Navy Blue Christmas Tree with Copper, Blue, and Green Decorations

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True confession time: Getting ready for Christmas this year has been nothing but a big ball of stress for me. (Anyone else?) I’ve been trying to decorate my house for a while now, and I’m still not finished. To be honest, this year the comparison monster has grabbed hold of me tight and just won’t let go. I don’t know how many blogs you read, but people are crafting things and decorating in ways that are blowing my mind, literally – I’m pretty sure there’s a small hole in my brain which is part of the reason I can’t wrap my head around Christmas this year. (I will do a roundup of my favorite ideas soon. Stay tuned.)

Anyway, despite all of the holiday decorating decisions I still haven’t made, fortunately this year’s Christmas tree was a no brainer. After doing my rainbow-inspired tree for the past couple years, I decided to try something a bit different. The result was my Mona Lisa, Here’s the backstory:

Last year I started working with Treetopia as part of their Holiday Council. They are some of the nicest people, and I’m crazy about their trees. (Several months ago they even asked me to style some trees for them to show on their site. I shared my creations with you here and here.)

Navy Blue Christmas Tree – Copper, Blue, and Green Christmas Tree Decorations

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

For my own tree this year, I knew that I wanted something really special. Something different, but not that different. When I saw Treetopia’s Navy Blue Christmas Tree, I knew I had found “the one.”

Thanks to Nate Berkus’s suggestion to paint my dining room a different color, I had a whole new color palette to play with this year. After trying different colors in that space all year long, I discovered how well blues and greens looked with the rest of the room. I also wanted a little nod to last year’s tree, so I thought a gradient / ombre effect would be fun. Finally, because I’m actually starting to get sick of soooo much gold, copper was my metallic of choice. Armed with bags of vintage glass ornaments that I’ve been collecting over the years, I was ready to tackle my tree.

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

Tada! (Do you hear the angels singing?)

Haha. Totally kidding. However, I am enthralled with the way this tree turned out. It’s so much better than I ever dreamed.

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

In going for a different look this year, I also opted for no ribbon. One of the reasons was because of this copper (rose gold) ball garland I found at CB2. I purchased 7 strands of it and wrapped it around the tree before decorating.

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

This turned out to be genius. For very little effort, it filled up so much of the tree and added tons of sparkle.

After that, I started adding ornaments. I began at the bottom with navy and worked my way up to light green, creating a gradient effect.

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

As I mentioned above, most of the ornaments are just glass balls I amassed over the years. However, I did purchase a few new ornaments from Crate & Barrel. The color palette was perfect and they added interest with their glittered design.

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

For a dash more copper, I found these sequined ornaments from H&M’s home line.

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

I also picked up a few of these metal ribbon drop ornaments from CB2.

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

The tree topper is a vintage find from eBay. I love this style and was so lucky to find one in copper.

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

Finally, the tree skirt is a faux fur one I picked up at West Elm. (Also, please pardon the lack of decoration around the tree. I know it’s totally cool to wrap up a bunch of empty boxes in pretty paper and tuck them under the tree amongst birch logs sprinkled with fake snow, but my cats like to lay under there because it’s warm and cozy, and honestly, they are all I really want or need under my trees.)

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

Pretty, right? The navy blue needles of the tree are fascinating to look at. From a distance they almost look green, but when you get up close to the tree, they’re totally blue.

A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

So that’s my official tree for 2014. I have a couple more trees throughout the house, but they aren’t quite as artfully decorated. I’ll be sharing those with you soon.

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A Blue Christmas | Inspired by Charm

Happy Holidays and Good Luck! Also, thank you for indulging me while I shared way too many pictures of my tree.



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  1. With so many pretty trees, it’s so hard to decide. Right now I’d go with the ALEXANDER FIR CHRISTMAS TREE, but I could change my mind if I won.

  2. I would love the NO. 2 PENCIL CHRISTMAS TREE in 7.5ft w/o lights. The one I have now is a pencil tree bought from Target a few years ago. I love the fullness of the Treetopia trees and the picture of the rainbow ornaments on one.

  3. OK, the Some Like It Hot Pink 7′ tree is just signing to me. My two young daughters wouldn’t know what to do with themselves with a tree like this in their favorite color!