Front Porch Decorating Ideas


Quick tips and stylish front porch decor ideas you can do to create a welcoming curb appeal for your home!

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #front #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

I’m always amazed at how just a bit of decorating and styling can make a space feel more special. Even though most of my new home is still in disarray since moving in, the front porch now looks inviting thanks to my visits to HomeGoods, some quick front porch decorating ideas, and a few colorful plantings.


Today is another fun one, my friends! Like we did this past spring, my fellow HomeGoods bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you seasonal decorating inspiration.

Each of us (six in total) went on a #goFinding mission at our local HomeGoods to style an outdoor space for summer. Now, we are showing off our fresh new looks! I’ll link to everyone at the end of this post. Be sure to visit each blog and enter each $100 giveaway. Enjoy and good luck!

As you can imagine, I’ve been so excited to start adding more style to my new home. I have a number of big projects ahead of me given the fact that I sold most of my furniture with my last home. Just counting the outdoor spaces, I have the deck, the side porch, and the front porch.

I’ve already started planning for the deck and side porch, but I thought now was the time to make the front of my home more welcoming. This is the entrance most people use so it was begging for a little love straight away.

Front Porch Decor Ideas:

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Even though there are exterior woes I will tackle later (touching up paint, trimming shrubbery, etc.), I was determined to get this front space looking fresh. I went on a #GoFinding mission to a couple of my local HomeGoods and found just what I needed: a bench, ceramic pots, a unique side table, a throw, pillow, and a cup (which, depending on the time of day, can serve coffee or a cocktail). Success!

I also stopped at a local greenhouse and picked up a few coordinating plants, hanging baskets, and potting soil.

And here’s what I came up with…

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #front #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #front #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Pretty cute, right?

Yes, I love me a big front porch (and that’s one of the things I sacrificed when I chose this house), However, after living in an apartment for a while, I realized you can make any space look beautiful. The size of the space doesn’t matter.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #front #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Adding some seating here was a priority here because nothing beats some front porch sittin’. Being in a new area, it’s a nice way to be visible and meet neighbors. In fact, as I was styling this space, one of my neighbors stopped by to introduce herself and brought me some fresh lettuce from her CSA. That was so sweet of her! (I also immediately signed up for the CSA because the pick up is just down the street!)

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #front #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Next, I added a “throw” on the bench. This throw is actually a Turkish towel I found hiding among the beach towels at HomeGoods. I love the subtle pattern and colors. Given that it’s a towel, I think it will wash up nicely and be able to stand up to the elements.

For a little coziness and texture, I tossed down a pillow. The pillow is not designed for the outdoors, but I think it will be okay. The porch seems to stay dry when it rains.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Opposite the bench, I wanted to create a plant and potted flower moment. I used this super cute wood table and a few ceramic pots.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

I’m sort of a planter snob so I prefer clay, ceramic, terra cotta, metal, and baskets over plastic, resin, and manufactured materials. HomeGoods is my go-to place for planters. In the summer, they have an especially good selection. You can usually find matching planters, and you can’t beat the prices.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

I love this gray trio with the unglazed dot details around the top.

If you happen to have a not-so-great planter, just slip it into a basket. This adds texture, and baskets weather nicely.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

This stool was a fabulous find as well, I was so bummed when I saw a gal put two of them into her cart at the first HomeGoods I stopped at. To my luck and surprise, the second store had two for me. Yay! Gotta love the thrill of the hunt. (And yes, I bought two. Stay tuned to see where the other one ends up.)

I also added a jute doormat for more cozy texture and to bring in warm color. It’s amazing what a simple doormat can do. This one was just under $12.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

With all that in place, I put up a couple hanging baskets and filled my new pots with a variety of plants, including ferns, begonias, ivy geraniums, and beautiful blooms.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

I even decided to create a small “story moment” by filling this galvanized caddy with a couple leftover plants and a shovel. It’s little details like these that make a space stand out.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

Although I still need to find the perfect front door wreath, my porch is officially ready to welcome visitors to my home and serve as another delightful spot for me to enjoy a cup of coffee and a magazine.

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed seeing my freshly styled front porch and gathered a few front porch decor ideas for your pace! . For more outdoor summer decorating inspiration, check out my fellow HomeGoods Bloggers’ posts. They are some talented women, so I’m certain you’ll find many inspiring ideas.

Gloribell – Know How She Does Its: Chic Summer Tablescape
Courtney – French Country Cottage: Blush-Inspired Patio Update
Lizbeth – Home and Fabulous: Glam Summer Celebration
Amy – Crazy Chic Design: Stylish Backyard Summer Refresh
Jessica – Four Generations One Roof: Fabulous Farmhouse Breezeway

Happy summer decorating!

