Today I’m sharing my woodland-inspired Christmas tree decked out with red and rustic Christmas tree decorations!

Welcome to Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas! I can’t tell you how much I love participating in this series each year. Honestly, it’s one of the things I look forward to the most when the holiday season rolls around. Not only do I get to share inspiration with all of you, but I get to team up with some of my favorite bloggers. Be sure to check out all of their Day 1 projects at the end of this post.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

Also, if you’d like to join us in this 12 Day adventure, we’d love to have you. If you are inspired to recreate anything we make, share it with us on social media using the hashtag #12days72ideas. We can’t wait to see what inspires you!

Technically, I’m cheating on today’s post because I’m sharing a tree I decorated back in October. It turned out super cute, and it is a Christmas tree after all so I hope it’s OK to post about it. Please know that I also will be sharing some techniques and unique touches that you can use to make your tree extra special. Sound fair?

Woodland Inspired Christmas Tree with Rustic Christmas Tree Decorations

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

I started with a standard green tree. (This one here.). I always think it’s wise to invest in a quality tree. Not only will a good tree last for years, but you get what you pay for. You want a full tree so you can’t see through it. Realistic branches are also always a plus. I opted for the pre-lit variety because it saves so much time.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

Whenever I’m decorating a tree, I like to begin with a ribbon. Ribbon offers a bit of a backdrop for your decorations. It also helps to fill up the tree if you happen to be light on ornaments. I chose this thick black and red gingham flannel. I could spend all winter in a shirt with this pattern, so why not wrap my tree in it?

For this particular tree, I opted for an “Into the Woods” theme. Although the tree bears no resemblance, the theme was inspired by the movie of that name that’s coming out soon and Taylor Swift’s new song. (People, you have to take whatever inspiration you can get wherever you can get it, no questions asked.)

As much as I love traditional ornaments, it’s always fun to think outside the box when it comes to Christmas tree decor. (Donna of Funky Junk Interiors is the queen of unique tree trimmings.)

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

These red lanterns are the perfect non-traditional ornament! Not only do they go with the tree, but you can put smaller ornaments, battery operated tea lights, or other treasures inside the lanterns.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

I also found an inexpensive Christmas village, so I just tucked several of the houses right inside the tree.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

Lastly, I picked up these adorable woodland creatures (a.k.a. squirrels) and added them as well.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

I then threw on some traditional ornaments to fill in anywhere things looked a little sparse.

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

Finally, to bring my “Into the Woods” theme home, I added some icy red berry picks and a few snow covered pinecones.

What to see more Christmas Trees? Check out these:

Into the Woods | Inspired by Charm #12day72ideas

With that, my tree was complete! Colorful, warm, and cozy. I think it turned out pretty well. What do you think?


 See how the other 12 Days Bloggers are decking their halls.


Front Door Christmas Decorating from Shanty 2 Chic


Branch Candle Centerpiece from Funky Junk Interiors


Blue and White Christmas Decorating from Thistlewood Farms


Advent Calendar from Songbird


Colorful and Crafty Printables from Remodelaholic

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  • Marianne Songbird at

    Oh I love that tree! And I agree that pattern on the ribbon is just too good not to wear on yourself and on the tree. Great start my friend. Can’t wait to see what else you got up your gingham sleeves.

  • SuZeQ at

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree and all the decorations!

  • Ashley at

    My aunt used to make us ornaments every year for Christmas, so I have 28 ornaments that I put on my tree now! So special!

  • Ashley at

    I signed up for emails! πŸ™‚

  • Ann in Atlanta, GA at

    Your tree is so classic! I love the woodland theme, especially the idea of the small lanterns that you can fill with other treasures – how clever! My favorite thing to add to our tree are special ornaments we give each other every year – our boys usually have sports or other hobby themed ornaments and I have owls (Target and Hobby Lobby are always good sources for owls – also found some at Tuesday Morning this year) and my husband has ornaments with beach themes, Santas, and a few other interests.

  • Amy at

    I signed up for your newsletter! <3

  • Katie K. at

    My tree is half ornaments my husband’s grandmother macramΓ©d for him when he was a kid. Candy canes, teddy bears, squares with his name on them. There are so many of them!

  • Katie K. at

    I joined your mailing list.

  • Emma P at

    What makes our Christmas Tree special is the ornaments. Ornaments from my parents childhood, those purchased on special trips to Chicago at Christmas time, and those that represent all the trips and places we have visited!

  • Peggy at

    Your tree is gorgeous! Love the red checked ribbon! I think I may use that on my tree. My children have received ornaments every year from my Mother and an aunt. They would be devastated if I put up a tree without those ornaments.

  • Haley at

    I love themed trees. My tree is mostly vintage ornaments from my grandmother’s collection. My siblings and I used to help her decorate the tree and she would tell us the story of how she got each ornament. Every time I look at my tree, I think of those memories of decorating the christmas tree with her and remembering the stories she would tell.

  • Emily at

    I have ornaments that my children have made for me. I LOVE your tree!

  • Alayne at

    What makes our tree so special is that all of the ornaments on it are handmade by us through the years.

  • Bunny at

    Our tree has ornaments from our childhood, decades ago – plus themed ornaments that change each year. It is always a thing of sparkling beauty.

  • Lindsay at

    My husband and I buy ornaments every year that are significant to our relationship or vacations that we took. When we decorate our tree, we reminisce about each one and are reminded of all of the fun things we’ve done together! We met online in 2006, so the first ornament we bought was of a little computer. πŸ™‚

  • Emily H at

    Several other commenters have mentioned this, but my husband and I also pick out an ornament to represent a special memory from the past year. From our Mickey and Minnie bride and groom we got on our Disneyworld honeymoon to our double-decker bus from London, it’s always so fun to hang the ornaments and reminisce.

  • Amy C. at

    Our family Christmas tree is special because of each and every ornament that holds a wonderful memory.

  • Amy C. at

    I signed up for your email list.

  • Lindsey Bruce at

    Im not usually a blogger or anything like that but your website caught my attention. The Christmas season is my favorite time of the year and there are so many wonderfully special things about the Holidays. To just talk about the tree is limiting my true love of the season, however, the tree at my house holds a very special place in my heart. When I was a young girl my family would always decorate the tree together and it was always a very special evening. My mother would cook a lovely meal and we would eat as a family. After dinner the whole family would begin pulling out all the tree decorations. While doing this my mom would put some christmas cookies in the oven so we could eat them while decorating. My family always had a color themed tree, and most of the time the colors were red, green, and gold. The whole evening was centered on making the tree look perfect. Towards the end of putting everything up my sister and I would be in charge of placing the ornaments on the tree. We took such pride in placing them the perfect distance apart with not to much of the same color in one area. Years later, and our family living all apart the Christmas tree still means the world to me. When decorating my tree, it brings back such warm memories and traditions of the way my family used to do things. I can’t wait to begin a family someday to pass down these traditions.

  • Debbie at

    All of the ornaments my children have made for me over the years. They are so much fun to get out and look at.

  • megan at

    i have ornaments that were gifted to me from my grandparents as i was growing up, and now my husband and i buy ornaments on our vacations.

  • Lindsey Bruce at

    I also signed up to receive your emails!

  • Debbie at

    I have signed up for your emails.

  • Jessica Voss at

    All of our ornaments are gifts! My in laws always exchange ornaments at Christmas, so my husband and I get one each every year…makes them very special. πŸ™‚

  • Miranda at

    Your tree is so beautiful and full! My tree is made special by the ornaments that each have a memory attached to them. So decorating the tree really gets me in the holiday spirits.

  • Teresa @ wherelovemeetslife at

    I would have to say that some of the wonderful things about our tree is that it is acquired over time. I have ornaments from when I was a child as well as ornaments chosen every year by the kids.

  • Jess at

    What I love about my tree is that I have one! I didn’t always put up a tree in my apartment, because I am the only one who lives here and I spend most of the holidays traveling with family. In the past few years, I started putting up a tree and decorating it for myself. It really helps me get into the Christmas spirit!

  • Charleen at

    What makes our Christmas tree special is all the ornaments made by my preschool children and 6 year old nephew. There are other special ornaments handed down and others my children picked out themselves. What makes it even cuter is knowing that the bottom half was decorated by my little elves.

  • Elin at

    I have some ornaments from my great grandmother that I make sure and put up every year. Most all of my ornaments are either homemade or have some sort of story tracing back to my family. So there’s never a clear theme, but rather a story.

  • Rebecca B at

    Each ornament is different and specially picked

  • Kristeen at

    stringing popcorn and some homemade and new ornaments makes my tree extra special.. I agree about having a good full tree but one year I bought a tree at a garage sale for 5 dollars and it turned out to be a beautiful tree even though it was NOT full — it had seen better days that’s for sure – but for that Christmas when losing everything we had and selling to make it through that difficult year before – will the following year I found a tree that served us in a simple but beautiful way – lights and stringed popcorn graced the tree that year.. I believe you can make any tree beautiful…
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Mary d at

    Old and new ornaments…even some I made as a kid many years ago

  • Lynda M. at

    Our tree holds all of the ornaments we have collected over our 28 years of marriage from Our First Christmas together in 1986 to handmade ornaments from our daughter over the years. I love taking the ornaments out each year and remembering who gave them to us or when we made them, etc.
    Merry Christmas Michael!

  • Melissa Leach at

    Thanks for the Target giveaway!
    Serval sets of clear glass icicles are what make my tree special. Years ago I bought a few sets for me and some for my mom. After my mom passed, I was able to get hers. These simple icicles were something my mom and I shared a love for. My tree isn’t dressed until the icicles are hung!

  • Linda Rubin at

    Merry Christmas Michael. Your tree looks absolutely fantastic. I do not put up a big tree anymore. I just go to my grandkids home and enjoy their trees. I have been receiving your posts through email for quite some time now.

  • carol clark at

    ornaments my son makes each year in school i put up and we go buy one together it makes it special for us

  • Michael @ Crafty at

    Michael –

    Our Christmas tree is extra-special because it’s loaded with ornaments that remind us of some of the happiest times we’ve shared as a family.

    There are the handmade, popsicle-stick picture frame ornaments that the boys made several years ago. And photos of them — toothless and smiling from ear-to-ear.

    And then there are the souvenir ornaments from places like Cape Cod, Nantucket, The Biltmore Mansion, DisneyWorld, and many more.

    There’s the very first tree ornament that my wife and I bought — twenty-seven Christmases ago. We have a tradition of putting that ornament on the tree (together of course) before any other ornaments go on. And….when the Holiday season is over, that ornament is the very LAST ornament to be taken off and carefully packed away.

    We love our tree and all the memories that it brings back for us.

    That’s what makes our tree an extra-special one!


