Incorporating New Indoor Plants

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Longing for spring and wanting something fresh in my home, I recently incorporated a few new indoor plants in my decor. Today we’re going to take a look at some of those plants!

I don’t know if it’s just here in PA, but this winter seems to be especially cloudy and gray. As someone who loves the sun, I am greatly missing its beautiful, golden rays. To add some of that natural warmth and energy to my life and home, I decided to purchase a few indoor plants to scatter around my space.

People often ask me how I decorate after the holidays. The reality is I don’t do much. I let my house breathe for a while, and then I start bringing in touches of spring. This might seem boring to some, but it works for me.

Incorporating New Indoor Plants - Home Decor with Plants #plant #decor #decorating #plants #myrtle #topiary

During the holidays, I typically move all of my live plants to a spare bedroom or my office, and then I pray they survive the winter. (I’m one of those people who doesn’t go for the look of real plants with holiday decor.)

Most of my plants wintered well this year, but I did lose the rosemary topiary I had in the kitchen. (According to a few of you via Instagram, I’m not the only one who’s struggled with keeping that particular plant alive.)

I loved that touch of green in my kitchen, so I visited a local plant store (City Grows here in Pittsburgh) in search of a replacement. I found exactly what I was looking for and picked up a couple of other plants as well. Here’s what I got:

Myrtle Topiaries:

I didn’t think I’d be able to find a topiary style plant this time of year, so I was thrilled to spot these just as I stepped into the store.

Incorporating New Indoor Plants - Home Decor with Plants #plant #decor #decorating #plants #myrtle #topiary

Initially, I bought only one since I was replacing a single rosemary topiary. However, as soon as I set the myrtle topiary on my kitchen counter, my heart yearned for another. Back to the shop I went, and now I have this lovely pair.

Incorporating New Indoor Plants - Home Decor with Plants #plant #decor #decorating #plants #myrtle #topiary

According to the label, the light needs of the topiary match the amount of light in this location. I also noted on the label that the topiaries like to stay moist. Because these pots didn’t come with saucers, I’ve ordered a couple from Terrain to protect my countertops. (These are my go-to saucers. They are a bit more expensive than some, but the look is chic, and they hold up wonderfully. You’ll see more of them throughout Bayberry House.

Philodendron & Pothos:

I also wanted a few more quick and easy pops of verdant green in my space, so I purchased a philodendron and pothos plant.

Incorporating New Indoor Plants - Home Decor with Plants #plant #decor #decorating #plants #pothos

Incorporating New Indoor Plants - Home Decor with Plants #plant #decor #decorating #plants #pothos

Based on what I’ve read and heard, both plants are easy to maintain. I’ve always thought they were a bit pedestrian, which I why I never used them before. However, that’s exactly what I wanted at this moment. Something lush and green and not hard to care for. I did pick two varieties that are a bit less ordinary just to add a little interest.

Incorporating New Indoor Plants - Home Decor with Plants #plant #decor #decorating #plants #pothos

Incorporating New Indoor Plants - Home Decor with Plants #plant #decor #decorating #plants #pothos

I found the pots at HomeGoods for $8 each. Such a steal! I love the built-in saucer which will protect surfaces from water damage.

In addition to these purchases, I brought a few of my existing plants back into the space.

Peperomia Caperata:

I also have a Peperomia Caperata in my living room. This plant was on the side porch last summer. It was going strong at the end of the season so I decided to bring it inside. It’s still doing well. I love the color and texture of its leaves.

Incorporating New Indoor Plants - Home Decor with Plants #plant #decor #decorating #plants

Audrey Ficus:

In this space, I have an Audrey Ficus tree. Supposedly, this is “the new fiddle leaf fig.” I’ve had mine for over a year, and it’s doing great. It even has new growth. I was told this ficus variety can be fussy, … but so far so good! *knocks on wood* I may even replant it this year to give it a bit more room.

Living Room Autumn Decorations - Fall Decoration Ideas #autumn #decorations #fall #decorating #livingroom #decor #seasonal

Over in my family room is a smaller Audrey Ficus plant. I can hardly believe it’s still alive. It has been neglected. It needs to be repotted in a larger container – something I plan to do as soon as I find one.

Incorporating New Indoor Plants - Home Decor with Plants #plant #decor #decorating #plants #pothos #myrtle #pilea


I also have a Pilea here. Right now, this is probably my favorite plant. I have four of them scattered around Bayberry House. (This one, one in my bedroom, another in my bathroom, and a fourth in the powder room.) Pilea used to be impossible to find, but now they are available everywhere. You can even get one on Amazon!

Incorporating New Indoor Plants - Home Decor with Plants #plant #decor #decorating #plants #pothos #myrtle #pilea

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As you might have guessed, I’m not a big fan of faux plants. (Go real or go home!) I believe there is a plant for every person and every space. If you have a “black thumb,” don’t be afraid to ask for help when plant shopping. Find a plant store you trust and see what best suits you and your space.

And that’s it, my friends! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I’ve incorporated new (and existing) indoor plants into my home. What plants are you loving these days? I’m always looking for new things. Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Michael,

    I love plants and usually take great care of them. However, we have moved too much and I hated having to leave them behind or taking my plants to a new location only to have them die due to lack of sunlight or the stress of the move. So I started purchasing artificial plants. So many silk ones are very realistic. You don’t have to worry about lighting or watering. Just dust them off a few times a year. No mess if you want to put them into a different pot either.