You'll love these front porch decorating ideas and tips! #decorating #porch #outdoor #decor #modern #colonial

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  • Anne at

    I’d head straight to the bedding area and find some new linens.

  • Maree Sperle at

    Love Homegoods for making changes to my tablescapes so affordable. Small changes making big impacts. Just adding new salad plates to white plates plus napkins to match.

  • Robbyn Mendleski at

    My daughter just moved to her first home away from home. I would use the $100 to help her make a builder grade apartment feel like her “Junk Gypsy” style and more like home, less like a white box.

  • Becky Harris Delson at

    Homegoods is so great. They are opening one nearby later this year and I canNOT wait. If I won a gift card, I would be elated! I’d love to find a fun porch stool like yours. It’s beautiful and our front porch is a little bit blah right now. I enjoyed wandering through your Instagram posts. Your home is lovely.

  • Theresa Queen at

    My front porch is about as plain as can be. I would use the Home Goods prize to give it a little pizazz!


    $100 to Home Goods… be still my heart! I would be tempted to buy more cake stands, but I think I would invest in a pretty wingback chair for my “office”.

  • Beth Van Pelt at

    I would seek and find a wrought iron table with a removable tray top for serving!

  • Kim Steinmetz at

    Love your porch and the accessories you have chosen! I would love a Homegoods gift certificate to spruce up my own porch!

  • Terri at

    Hi Michael…
    I love Home Goods! Such a fun place to shop. We are downsizing but like you we sold or gave away much of our stuff in the process, but moving into an apt for the next adventure… and I would use the $100 for a table or chairs for the dining room. Love what your doing with the new place… The porch looks great! That stool is a keeper! Can’t wait to see your wood floors finally finished!

  • Julianne at

    Love you porch. I would probably use the home goods gift card to add to my own front porch or my soon to be second guest room.

  • Lisa Thoreson at

    Oh!!! Thank you for the opportunity. And….mmmm….I can’t narrow it down to just one choice I would use the gift certificate. So….counter stools and fresh kitchen towels, a lamp for my office, mirrors for behind the lamps in my bedroom. I could go on and on….thank you – and beautiful front porch space. I always love to see your updates.

  • Sharon Wiseman at

    Love the porch! I also have a small front porch and a large deck on the back of my house. I would use the $100 to purchase pillows and/or a rug for the deck! thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  • Christy at

    Love the porch! I recently updated my back porch furniture and would spend my gift card on items for a matching tablescape!

  • Alicia at

    You did a beautiful job Michael. Your entry is welcoming and full of charm. And I would love to spruce up my back patio with the help of HomeGoods

  • Julie Bettwy at

    Beautiful plants like you!

  • Barbara at

    I love pillows and HomeGoods always have some great ones so I’d love to find a couple for my new quilt.

    If I lived closer Michael, I’d bring you a housewarming gift of bread, salt and wine and the little verse that goes along with them: “Bread, that this house may never know hunger, salt, that life may always have flavor and wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever.” Wishing you much happiness in your new home.

  • Holley at

    Your porch looks great! I’d use mine to buy some accessories to refresh my guest bathroom! I need a new mirror, hand towels, and some art.

  • Anne Weber-Falk at

    I would do just what you did. I would style my medium sized front porch. Thank you for the chance to do this!

  • Lou Clifton at

    I had a swing that came apart Idid replace with a bench and that is it. you have accomplished more in a short time than I have done on my porch in the past year. I would love to buy some accessories to create a welcoming entrance to my home.. You have such a welcoming porch.

  • Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things at

    I love how welcoming you made that front porch! I just signed up for your email. I would use the $100 on some outdoor décor for my back deck.

  • Debbie at

    I am looking for a new area rug and would probably apply the $100 toward it. I’ve had great luck finding rugs are Home Goods. But there are other items we need so it may just depend on what I see! Thanks for the offer, HomeGoods is one of my “go to” stores.

  • Stephanie at

    I would probably pick up something to freshen up our bedroom for the summer!

  • Melissa at

    Definitely deck furniture!

  • Judy at

    It looks so welcoming Michael! I would buy that same pillow you have on the bench. Love it!

  • cathy claus at

    Just visited my local HomeGoods and found some fabulous outdoor chaise cushions and pillows — would love refresh! your porch looks darling!

  • Julie at

    Pots and pillows! I can never have enough and oh how they change the look of a room.! I am excited to see what you do with your new home. It has such lovely surroundings!

  • Kathy S at

    I have a back deck that is in need of a refresh so I would use it for that! Oh happy SUMMER!!!!

  • Amy Walker at

    I am renovating a house ( which needs SO much) but to be honest, that gift card would head straight to the puppy/dog aisle! I have a 4 month old cocker, Duncan & his adoring big brown dog brother, Hucky. I can’t help myself!