  • carol clark at

    i signed up for your newsletter

  • Kaitlin Jenkins at

    Your tree is beautiful!

    We typically do a very small real tree and decorate it differently each year. We have begun collecting ornaments from our various travels and those always make it feel the most special to me!

  • Lauren at

    My family’s Christmas tree is full of ornaments that we have collected and been given over time, as well as ornaments from my parent’s childhood. That’s my favorite part, no fancy theme-just family.

  • Chelsea Woodward at

    Just signed up for your newsletter! Love following you on Pinterest. Your ideas are amazing!

  • Sara at

    My tree is special because of all the memories from all the ornaments. It’s definitely not a designer tree, but I think it is beautiful. I love to relive the memories year to year, and I even have ornaments from the year I was born!

  • Vanessa at


    I love receiving your newsletters! You have inspired me to find vintage ornaments for my tree along with the ornaments I already have. Needless to say, I am always on the lookout for shiny brights and “vintagey” ornaments to adorn the tree. Last year, I added tinsel-the “REAL” stuff and I must say it was amazing and reminded me of my grandma’s tree years ago! Finally, what’s really important to me and my family is picking out our tree and decorating the tree together…and throwing the tinsel on the tree is so much fun-a new tradition!! Merry Christmas!

  • Cathy McKenna at

    besides the annual ornaments for each child….I just LOVE all my engine, train cars, and caboose ornaments…and I just love when it is time to bring in our garden train and put it around the bottom of the tree!

    Thanks for a chance to win a prize!!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Elle at

    I have miniature blown glass ornaments from Germany on my feather tree. They take me back to my roots and Christmases past.

  • Charla at

    We love Christmas and have had our trees up for over a week. My favorite ornament is an antique bird just like the one mt grandmother had on her tree when I was growing up. It brings back priceless memories.

  • Melody at

    ornaments that have been passed down to be and now this year, it is my daughter’s first Christmas ornament that will be going up on the tree.

  • Heather at

    Our Christmas tree is special simply because it is ours (my husband, my son, and mine). Displaying simple ornaments as well as sparkling accents and of course, sentimental pieces, our tree is perfect every year just because it is ours. <3

  • Jessie C. at

    Personalized ornaments make our Christmas tree extra special.

  • Jessie C. at

    I’m a subscriber

  • Michelle C at

    My two mini schnauzer are the inspiration for my white table top tree!

  • Gale at

    Hello! First, I would like to know where you got your tree skirt. You didn’t mention it in your blog post and I am sure that I can’t be the only one that would like to know this.

    When I was little, my parents always purchased ornaments for me and when I left home I was given those ornaments to start my own tree. I started this tradition for my kids (25 and 20) and over the past few years, our family tree was decorated by them with their own ornaments. Usually, their ornaments represented something important that had happened that year OR where we had traveled as a family.

    In addition, my daughter (25 and living in China for the past two years) has traveled extensively People To People, Semester at Sea, a semester in London, backpacking SE Asia, etc. It isn’t always easy transporting big souvenirs and students can’t often afford expensive things. So, to capture the memories of her travels, she purchases an ornament in each country she visits. She now has a separate tree just for her travels.

  • queendeke at

    Like you, I try to have a different theme each year & enjoy the hunt for items to use to achieve that theme.

  • queendeke at

    I am already a subscriber, thanks.

  • Tarah at

    This year it includes a handmade ornament from my son, my first ever “mom” ornament, so I’m very excited about displaying it.

  • Tarah at

    I subscribe to your blog via email

  • Dale at

    All of our ornaments have a story. We buy an ornament on each vacation or ones we love that represent something about ourselves and family. I think it makes our tree very personal to us and each year we love putting it up and talking about the memories of each one. One day when we have kids I imagine telling them the stories and starting the ornament tradition for them for all their big moments.

  • Krystal at

    I have never had a themed Christmas tree. While I love the beauty of them…….for me…..what makes my tree special is all the different ornaments that tell a story. Ornaments given to me by my mom as I grew up……ornaments I have given my children as they are growing…..handmade ornaments…..vintage ornaments I thrifted. All this mish mash of memories is what makes my tree special.

  • Emily Wilson at

    I love jingle bells and have a ton of them on my tree!!

  • Judy Lavelle at

    The old ornaments collected over the 50 years and the new ones still to come

  • Emily Wilson at

    I signed up for the email updates.

  • Terrie at

    What a lovely tree! The thing that makes my Christmas tree extra special is my collection of Swarovski annual Christmas ornaments. My college roommate gave me my first ornament in 2000 when we moved to Colorado together. I’ve been collecting the annual ornament ever since! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  • Robin W. at

    All of my son’s home-made/hand-made ornaments each bring back a memory that somedays I can smell and hear!! Love my tree!!

  • Heather at

    I have a ton of ornaments that are very sentimental to me. Some where my grandmother’s, some where mine from when I was little, some where bought on vacations, some where homemade by my little ones! Beautiful tree!!

  • Heather at

    I already subscribe to your email updates!

  • heidi at

    I love the tree amd the idea of the ribbon as the backdrop. This year our tree went up Wednesday night and it was special to me because my husband was off work and able to put it up with our two kiddos while i prepped for the Thanksgiving dinner! It has simple ornaments, but ones the kids like to see every year and express when they got it or why they remember them!

  • KL at

    Have not had a tree up in a long time Michael, but I like yours with all the red in it. Love that ribbon.

  • Jenny Martin at

    I use ribbon on my trees, (yes, plural!!) every year…
    They give the tree that extra pop of color and fill in where needed. This year was very special to my husband and I because he had a long weekend and we were able to decorate our tree(s) together and it snowed!! That was really nice to see! Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  • KL at

    I am a subscriber but do not do social media, so I am entering my 2nd time again with a comment

  • Anni at

    Homemade ornaments

  • cherie at

    I love Target!

  • Lisa G at

    Our entire tree is decorated with ornaments the kids made throughout the years. And annual pictures of each of the kids to see how much they have grown over the years.

  • Felicity C at

    My family’s tree is even more special this year as I now live in California and traveling home to the East Coast to a tree full of memories from my childhood is extra memorable. We have multiple ornaments throughout the years but the most special is that we even have an ornament from the 1940’s, a blue and silver star, which was my grandmother’s. The emotional connection is obviously huge, adding that finding a blue ornament is very rare. I’m not sure how many more Christmas trees will see this very old ornament but I am thankful every year to see my family’s history hanging in bold display on a gorgeous tree.

  • GinaE at

    Love your tree! I have a collection of ornaments that I began when I moved in to my first apartment, after college. Many are glass pinecones. So great to see them all each year and remember what stage of life I was in when I got each one. Many thanks for the chance to win your great give away!

  • GinaE at

    I’m signed up for your emails!

  • Eileen at

    That black and red ribbon is gorgeous. What a beautifully decorated tree. There are so many features that make my tree special and unique. I also start witha pre-lit tree and I layer ornaments shades of gold and white with pops of red berries. My beautiful angel sits atop a collar of red berries and ribbon gets added last. Stop on over at my blog later this week to see it for yourself.

  • Pam at

    Beautiful tree! I have a collection of silver metal souvenir ash trays of all of the states. Not sure how old they are but probably from the fifties. I use them to decorate a smaller tree every year. Quirky and fun.

  • Thelma caplinger at

    Signed up! Most special part of my Christmas tree are the handmade ornaments from my children

  • Colleen Boudreau at

    we have a boxer faced angel for the top of our tree that looks just like our puppy.

  • Megan Bowman at

    From our first Christmas as a couple and throughout the last 7 years (this Christmas will be our 8th and married 9 in April) we have bought each other an ornament. Our tree is full of only ornaments that we have bought ourselves and for each other. This will be the 3rd Christmas for our little boy, and we have made home made fingerprint ornaments each year. My tree is what I cherish out of all my Christmas decorations. It tells a story. πŸ™‚

  • Jehancancook at

    Love this tree!!! Being with family is what makes it special.

  • Stephanie Phelps at

    I think what makes our tree extra special is that we picked it as a family and decorated with the kids homemade decorations!

  • Megan Bowman at

    Signed up for your blog/newsletter. Please pick me! <3

  • Kitti Todd at

    First of all, Michael, I absolutely love your blog. You are amazing! Every day when I get home from work I open up my computer and check your blog for new posts. It’s so inspiring . <3
    Our tree is very special for me. I am Hungarian and I just moved to the States ( my husband is American), and this is our very first Christmas tree together. I miss my family terribly but to make them feel closer I made all of our ornaments by hand. I made my Mom's cinnamon cookie ornaments what we used to make at home together, and I covered all of our little balls with maps. Every time when I look at that Christmas tree I think of my family. It means so much to me .

  • Cheri at

    Every year we go to our cabin with our grandkids and cut a tree!

  • Beth Miles at

    We have been collecting vintage inspired ornaments since we were married 37 years ago. Each year we try to get one or two more.

  • Dawn at

    Our tree is special because it is decorated with ornaments that Santa brings our kids every year, the ornaments my husband and I exchange each year, and the ones that Santa brought me as a child. We love to put them up together and remember them.

  • Cecile at

    Like the tree! I am signed up for your emails.

  • joy at

    Spending time with my family!

  • joy at

    signed up

  • Jacqueline at

    What makes my Christmas tree special is the time I spend with my children decorating it and seeing their faces when we light it up! Their eyes get wide and admire how beautiful the tree looks!
    I already subscribed to your blog via email but I pinned your Christmas Tree, it is absolutely inspiring!
    here is the link!×1024.jpg&description=Into+the+Woods+%7C+Inspired+by+Charm+%2312day72ideas

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Ellie Wright at

    What makes my tree special is the ornaments made by my sons and grandsons. I cherish them all.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  • Dami Moore at

    Each year we would mark each memory.
    Such as all different pacifiers when my son
    Was born thomas trains wood decorations violins
    Ect May you have a very Merry Christmas

  • Karen at

    Absolutely LOVE your tree, even if it’s not this years…what great style you have in designing it. I love plaid and use it frequently on my tree and on wreaths. Such a country flavor. Have a blessed holiday and above all PEACE!

  • Erin Kaven at

    Michael, since I was married 21 years ago, I have purchased a different ornament from each trip we have been on, and to commemorate each special moment in our family. It has become our “memory tree” always the same, yet always evolving.

  • Nancy at

    Our skinny pre-lit pencil tree is special every year as it only holds ornaments that have meaning to my parents & I. Most ornaments go back to when I was a kid (and I’m 37!).