  2. I love real plants also, but have a cat who is a terrible nibbler, and so many houseplants are toxic to cats and dogs. I use palms, boston ferns. rosemary and mint quite a bit….Do you of some other safe indoor plants I could look at using? I love the calmness real plants bring to a room. Thanks! Your house is looking great!

    1. Jae,

      If you are looking for a hanging plant I recommend a spider plant. It is usually used as a hanging plant but looks good as one on a shelf. It is non-toxic to cats as I had a beautiful one many years ago and my cat ate it. It was so funny because one day I came in from work and had a one inch stub left and two days later she had nibbled it down to the potting soil. LOL


  3. Love your plants….bought topiary rosemary for 4years at Christmas for kitchen and lived a maximum of a month and I am a “plant” person. ?poking for a.myrtle one

  4. Hi Michael, Great post. As a plantaholic I always love seeing anything about plants inside or out. I’m not as successful with indoor plants as I am with outdoor plants and I didn’t have any luck with the Rosemary I had inside either. Outside, however, I have a very large (small shrub size) Rosemary. I like all the new plants you have especially the Pilea. I would love to give that one a try. I also love the Peperomia Caperata. What great color and texture. I’ve had success with Green and Gold Peperomia (Peperomia Obtusifolia Variegata) inside and have managed keep mine alive for about 5 years! I’m looking forward to spring and all the plant beauty it brings.

  5. My apartment doesn’t get a whole lot of light, so my plant options are limited. I’ve got several pothos plants which started from a single plant that I’ve propagated and I love the organic shapes they add to the space. I’ve also got a couple of snake plants and a couple varieties of dracaena that I love and have been easy to care for. My one struggle is the bird of paradise I brought to Chicago with me from Pittsburgh. The cold winters and indirect light haven’t been great for her.

  6. I bought a money tree (Pachira aquatica) at Costco right after New Years and it has already sprouted about 8 new leafs. It’s supposed to bring prosperity and luck!!

  7. I’m not great with plants but I did get a ZZ plant last year that I’ve not only managed to keep alive, but it seems to be thriving. I tried a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree and that didn’t last long. I love your Pilea. I may have to try that. You mentioned they are available on Amazon. Have you ever ordered a plant online? Just wondering how well a plant would hold up being packaged up and shipped.

    1. Yay! Congrats on your ZZ! And yes – I’ve ordered several plants online (most via ebay or Etsy). Most are shipped really well. Being in PA, I personally wouldn’t order one this time of year as the temperatures outside are just too cold.

      xo Michael

  8. The stripey neon and darker green plant looks like a philodendron brasil, not a pothos. Their needs are pretty similar, though — low maintenance!

    Love your cheerful pilea, and the topiaries are gorgeous.

    1. Aha! You are right! I’m so happy to have knowledgeable readers like you. Thank you so much for the friendly correction. I’ve updated the post.

      xo Michael

  9. I love real plants in my decorating, but I really struggle to find a variety of nontoxic plants safe for my two cats. I noticed the pothos in your post – which I believe is toxic to cats. Are you lucky enough that your cats don’t chew on your plants? I’ve tried everything to keep mine away but they still chew so I’m stuck with a handful of “safe” plants.
    Glad you’re having luck with your Pilea! Mine turned black almost immediately after I got it home 🙁 I might have to try again though, they are so cute!

    1. Yes, this is always something to consider. Thankfully my cats don’t climb up onto things like cabinets and bookcases which is why both of my pothos are positioned where they are. They won’t bother them there.

      And so sorry to hear about your pilea. It sounds like you got a bad plant. I would definitely try again. I always recommend purchasing from a plant shop if possible. Most seem to care for their plants a bit better than big box or grocery stores.

      xo Michael

  10. I”m glad to hear the comments about Pilea because I almost bought one last weekend. Gotta make a return trip back to the nursery! We also have a Peperomia Caperata that has done well for me, and have probably too many plants scattered throughout the house. 🙂 I have always loved, loved Rosemary and it has hated me for years. Finally last year I bought one more, planted in a section of my yard where nothing has thrived and it’s done great. I never touch it except to clip rosemary for recipes. Good luck with your new purchases!

    1. That’s so interesting. I think I’ve heard that rosemary and lavender prefer really poor soil, but I could be wrong. I’m also now wondering if rosemary would come back every year here in PA or if the cold would kill it.

      xo Michael

      1. Yes! It seems to come back. I live in central PA and we moved into a new house last winter. When everything started blooming in the spring, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a nice little herb garden that included a rosemary plant in one of my flowerbeds. It thrived all summer into the fall and I expect it should again this year. I didn’t do a thing to it at the end of the season, so I guess we’ll see. I don’t know much about plants, but with its woody stems and pine needle-like “leaves” I’m thinking rosemary might be in the evergreen family? If so, makes sense that it would be hardy. Enjoy your plants brightening up these winter doldrums. I’m right there with you longing for spring. 🙂

  11. I definitely have a black thumb for indoor plants, but was able to keep alive a Christmas cactus for a couple of decades. It’s ailing now, and I may lose it, but I’m hoping for the best. Anyway, they’re pretty easy to manage and will forgive not very frequent watering.

  12. Love all these plants, but Pilea is my favorite. I have quite a few of them right now, because they multiply so easily. Those little baby plants look so cute next to their “mama”.