2020 Bayberry House Projects

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Happy 2020, friends!

Per usual, I decided to take time off before diving into the new year. I mostly just enjoyed the downtime, but I did also manage to pack away all of my holiday decor, take a work trip to Hilton Head, and start planning for 2020. At this point, I’m feeling inspired and ready to tackle my 12th year of blogging. (Can you believe it’s been that long? I sure can’t.)

As I was thinking about what to write to begin this new year and decade, I decided to look back at the list of 2019 Bayberry House projects I shared with you. (You can find that post here.) Today I thought it’d be fun to see what I was able to complete last year and then tell you about my 2020 Bayberry House Projects.

Bayberry Kitchen Remodel Reveal - Kitchen Makeover Kitchen Design #kitchen #makeover #remodel #traditional #modern #country #design #decorating


Kitchen Renovation:
COMPLETED! What a project that was! It also included a few of the other projects listed below and took six months from start to finish. You can see my new kitchen here. I also shared several in-process posts here.

Powder Room Renovation:
COMPLETED! This was done as part of the kitchen renovation. You can see the finished room here. I couldn’t be more pleased with how much style this small space now has.

Dining Room Windows and Door Replacement:
COMPLETED! Again, it made sense to tie this project into my kitchen renovation. These might be some of my favorite changes. The view and extra sunlight are exactly what I had hoped for. You can see more of this space here.

Refinish First Floor Hardwood Floors:
COMPLETED! New hardwood floors were installed as part of the kitchen renovation, so I used the opportunity to refinish the floors throughout my first floor.

Remove Entryway Closet:
COMPLETED! This was the final major project that happened as a result of the kitchen renovation. I had the built-in closet removed and have plans to add wood cabinetry and a bench down the road. You can see the updated entryway here.

Create a Garden:
COMPLETED! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you might be surprised to hear this, but I put in a small garden in my backyard last year. I had intentions of sharing it here on the blog but just never did. It’s nothing fancy as it was my first experience with a larger garden. I plan to plant it again in 2020 and tell you all about it on IBC.

Paint and Decorate Bedrooms and Office:
STARTED, but NOT COMPLETED: My house has five bedrooms. Three are used for sleeping (One is the master and two are for guests.). A fourth bedroom serves as my office, and the fifth one is my home gym. You may remember I completed a master bedroom makeover as part of the One Room Challenge. Click here to see that completed space. I also gave my home gym a mini-makeover with the help of Sherwin-Williams 2020 Color of the Year. You can view that space here.

Fix Exterior Chimney
STARTED, but NOT COMPLETED: My exterior chimney needs repair and a fresh coat of paint. I did have the bottom half of the chimney fixed during the kitchen remodel. I wanted to do the entire chimney, but the additional cost would not fit into my budget. The goal is to finish the project this year.

Create a Molding Plan
COMPLETED-ish!: Upon reflection, this was a weird goal. I did, however, select new molding for the kitchen, pantry, dining room and powder room. Moving forward, I will use this same style of molding when updating the rest of Bayberry House. I assume I’ll need to make additions to this molding plan as needed.

Landscaping Projects
STARTED, but NOT COMPLETED: I began this project in 2018 with the removal of a grove of trees in my front yard and the installation of new landscaping where the trees had been. Unfortunately, the landscaper that I used was a nightmare. So while I did make some progress here, more work is needed.

And that’s it for my 2019 Bayberry House Projects. I feel pretty good about what was accomplished. I did have a few other projects in mind, but since I didn’t get to those, they have been added to my 2020 list.

Let me walk you through what I have planned for this year!


Turn Basement into a Studio
Yes, I have a basement. Which, surprisingly enough, I have never shown on IBC or anywhere on social media. About 1/3 of my basement is taken up by my garage, and the other 2/3 is a semi-finished room, plus a laundry room. I will do a full post on the latter areas so you can see how they look now and get an idea of my plans for them. In the meantime, here’s a little teaser.

The space is currently clad in wood paneling. The room also has linoleum/vinyl floors and lacks closed storage. I hope to replace the warped/damaged paneling, paint everything (ceiling and walls), replace the floors, and create lots of storage. Once that is complete, I want to set up a small studio where I can craft, paint, lounge, and so forth.

I think it’s going to be a super fun project. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Paint Upstairs Bedrooms / Office
Because I spent a lot of time and money last year updating the first floor of my home, the second floor has been a bit neglected. Most of it is still painted “builder beige.” At the very least, I would like to give each of my two guest bedrooms and my office a fresh coat of paint. I also want to start decorating these spaces At the moment, they look pretty basic.

Do you need a water softener? A Water Softener for My Home #water #softener #home #repair #hardwater

Style/Paint Dining Room
As you know, my dining room is still a bit empty. In addition to possibly adding a bit of color on the walls, I’d like to purchase a new rug, find a vintage buffet, and style everything to complement what’s already in the space.