  • carla sharp ball at

    I have handmade embroidered mittens for my tree and it is covered with them they are just so adorable than I add ribbon and clear lites..all the little ones want to try on each mitten to see if they fit and that is what makes my tree special..Thank you

  • Carol at

    I love your trees!
    I shared them on facebook with my sister and my sister -in- law

  • Margot C at

    Our Christmas tree is special to me because i still have the star that was my mother’s and that I had when I was little.

  • Alice at

    Hi Michael,
    My tree is made special by the one ornament that remains from my mother and father’s tree. The ornament is a tiny hand painted glass bell. It isn’t very big, but I remember looking for it every year as I grew up. It was always on that tree somewhere. I always showed it to my children, and to my grandchildren and told them where it came from. I hope that one of them will treasure it on their tree the way I did.

    PS: Love you blog and follow it faithfully.

  • Candice at

    I moved to the Midwest from the east and sadly left the ocean behind. So my tree is done in blues and greens and driftwood. There are mermaids and starfish and beautiful shells mixed in with turquoise and watery green glass ornaments. No cows, no corn and no stinky manure allowed!

  • Emily Krause at

    Our tree is special because our 3 year old gets to put all the ornaments on it!!

  • Angela McNulty Foley at

    I decorate my tree with ornaments from my travels with my daughters,special occasions
    and things that I love. It’s always a beautiful tree to me and my family..

  • Tina at

    Michael, our tree is special, because, we all decorate together as a family, every year!:) love your tree AND blog!! Happy Holidays!

  • Lisa Richardson at

    what makes our tree so special is the memories that it holds. We always go out and get a fresh noble fir. I like the spaces between the branches so you can see the ornaments hanging. We have tiny handmade German ornaments, unique beeswax ornaments, handmade brown paper bows, and ornaments from my grandparents, parents and children from over the years. And of course we always add candy canes, and there is a pickle in there somewhere along with a mushroom!

  • DRTVrMoi at

    Our tree is special because it holds 3 generations of ornaments and love. No theme, no special color, just wonderful memories

  • Shar at

    Your tree is lovely! What makes my tree special is after unpacking all the ornament boxes, we
    can decorate with the glass ornaments that I have been collecting for 45 years. Each one has a
    story to tell since many of them were picked up on trips. Thanks!

  • Barbara hammond at

    I love our tree because it is one that belonged to my son before he passed away 5 years ago

  • Lindy at

    Two years ago I discovered several blogs that gave me the urge and strength to step out and do some creative things around my house. IBC was one of the first spots I fell in love with. You were just changing your gift shop into your office. I related to your zest and color, and I discovered Threshold items. Last Christmas I especially fell hard for the glass water globes, particularly the fox and tree in one and the red farm house in the other. I’ll be adding to them this year with the scooter! So, from the inspiration I’ve been given, I made a large decision to give most of my ornaments from over the years to my adult children for their trees and to do a farm collection of ornaments (we live on an old farm) with a country/city (we love both) theme and lots of color. Have already found some vintage ornaments that will do just fine. I go this weekend to find the just right ribbon and build from there. Again, Michael, you are definitely inspirational with your charm and your love of splash and light. Thank you for all you share (love the simple directions you always include with pictures!)…….and how much heart you put it all together with. Come to Oregon sometime and teach a workshop! Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

  • Diana at

    Our tree is special because it is truly an eclectic tree. It is adorned each year with a crocheted angel given to us when our first son was born 32 years ago. It has so many special ornaments on it there is no room for extra ribbon or sprigs. I added a separate metal ornament stand last year to hold the year’s newest offerings. We have a few childhood ornaments from my childhood tree, a “Make a Wish” engraved for each year of our son’s lives (the oldest is now married and has his ornaments and the 78 Precious Moments ornaments for thee tree at his married house, my poor, poor DDIL–lol), ornaments we have collected on our travels, Lenox and Waterford ornaments for each year of marriage, others that we have given “just because”, and who could forget the ornaments of the furry ones past and present. Our tree will never when a contest, but is a scrapbook of our lives. It documents the interests of the passing years such as the sports du jour, cooking, art and vine classes, travels near and far. Our tree reflects us. Thanks for asking and listening.

  • Linda at

    Michael – I subscribe to your email/newsletter, Facebook page & Pinterest. YOU are amazing!!!
    Our tree is extra special this year because my two daughters (ages 10 & 12) set it up entirely on their own. Magic XO

  • Donna Blosser at

    My tree is special cause of all the things my children have made me over the years at Christmas time.

  • JULIA D. at

    Love getting your e-mails, always such inspiration and delight. Putting on each years ornaments always brings such a good feeling of every Christmas in the past. I enjoy putting up a Christmas tree and checking out others as passing by in daily travels to and from.

  • Faith at

    Love your tree!! SO beautiful!!
    I have five children and two dogs so I just drool over trees like yours!!
    I do love our family tree though with all my heart!!
    All the home made ornaments going back over two decades!
    It is just so much fun to go down memory lane!!

  • Elizabeth G. at

    Handmade ornaments make our tree extra special!

  • Terri at

    The favorite part of my Christmas Tree is that my young adult daughters decorate it themselves! This gives me the opportunity to discover what is special to them and to re-tell the stories that they are actually interested in. : )

  • Robin T. at

    Our tree is special because I gave it, and the decorations, to a family that didn’t have one last year. A member of the family sent me a photo of it decorated with the children and their big happy smiles.

  • Robin T. at

    I’ve been subscribed since last year when I discovered you. πŸ™‚

  • Carol at

    Such a great tree! What makes my tree special? The 100+ handmade ornaments I have lovingly cross-stitched for it through the years… They always make me so proud each year when I decorate my tree!

  • Cathy at

    My tree is made special by all the unique ornaments made by my now adult children several each year along with my creations. Fond memories flood thru me as I carefully hang each one near a white twinkling light. And this year, the collection grows with art from my grandchildre! I am blessed!

  • Linda Wiseman at

    Love your charming Christmas tree! It’s really not so much what is on my tree as to who is helping me! I just love when the grandchildren come over and help me decorate it and even though the ornaments are not perfectly placed, it brings a smile to my face remembering who placed them there.

  • Sue at

    Using vintage ornaments makes our tree special!

  • Janice McElhone at

    Although we switched to an artificial tree a few years ago, I still can use all the ornaments we’ve accumulated through the years. I still have the one my 1st grade teacher made me in 1967! The ornaments are the best part of our tree.

  • Kelly Meyer at

    Such a lovely tree. I always think I will do a themed tree and then I always resort to my traditional, handed down and homemade ornaments like every other year. I just may have to change things up a bit this year!

  • Stephanie at

    My tree is filled with ornaments my children receive each year and it shows what they were into every year

  • Stephanie at

    Signed up for email

  • Kelly Meyer at

    I signed up for the emails. Can’t wait to be inspired! πŸ™‚

  • Heather at

    When I was a child, on family vacations (at all times during the year) we would pick out a Christmas ornament as a souvenir. At first, buying ornaments at the beach in July seemed silly, but then every Christmas it was lovely to remember everywhere we have been that year. I have continued the same tradition with my family and our tree now!

  • margaret at

    I love this tree!

  • Lainey at

    Your tree is beautiful! My Christmas tree is special because, like a lot of people, I’ve been collecting ornaments for 20+ years and each one reminds me of a trip or a special person. The thing that people always comment on about my tree, however, is the non-traditional color scheme: green, gold and purple. Though these are often colors associated with Mardi Gras celebrations, I was raised Catholic and purple is the color of lent, so the entire period of time leading up to Christmas. I found these colors were beautiful together and didn’t clash with the decor in the rest of my house the way traditional red and green would. Thanks for all the decorating, baking and crafting tips!

  • Tam at

    Love your tree! The ornaments that make our tree so special to us are the ornaments that hold photos of our children throughout the years.

  • Elcc at

    Michael your tree looks great. My tree is up and it is small the my old tree. I have to start getting the
    ornaments out of their totes. There are 43 years of collected glass ornaments with some colored ones. Wish I had the ribbon you used it’s beautiful.

  • Jayne at

    My tree is a balsam with hundreds of white lights, beautiful red blown glass balls, and birds. I love the sparkle and the natural look from the birds made with real feathers. My daughter and I put glass glitter on a bunch of small gold balls and they are beautiful too. The skirt is a repurposed gold tablecloth. It’s all warm and homie. We love it!

  • Theda at

    I love Christmas trees! My favorite tree is all silver and white ornaments, clear lights and splashes of pink throughout.

  • Leann G. at

    Ornaments I’ve had since I was a kid always have to go on the tree at my dad’s house.

  • Theda at

    I signed up for your email!

  • Karen Stevenson at

    We have been putting trees in every room since we moved to a bigger home. And the one in the front room is usually a sports tree this year I think it will be a colts tree. Half our house are Steeler fans and athe other are colts fans and we do one team every other year

  • Victoria at

    First year with a real tree for my kids….I love how it makes the whole house smell like a pine forest!

  • Kathrine at

    We have a special ornament for each of our kids that tells their name and birthday on our tree.

  • Becky Corbin at

    My Christmas tree is always special because each year my 2 daughters each get 2 ornaments, one from me (Love Mom, 2001) and a signed and dated one from Santa. It’s always fun to look thru the ornaments and remember giving these precious decorations. Now the girls, ages 33 and 31, want their ornaments for their trees and it’s great to see them on their Christmas trees. The fun part is once again I get to buy new ornaments for my tree that I love!!

    • Shannon at

      Becky, that’s so beautiful. Your comment actually made me tear up! My mom did the same thing for my siblings and I growing up and this is my first Christmas in my first home and I’m so excited and grateful that she put the effort into creating those memories for us! I’m sure your daughters feel the same. πŸ™‚

  • Kari at

    What makes our tree special to me is that it contains ornaments from my own childhood as well as ornaments that my children have made. They all hold sentimental value and make the tree special.

    I love your tree! That ribbon is so nice and I never even thought of doing the ribbon BEFORE the ornaments. That makes total sense.

  • Shannon at

    Christmas is HANDS-DOWN my favourite time of the year! Nothing excites me more than seeing a lights on houses and decorated trees in windows. πŸ™‚
    Your tree is beautiful! I think themed and colour-coordinated decorations on trees are stunning and look fabulous, in photos especially! Though truthfully, what I think is most special about my tree is the chaotic, mis-matched assortment of ornaments that I’ve amassed over the years. Everything from my hand-made childhood ornaments to the yearly themed ornaments my mother gifted to each family member to the still-working bubble lights to the fair trade handcrafted ornaments I’ve purchased from Ten Thousand Villages. I haven’t set up my tree yet this year and I actually giggled with excitement just from typing that sentence!
    Wishing a safe, happy and magical holiday season to everyone!

  • girlfromwva at

    i already signed up for your newsletter!