  • Debi at

    Love this! Patio furniture for me 🙂

  • Patti at

    I would get a new comforter!

  • Kate at

    Love the porch. So welcoming and fresh. I would purchase some new platters for entertaining if I won a gift card.

  • Ashley Vandenberg at

    I would save it and wait for their fall items to be released. Fall/Halloween at HomeGoods is magical!

  • Lori at

    I would buy a tv stand to spruce up my family room. Currently I am using a dumpster dive item that we found years ago while moving my son out of his college apartment!

  • Suzanne at

    The porch is darling. I would use the $100 for new summer bedding!

  • Kayla at

    I’d use the $100 to add accessories to our baby’s room (gender yet to be revealed!)

  • Cristie Hooker at

    Home Goods! What’s not to like!
    I think I would spend $100 on either a rug or pillows!

  • Laura at

    Your porch looks beautiful! If I win the gift card, I would look for a rug. Need a new one for my living room.

  • Amy C. at

    I would love to find an area rug for my family room at Home Goods. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Janissa yarrito at

    100 home goods dollars?! That’s like a bajillion regular dollars! I’m definitely a crazy plant lady, so I’d have to get a bunch of new vases and plant holders

  • Erika at

    I’d decorate for summer! I’m in need of pilllows and home accents, thx for the opportunity!

  • Rachael at

    I’m in the midst of a Master Bedroom “re-do”, and would love some help from Home Goods!!

  • Heidi at

    Beautiful porch styling! I’m currently renting and recently spruced up my landlord’s small outdoor metal bistro table and chairs with a fresh coat of white spray paint. Since I’ve moved them to the screened-in porch, I would probably shop HomeGoods for bright and colorful plates, cups and napkins for use on this table.

  • Jodie B at

    Add some flare to by new beach house porch.

  • Susan at

    Ohhh, I would get some cozy pillows, a great mirrored tray I saw there and a couple candles to spruce up my porch!

  • Lynne Miller at

    I would use the $100 to purchase outdoor pillows and cushions for my front porch and deck chairs. HomeGoods has a great assortment of outdoor pillows. I found an awesome resin wicker chair at HomeGoods a couple of years ago and I’d like to dress it up with fresh cushions.

  • Jo Lynne Navarro at

    I would definitely use the gift card to spruce up my front porch also! Love what you did!

  • Laura at

    We closed on our very first house today so I would definitely put it to good use on some new decor! I LOVE Home Goods!

  • Kathy Beltran at

    I love all the beautiful textures you used! I would love to use the $100 to help my son decorate his new home

  • Kris Beck at

    I absolutely love Home Goods! I would purchase some new outdoor planters and pillows for my new patio to brighten it up.

  • Sue at

    I just had my ten year anniversary of living in my house and I have not done much to my deck since the second year I was here, so that makes 8 years of needing a refresh. I am painting/staining my deck and would love to do some HomeGoods shopping to liven up the space with similar items to the ones you have used to make your front porch look so inviting.

  • Joni at

    Would definitely choose some Home Goods lighting for either inside or out

  • Amy at

    We just repainted our deck so I would find cute accents and accessories for my outdoor area.

  • Anne B at

    I would get some planters – indoor and outdoor would be welcome.

  • laura janning at

    I love how you are making your home your own…starting with the front porch. I love everything at HG’s so not entirely sure how I would spend the $. everytime I walk in there is something that I have to have.

  • Ange at

    That pillow is gorgeous! I would check out Home goods wall art for myself, but I’d also shop for my nephew’s wedding gift.

  • Toni at

    I would love to replace some of my resin pots with some lovely ceramics such as yours. A few bright outdoor throw pillows would also go in my cart.

  • Karin at

    So beautiful!!!I use that gift card to buy some accent decor for my new home 🙌

  • Emma at

    I am not entirely sure yet how I would go about spending the gift card! But you know what, that gives me a good excuse to just go to HomeGoods and have a look around. Something there would be sure to speak to me.

  • Rylee ridge at

    I am giving my parents room a makeover so i would definitely use the gift card to buy them some new pillows and decor!!

  • MJ at

    New linens. I love crisp new sheets!

  • Sandi at

    I signed up for your emails! I love your little porch, so pretty and beautiful plants. I would get some things for my patio if I won. I love HomeGoods. Hugs,

  • cindy at

    Fun plates and serve ware for summer at the beach. Need them badly for entertaining there.I hope to win!!! Love your new place, Michael.

  • Wendy at

    My husband and I just bought a new house and we are big on hanging outside so I would look for thing in the bak yard.

  • Babette at

    Hi Michael! I would definitely take my girl to HomeGoods and pick out some Boho items for her room. We are redoing her room for a more sophisticated yet colorful vibe. Love HomeGoods! I may or may not have quite a bit of items hanging out around my house from there! If I found that stool at my store, it would be coming home with me too! Love it!

