Silver Christmas Tree – Pink Christmas Tree Decorations

Perfectly sweet pink Christmas Tree decorations inspired by the sweet things in life!

Believe it or not, I’ve been decorating for Christmas since early October. Well, sort of. Last year I received a couple trees from Treetopia and used them in decking out my home for the holidays. (You can check the trees out here and here.) Treetopia was so pleased with my mad tree trimming skills that they commissioned me to do a couple trees for them to show on their website.

Since I love coming up with themes and decorating trees, I happily obliged. However, I had to get started early so they could get the photos up on their site. It was so long ago, that the trees are actually down and packed away.

Pink Christmas Tree Decorations:

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

Displaying the trees on IBC wasn’t part of our agreement, but I figured you might be interested in seeing how they turned out. Today I’m going to show you one of the trees I decorated, and next week I’ll share the other. Sound good?

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

For this first one, I started with a pre-lit silver tree. Because I once owned a gift shop, I still get catalogs from wholesalers and was able to order a lot of really amazing ornaments. My theme for this tree was inspired by a collection of sweets-related ornaments: Ice cream sundaes, cones, cakes, and gingerbread houses in pretty pastels.

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

Since I love mixing old and new, I also included some vintage pink and gold balls and pink teardrops.

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

To bring everything together, I found this luscious hot pink and red velvet ribbon.

Pink Christmas Tree Ribbon:

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

Starting at the top, I worked my way down and around, very loosely tucking the ribbon in here and there. – If you ever feel your tree is missing something, begin your tree trimming with gorgeous ribbon. (The wide wired kind works best.)

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

Instead of just putting everything on all at once, I like to add one type of ornament at a time. That way I can make sure there’s a nice distribution over the entire tree.

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

With all of the ornaments in place, I decided to add one final element – this white netted ribbon with pom poms attached to it. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. It was like the icing (and the sprinkles) on an already exquisitely decorated cake.

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

A vintage tinsel topper finished off the tree.

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

To me, it looks almost good enough to eat. What do you think?

Pink Christmas Tree Decorations:

Pretty in Pink | Inspired by Charm

What to see more Christmas Trees? Check out these:

Join me back here next week to see the second tree I styled for Treetopia. It’s a totally different look!

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  • Debra White at

    I agree with everyone else, this tree is stunning. Tried to pick out my favorite part of the tree. But love it from top to bottom. I haven’t started my tree yet, want to come over and do it , I mean help me decorate it. Lol.

  • Cynthia at

    Oh Michael!
    As you know pink is my very favorite color in the entire world! I cannot believe how beautiful your tree is and I’m wondering, since you have put it away…can I borrow it??? Truly???
    You’ve shown us once again how your creativity is out of bounds with the norm and trends…you have your very own style!
    Thank you for sharing~
    Big hugs!

  • Elle at

    Pretty is an understatement!

  • Maralyn Woods at

    Beautiful job, Michael. That little slice of cake near the bottom stole my heart away.

  • Gwen, The Makerista at

    I NEED to know where that pink and red ribbon is from! It is sooo beautiful. 🙂 You are an incredible tree-decorator!

  • erin at

    pretty tree!!

    My aunt was downsizing her house and gave me her vintage christmas tree that was originally my grandpa’s. I wish my house was big enough to put up multiple trees……sigh…maybe one day!

  • Emily H at

    I absolutely adore this tree! So pretty and fun. Usually I steer away from themed trees because I love the modge-podge look of well loved family ornaments, but this has so much personality!

  • Ann at

    Please share where you buy your delicious ornaments!

  • Lisa at

    Oh My! What an incredibly beautiful tree! The sweet treat ornaments – such a great idea to cover the entire tree with them. I never would’ve thought you could top last year’s – Ha! but you did.

  • liz n. at

    Beautiful!! I picked up a similar netted ribbon awhile back (no pom-poms, just the net/grid/lines/whatever), and was thinking of making musical notes to go on it so that it looks like sheet music. I hadn’t thought of using it for the Christmas tree, but now that I see your gorgeous work, I think I’ll borrow from you!

    • Grace Aidoo at

      I’ve been searching everywhere for the netted ribbon! No luck:(

      • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

        It’s from several years ago now so you may not be able to find it at this point. So sorry!

        xo Michael

  • Allie | Baking a Moment at

    Absolutely stunning! I am in love with the silver, especially with all the pink tones. Also I can’t help but notice the interesting way you’ve got your curtain panels hung. Looks beautiful and shows off the window casing so nicely!

  • Julie Blanner at

    Absolutely stunning! I love the unexpected color palette & theme!

  • Ramona Chester at

    That is stunning. How fun to do a theme tree. I see why they hired you – great job!!!

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