Frosty Modern Flocked Christmas Tree

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Ever wondered how to blend tradition with modern elegance? Check out this frosty flocked Christmas tree adorned with a modern monochromatic theme. The subtle sparkle and hues are sure to captivate your holiday spirit.

modern flocked christmas tree with metallic ornaments.

Hey friends! Let’s take a cozy stroll down Christmas memory lane. For those who’ve been around for a while, you might recall when I lived in an apartment in Pittsburgh back in 2017. That sweet spot served as my temporary haven, bridging the gap between my old home and the new.

Even though it was a brief stint, I managed to get into the festive spirit by decorating not one but two Christmas trees! The first boasted a modern rustic vibe, while the second, which I’m shining a spotlight on today, was a chic frosted modern flocked beauty.

As I was working on updating some older posts and cleaning up the blog, I realized I never wrote a post about this tree. So that’s what I’m sharing today. Sound good?

Looking for more Christmas tree inspiration? I have a post dedicated to the 26+ trees I’ve designed and decorated over the past 14 years. This collection of Christmas Tree Ideas and Decorations is sure to inspire.

festive frosty christmas tree in a living room.
gray metalic ornament on flocked christmas tree.

Flocked Christmas Tree

Where to start? How about with the artificial tree that I used?

This flocked Christmas tree might look familiar as I’ve used it for several years…

I’d love to link you to this tree for a closer look or to purchase, but it’s no longer sold. However, it was a GE beauty I snagged from Lowes. It was one of my favorite trees (and still is)! I think it needs to make a comeback one of these days.

flocked christmas tree with golds, greens, and teal.

Design Inspiration

So how did the decorations come together for this post? 

The entire inspiration for this tree came from a box of glass ornaments I spotted at TJ Maxx, a mesmerizing mix of golds, greens, and teals. It felt like the universe aligned, as these shades worked perfectly with my apartment’s palette.

flocked christmas tree in modern apartment living room.

Armed with a few of these ornament sets and complementing them with treasures I already owned, the tree came to life. There’s nothing like blending the old with the new to craft a look that’s both refreshing and warmly familiar.

Every memorable tree has a story, and that narrative often begins with a theme or color palette. For my tree on this given year, inspiration struck from a simple box of ornaments. Whether you’re drawing inspiration from a winter wonderland, vintage memories, or even a favorite holiday movie, having a central theme can guide your decoration choices and create a cohesive look. 

white prism christmas tree ornament on a flocked tree.
flocked and frosted monochromatic christmas tree decor.

Christmas Tree Decorations

It’s been half a decade since this tree spread its cheer, so I don’t have any links for the decorations I used. However, if you like this style, take these elements as your muse and find your own treasures that look similar. 

If you’re looking for some of my tree-decorating tips, I briefly cover my process in this “How I Plan My Christmas Decor” post. 

  • Ribbon – There’s something magical about ribbons on a Christmas tree. (Catch my full tutorial for adding ribbon to your tree if you haven’t yet.) While I often gravitate towards bolder, broader ribbons, I opted for a slender, shimmering one this time, and oh boy, did it shine!
  • Felt Ball Garland – Remember when these were the latest craze back in 2017? Even though they’re now a common sight, they hold a special place in my heart. The one on this tree? Absolutely love. It’s still tucked away with all my treasured Christmas decor. 
  • Felt Ornaments – I stumbled upon these gems at The Container Store, of all places. I wish I had a close-up for you. I think I still have these in my Christmas stash. They would make a great DIY ornament. I may have to add that to my list this year. 
  • Assorted Glass Ornaments – The rest of the tree sparkled with a mishmash of baubles I already owned – painted white ornaments, timeless glass pinecones (which are still a part of my yearly decor), elegant glass finials, and these absolutely precious copper kitties.

Pro Tip: When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, think of it like dressing up for a winter day. Just as you’d layer clothing, start by layering ornaments from the inside out. Begin with your larger ornaments, nestling them deeper within the branches. This creates a sense of depth and ensures that every part of the tree shines.

felt ball garland strung on a flocked christmas tree.

So there we have it! A peek into a frosty and festive chapter from the past. I hope you enjoy this little visit to a tree from Christmas past. I know I sure did. It’s still one of my favorites! 

If you have questions or you’d like me to talk more about this frosty modern flocked Christmas tree, just let me know in the comments below. 

Either way here’s hoping it sprinkles a dash of inspiration and joy into your holiday prep. Happy decorating!

flocked christmas tree with a frosted look in an apartment living room.

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