  • Shelley at

    I’m getting ready to give a few rooms at my mom’s house a makeover. That’s what I’d do with a HomeGoods gift card!

  • Kelly D at

    I would like to buy a decorative planter.

  • Laurel at

    My bedroom is DYING for an update. It needs a jump start!

  • Maggie Morrison at

    Your porch looks lovely and inviting. I would love to find a Turkish towel like yours for my own porch, which is a wonderful place to sit and watch the flowers grow!

  • Carolyn Castillo at

    Your porch looks so welcoming!I’m slowly updating my back porch. I’d use the gift card on planters and greenery.

  • Traci Rye at

    subscribed! We just got a Home goods and I am freshening up some areas. In my home and deck. There are some fun treasures that I would love to see on my deck

  • JP at

    I love what you did to your porch and I’m trying to decide if I want to make any changes based on the inspiration I got from this post. If I win, I will use the money to buy some beautiful artwork to hang on my bare walls and use any leftover money to buy some gorgeous lamps.

  • Erin Prohaska at

    Hi there! I’ve been a follower/subscriber for some time! Thank you for the endless inspiration & mouth watering recipes! If I won the HomeGoods gift card I would have a hard time choosing because of all the goodness – but at the moment I’d likely go for some cute planters for our patio area. I saw some super cute ones the last time I was there but they didn’t make the budget that trip. 😉 Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Christina Almond at

    Your porch is gorgeous! I would love to spend it on some new decor for our living room…it’s really too bland!

  • Laura at

    I need to change up my living room with some new throw pillows!

  • Stephanie Crane at

    I really need a side table for my bed!

  • Mary Wakefield at

    New cushions for my patio furniture! Love your porch!

  • Kenia at

    I signed up to receive your newsletter.

  • Karen at

    I would give half the money to my sister because she loves Home Goods too, and we would go together and find what ever strikes our fancy.

  • Kenia at

    I would spend the $100 on a water dispenser. I don’t want to buy any more water bottles and that would really help.

    Thank you for the chance.

  • ette at

    Thank-you for sharing your new home. I love home goods!! We are currently working on our family room area which would look fantastic with some Home Goods loving décor!!!

  • Erika at

    I’d use it to fix up my guest room for my mom coming to stay.

  • Raegan L at

    You did a fantastic job on decorating your porch! Stunning!! And I would use the $100 to help decorate an office space for my husband to thank him or working extremely hard on buying our family our first home..

  • Carolsue at

    Home Goods has lots of pet items — if I won, I would get my new dog a bed for sure, and maybe one of those elevated bowls that say Ice Cream!

  • Kristen at

    So happy you are sharing your adventure! I love your style. Love Home Goods – your post motivates me to work on my outdoor spaces. I need an outdoor rug!

  • Ali Thompson at

    Can’t wait to see what you will do with your new home! We are moving into our “forever home” in less than a month after 22 years of moving and military housing, there are too many ways I would spend $100 at Home Goods!

  • Heidi at

    I would love to add some new pots around the pool area in my backyard. Your new home is so nice and I can’t wait to see more of the improvements you are making to it!

  • Janette at

    I would use the gift card to buy items for the nursery in our new house.

  • Robin at

    I’m planning to move soon so I would use the card to purchase something new and special for my new place.

  • Holly at

    I have no idea what I’d buy at HomeGoods, but I’d love to browse and find out! I’m sure I’d have no problem finding something. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Wendy Williams at

    I can hear the hammers going right now as I am getting a new deck! Can’t wait to get back out there and would love to spiff up our new space with wonderful finds from HomeGoods!

  • Kathy Kearney at

    Your new home is beautiful. You have great eye for design! I tried your corn dip last night—–DE-licious!
    If I won the gift card I would put it towards 2 mirrors I need for my bathroom. Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway

  • Katrina Angele at

    I think I would put it towards my sons room. He is 6 and just getting his own room.

  • Karissa at

    I would use it on a new area rug!

  • Deb at

    Just redecorated my guest room and would love the home goods giveaway to add new accessories.

  • Judy at

    I have a back deck that needs A LOT of love! I know I could find some wonderful things 🙂

  • Carrie Hodgson at

    Homegoods is my go to. There are so many things- lanterns, pillows, planters- so many things I could purchase!!

  • Karen Matson at

    My deck needs a little love! I would head to HomeGoods for some new bench cushions, pillows and beautiful flower pots.

  • Mandy at

    I am already subscribed to your mailing list! If I won the gift card I would look for rugs and pillows to freshen up my back porch.

  • Teresa richards at

    I would update my 20 year old porch cushions and add a bit more greenery! The porch is so inviting, it needs a makeover!

  • Patty at

    I am always inspired by your decorating ideas. I would spend the Home Goods gift card on new pillows, one can never have to many pillows.