  • girlfromwva at

    My Christmas tree is extra special because it has gingerbread themed ornaments and tree skirt. We also have one for the boys that has their ornaments that they receive every year from their grandma since they were born. One is 21 & the other is 19. (My older son & daughter also do that with their trees.)

  • Shannon Tipton at

    What makes our tree so special is all the ornaments that are passed down from one generation to the next.

  • Sweetshade Lane at

    Michael, you are forever an inspiration. As you have done, I’ve collected some ornaments from travels. Some I’ve saved since my childhood. Some are my husband’s. And now, I hang my children’s handmade and specially collected ornaments on the tree. We all get to share each other’s creations, collections, and sentimental items, making tree-trimming such a special time to reflect on the joys and blessings in our lives.
    We wish YOU a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

  • stephanie torres at

    my mothers vintage ornaments and her angel tree topper!

  • Joy Plante at

    I have signed up for newsletter

  • Kindra R. at

    We took tiny plastic toys that our kids stopped playing with and screwed in picture framing screw eyes and turned them into ornaments and that’s what makes our Christmas tree extra special.

  • Kindra R. at

    I subscribed to the e-mails. Thanks for the chance.

  • Kisha@Design Intervention Diary at

    Our Christmas tree is special in that it’s not a Christmas tree. This year we have a four month old puppy and I was pretty sure he would’ve bitten a light, chomped an ornament, and likely brought the whole tree crashing down. To avoid all that, I hung a set of gold mini disco ball ornaments that I found stashed in my bins of holiday decor on…our Fiddle Leaf Fig. It’s just tall enough so the ornaments are out of reach for our puppy’s crocodile mouth. So now we have the It house plant with the It color (brass/gold). Win, win!

  • Rene' at

    I put over 1000 light and 1000 ornaments. No two are alike.

  • Debra at

    Love the ornaments on this tree! I bought a bunch similar to these for my tree.

  • Grammy at


  • Michael L. at

    We like to travel but don’t always have room for a ton of souvenirs. We now collect items to add to our Christmas tree to help us remember our special trips. We’ve found that keychains are great as ornaments when you remove the keyring and add a hook or ribbon – and they can be found in many great metal finishes so they last and are easy to pack in the suitcase without risk of breaking.

  • Erin at

    The ornaments from mine and my husbands childhood.

  • April was in CT now CA at

    I collect S’mores ornaments (cannon falls makes them) and love putting them on my tree every year, they’re so cute!

  • Leigh at

    I love to add a special ornament with a picture on it each year.

  • Cynthia at

    Merry Christmas Michael~
    I am always awestruck by the love that the holiday season instills in each of us no matter what the age~ the acceptance, wonder, and hope that seems to permeate the air from Thanksgiving through the New Year.
    My favorite things are the 40 years of ornaments that my sweetie and I have gathered, the 38 years of White House Historical Ornaments that were a gift from my parents each year~ a beloved treasure as both have moved out beyond the stars…. I adore my children’s pacifiers lovingingly strung on a ribbon~ that they both delight in hanging on the tree when they return “home”.
    Many things make me tingle this time of year~ decorating, cookies, treats, wrapping gifts with care, and your pink Christmast tree : )
    Most of all it’s family, friends, warm hearts, old memories and making new! As fresh as the fallen snow!
    As always~

  • Leigh at

    I love to add an ornament with a picture of someone special to the tree.

  • Leigh at

    I love plaid this year.

  • Ashley Tucker at

    Ornaments from my childhood make my tree special!

  • Pamela Smith at

    My tree is full of ornaments from our travels. I always try to buy an ornament from each new place we travel too. I also have my kids’ ornaments. They get two or three new ones each year that go along with their current interests!

  • Pamela Smith at

    I subscribed!!

  • NiCole W at

    Most of the ornaments were made by my children.

  • Jody at

    Love your woodsy tree! What I love about my tree is the wide variety of ornaments. There are the traditional glass balls, handmade items, the kids Christmas photos from each year, souvenirs from vacations, pop culture characters that the kids were into for that year, and some that are from my childhood. There’s no theme, it’s happy chaos! Thanks for the giveaway (I’m at Target every other day.)

  • Jody at

    Just signed up for your mailing list!

  • Susan at

    My family collects something(does not have to be a pre-made ornament) from every trip we go on so that when we are setting up the tree we can remember the good times we had on our family adventures.

  • Alesandra at

    My tree is extra special because we have ornaments dating back to 1920 that my grandma had in the Ukraine. But we also have ornaments from my childhood, and my moms. Anddd my boyfriend and I get each other a new personal and sentimental type ornament each year πŸ™‚

  • Tami B at

    What makes my tree so special is the hodge podge of ornaments….new, old, hand me downs, homemade!! The best!!!

  • Sharon at

    Every Christmas tree that my mother has decorated over the past 30 years is always amazingly beautiful & I find myself mesmerized when looking at it! The time & energy she puts into every ornament being perfectly placed (& there are over 100, all glass) & how the lights are placed just makes the tree gorgeous! This is the first year she won’t be able to decorate one as she is having a knee replaced . But that means we’ll have next year to look forward to her fabulous tree!!!

  • Tami B at

    Signed up for emails!!

  • Edit Jeremias at

    I just signed up for your blog on the weekend after seeing your stuff on “Funky Junk”. I hope that counts for the draw. I love your style!

  • Dawn at

    So many reasons our tree is special!!
    1. It’s 12 feet tall
    2. I got it for $50 and it was originally almost $1000!! (very nice couple moving from Michigan to hawaii)
    3. No particular style of ornament, but a red theme for the tree. Every ornament I buy has red on it. We mix in homemade from the kids and ornaments from family.
    4. When friends come over during the holidays they always say how much fun it is to look at our ornaments. We pick out few “ugly and weird” ornaments to buy every year! Like a hippo with a tutu and the sumo wrestler
    5. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a movie and Christmas goodies on the couch!

  • Mara at

    I love our tree this year. Every year we head to Target and I have each family member pick an ornament. This year it’s really filled out with their picks from the past several year, in addition to the ornaments that have been gifted to us, picked up at places we’ve visited as well as the kids personal ornaments that they’ve made themselves. It all ties in so beautifully and I love it!

  • Mara at

    I also signed up to receive your posts via email πŸ™‚

  • Georgan Tilley at

    I buy a fresh tree every year and try to make my tree appear to be something that could found in the forest. I decorate it with amber-colored pinecone shaped lights with sprigs of baby’s breath and holly leaves and berries. I also hang rusty bells tied on with red jute and red felt hearts, embellished by tiny rusty buttons. I add very primitive picture frame ornaments which hold a picture of each member of our family, including ones with each of the many pets we have had over the years. I finish it off one of several star toppers, which I alternate, as I have several of them. I have a wonderful brown felt tree skirt that is decorated with cream and two shades of green swirls. — I look forward to decorating my tree every year and love that even though I use the same theme every year, it always warms my heart and never gets old.

  • tammigirl at

    Our tree is special because we have curated ornaments over decades and generations of family members to adorn it. I love knowing there’s a story of some kind behind everything we use on it. It’s like a rediscovery every year, taking out all the ornaments and remembering their origins.

  • tammigirl at

    I am subscribed to your emails.

  • Misti at

    My tree and decorations aren’t old or unique. Everything came from a big box store 5 years ago, as I prepared to celebrate my then six month old son’s first Christmas. I kept hearing from everyone that I shouldn’t go so overboard since he wouldn’t remember anyway, but I couldn’t help myself. For years I had thought that I couldn’t have kids, so my miracles first “everything” had to be spectacular and recorded. I went Christmas crazy with stripes, dots, swirls, and glitter. My house looked like a Whobilation was about to happen. Now he’s four but has Autism so still doesn’t care much about all the decor. Still I love hanging it all and remembering our first Christmas as a family.

  • Misti at

    I just confirmed my subscription to your newsletter.

  • Sarah at

    I signed up! And im decorating with lots burlap and holly berries!

  • Kristin at

    I love all the handmade ornaments that go onto our tree

  • Marnie Hansen at

    What makes my tree special? It is decorated by my 5 children and I am not allowed to touch it. (It was hard for me at first, but I grew to love it.) They love the tree and it makes me happy that they take pride in their creation. Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  • Summer at

    We always get a live tree and our favorite part this year is our DIY salt dough starfish ornaments! Already a subscriber πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  • beverly e at

    My tree is special to me and my family because I have so many personalized ornaments representing each of us through the years. I’m older than dirt, and I still have my very first “Shine Bright” stenciled ornament from the fifties…

  • beverly e at

    I signed up for IBC updates!

  • Kris at

    My Christmas tree is extra special as it holds a lifetime of ornaments I’ve crafted, collected from my travels or to commemorate special occasions. Each one gives me so much pleasure as I relive special memories and times in my life while decorating the tree and enjoying them all during the Holiday Season.

  • Shannon at

    My fav part of our tree is the ornaments we have collected from around the world in our travels….

  • Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage at

    My tree is special because it is decorated with the ornaments from mine and my husbands’ childhoods, as well as the ornaments we’ve collected since we started our family together. Now my children have ornaments from each year so we’re carrying on the tradition, because someday those ornaments will be on their trees!

  • vikki at

    I love the lights on the Christmas tree. There is nothing better than sitting with the lights all off and just the lights of the tree flickering. Brings me back to my childhood.

  • Cheryl B at

    My Christmas tree is very special because it needs to be a long-needle white pine just like the ones we raised on our Christmas tree farm when I was growing up. There is no winter smell better than that of a freshly-cut pine tree.

  • heather at

    What makes my Christmas tree special are the ornaments that I put on it from my childhood, family and dear friends and also special pet ornaments for pets that live with me now and those who I have lost.

  • heather at

    I am a confirmed email subscriber.

  • Erin Clouse at

    Where are those lanterns from?! I need those for my tree. I’m attempting a snow day theme with sled ornaments, mixed sizes of snowballs, funky sweater and mitten ornaments, and a large pair of ice skates for the tree topper. I also have some faux birch bark garland to add.

  • Lynne at

    We have a tree cut from our land in Maine

  • Stacy at

    What I love on my tree are all the ornaments we have bought for the children each year according to their interests at the time

  • Lisa Brown at

    love your website. came over for the gift card but am definitely going to follow!

  • Becky at

    Our family heirloom ornaments and the ones made by our little one, which become new heirlooms, are what make our tree special.

  • Becky at

    I subscribe to your mailing list.

