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Have you ever noticed I only show you select photos of my kitchen? Well, there’s a reason. I’ve always been a somewhat embarrassed to share the space.

Since I bought my house, I’ve only made minor changes, such as painting and decorating. My countertops and backsplash are pink laminate. My appliances are out of date. The room isn’t all that grand or big.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

The other day when I was making my corn chowder, I spotted a somewhat picturesque moment so I snapped a few pictures on my phone and shared one via Instagram.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

To my complete surprise, that photo garnered many kind and wonderful comments. I was shocked. Lots of comments included the words, “adorable” or “vintage love.” One person even wrote, “formica for the win” and “my dream kitchen.”

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Now, to be honest with you, I’ve always liked this little kitchen. Even though there are things I want to change, it’s worked well for me since I moved in. But sharing it with the world was a different matter. After all that Instagram love, however, I’m feeling a little more inclined to give you more than a peak. So here we go. I’ll point out a few of the changes I’ve made, and little tweaks I’d still like to make.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

As I said above, I painted the entire space. (You can find paint color details HERE.) The cabinet colors (gray and pink) were the same when I bought the house. I used custom color matched paint from Sherwin Williams if someone is interested. Let me know and I can add them in somewhere.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

I also replaced the crown molding when I painted. There were four different styles of crown molding in the space before I replaced it. I kid you not.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

You might also remember I installed a new exterior door and double-hung window.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Since I know someone will ask, the wine holder is from Pottery Barn. My mom bought it for me when I lived in Philadelphia about 10 years ago, so it might be difficult to find at this point. The white bench is from Target, and the cabinet to the left of the bench is from World Market.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Speaking of that cabinet, that’s where I keep my microwave. Previously, it was on the counter. As you can tell, I don’t have tons of counter space, so it’s nice to have the microwave tucked away.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Back in 2013, I also had a new floor installed. This made a huge difference in the look of the kitchen. You can check out some before pictures HERE.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

I did remove a few of the upper cabinet doors near the sink to create some open shelving.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

My oven is probably 60-years-old. (My guess is that it was new when the kitchen was renovated in the 50s.) Although it is a bit smaller than a standard oven, it still seems to work pretty well. The controls for the stove are located in the panel below the window.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Unfortunately, my stove top isn’t the best. Each burner has at least one temperature setting that no longer works. It makes cooking pretty interesting.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

You might remember that above the stove is the pegboard storage I created last year. I still love it! It’s amazing how things can stay organized when they have a place.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

While I have no plans to completely redo this kitchen, next year I would like to replace the stove, countertops, sink, and backsplash. This kitchen has so much character that I don’t think I could ever gut it. However, making those small changes would be a true upgrade. Of course, changing the stove will be bittersweet. My old stove has unique features and vintage charm, but I do need fully functioning burners.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

I also hope some of the pictures gave you a sense of the layout of my house. The traffic pattern downstairs is just one big circle.

IBC Kitchen | Inspired by Charm

Well, friends, that’s my kitchen. Thanks for inspiring me to give you a tour of this space where I find so much pleasure baking, cooking, and creating the savory dishes and sweet treats I share on IBC.

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  • SammaMichelle at

    I COMPLETELY understand your feelings on the cook top and don’t blame you one bit and yes, nice vintage-y looking oven would be awesome but also keeping that control panel!!! I die…that is so cool!!! I’m even a fan of the pink formica 🙂 Beautiful perfectly happy kitchen and thanks for sharing!!!!

  • Marsha Jones at

    I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this wonderful kitchen from your followers. It’s amazing. The quirkiness of it all makes it Better Homes and Garden worthy. A few things I love: the step stool, the oven panels in the wall( that will be difficult to duplicate) but for now, count yourself as having an original. The pink cabinets, not because I’m a girl, I just love the airy feel they portray. Okay, I could list more but I’m getting wordy. Thank you for sharing and please don’t change too many things just enough to make it you.

  • AnnaLynne at

    Love your pink counters! We lived in a place with bright yellow kitchen counters and white metal cabinets from sometime in the mid 40s. Those colorful kitchen counters were seriously the happiest thing ever. We also lived in a place that had a pink tub and toilet… Let’s just say it didn’t quite have the same effect. 😉

  • Terri Gonzalez at

    Everything old is new again. Your kitchen has a certain charm that you don’t see too often. Everyone is in a hurry to remodel, replace, redo. Enjoy your beautiful kitchen! I think it looks great!