  • Annette Nash at

    I would go straight to the candle section and get more of the awesome candle styles for fall since I will used all of the summer candles already!

  • Sally Christiansen at

    I would love to win a gift card to Home Goods as they have some rugs that I have been lusting after.

  • Jennifer Reynolds at

    I’ve been re doing our home room by room. As soon as my craft room and laundry nook are completed, I’ll be working on the quest bedroom. I’d use this card for in there.

  • Alina at

    I would love to spend the money on new outdoor pillows and some outdoor decor. I love that they have such unique items and always stylish.

  • Pat at

    Would love to sit on your porch, it looks great and says”welcome” all. That pillow is amazing and that wood stump stool is a great accent, I am heading to my nearest Homegoods asap. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Raquel at

    I would use the gift card to buy some new planters! I’m obsessed with the ones you featured in this post!

  • Stafford at

    The porch is very inviting. If I’d win, I’d love to freshen up my picnic items so I’d get a set of glasses and napkins and silverware. I would also love to get a new outdoor throw to use when we have a fire with smores.

  • Karen Hill at

    I love all your designs and recipes! If I was lucky enough to win, I would update my living room with some new accessories and a new area rug.

  • Tricia at

    New bedding!

  • Lisa Babs at

    I heart homegoods! We are in the process of painting our entryway and as staircase a different color that will brighten up the space. But when we finish we will need new art and decor. I can’t think of a better place to get it then Homegoods.

  • Sandy w at

    Wow, your porch looks great. If I were to be lucky enough to win, I would look for dishes. Love adding fun patterns to my white ones.

  • Colleen Johnson at

    Your porch is beautiful. I could use a new area rug.

  • Lori at

    Oh the thrill of the hunt!! And at TJMAXX you better buy it when you see it, if you come back later, it is always gone. I would pick up a bench just like yours and the other day while playing at my local TJMaxx I did see some summer plastic ware that is calling my name.

  • Carol at

    Love,love, love Home Goods! Of course I would have to shop the whole store first then narrow down my list lol.. Your porch is beautiful and very welcoming.

  • Manda B at

    Beautiful space! Would be a blessing to win this so I can redo our sunroom!!!

  • Kim at

    Your front porch looks very inviting, warm and cozy! I would spend $100 at Home Goods on my back porch. It needs to look inviting, warm and cozy, too, now that summer is here!

  • alicia gordon at

    i would spend it on some rustic decorations for my house to make it look nicer!

  • Tania at

    Your porch looks great! My front porch definitely needs some love too so I would shop for things for that.


  • Gina M at

    I love your little porch! I would hope to find a piece of outdoor furniture for MY porch with a $100 gift card. Now that summer is officially here, I have the urge to relax in the evenings after work. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Lisa at

    I’m hosting my book club in October, and my outside patio is uninspiring. It needs help! $100 worth of help. 🙂

  • Anne Ferguson at

    I love HomeGoods! I am in love with pillows so would be checking out new ones for Fall.

  • Kathy at

    Beautiful porch decor!!! I am on the hunt for a nightstand and lamps for my guest bedroom.

  • Patricia Hall at

    I’d love to spend mine on a front door wreath; maybe several seasonal ones… And a great pot or two for some summer greenery that will last thru all four seasons.

  • Rosey Dollar at

    I would love to just wander in my local Home Goods store and fill my cart with everything I love! I am in need of a new rug for my living room, so the $100 would help pay for that. I love your cozy porch.

  • Natalie at

    I would use the $100 to buy some glass home decor items of plates, bowls and vases for my home!! I love decorating my home!

  • Lisa Kissner Cooper at

    I love HomeGoods! I would love to purchase some new planters so I could update my screened porch!

  • Anne at

    I have a bunch of pictures to reframe and hang.

  • Kim Henrichs at

    I would love some blue planters!!

  • Wanda Prinster at

    We are building a new home so I would use it for decorative items.

  • Susan Roberts at

    Thanks, I am already on your blog list but I would shop at Home Goods for a beautiful canvas and soft towels for my upstairs bath. Thanks for asking….

  • Sonya Morris at

    I would use it on something to decorate the walls in my bedroom. Thank you!

  • Brenda at

    I would love to make my porch welcoming. I have a nice porch but can’t seem to get it “right”. I’d get some nice pots and maybe a turkish towel. Everything gets wet when the wind blows the rain. Your porch is so welcoming!

  • Lisa Stover at

    I think I would use the gift card at HomeGoods to freshen up my living room. It’s been awhile since I’ve made any changes in there.

  • Susan M. at

    At any given time, I can ALWAYS find something I “need” at HomeGoods and of course, it’s never what I went in looking for!

    Thanks for the opportunity – my fingers are crossed!