  • Jaslyn at

    Firstly, I stalked my Christmas tree….I truly stalked it…I waited till it went on clearance 75% off two years ago. I fell in love with it, never having seen one quite like it…The leaves are frayed giving in an incredibly realistic look, its 8 feet tall, full, gorgeous and initially was way out of my price range a whopping nearly 400.00 dollars…Anyhow, the tree is special because 1.> I stalked it till I was able to get the manager to hold the display for me and then snag it for a steal…2.> It’s special because it’s my very first tree, the first tree I celebrated Christmas with my children. 3.> My husband decorates the tree beautifully every year…I know what I like, but he has got an eye for perfect placement. ….This is it what makes our tree so very special! ….Love the site, subscribing to your mailing list so I can continually have eye candy!

  • Jaslyn at

    Totally meant 12 feet tall—Pregnancy brain has never fails me sadly…

  • Jaslyn at

    And apparently I can’t write a proper sentence either….we need an edit button..LOL>…LOVE THE PAGE

  • Morgan at

    I live in the woods, and so love the theme of your tree! The buffalo check ribbon is a great idea for a garland. My Christmas tree this year is decorated with salt dough stars that I made. I painted them white and silver and covered in a coat of Mod Podge. They turned out nicely, and were free, so you can’t beat that! Thanks for your great blog, full of inspiration and positivity.

  • Patti at

    our tree is an Asian inspired tree. It is 14 feet tall and put in the branches every other row. That way we hang lanterns, paper balls and pagoda style lights and you can see each. We also put in mint colored fir branches and apricot colored apple blossom stems. It takes my husband and me 3 days to do the tree. It is a lot of work, but when it is up we think it is grand.

  • Debra White at

    I love each and every ornament that I have on my tree. I get a new one every year. Sometime it takes awhile to find the right one. I look around until I find the perfect one. It has to touch my heart in some way when I see it. My favorites are of course the ones the grandchildren make for me though. πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie at

    What makes my tree so special to me is that I have ornaments from several generations on it. I have them from my grandparents, my mom, my in-laws, my husband and myself, and my kids. Some are store bought, but many are handmade. When we travel, I always try to find an new ornament for the tree, and I buy a new one every year for each of my kids. When we decorate the tree, we tell stories about them and reminisce about times together. It’s fun and brings back great memories. It may not be “magazine worthy”, but it’s beautiful and sentimental and we love it! πŸ™‚

  • Lisa Cook at

    Now that my kids have flown, I only use old glass ornaments from my childhood Christmas and ones I find in my trips to flea markets. I love the light reflection and a change from the homemade cotton and wood ornies of the 80’s and 90’s.

  • Stephanie at

    I signed up for your mailing list.

  • Jo Ann at

    We have vintage ornaments from my great grandparents and things made by our children and now our grandchildren on our tree. It is truly a family history book.

  • Jo Ann at

    P.S. I just signed up for email notifications!

  • Karen3848 at

    What makes our tree extra special are the ornaments handed down from my grandma. They are like tiny little windmills and when you place it above a tree light, the heat makes the paddles spin.

  • Sandy at

    Love the little red lantern on your tree. Our tree is special decorated with our children’s ornaments they made at school and at Scouts. Now our grandchildren’s crafty ornaments hang along side their parents’ beauties.

  • Becca at

    Love the ribbon pattern…so festive!!! Joined the newsletter!

  • Teri K at

    The tree has all our ornaments that we’ve collected since my husband and I met.

  • Teri K at

    I signed up for the IBC emails. Happy Holidays!

  • Kiersten at

    This year, what makes our tree special is that we’re getting a real one! We haven’t done that since we’ve gotten married, so we’re super excited!

  • Sue at

    Love the tree! My tree is a white, gold, and green theme. It’s extra special to me because it has my son’s hand made school ornaments spread through out.

  • Tricia at

    I love your tree and I really love your idea to put the ribbon on the tree first. I now know what my tree has been missing all these years, I will definitely be applying that ribbon method, LOL, on my tree this year.

  • Lois Boggs at

    I love the gingham….My tree has an assortment of vtg handmade ornies, ornies my kids have made, and collectible ornis….eclectic but I love them all…

  • Vickie Hoffman at

    Aunt Gay showed me your website and I have loved it! Thanks for sharing! I love your tree’s and have never been able to get my wide ribbons to “flow” through my tree! Your red plaid is wonderful!! My tree’s are unique as one has all crystal and glass with touches of silver and gold. The other is brightly colored blown glass ornaments; namely Shiny Bright and a few others. Enjoy!

  • Mary B at

    I love your trees! Our tree is extra special because our ornaments are from generations prior. We have two Christmas trees a “breakable” tree and a “non-breakable” tree. Our breakable tree has ornaments from my great-great grandmother and every year we buy an extra ornament with a memory from a time or place that is breakable for the tree. Our other tree has non-breakbale fun ornaments that have similar memories, but are ones we made as kids or ornaments with pictures on it. Thanks so much!

  • Mary B at

    Joined the mailing list! Thanks

  • Laura P at

    I love the tree! My tree is extra special because it’s mine and my husband’s first Christmas in our new home that we built, so to celebrate we went out and bought a 9′ tree. It’s been so much fun decorating a new (and huge!) tree together.

  • Michelle Vincent at

    I have white Christmas balls on my tree. Each ball has a picture of a historical place from my hometown and the date when that place started. It’s wonderful to have a tree repersent my hometown and all the memories I made there!

  • Aubrey Hierholzer at

    My favorite thing about my tree is that my 4 boys decorate it with their stuffed animals. They look forward to it every year, even though the oldest is now 14.

  • Aubrey Hierholzer at

    I also joined your mailing list!

  • Aubrey Hierholzer at

    P.s. I LOVE the fonts on your blog!

  • Susan at

    My tree is special because I still use the ornaments we always had on our tree growing up, my mom gave them to me when she downsized to a smaller home. Now I have two children and we add several new ornaments a year, but the memories with the others are very special.

  • livivua at

    handmade ornaments

  • livivua at

    signed up for newsletter

  • Melanie Turngren at

    First, I love your tree! So classic yet warm feeling! My tree has taken me years to achieve it’s final look…I have collected Hallmark ornaments for myself and my daughters and its mostly those with a dash of sparkle/glitter and excitement! I love my tree as well. Thanks for sharing some great ideas!!

  • Jessica at

    Our tree is made extra special with the ornaments my grandfather hand-crafted for me and my sisters every year during our childhood. It’s a tradition I hope to keep up when I have children of my own!

  • Denise O at

    I love you tree! I was actually going to do the same kind of theme this year. My tree is special because I collect an ornament a year with my daughter. I love the memories

  • Denise O at

    I signed up for the email!

  • Diane S. at

    Merry Christmas! Those Christmas trees are absolutely beautiful, love them. What makes our tree special is the fun we all have decorating it with homemade ornaments.

  • Leslie at

    Our tree has a collection of ornaments from years past. In the daytime you notice all of the colorful children’s ornaments, but at night when the room dims and the tree is lit—you only see the glowing traditional ones. It’s like 2 trees in one! Have a great holiday season, Michael.

  • Karin K at

    My tree is extra special because I refuse to let my husband put colored lights on it. πŸ™‚

  • Bernadette Andrews at

    I absolutely need tjis little red lanterns! Where did you get them!?

  • Jennie at

    The ribbon makes the whole thing look complete!

  • Jennifer at

    Personal touches are what make our Christmas tree special. Whenever we travel we pick up ornaments that remind of our travels and special memories.

  • JoEllen at

    One of my favorite ornaments that sits on our tree has the imprint of my little girl’s feet. She was a newborn two Christmases ago, and it reminds me how fleeting my time with my little children really is.

    I love the icy red berries on this tree. Do you happen to remember where you picked those up?

  • Lindsay at

    I decided to go natural this year, meaning the way you might see a pine tree in nature. I covered my traditional green tree with tons of different snowflakes and then stuck some pine cones in as filler. It turned out so beautifully! I love to buy ornaments as I travel, and because of my snowflake obsession I’ve ended up with quite a few from different places around the world that make this year’s tree really special to me.

  • Heather at

    Our tree includes many homemade ornaments, not only made by my children, but made by myself as a child, as well as antique glass ornaments handed down for generations. We love our real tree every year! <3

  • Trish Dowling at

    my tree is special cuz my kids decorate it with me!

  • Lori H at

    Love the tree! Our tree is full of ornaments that my husband and I have collected – my favorites are the silver ornaments released each year from the major silver companies. We never buy the current year because it is so expensive, but past years are more reasonable. Also, the ornaments that our kids made when they were little, which I never thought I would agree to put on the tree, before we had kids πŸ™‚

  • Nancy Carr at

    Love your tree. I love my Christmas trees because I go out and find one that is already potted and bring it home and decorate it. After Christmas I plant it in my yard, so I always have something to remind me of the years past when I see my trees. Blessings to you Michael. You are terrific and I really enjoy your blog and ideas. Peace

  • Nancy Carr at

    Shared this post and giveaway on facebook. Generous giveaway and I would love to win. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  • Christie Roberts at

    I still have a lot of my cherished childhood ornaments and hang them every year. Many given by beloved relatives no longer with us.

  • Lisa at

    You know I Love your Christmas trees! Always, always unique. Where did you find the inexpensive Christmas village?!!
    At my age – ah hemm , don’t ask! – every ornament is wrapped in memories: my children coming home from school with glittered construction paper hands pasted in a circle to form a wreath. Friends and family giving one of a kind ornaments they found here or there that reminded them of me. Every ornament purchased has a unique story behind it I’ll always remember: the shopping spree when an old friend came for a visit and we talked away the day in and out of shops. A church sale with a child’s special glowing face watching as I held tight something they made… Only two dollars?! I gave her five – it was extra special.
    Okay, this sounds sappy – but it’s my sappy and it’s all bundled up each year on my Christmas tree!

  • Christie Roberts at

    Subscribed to the newsletter πŸ™‚

  • conniet55432 at

    Our tree holds all the ornaments we have collected summarizing events of out lives.

  • conniet55432 at

    I am subscribed to Inspired by Charm

  • Patty at


    Where did you find your mini lanterns? I’ve been looking for some. Thanks!!
    p.s. Love your tree!

  • Alyssa at

    The Hubs weren’t around much of last December so we didn’t even bother putting a tree up… this year we’ve got it up and already decorated. That alone makes it special. πŸ™‚

  • Sereena at

    My Christmas tree is special because there are only two types of ornaments on it: the full ceramic set my mother made for me when I was a kid (and by made, I mean she shaped, baked and painted all of them!) and the dated ones we get from my husband’s side each year. As our family grew, so did these ornaments. Those, plus lights and the angel passed down from my paternal grandma. It’s a simple tree but every single thing on it means something to our family πŸ™‚

  • Jordan Troublefield at

    Love the berries on your tree! I think what makes our tree special would be all the old ornaments we had growing up/ our baby ornaments given to us. They are so sentimental and when we unpack them every year it brings back fond memories of Christmas as a kid! Also we laugh because we always have live kitty “Ornaments” – the cats LOVE to climb the tree.

