Woodland Inspired Christmas Tree

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Today I’m sharing my woodland-inspired Christmas tree decked out with red and rustic Christmas tree decorations!

Welcome to Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas! I can’t tell you how much I love participating in this series each year. Honestly, it’s one of the things I look forward to the most when the holiday season rolls around. Not only do I get to share inspiration with all of you, but I get to team up with some of my favorite bloggers. Be sure to check out all of their Day 1 projects at the end of this post.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

Also, if you’d like to join us in this 12 Day adventure, we’d love to have you. If you are inspired to recreate anything we make, share it with us on social media using the hashtag #12days72ideas. We can’t wait to see what inspires you!

Technically, I’m cheating on today’s post because I’m sharing a tree I decorated back in October. It turned out super cute, and it is a Christmas tree after all so I hope it’s OK to post about it. Please know that I also will be sharing some techniques and unique touches that you can use to make your tree extra special. Sound fair?

Woodland Inspired Christmas Tree with Rustic Christmas Tree Decorations

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

I started with a standard green tree. (This one here.). I always think it’s wise to invest in a quality tree. Not only will a good tree last for years, but you get what you pay for. You want a full tree so you can’t see through it. Realistic branches are also always a plus. I opted for the pre-lit variety because it saves so much time.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

Whenever I’m decorating a tree, I like to begin with a ribbon. Ribbon offers a bit of a backdrop for your decorations. It also helps to fill up the tree if you happen to be light on ornaments. I chose this thick black and red gingham flannel. I could spend all winter in a shirt with this pattern, so why not wrap my tree in it?

For this particular tree, I opted for an “Into the Woods” theme. Although the tree bears no resemblance, the theme was inspired by the movie of that name that’s coming out soon and Taylor Swift’s new song. (People, you have to take whatever inspiration you can get wherever you can get it, no questions asked.)

As much as I love traditional ornaments, it’s always fun to think outside the box when it comes to Christmas tree decor. (Donna of Funky Junk Interiors is the queen of unique tree trimmings.)

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

These red lanterns are the perfect non-traditional ornament! Not only do they go with the tree, but you can put smaller ornaments, battery operated tea lights, or other treasures inside the lanterns.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

I also found an inexpensive Christmas village, so I just tucked several of the houses right inside the tree.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

Lastly, I picked up these adorable woodland creatures (a.k.a. squirrels) and added them as well.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas
Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

I then threw on some traditional ornaments to fill in anywhere things looked a little sparse.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas
Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

Finally, to bring my “Into the Woods” theme home, I added some icy red berry picks and a few snow covered pinecones.

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Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

With that, my tree was complete! Colorful, warm, and cozy. I think it turned out pretty well. What do you think?


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  1. My tree is special because it is decorated with ornaments that evoke memories from my children’s childhoods to my current husband’s and my honeymoon!

  2. growing up, my dad was the tinsel police … one strand at a time … heavens it took forever … now that I have my own tree, I just throw it haphazardly allover … I love it!

  3. My tree is made special every year by 3 young boys who LOVE to make cut paper decorations for it! It does look pretty awesome…certainly not themed or perfect…but really special!

  4. My cats make my Christmas Tree extra special. :/ Besides having felines in my tree, I try to add at least one new ornament a year, one that has a special meaning.

  5. Every year I have sewed an ornament for each of my kids and personalized them. They make my children (5,4,and 2yo twins) smile when we put them on the tree every year. But, the BEST part of my tree is a tattered paper chain in red and green paper. Each year since I was engaged my now husband and I filled out a link for the 25 days of December telling something we are grateful for. When my girls each turned three I had them do their own 25 links each year. I will do the same with my boys next year. It’s tattered, folded, mended every year, but brings me more joy and happiness to me than any material gift during this holiday.