  • Theda at

    Thank you for sharing. Very charming!

  • Mary at

    Like all the other other comments, I adore this kitchen! It is so so special. I totally understand wanting to redo things, I love all new kitchens too. But boy, they just don’t have what you have. You’ve done an AMAZING job making these features shine, please think long & hard before making it like all the others.

  • Joy at

    Sweet memories! When I was growing up in the 50’s my mom painted the kitchen cabinets pink and gray! It must have been the “in” thing then. We had a step stool like that too! My mother in law passed away last month and we now have a treasure trove of 50’s items as she didn’t throw anything away…a yellow three shelf kitchen cart and numerous small appliances. I can’t believe that your stove /oven still works!

  • Kathleen Tweed at

    Michael, I love every single thing about this space! The entrance w/the bench just makes you want to sit down to put shoes off or on. The light in the kitchen is so warm and inviting. Your colors are perfect and all the art and accessories just put me in awe of you! Love how you style the littlest thing. Love the counter tops – I would never change them! Love how you mix pink w/the red stool. Perfect! I could go on and on but I have to say the stove is my absolute favorite thing ever! Everything you do is so tasteful and perfect.

  • Terri at

    I’m a little disappointed you have been hiding this treasure for so long 😉 It’s absolutely delightful! It has so much personality and charm. I would be proud to show it off!!! That kitchen has helped create a lot of fabulous foods and inspired many of us to do the same! It deserves this special tribute!

  • Ann at

    Michael…you were right to share this. Each picture got more charming than the one before. By the end I was smitten. I too have an old kitchen. Original cabinets, tile counters and it’s small. I have the hardest time photographing it. Your pictures will help me so I can do a better job of that. I am saving my money (ha!) and hope to replace my counters next year. Definitely something to look forward to. Happy September…

  • Peggy at

    Oh my lovely 50’s goodness! You are genius. We lived in a rental home built in 1952 that was the ultra modern model of the times and it looked very similar to yours except there was an avocado green breakfast booth. I loved that little kitchen with the little island for counter space, but I hated the pink. Your pops of red are brilliant. your kitchen is beautiful.

  • Patty at

    I think your kitchen is beautiful. I also removed some cabinet doors in my kitchen but I never thought to put mirrors behind it, but I will now. Pink isn’t exactly my color but I love it in your kitchen. My dream kitchen would be to have a gas range but there is no gas in the house and they want anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 to put it in. I’m trying to convince my husband to sell and get the hell out of Connecticut. Then I might get a gas stove. I am saving your blog to show my husband. Thanks for sharing.

  • Catherine at

    I have posted about my pink countertops as well and was surprised by how many of my readers loved them! Hoping to replace them at some point. I love your charming kitchen and your stove!

  • Rhoda J Powers at

    Thank you for sharing your little treasure. There was no need to be embarrassed. What you shared with us is how to make the best of what you have until you have the opportunity and or the means to change it more to your personal preference. As an avid home cook, baker during the week at a bakery and a sous chef at an event space on the weekends….in addition to being a glass artist/sculptor and landscaper……Just call me the Queen…..of FREELANCE dahling, I would be planning the same changes with the same bittersweet attitude toward those changes but we must have a working stove top and oven! It’s beautiful and will be beautiful when you complete your changes.

  • Angela at

    Such a charming space! And you really made the best use of what you had. You are quite inspiring. And I love your kindness quote. It’s perfect.

  • Sheila at

    Your kitchen is quaint, unique, organized, very appealing to the eye, and full of charm and character. I’m clueless why you would be embarrassed. I can see your need to improve the functionality of this room and from your post realize you have already made excellent design choices. I really like the open cabinets and flooring.

  • Elle at

    Your kitchen is charming and perfect for your house. I greatly admire all of the tasteful upgrades you’ve made in the last few years. Your love for the space comes through in your design decisions.

  • Gwen, The Makerista at

    I love it! It feels like a room that’s had a lot of love and memories pass through. And that pink is right on trend!

  • Caitlin Wallace Rowland at

    So glad you decided to share! This kitchen is adorable!! Also, remember that the majority of your readers don’t have perfect kitchens/houses either. We’ll accept the imperfections! Don’t be so scared to share! 🙂


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