  • Jordan Troublefield at

    Signed up for your Newsletter!!

  • Shannon at

    What makes my XMAS tree special is that I make my own ornaments for it every year and they mean more to me that store bought ones.

  • Deanna at

    Every year, I love our Christmas tree even more. I feel as though it has evolved with our family over the years. I begin with beautiful ribbon that I weave all throughout the tree. This adds a common thread throughout. Then I fill in the inside of my tree with large and medium sized ornaments of solid color. I feel this adds depth and a background with a consistent color scheme. I then hang all the sentimental ornaments my family has collected, made, you name it! The ribbon and plain ornaments hung earlier help to tie in all of our sentimental ones and prevent our tree from looking “random”. Finally, I finish with glass icicle ornaments that dangle from the tips of the branches like diamond earrings…my favorite part!

  • Tina R. at

    What makes my tree extra special is that it hangs upside down from the ceiling. I have been doing it for about 23 years, since my oldest was almost 2. It also has ornaments I made as a child and ones my kids have made, plus ones we buy each year that tell a story of that year for each of us, me and my 2 boys. I also have a smaller pink tree because I battled breast cancer and won!! I have a smaller one for the bathroom that has my Christmas jewelry as ornaments and another small one that holds all my keepsake ornaments that my mom has made me over the years.

  • Sherry Martindale at

    All of the handmade keepsake ornaments made by my children and grandchildren that we have collected over the years. It’s fun to look back at the ornaments and reminisce about the times when we made them together. We always try to make at least one a piece every year πŸ˜‰

  • Holly at

    Our tree is special because the kids decorate it, both with my pretty stuff and the handmade ones by them. All the ornaments are on the bottom half of the tree, but that’s ok. πŸ™‚

  • Emily @ Aunties M and Em at

    Our tree is special because my husband and I designed it together a few years ago, and still use our favorite “us” ornaments on it.

  • Amber at

    What makes our tree special is our five kids. Each year we sit down as a family and each make a new ornament for the tree, plus the kids always make at least one new ornament at school, so our tree is filled with lovely memories of our crazy family. ;0)

  • Amber at

    Signed up for your newsletter!

  • Ginny at

    Our tree is filled with ornaments that my husband received each year from his mom. He has one from every Christmas from birth until she passed away. The oldest ornaments tend to be my favorites.

  • Ginny at

    I just signed up for your newsletter. Love your site. I’m so glad I found it from the 12 days of Christmas over at Shanty 2 Chic! Merry Christmas!

  • Anita Carol Gambrel. at

    My tree is getting more and more special each year…we let the children pick out a new ornament every year, only one, so they all have to agree on it! I love Christmas! I love this 12 Days you bloggers got going on !

  • Mary Ann at

    Our tree is special because it displays some of the many ornaments that were given to me by my former first graders. After teaching 28 years, I have way too many to display at once, so the ornaments go by one of my first grade mantras: take turns!!!

  • Dawn at

    Our tree is special because it will be carrying ornaments from three continents, these are the momentos that our family members have brought from the different places we’ve lived in during the different stages of our lives. I’m excited to bring home something for the tree this year from Grenada where I have been studying for the last two years.

  • Rachel Johnson at

    Our tree is special because its the first year our toddler is aware of Christmas and we are adding advent ornaments to it. He loves being able to put his special mark on the tree everyday!

  • Rachel Johnson at

    signed up for the newsletter!

  • Dorie at

    In addtion to the main tree upstairs we have 2 smaller ones downstairs that the kiddos get to decorate. Watching and listening as they reminisce about each one is priceless!

  • Dorie at

    Signed up for the newsletter! Thanks.

  • Alicia H. at

    The best thing about Christmas is all the tradition. Ornaments you have had since childhood. Cookie baking. Presents under the tree.

  • Amy at

    Your tree is gorgeous! My tree is special, because it has homemade ornaments with our kids pics and fun reminders of previous years.

  • nadya kotik at

    i try to find unique decorations in thrift shops during the year so the hunt makes it exciting!

  • Sue Symens at

    My Christmas tree is special because the ornaments are almost all gifts to me from family and friends.

  • Sue Symens at

    I also signed up for your emails. Thank you!

  • barbara n at

    Every year when we decorate our Christmas tree we love to reminisce about all the ornaments and where they came from….we have ones from vacation, ones that were in my husbands and my families and of course all the ones the kids made when they were little!

  • barbara n at

    I am an email subscriber to inspired by charm!

  • theresa J at

    OUr tree is extra special because it is full of homemade ornaments

  • theresa J at

    I am an email subscriber

  • Marnie at

    Signed up for emails!

  • Anabel at

    Our tree is special because of the ornaments that we put on it– almost all of them have sentimental value because either a family member made it or gave it to us. Its fun looking back at them through the years <3

  • Toni Moore at

    I signed up to receive your emails πŸ™‚

  • Erica Hutchings at

    Our tree is extra special because I bought it all second hand from two couples whose children are now grown and don’t come home for Christmas. The tree is 10 foot tall filled with crystal and glass ornaments and beautiful icicles. I take pictures of it and have given it to the couples as they are so happy to see that their hard work and memories still live on but now it’s with us, to make new memories. For us it’s the knowledge that it will continue to bring happiness to a younger generation.

    Merry Christmas Michael!

  • Kristin M at

    My tree is special because of all the memories we remember when putting up the ornaments. Most of ours are related to something that happened to us as a family so it is a trip down memory lane!

  • Jessica at

    Our tree is extra special because we have a lot of personalized ornaments.

  • Lisa F at

    Love the theme of your tree! We have a special family tree with all the ornaments we’ve collected throughout the years. Then we have one special white and pink tree!

  • Katie at

    My parents started giving me snowman themed ornaments in my stocking when I was a child. My tree is now snow themed sprinkled with childhood memories!

  • emme at

    My husband has given me a silver bell since we met in 1987. My tree has 27 silver bells on it and serve as a shining reminder of his love for me.

  • emme at

    My husband has given me a silver bell (dated) since we met in 1987.. I now have 27 bells serving as a shining reminder of his love for me.

  • Emma at

    We learned last year that one of the neighbors in our condo complex doesn’t feel like it’s really Christmas until she sees our tree in the living room window. It’s white artificial and might need to be replaced soon because some of the branches that get the most sunlight are starting to brown. But the fact that this neighbor told us she always looks forward to seeing our tree is really so sweet!

  • Denise Greer at

    Love the tree. I always try to do alittle something different on our tree. This year all the kids ornaments that I usually have they use to decorate there own tree is going on the big tree!

  • Denise Greer at

    I’m signed up for the emails!

  • Tashena at

    I make my own picture ornaments of my daughter’s pictures with santa clause each year. They are such good visual reminders πŸ™‚

  • Barb at

    I have white wax angels that were my grandmother’s – we only have two left as they’re very fragile, but I think of her each year when we decorate the tree.

  • Leora at

    For the past few years, I’ve been putting up 3 trees in my house. One is full of rich, royal colors and Radko ornaments. The second tree is done in all white ornaments with red trim. The ornaments are all white ceramic figures ranging from farm animals (pigs, sheep) to train engines and teddy bears. The third tree is smaller and done in authentic Swedish straw ornaments. Very inexpensive but festive.

  • Diana Cote at

    I would have to say my family, without them it wouldn’t be special and I certainly would not enjoy any holiday. They complete me.

  • Diana Cote at

    I signed up for the newsletter.

  • Susan at

    It’s a lovely tree Michael. Definitely evokes a Cozy Woodland theme. I created a Woodland Theme Christmas tree last year and it makes me so happy. I get so many compliments on it. I definitely want to bring in some red next year with my tree. P.S. Love the tree skirt as well. Thank you for your inspiration and your terrific blog.

  • Heidi Robbins at

    The ornaments I’ve saved from my childhood make my tree extra special!

  • Katie Contests at

    Our tree is special because it’s full of ornaments from my childhood, as well as those of my parents.

  • Windy White at

    I love your ideas!

  • Windy White at

    Just signed up for your emails!

  • Windy White at

    Our tree is wonderful because it has every handmade ornament that my children ever created.

  • Stacy at

    I love Christmas so much that I did themed trees in every room when my son was just a few weeks old . This year I have to keep it simple because we are about to move but I am going to do my best to be festive. My now 3 yr old is getting into the Christmas spirit with me!

  • Stacy at

    I am so glad I discovered you. I’ve added myself to the mailing list

  • Jasmine Syljebeck at

    I obsess over cute ways to be creative but also create things on a budget that are just as beautiful. I am transitioning from traditional boring christmas decor and feeling so inspired by your lantern/ribbon/christmas village tree! I would love to recreate that look in my home with my newer modern farmhouse style I have created.. and I think my 4 and 6 year olds would love it too! Got my tree last night hope I win the Target card to start my new tree look :)!!
    Carmel, IN

  • Kathrine at

    Our tree is special because of the people around it and not by what is under it. Even though some years we have had little or nothing to go under our tree, Christmas is still special because of who we have sitting around the tree with us singing Christmas songs and enjoying each others company.

  • Trish at

    Every year we add one new ornament for each family member. A few years ago, my son chose a Christmas pickle we found at the Dollar Tree. It had a legend that you are supposed to hide it in the tree and on Christmas morning, whoever finds it first gets to open a present first. He is a teenager now, and he still loves it. LOL

  • Stacie at

    I love everything about this tree, I’m totally inspired to do one like it next year!! Our tree is special because we have an ornament from all the trips and family vacations we’ve taken. Each year we take them out and talk about the trip! Our tree is full of precious memories!

  • Shaina at

    The thing that makes my tree so special is that my younger sister and I always decorate it together, it’s nice to make those memories with her!

  • Shaina at

    I signed up for the e-mail list!

  • Ashley Beltch at

    The Christmas tree at my house is special because it is my first Christmas with my new husband in our new house. I loved decorating it together with him. My mother and I made some of the ornaments ourselves with pine cones and plaid ribbon and twine that look great. It adds an extra special touch to our already special tree.


  • Becka at

    The thing that makes my Christmas tree special is all the ornaments my children have made.

  • Laura at

    The homemade ornaments or ones with funny memories make my Christmas Tree the best! I have some happy meal ornaments of Disney characters from when I was a child… how coold.

  • Noelle Buttry at

    Our tree is a combination of vintage ornaments that remind my husband and me of our childhood Christmases and ornaments our own children made during their childhoods! I look forward to putting it up every year!