Colorful and Chic Fall Table Decorations and Fall Dining Room Decor Ideas #fall #table #decorations #diningroom #ideas #decor #tablescape

Entryway Built-in
Since having the entryway closet ripped out last year, I have had no closets on the first floor of my home. This is a bummer because I do not have a place to put coats, the vacuum, and other sundry items. My goal is to get a custom cabinetry closet built along with a bench for seating.

Entryway After Renovation - Entryway Ideas #entryway #foyer #decor #decorating #style #renovation

Living Room Fireplace Built-in
When I have the custom entryway closet built, I would like to also beef up the mantel and upgrade the existing bookcases in my living room. I want to give the space more style. At the time these changes are made, I will likewise be converting the fireplace from wood-burning to gas.

Living Room Autumn Decorations - Fall Decoration Ideas #autumn #decorations #fall #decorating #livingroom #decor #seasonal

Find New Landscaper
I want to continue to work on the landscaping around my house. Even though I have a vision for the exterior, my knowledge is limited so I’d like to find a landscaper who can help me achieve my vision.

Research and Price Backyard Leveling
This may tie into “Find New Landscaper,” but I’d like to gather information on creating a more level backyard. I don’t know what’s possible or how much it would all cost, but I’d like to start developing a plan. Even though I have 2 acres of land, my backyard is small. My goal is to find out what might be done to maximize the space that I do have, create more level areas, and possibly increase the size of the backyard overall.

Tour my new Modern Colonial Home in Pittsburgh, PA. Inspired by Charm's New Home. #moderncolonial #inspiredbycharm #hometour

Tree Maintenance
I have a dozen or so trees that need to be cut down. Many of those are dead or dying, plus there are a couple I’d like to have removed for aesthetic reasons. Since the trees are rather large, this is going to be an expensive endeavor. I plan to tackle this project a little each year until it is complete.

Finish Chimney Repairs
And finally, I’d like to finish the chimney repairs that were started last year. This will include having a mason replace missing or crumbling brick and then adding a fresh coat of paint.

Other Possible Projects:
Guest Bath Cosmetic Update – paint, replace fixtures, etc.
Garage Clean / Organization – clean, paint, install storage solutions, etc.
Outdoor Shed – add an outdoor storage shed

I’m sure other projects will crop up in 2020, however, these are the ones on the list of 2020 Bayberry House Projects as we start the year! Needless to say, I think this list will keep me busy for most of the year.

As always, I am thrilled to take you along on my adventures and share the progress as it’s happening. I hope you enjoyed this look at my plans for the coming year. If you have questions or would like to continue the conversation, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

I hope 2020 is off to a great start for each of you. Have fun creating the happy place of your dreams!

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  1. So many exciting projects!! Cannot wait to read about the planning process, your inspiration and before/after pics. I am especially excited to see your studio space and the entryway cabinetry. You are going to be quite busy this year with lots of fun projects. Happy 2020 to you!

  2. Not sure if this would be helpful but If you’re looking for a landscape designer that can give you a plan, go to Maria Killam on instagram to look up her landscape designer. Maria is a Canadian color expert. She had her front and backyard done by a landscape designer that she touts all the time. She could do a plan for you. (sorry blanking on the name right now) Her results were amazing. But you would still have to find someone to do the work.

  3. Michael!

    I am sooooo happy to have found you! You are like the son (er, maybe grandson) I wish I had. I found you through others’ blogs and you are a-ma-zing!
    What really grabbed me was your kitchen reno. I had thought that you had a cute little house for a young man to redo. Boy, was I wrong! What you have is a forever home to love and keep forever. Good for you…………
    I love your common sense, planning, and doing things the “right way” to last.
    Your recipes are equally as fabulous!
    Can’t wait for your next e-mail.

    A Senior Fan,

  4. BE INSPIRED…. a binge worthy Netfrlix adventure!!! With Landscaping being what seems to be a major priority, I hope you have found on Netflix, “Big Dreams, Small Spaces”, and English gardening bonanza!

    I have no garden at an 8500 mountain elevation with 5 acres, but the little touches… ie the potted areas, etc, give me so much inspiration!

  5. How much consideration do you give to future buyers when making renovation decisions? I’m always unsure how much of my personality to add to my own designs. P.S. I love following your blog! It is very inspirational!

    1. Not a ton. I can’t predict the future or know who will buy the house if and / I should sell. However, when I am making changes, I’m conscious of making choices that suit the style of the house. Also, when it comes to major / expensive changes, I try and choose things that are timeless and not trendy. Hope that helps!

      xo Michael

  6. Please make your basement like the Bluestone pegboard storage basement in Mahattan-Nest.com. Of course I’m joshing, do your own thing, but perhaps you can eke some inspiration out of his work. Thanks for bringing us along as you make your home even more gorgeous.

    1. This was a great makeover! My space is a bit different, I can certainly appreciate what he accomplished in this space. Thanks for the reminder.

      xo Michael

  7. You are going to have a very busy year. Hopefully everything will work out for you. I’m excited to see it all unfold. It’s going to be fabulous