  • Brenda at

    Love your new house and wow, that front porch! I drive 50 miles to shop at Home Goods and always stop in when I have appointments in the city. I’ve just made our guest room, my room for reading and crafting, a gift card would definitely be nice to win. I’m loving the wooden stool, could I be so lucky to find one this weekend?

  • Robin L Black at

    Home Goods is my favorite store. I walk every isle and I never leave without something. I am looking to redo my master bedroom and bath.

  • Tammy Brace at

    I would spend it to liven up my deck and patio which really need some sprucing up. It just seems so blah and I need to perk it up with some color and lighting. Love your blog!

  • Amy at

    Thanks for another great inspiring post. I have used your “good” vegetable dip a gazellion times already this is the BEST!! I would use the 100$ in a hundred different places as I just moved to a new empty condo!
    I feel your pain of where to start first! But it’s all good fun!!!

  • Jen at

    Love what you did with your new front porch! Very inviting and cozy. I am excited to see how your new home evolves. My Home Goods Happy would include new art for my entry way, a new quilt for my daughters room or new pillows for the family room.

  • Deb Wostmann at

    Very nicely done, Michael. Welcoming and warm. I would put it towards a new bench for my front porch.

  • Toni P. Sprouse at

    If I were blessed to win this giveaway, I would purchase outdoor cushions and planters for my front porch. Thanks for the chance!

  • Patricia at

    I would love a standing mirror I’ve been eyeing one there every time I go!!!!

  • Tressie at

    My husband and I are moving to a new home with our oldest son, daughter-in-law, two grandchildren (who are both under the age of three ) their two beagles and our youngest son who is 25. It’s a very large house with many sectioned off areas outside the surrounding house. Closing is mid July so I would have fun getting items to create a relaxing outdoor reading area. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Carla at

    Home Goods is where I meditate…I’d get some fun summer pillows for the sofa to start the season off with fresh warm vibes!

  • Carol Clarke at

    I like your style Michael! I enjoy following your blig w recioes & styling. You find unique things to create inviting spaces. My front entry desperately needs love, so I could really use the money to make it pretty (oh & I love Hone Goods stores!) ❤️

  • Deanne Bracamonte at

    We replaced a window with a door and added a small porch looking out to our back yard. We can now enjoy the evening sunset at dinner. If I won the giveaway I would probably buy more containers for plants or maybe an outdoor rug.

  • Rebekah at

    Your front porch is so charming and I’m in love with that pillow. I’d use the HomeGoods gift card to add one of those to my collection.

  • Marie Muckey at

    I would splurge and buy some really nice sheets so I can sleep in luxury. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Emily at

    I just moved into a new place and the walls are pretty bare. I’d use the gift card on some wall art. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Terri at

    Oh how I miss ivy geraniums…they don’t grow well in our neck of the woods 🙁 Home Goods is addictive! We’re soon getting one in our area. What I would choose? Definitely a comfy and pretty dog bed for our rescue. He’s the sweetest and deserves a nice bed!

  • Cindy D at

    Hi Michael,
    The front porch is the start of welcoming in your guests. Looks wonderful and welcoming. Oh Gosh, there’s so much at Home Goods that I love and sometimes you find things there that they don’t always carry. I’m looking for a small chandelier for my nook in my bedroom for reading. I never come out of Home Goods empty handed. Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  • Anna Pry at

    We’re closing on our 1st home in 6 days! Eeek!! Can’t wait to do tons of decorating, would probably start with an area rug from HomeGoods 🙂

  • Evee at

    Our master bedroom needs some major sprucing up and this gift card would help!

  • Charmaine Allen at

    I am finally getting to decorate our screened back porch and the prize would get me started on creating my dream porch reading nook!

  • Cindy C. at

    First of all, Michael, your porch is adorable and is so quaint and cozy! I feel certain your new neighbors can’t wait to join you on it. I can’t say specifically what I would buy at Home Goods with the gift certificate as there are so many things I love there always! I think I would like to be surprised and make a spontaneous purchase!

  • Roamie Richards at

    We just a new camper/5th wheel and I would use the money to buy that pillow and look for a table/stool similar! We only have one Home Goods in Mobile which is sad!

  • Sarah Gonzales at

    My front porch needs sprucing too! I would love to find a bench like this one!

  • Debra Wise at

    Your porch looks so welcoming! You’re doing a great job making this home your own. Love Home Goods and there’s so much to chose from. I have a porch that goes across the front of my home and wraps around the side. It could definitely use some sprucing up and I’d love to have that pillow you got for my porch swing!

  • jeanne at

    my deck can always use new pillows and a rug.

  • carolyn montgomery at

    i would redo and refresh my master bath and organize my closet. ps i love homegoods!