  • Mayling at

    My Christmas trees have always had ornaments handed down by my Mother. Some of these ornaments were brought over with my Dad and Mom moved away from their homeland, Cuba, to Miami, Florida in 1954 with me as a 1 and a 1/2 year old child. Mom, Dad and I added more ornaments from special places and special occasions. Some are of my handiwork while growing up, one is my father’s first shoe as a tiny baby in 1928, one is my first shoe in 1953, and we have Mom’s little infant hat knitted by her grandmother, my great grandmother. Also added recently were ornaments made by my son at school, in Cubscouts, and in Boyscouts. These are all handled with extreme care and repackaged every year. This year they will not be hung up on a beautiful living tree because my mother of 88 and I will be going on a road trip that was planned with my 25 year old son in the summer. We are going to Pasadena, California, to fulfill another of my mom’s bucket list items: she wants to see the New Year’s Rose Bowl parade in person and visit other places in Southern California as well since we have never been there. Everything is as planned except for one thing: my only child, my precious son, Adrian, will not be with us physically, though I earnestly pray and hope spiritually he will always be with us. My son was savagely murdered in cold blood in his apartment in Orlando, Florida, October 16, 2014, in a ribbery. My life has ended, my joy and happiness gone, but I am going on this road trip as we planned, in honor and tribute of his short life and adventurous spirit and love for us. Pray for justice for Adrian.

  • Sara at

    My Christmas tree is special because my family does it together! And every year we give each other new ornaments to put on it!

  • Sara at

    I already subscribe!

  • Kristen at

    Each ornament is different and has a story.

  • Laura at

    My Christmas tree is special this year for a couple reasons.
    Last year my son’s father left when my son was two,
    our relationship had been abusive on his end so it
    was a good thing he left, but very sad for my son who is
    now three. (This has to do with my tree) I had always used
    the same tree and ornaments for years, in the home his
    dad and I shared. This year when I went to get all of the
    Christmas decor out, I didnt want to use the old stuff, in a
    way it made me sad. So I went and bought a new tree (a
    white one, never thought I’d do that style!) and all new
    gold and brown ornaments… Some are angels, some nutcrackers,
    some antique looking bejeweled ones and just some
    normal bulbs. Oh, and a new star for the top. I put it all up
    last weekend with my son. It felt good to have it different,
    like part of our new start, where we can now make good
    Christmas memories with our new tree:) Not trying to get all
    annoying and sappy on here, just is why my tree is special
    to me this year. πŸ™‚

  • Virginia South at

    Over the years as my children have grown I started a tradition that every year we would buy an ornament to match something they were into at the time. Every year they are hung on our tree in remembrance of their growing up. Once they move out and have a place of their own I give them the ornaments for their own tree. My children have carried on the tradition with their own children.

  • LaTanya at

    Personalized ornaments makes my tree special

  • Trisha at

    Hooray, I’m going to start getting your emails! πŸ™‚

  • vicky at

    All of my kids ornaments from preschool to now, they are 23 and 22 years old. Its cute to see how much they have grown through their ornaments.

  • Dani H at

    Oooooh! I love your ribbon on the tree!

    When my daughter was growing up every year we picked a different theme for our tree (plaid, blue, silver, red, gold, white, etc. including the tree lights) and every year we went shopping together to select one special new ornament. When my daughter got married, I let her choose the ornaments she most loved to start her own new family tradition of decorating the tree. Twenty years later, she still uses those ornaments every Christmas (though she doesn’t do a different theme each year) and the other ornaments I still have contain many beautiful memories of past Christmases.

    Wishing you a very, merry Christmas!

  • Dani H at

    I subscribed to your email updates.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  • Lindsey at

    I love to buy ornaments whenever I travel. That way when I put my tree up each year, I reminisce about my travels. They make great conversation peices, too!

  • LinhC at

    One of the reasons why my tree is special is that it is decorated with handmade ornaments holding a photo of my kids each year.

  • JoeyfromSC at

    Your tree is amazing!!! I just love your decorating style!!

    My tree is special because it has ornaments my brothers & I made growing up, and my mom passed them down to me! She used to collect Hallmark ornaments & after she passed away, I kept that tradition going!

    Thank you for the chance to win! I LOVE Target!!:)

    Joey J.

  • JoeyfromSC at

    I have been an email subscriber for awhile(& just love when your e-newsletter comes!) lol, so I used the twitter share button above under your post & shared on twitter:

    Thanks again & Happy Holidays!

    Joey J.

  • Shirley Wicks at

    Love decorating with our family ornaments that are from trips and collectables. The special ones we have bought for our kids through the years. Each one has a memory. I am already on your mailing list and love hearing what you are up to next.

  • shaunie at

    What makes our tree special is putting our hand made ornaments on it , that we have associated it with our first present we recieved

  • shaunie at

    Signed up!

  • colette at

    i LOVE your tree! πŸ˜€ (thank you IG for a fresh new feed to follow! AND a new blog subscription too!)
    and i’m SOO sad to hear that it didn’t stay up for someone to enjoy on a daily basis! (other than me- currently stalking all of the photos, trying to analyze & dissect, so as to recreate something similar with my own tree, (it’s 12ft tall!- and I’ve been doing the same thing to it for ten years now!)
    i was hoping to find some specifics on your tree somewhere…
    just to get an idea where to start with mine, i.e.; how much ribbon? how many sprigs, pinecones, lanterns, ornaments, etc.
    any who… i know your probably too busy & swamped to answer this, but i’m crossing my hopeful fingers anyway! ; )
    merry CHRiSTmas!!!

  • Darlene at

    My favorite decorations on the tree are the ones my daughter made when she was in kindergarten.

    Your tree is beautiful!

  • Stef at

    I love this tree! My favorite tree decorations are the ones from my childhood, the ones my kids made and the ones we collect on vacations. Lots of memories on the tree!

  • Laura at

    We have started giving each of our children a new ornament each year that is representative of their interests at the time, and it is such a walk down memory lane to pull them out each year as we decorate the tree.

  • Jan Elizabeth at

    Your tree is lovely! Mine is special because of my huge ornament collection. I’ve been a music teacher for many years, and students would learn I had a collection and want to add to it. Many of my ornaments are vintage, handmade or one-of-a-kind. Decorating the tree is a trip down memory lane.

    • Jan Elizabeth at

      PS. I subscribed!

  • Patricia Reed-Pederson at

    Our tree this year has the flavor of “Who-ville”. Adorable.

  • Kelleigh at

    Sentimental Ornaments that have been in my family for generations are the best on the tree. My family always debates over who gets to put the “special” ornaments on the tree each year!

  • Sharon at

    A special tree is made up of memories ( like my ornaments), or an eye catching ribbon or colors, etc. whatever makes you feel happiness. I love thinking of all the students ( I am a teacher) that gave me an ornament. They were usually the kids I remembered anyway. I have a mix of my ornaments from my childhood and ornaments I was given by my family over the years. It all works together and is beautiful.

  • Rita at

    What makes my tree special are the ornaments on it that my children helped me make when they were little.

  • Lauren at

    Without a doubt, what makes our Christmas tree extra special are the vintage ornaments that were my grandparent’s (and that my mother grew up with). Although our tree never looks the same year to year we always use these! πŸ™‚

  • Lauren at

    I signed up for the Inspired by Charm mailing list.

  • Ginnie at

    I love your ideas. You are truly talented. I just broke the large glass dome that I put over my Christmas ornaments, so Target here I come.

  • Mary G at

    Love the tree! For me the most special part of the season is Celebrating Jesus Birth-

  • Jamie lockard at

    Love our ornaments from vacations past

  • mariah arnett at

    I love ornaments! Ones homemade and others that have special meaning.

  • Jennifer Hedden at

    My Christmas Tree is inspired by favorite NFL team the Kansas City Chiefs. So the colors on the tree are red and gold and there are alot of Kansas City Chiefs and football themed ornaments on it.

  • Jennifer Hedden at

    Signed up for the Inspired by Charm mailing list under email

  • Benny Sequeira at

    My handmade ornaments from years of the past make the tree special.

  • Natasha S at

    Decorating the tree brings memories of childhood days, and thats what makes decorating the tree special.

  • Ananya Gupta at

    Anything to do with decorating makes me happy and especially the christmas tree.

  • Debbie at

    Our Christmas tree is extra special because it is decorated with ornaments that hold special memories for each of us . Together as a family we decorate our tree filling our home with laughter and love as we remember and talk about each ornament and where it came from and where it will be placed on the tree.

  • tammy d. at

    I love our tree as every year I get a Hallmark ornament for everyone with some sort of meaning for that year. I love looking at them and remembering our life together.

  • Jess C. at

    Merry Christmas!!
    I am already on your mailing list, signed up after the first entry I read. =)
    What makes my tree special is (of course the ornaments as we have some from kidhood that my parents would buy for us each year, there is a glass ball ornament that was my great-grandmother’s that goes on last like the icing on the cake or a cherry on a sundae, and then there are the glass icicles that I purchased two at a time from a local glass blower for my mom) but also the time we set aside to put the tree up. We all get carried away with the hustle and bustle of the holidays so my family sets aside time specifically on my mom’s birthday (Dec. 10th) to put up the tree and deck it out with whatever color theme my mom has chosen for the year. We put on the Chipmunks Christmas album, Bing Crosby and the Caroleers, the Carpenter’s Christmas and from there dad gets to choose the tree decorating soundtrack, all on vinyl of course because it wouldn’t be Christmas without the crackling of the old records. Since we know decorating can take a while there is usually a cookie and wassail break in there somewhere. =) So the ornaments on our tree are special but the time we get together to keep up a Christmas tradition is what makes our tree extra special. It’s wonderful to see everyone’s comments and how so many different traditions are celebrated! Thanks for asking πŸ˜‰

  • Janine Sanders at

    My Christmas tree is special because of the people around it!

  • Carmen N at

    The paper chain my daughter and I made this week. Otherwise I’d have to say the Norwegian Rosemaled ornament – it’s just beautiful in blue and white.

  • Angie Richardson at

    I started putting nothing but, bear ornaments on my tree in 1984 for my oldest child’s first Christmas. I made several of them before he was born. I collected some very unique ones.

  • Kristie Hernandez at

    What makes my tree so special is all the special keepsake ornaments from my childhood. I also collect ornaments from each trip we take to add even more memories.

  • Kristie Hernandez at

    Signed up for email

  • Carlie S. at

    My Christmas tree (decorations) is extra special to me because every year since I was born my grandma would give me (and my brothers) an ornament. She would choose them based on where she would go on vacation, what we were into at that time, and even a couple she passed down from when she was a child. Now that she has passed away, they remind me of her and the memories that come with each of them.

  • Jenn at

    I keep a mix of ornaments on my tree that remind me of Christmas’ past, such as my first Christmas ornament.

