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Have you ever noticed I only show you select photos of my kitchen? Well, there’s a reason. I’ve always been a somewhat embarrassed to share the space.

Since I bought my house, I’ve only made minor changes, such as painting and decorating. My countertops and backsplash are pink laminate. My appliances are out of date. The room isn’t all that grand or big.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

The other day when I was making my corn chowder, I spotted a somewhat picturesque moment so I snapped a few pictures on my phone and shared one via Instagram.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

To my complete surprise, that photo garnered many kind and wonderful comments. I was shocked. Lots of comments included the words, “adorable” or “vintage love.” One person even wrote, “formica for the win” and “my dream kitchen.”

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Now, to be honest with you, I’ve always liked this little kitchen. Even though there are things I want to change, it’s worked well for me since I moved in. But sharing it with the world was a different matter. After all that Instagram love, however, I’m feeling a little more inclined to give you more than a peak. So here we go. I’ll point out a few of the changes I’ve made, and little tweaks I’d still like to make.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

As I said above, I painted the entire space. (You can find paint color details HERE.) The cabinet colors (gray and pink) were the same when I bought the house. I used custom color matched paint from Sherwin Williams if someone is interested. Let me know and I can add them in somewhere.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

I also replaced the crown molding when I painted. There were four different styles of crown molding in the space before I replaced it. I kid you not.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

You might also remember I installed a new exterior door and double-hung window.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Since I know someone will ask, the wine holder is from Pottery Barn. My mom bought it for me when I lived in Philadelphia about 10 years ago, so it might be difficult to find at this point. The white bench is from Target, and the cabinet to the left of the bench is from World Market.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Speaking of that cabinet, that’s where I keep my microwave. Previously, it was on the counter. As you can tell, I don’t have tons of counter space, so it’s nice to have the microwave tucked away.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Back in 2013, I also had a new floor installed. This made a huge difference in the look of the kitchen. You can check out some before pictures HERE.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

I did remove a few of the upper cabinet doors near the sink to create some open shelving.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

My oven is probably 60-years-old. (My guess is that it was new when the kitchen was renovated in the 50s.) Although it is a bit smaller than a standard oven, it still seems to work pretty well. The controls for the stove are located in the panel below the window.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Unfortunately, my stove top isn’t the best. Each burner has at least one temperature setting that no longer works. It makes cooking pretty interesting.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

You might remember that above the stove is the pegboard storage I created last year. I still love it! It’s amazing how things can stay organized when they have a place.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

While I have no plans to completely redo this kitchen, next year I would like to replace the stove, countertops, sink, and backsplash. This kitchen has so much character that I don’t think I could ever gut it. However, making those small changes would be a true upgrade. Of course, changing the stove will be bittersweet. My old stove has unique features and vintage charm, but I do need fully functioning burners.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

I also hope some of the pictures gave you a sense of the layout of my house. The traffic pattern downstairs is just one big circle.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Well, friends, that’s my kitchen. Thanks for inspiring me to give you a tour of this space where I find so much pleasure baking, cooking, and creating the savory dishes and sweet treats I share on IBC.

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  • Nancy at

    No wonder you love this kitchen. It’s adorable with all its charm.

  • Frances at

    I love your kitchen. It has warmth and charm. I really love the sliding doors on the upper cabinets. A small appliance Store would probably have some one who could restore your stove. It is unique. Love it.

  • jillian at

    Can you tell me where you got the short squaty lamp on the cabinet? Its adorable.

    Thank you.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It was from HomeGoods several years ago.

      xo Michael

  • Pat at

    It’s fabulous! You definitely made (pink) lemonade out of it. 🙂

  • Sarah at

    Any other kitchen would be a loss. Think making it function (stove) is important but you are wise not to gut. Has character that is correct to the house. Thank you for sharing!

  • Rebecca at

    LOVE your kitchen, so fun and reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen in the best possible way! Just a word of caution about new counters on older cabinets- the current trend for granite/marble/soapstone is gorgeous but HEAVY. A really good friend put marble counters on her 50’s cabinets and now there are doors that won’t shut, drawers that don’t glide, etc. because things have settled from the additional weight. So, if you keep your awesome vintage cabinets, just keep that in mind when making countertop selections. You have such great taste, can’t wait to see what you do!

    • Leslie at

      I appreciate what you posted as our kitchen still has it’s original 1956 metal cabinets—with wooden doors! The only other cabinets I’ve seen exactly like them is in President and Mrs. Eisenhower’s home in Gettysburg, PA; I think they built it in 1959 or ’60. I’ve wanted to gut our kitchen for years and replace the cabinets but after my hubby saw them in the Eisenhower home, he said, “If they were good enough for Ike and Mamie, then they’ll be good enough for you.” (sigh) Since the cost associated with new cabinets (we have 32 cabinet doors) was astronomical, a friend suggested I might consider new countertops but I realized that what I would want would be heavy, and I suspected that the metal base cabinets probably wouldn’t support it—-glad to see your post and know that I was right!! Thx

  • Bonnie at

    Your kitchen really is cute and it’s an original! Thanks so much for sharing pictures of it. I think the changes you’re planning to make will make it even better but not take away it’s charm!

  • Barb Feidler at

    I have always loved that kitchen…it was the way I entered into Dolly’s gift shop. We also had a Realtor breakfast meeting there once. That house has been filled with good taste and good food for a long time. I love your changes…subtle plus bold…the subtle background makes the accents really pop! I have always loved the contrast of pink and red…so refreshing! I absolutely love the area rug by the back door and the microwave cabinet! Great job marrying the old and new!

  • Julie Briggs at

    Adorable kitchen that is anything but cookie cutter, a perfect blend of vintage and modern – I absolutely LOVE it.

  • Karen at

    I LOVE your kitchen and your house. When I go to my parents house they have a stove/oven that is also very challenging to cook with. I have to literally check the oven temperature and adjust every couple of minutes. Very labor intensive and I have to limit recipes to those that don’t require long baking times and require lower temperatures. I managed to make your skillet cookie and the peanut butter cup cookies with success, but it was tough! Love your blog!

  • Terri at

    I’m so glad your pretty kitchen decided to show off for us! She’s adorable (one of my fav kitchens to date) and I’d be happy to have her in my house any day! I do agree that the new floor helps her to shine even more!

  • Tonya at

    I’ve followed your blog for sometime and not sure how I missed this post. My heart is thumping just looking at your amazing space. Those pink counters and back splash are to die for. Wish I was close by to buy them from you when you remodel.

  • Roslyn at

    I love the pink bench tops & splashback

  • Lolly at

    I absolutely love your kitchen. We survived a remodel that was entirely due to lack of function– cabinets that were literally falling apart and a “bar height” counter top that was near chest height on my (and I’m 5’5″). While I’ve done my best to give our new kitchen some zest with decorative finishes, etc., there is just something so powerful about a vintage kitchen, reinvented as you have done it so that it is functional and still retains its charm. Good for you for keeping it as you have, and for not being afraid to update it when you must.

  • Sandra L. at

    Love your kitchen and I don’t think I would want to change anything not even the stove. I had the same issue with my burners and thought the whole range had to be replaced but you can purchase replacement burners at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Love the pink and grey.

  • Sherry at

    Oh how I love your kitchen……….I love the stove, and even though I do understand about burners, that is one cool stove…..does it come in red I wonder! I like your blog, is that what it is called? And I am going to make that Shepard’s Pie with Sweet Potatoes and top it with coconut flakes.

    Thank You Michael for a wonderful time viewing your kitchen and food.

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