  • Amy P at

    Your porch looks amazing!! Homegoods is my favorite place to shop. I love the throw pillows, so I would start there. Then I always try to find mugs by Rae Dunn. Thank you for a fun giveaway!

  • Susan Abney at

    I’d spend it on some new brightly colored cushions for my outdoor patio setee. Comfort and happy colors are key!

  • terry taylor at

    you packed a punch on your delightful front porch! I can’t wait to follow your journey with your new home! Homegoods is RIGHT next door to my Target. How’s that for a destination? I am so in need of new pots for my indoor plants and $100 at Homegoods would be perfect1 Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Debra at

    I would use the gift card to make sure the new patio is all “decked out”.
    Love the new space Michael!

  • elizabeth miller at

    I am in love with that bench and congrats on the new home. Me-I am one of those that do not have a flair for decorating but we just painted inside and I really need some wall decor and some knick knacks to fill in spaces. This would be great to use to find a few things.

  • Aurora Zell Toney at

    Oh wow, what a beautifully welcoming entry way! I love t! If I won the gift card I would definitely be looking for some extra fun outdoor lanterns and lighting maybe a pillow to make my outdoor space even more cozy! I love having friends over for a late night summer glass of wine on the back deck!

  • Carol at

    Pillows, pillows and, yes, more pillows!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize!

  • Jess at

    I would use the HomeGoods giftcard to dress up the ‘planters’ on either side of the garage door. Nice big pots would be much better than the dry semi-circles of dirt!

  • Monica Salter at

    I love your porch!! Absolutely fantastic, love all your thoughtful touches and the plants, especially. I would love to pick up some new planters, and probably some new outdoor-fabric pillows. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Paricia at

    Well I just saw a cute pale pink accent chair for my home office that I love, so I could put the gift card towards that. Or I could upgrade my outdoor dining dishes. Or maybe I’ll find a new lucite base table lamp for my bedroom. Or i could discover the perfect standing mirror. Homegoods never fails to inspire and motivate! Love your front porch ideas and especially that wooded stool!

  • Stefanie at

    Hi! I would pick the same bench pillow you chose and a outdoor rug to coordinate the look. Thanks!

  • Pam Faust at

    I would look for more accessory pieces for my cabin. I have a large galvanized serving tray that I set up to hold all the bar supplies. I also found a galvanized ice bucket. I would like to add some more rustic touches to the bar area, as we entertain a lot at the cabin. Love following your house progress!

  • Christy H at

    I would get me a rug for my back patio!

  • September ryan at

    Hi love your page if I were to win a gift card to home goods store I would spend it for sure lol love that store not only do I buy stuff for my home I love dry food section they always have great deals on healthy choices on good and supplements

  • jae at

    What a lovely place to sit! You just proved big spaces isnt always better space. HomeGoods is so awesome I would just have to shop and shop and narrow down choices….just got some fabulous pillows there, so maybe curtains, a lamp, or more picture frames…..thanks for a great giveaway, and enjoy your porch!

  • Claudette Lockwood at

    Instead of having an item just visit my cart while shopping I would buy it!!

  • Cheryl Sager at

    Wouldn’t even know where to start. Love me some HomeGoods. Right now, my living room and back patio need some sprucing up. (P.S. Love your new home!)

  • Voneese at

    I would get flower pots, flower pots and more flower pots! Your porch is beautiful but your flowers were my favorite. Congrats on your new home! I love it and can’t wait to see what you do to it.

  • Tosha Litsey at

    I need an entertainment console. Tired of
    My cable box and surround sound sitting on an end table underneath the tv mounted on the wall. HomeGoods to the rescue!!!

  • Sandy at

    I love to shop at Home Goods. If I win the $100.00 gift card to Home Goods, I would bring my daughter and try to locate a hallway table or pots and pans set and new bath towels.

  • Amy at

    We just had our house exterior painted and I am inspired to get going on more projects! The next on my list is my screen porch and patio. Id put the $100 towards an indoor/outdoor rug. Homegoods is my FAVORITE!!! Thanks for all the inspiration you share. Love your style!

  • Patricia Nicholas at

    Hi Michael,
    I enjoy receiving your newsletter… Your new home is beautiful! I look forward to following along and watching the transformation. A new Homegoods just opened up last December in my area and I would definitely use the gift card to spruce up my front porch.

  • Brenda Rodriguez at

    Flower pots from HomeGoods are the best! Thanks for the reminder!!

  • Angelia at

    Love what you did with the front porch. I’d love to spend $100 at Home Goods! You can never have too many pillows!

  • Cope Kamlowsky at

    Absolutely loving your new home! I’m in the process of redoing two upstairs bedrooms, so the Home Goods gift would certainly help with that!

