet as well. I plan to do custom cabinetry in the entryway to create storage and seating. Removing the closet now, allowed me to open up the area and refinish/replace the flooring in this whole space.

It seems like this is how renovations often go – one change leads to another, and another, and another . . .

Now that I’ve shared all of my reasoning, here’s how my entryway looks today.

Entryway Ideas:

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

Yes, it’s painfully empty in here. Other than bringing in a mirror and small chair, I haven’t done anything to this space. I’m not sure how soon I will have funds to tackle the built-in closet/storage bench, so in the meantime, I’ll probably just pick up an inexpensive bench and a few other decorative items so the entryway looks more welcoming, especially with the holidays just around the corner.

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with the changes. They are exactly what I wanted. The crew was able to seamlessly tie in the new hardwood floors in the entryway with the ones in the living room, family room, and kitchen. The hardwood in the family room runs in the opposite direction, so that made the transition between the spaces noticeable, but it was unavoidable.

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

I thought about painting the entryway a different color or possibly installing new molding, but I opted to keep the existing paint and molding. (You may remember that I put up the molding and painted the walls last fall. You can get more details here.)

One of the things I especially love about this entryway is the view into the dining room and through the new windows. Previously, it looked like a dead-end back there. It’s amazing how those windows impact every room on the first floor. I’m so glad I decided to add them.

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

I realize this isn’t a super exciting update, but I thought it was important to post it since the entryway was part of the renovation process. I will be back to show you around again once I have more furnishings and decorations in the space. Until next time!

Entryway Sources:

Floor Stain: Bona Dark Walnut
Paints: Details can be found HERE
Light Fixture: Mello Semi-Flush in Lacquered Polished Brass with Clear Shade
Rug: Loloi Skye in Apricot / Mist

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  • MIchelle at

    The new wood flooring looks beautiful and I love the choice of paint colors in your entryway. I was wondering where you found the throw (with the leaves on it) that is on the back of the sofa in your family room?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I found it at TJ Maxx.

      xo Michael

  • Stephanie at

    I love the light fixture in the entryway. Can you tell me the source?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Of course. I just updated the post. It’s linked above (at the end of the post).

      xo Michael

  • nancy at

    Love to see anything and everything you do and the thought process behind it. And I’d never have noticed the directions of the hardwoods if you hadn’t mentioned it.

  • Kimberly at

    Love the update and especially love the moody color. First thing that popped into my head for the holidays is walking in and seeing a tall, thin Christmas tree in the blank entry corner. Thanks so much for sharing and for all the great decorating ideas!

    • Pam at

      I thought so too!

  • Holley at

    This home is really starting to look like “you.” I love the changes!

  • Calypso in the Country at

    Wow, they really did an amazing job with the floors! Just gorgeous! I love the wall color too. We painted our dining room navy last year and I feel happy every time I walk in there! Your entry is already so beautiful but I can’t wait to see what else you add!

  • Ann at

    Everything looks lovely. You did a great job.

  • Amy at

    You have such a beautiful home. I just love all of the updates/changes you have made.

  • LUCIA at

    So classic and beautiful! You have such great taste.

  • Guerrina at

    Beautiful! Is there room for a small round table centered in the area with a statement piece of art or flower arrangement on it? The views to each room, wow!

  • Joanne at

    All update are exciting to me… even a new vase!

  • Leah at

    What a welcoming front hallway! My eyes are immediately drawn into the other spaces of your home, just as they should be. I’m sure the built-in seating and storage you add in the future will make this space even more functional and beautiful. (Visiting your blog is one of the treats I give myself.)

  • jae at

    Your foyer is so lovely. I love the open feel of it now (I dont like foyers so crowded you worry when you remove your coat you will bump something! 🙂 Maybe a mirror or picture and a plant until you do your next build? You are making your home so beautiful, and thank you for letting us look over your shoulder as you make the changes!

  • Caroline at

    Yes…my first thought also…a Christmas tree in the entry. Your trees are so beautiful…think of that glorious light when opening the front door. Also gives you some extended time to decide on what you want to do the other 11 months of the year.

  • Catalina at

    Hi, Michael,
    Very nice, indeed. I love that white bench. So pristine. I’d add something in a bright color – turquoise because is my favorite and works great with that navy blue walls. I thought a lot: a pillow would cover the seat so maybe a shawl negligently thrown on the back or, why not, a pair of slippers underneath waiting for guests.
    P.S. Brass, aquarels and feathers for those walls. Not all of them together though 🙂 And then again, why not all of them?
    P.S.S. Love your blog!

  • Lisa M. at

    They did a fantastic job on the floors! The slate wasn’t bad but your decision to have all the floors match was a great one. I’m sure you are amazed at how good it all looks every day. I love the rug you chose! PS you must never want to leave your kitchen 😊

  • Ardith at

    Your entryway is sleekly classic, perfect. Cheers, Ardith

  • Marla at

    The “bones” of the entry are fabulous. Whatever else you choose for the room will be awesome. ❤️

  • John R Huff Jr. at

    The entryway flooring looks fabulous. The slate flooring did need to go.

  • Jane Lange at

    Your home is gorgeous, Michael!

  • Jawan Matti at

    Beautiful home! Your floors are dark walnut, is your railing the same stain or is that a gel paint? If so, please tell me what color you used.

    Thank you,

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I’m not sure what stain it is. The railing was this way when I bought the house.

      xo Michael

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