  • Jacob LaFountaine at

    I don’t celebrate Christmas. No tree here I say

  • Karen at

    The Christmas tree I have set up in my living room is decorated with vintage glass ornaments that I inherited from my parents. I have no idea how old they are, and both my parents have passed on so I can’t ask, but they make me nostalgic πŸ™‚

  • Dandi D at

    Our tree is special because it is fresh from our family’s farm.

  • Dandi D at

    I subscirbed via email.

  • Ana Maria Selvaggio at

    My daughter and I always try to do something handmade for our tree each year. Usually it’s paper chain and various ornaments. This year I got industrious and finger-knitted two garlands for our tree, and made a few paper ornaments, as well as painted some pre-made paper mache ones. You can see photos of everything on my Instagram @Renmeleon AND I invite all of you, you too Michael!, to come download all the freebies I am giving away on my site. Paper toys, ornaments, and useful things like greeting cards and gift tags. I’m also putting together a caroling book and a cookie cookbook for instant free download. I love this time of year and love giving away stuff.

    Registered for the emails! Looking forward to more.

    I love the trees under glass, such a great idea. I think what really makes it beautiful (aside from the adorable houses) is that the color palette is simple. Great job. Merry Christmas!

  • Ana Maria Selvaggio at

    By the way, also retweeted under @Renmeleon.

    Thank you for sharing all of these, eating it up!

  • Kay at

    Well, Michael, you’ve done it again! Another piece of gorgeousness. Behold, your themed Christmas tree.

  • Dawn at

    My snowflake ornament made from my original wedding invitation is my favorite decoration on the tree. I look forward to hanging it every year!

  • Dawn at

    I’m also subscribed to Inspired by Charm

  • jess at

    our tree is always different and each year is different but we always buy each other an ornament and that is one of my favorite things about the tree is al the memories πŸ™‚

  • Teddi at

    I do a different tree each year, but my signature touch is tons and tons of amber colored lights. They just make it for me. And I’m subscribed to the mailing list!

  • Annie at

    Wooden ornaments, red bulbs & white lights! My favorite. =)

  • Emily Smith at

    All of our ornaments have special memories. Some were homemade, some are meaningful gifts from family and friends, some are special mementos from our kids’ younger years.

  • Emily Smith at

    I subscribed. πŸ™‚

  • Mary A. at

    Just found you for the first time! Subscribed! Love the tree! Great colors and theme! I would also love to know where you got your little red lanterns and the little house village?! Our tree is now decorated in a Whatever is on my heart this year theme. Our children are all grown and have their own trees with all the ornaments they received growing up. The yearly ornament tradition continues with our children and now their children.

  • Nicolle at

    The most pecial ornaments o my tree are my kids’ 1st Christmas ornaments. I have boy/girl twins & when they were born, I picked out matching Lenox giraffe ornaments. Hers has light pink dots on it & his has light blue. Each giraffe has a ribbon it it with the kids’ names and year on it. They are my very favorite ornaments & they have a prominent spot on our tree!

  • Hannah at

    My Christmas tree is super special! It is a tree of memories! Filled with ornaments that commemorate a special part in mine and my famalies life. It is filled with love and happiness hope and joy, and each ornament is special. It’s like a time capsule to the past, or a photograph of our lives. It captures all the milestones that my family has shared together, and reflects the love we have given each other. It reflects the light of our lives. It remembers those lives list, and the oh so special new ones just beginning, it is my favorite thing in the house at Christmas, and it is extra special!!

  • Hannah at

    I signed up!!!!!

  • Lola at

    I signed up for the email!

  • Erika Odykirk at

    Our Christmas tree is special this year because it is the first one we’ve had as a family. Since my husband I were living out of state, we never had one because we were always traveling home job Christmas to be with family. This year we moved closer to family and it was the first time my kids got to put their own ornaments on their own tree.

  • Kerry Jones at

    The handmade ornaments. Especially the ones from my nephew who passed away last week after an 18 month battle against cancer…he was only 15. This Christmas will have many moments filled with tears, but also many moments dedicated to honoring him through fun-filled random acts of kindness.

  • Emily M at

    This is the first year we set up our Christmas tree since we’ve had our son! He’s a toddler now and is fascinated! It’s so much fun to see his face light up every time he goes into the living room!

  • Olivia at

    Our tree is special because of all the ornaments the kids have made over the years bring back memories for them and me when we place them on the tree every year.

  • Vladi at

    I’ve never had a big tree, as I was usually not home around Christmas. I have two small 3-feet trees. Adorable, great accent, but not the “real” Christmassy feeling. However, I have tons of decorations.

    My niece asked my parents “Is Santa not coming to your house?” when they didn’t have their tree up a week or so before Christmas. She explained to them that Santa is coming to their house, as their tree is already up. Makes sense, right? Cute.

  • Melodye at

    My tree is special for the handmade and hand-picked ornaments that hang as talismans of Christmas past, present and future.

  • Melodye at

    P.S. I signed up for your newsletter–looking forward to being Inspired by Charm. πŸ™‚

  • Laura W at

    I love putting up my Christmas Tree, I have ornaments from my Grandmother’s tree, my mom’s tree, from my youth and childhood, ornaments that friends and children have given me over the years. Each ornament is special to me, even if they are a little funky!

  • Roxanne at

    Decorating the tree is a big deal in my house. Everyone has to clear their busy schedules & be home. The Christmas music goes on, and we drink homemade hot chocolate.

  • sydney85 at

    Our Christmas tree only has 12 days of Christmas decorations on it. Actually all my decorations are just 12 days of Christmas from dinnerware, glasses, pillows, trays and bowls.

  • Patricia Clarke at

    I have always had an extreme fascination with Christmas Trees
    ever since I can remember. There has always been something magical about them for me.
    I still believe in an adult version of Santa Claus because I think it to be a state of mind.
    This is likely where I have such strong feelings regarding the word “believe”.
    Thank You

  • sydney85 at

    I signed up for the newsletter

  • Sheila Bailey at

    I’m a new follower! Love your blog!

  • Crystal Young at

    I just started following you. I have to say, that’s the prettiest font I’ve seen used to sign up to follow a blog! I’m looking forward to see what you have in store!

  • Crystal Young at

    What makes my Christmas tree extra special, is that it is real. So many of my friends have fake trees. It’s just not Christmas for me if I don’t smell that smell and sweep up those needles! I love thinking about my family and friends as I put up all the ornaments they have given me.

  • Meri at

    My tree is special because I’m have ornaments from my childhood that remind me of my Mother and Grannie…precious memories indeed!

  • Meri at

    I’m now a follower! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Senora H-B at

    I have collected ornaments during my travels and they make the tree really special.

  • karen at

    I love Christmas! The thing that makes our tree most special is all the different ornaments…they were given or made for me when I was a child, and then when my children were born, we carried on the tradition. When I first married, we had my little collection from my childhood and a couple of first year married ornaments and we bought some glass icicles and a couple of special ornaments and it seemed to be the best tree ever!
    I love reminiscing about all those special pieces each year as we decorate and admiring them on our tree each year! Merry Christmas! karen….

  • Gabby at

    While I am no pro at tree trimming compared to Mr. Inspired by Charm…I love pulling the ornaments out each year and seeing all of the places my husband and I have traveled together. Ever since our honeymoon, with each vacation stop we’ve made while together I make sure to grab an ornament or something I can make to hang on the tree! Each one has the year and location on it…some are legit ornaments, some are small kitschy items that I put a string on, some are just a plain bulb with sand from the beach. Sadly, we didn’t get to add to the travel ornament collection this year but we did get to add a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament and for that we are thankful πŸ™‚ So there’s our little Christmas tradition that happens all year round!

  • Tracy C at

    I feel what makes my tree special are the handmade ornaments my children made in school growing up years ago. I think they are precious!

  • Tracy C at

    I have signed up to follow by email.

  • Sandy in WA at

    What makes my tree special are the ornaments collected over many years especially angels given to me by those who are angels now. One is labeled ‘To Sandy from Santa Claus” in my mom’s handwriting– it’s from when I was three!

  • Linda@Coastal Charm at

    My favorite ornaments are the vintage shiny brites from my husband childhood…priceless!!


  • Tabitha Klucking at

    My husband and I are building a tree out of driftwood this year. I’m super excited not only to be doing the project with him, but also to try something new.

  • ti at

    I have already signed up to follow you… so glad that I found your blog! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • sandi Allen at

    Spending time with my kids, is always the highlight of my Christmas.

  • sandi Allen at

    I signed up for your newsletter

  • Sarakenobi at

    We have put up a huge Star Wars yard display for Christmas – this is our second year. Our whole family gets into it, designing it and painting it and putting it outside! We also have a silver pom pom tree in our living room and my great grandmother’s color wheel.

  • maureen at

    I decorate our tree with the vintage ornaments that belonged to my parents and my husband’s parents….makes us feel like kids again!

  • jennyf at

    we pick a special ornament every year. my kiddos are getting older and they can name the date, place, time, what they were wearing, etc, etc, etc, of every single ornament on our tree. i love that!

  • ali at

    I love remembering old and new friends that have gifted me ornaments thru the years

  • Katherine P at

    Every year I have sewed an ornament for each of my kids and personalized them. They make my children (5,4,and 2yo twins) smile when we put them on the tree every year. But, the BEST part of my tree is a tattered paper chain in red and green paper. Each year since I was engaged my now husband and I filled out a link for the 25 days of December telling something we are grateful for. When my girls each turned three I had them do their own 25 links each year. I will do the same with my boys next year. It’s tattered, folded, mended every year, but brings me more joy and happiness to me than any material gift during this holiday.

  • Carol S. at

    We have ornaments from my husband and my childhood right along side the ornaments for each year of our children’s childhood as well.

  • Kristen at

    Each ornament has a story going all the way back to my great grandparents.

  • Annette at

    My cats make my Christmas Tree extra special. :/ Besides having felines in my tree, I try to add at least one new ornament a year, one that has a special meaning.

  • Stacey B at

    What makes my tree extra special are vintage ornaments from my grandmother. I love them!

  • Stacey B at

    It’s got to be the pink lemonade pencil tree. Makes me swoon.

  • Nanette at

    My tree is made special every year by 3 young boys who LOVE to make cut paper decorations for it! It does look pretty awesome…certainly not themed or perfect…but really special!

  • Barb at

    growing up, my dad was the tinsel police … one strand at a time … heavens it took forever … now that I have my own tree, I just throw it haphazardly allover … I love it!

  • Kristen P at

    My tree is filled with ornaments from my favorite places in RI. Every year my niece gifts me a new one.

  • Judy Chezem at

    My tree is special because it is decorated with ornaments that evoke memories from my children’s childhoods to my current husband’s and my honeymoon!

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