  • Bertha Covarrubias at

    Ohhh ma gaaaaw, $100.00 @homegoods would purchase new pillows for my front porch, a nice rug, hanging baskets, and the finishing touches for my sweet front porch!
    Wichita has finally opened up a Home Goods store and I LOVE browsing, now is LOVE to purchase my finishing touches! PICK ME PICK ME!!

  • Caroline at

    I really need a larger outdoor rug for my porch. Your porch looks lovely, Michael.

  • Brix at

    New pillows for my patio set and candles to make the backyard more welcoming and bright.

  • Meredith at

    Summer is upon us and I would scout out some outdoor tableware. I love the “hunt” and don’t even mind hitting a few stores.

  • Darla Peduzzi at

    I adore your new porch! It looks so inviting and comfy! I would buy new cushions for our porch swing.

  • Sheri Newell Anderson at

    We could really use an outdoor rug for our patio, thanks!

  • Ileana at

    Love your porch!! Home Goods just opened here in my neck of the woods – $100 would be fantastic! I’d also do a porch makeover ☺️

  • lee at

    Love your porch – very colorfull. $100 gift card would be spent looking for treasures – always find some thing

  • kathleen at

    new dishes and glassed

  • Margit Stallings at

    I am in love with that pillow, beautiful job on a welcoming entry. I will be working on my craft/guest room this summer would be great to find some treasures at HomeGoods.

  • Debi at

    Your porch does look so welcoming! I’d use it for a rug for my porch or a great side table like you found. ( cute cup too. Sometimes I need to remind myself to just “sit”!

  • Debra at

    Thanks for this fun giveaway, Michael! I’d be on the hunt for a bistro chair!

  • Tara at

    We need some outdoor furniture so I would use it towards that!

  • latanya at

    I would get a wall clock

  • Candice at

    I would love to get some vases and outdoor planters.

  • Elle at

    Thanks for this giveaway. I’d buy towels to refresh the bathroom.

  • Meredith at

    Love your front porch. So sweet. I’d love to freshen up my back deck.

  • Hallie at

    I would probably spend it on a little bit of everything, something fun for outside, some new throw pillows for my couch.

  • Donna D Neale at

    Michael- you have made such a welcoming front porch! I am enjoying your new house process.
    I would use a $100 towards new rug for living room or new decorative pillows in bedroom

  • Debbie Yoder at

    I would buy new sheets and rugs! Thank You for the chance!

  • Charlotte at

    We will be moving soon and 100.00 from Home Goods would definitely come in handy!

  • sandi at

    I love the porch! I am signed in already & enjoying the progress over there!
    I would love to win something to spend on my new deck. I love HGs.

  • Julie at

    My back patio space definitely needs an update!

  • Jen Rodrigues at

    Gorgeous porch and such great ideas. Though I do not have a porch in my home, we have an outdoor deck that is cement and needs some updates or upgrades. I would love to add some new seating and a table and some gorgeous lights and maybe a new umbrella or something to make some shade. I would love a homegoods gift to make decorated my deck that much better.

  • Elicia P at

    I want to re decor my living room and bedroom. Whichever I feel like doing first is what I would use this for.

  • Freda Carroll at

    Oh, my I have never been to a Home Goods. One just arrived near my home but I have not been able to check it out yet. I’m not sure how I’d use it but boy would I have a great time looking for things for my home.
    By the way Michael, I love your blog. I have enjoyed getting a man’s perspective on decorating and your recipes are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new home. It looks wonderful and the setting is beautiful

  • Vickie at

    Just bought a new house…..soooo many choices!!!

  • Beverly Ebersole at

    I would buy a few things to finish my bedroom makeover.

  • Jody Kippels at

    OMG! I’d use thst money to track down that wooden stool! Road trip here I come.

  • Delicia Jackosn at

    I would decorate my porch! It is a bare space right now – It needs work!

  • BEA wissmiller at

    New build… and I follow you on twitter. I enjoy your posts

  • Abby Feverston at

    Oh I would get outdoor/pool things since this is our first summer in our new house that has a wonderful pool. So we need all the pool things 😁

  • Amy Tong at

    Already subscribed to your newsletter. If I won, I would find something cute for my backyard. Summer is the best time to enjoy the great outdoor.

    Amy (at) utry (dot) it

  • Jill Prince at

    Pillows, pillows, pillows!

  • Gretchen at

    Home Goods is my favorite store! I’d love to use a gift card to get a porch swing or pretty bench. We have a great view of the mountains and it would be so nice to sit there to watch a sunset.

  • Lynne at

    I have a small front porch too, but you have now given me an idea on how to make it better!! So that is what I’d use my homegoods $$ for — front porches are the best <3

  • Kristen P. at

    Your porch looks fabulous! No one styles a space like you!

  • Kristen P. at

    oops forget to add what I would use my card for. My house is in need of some fun, stylish accent pieces for tables and and shelves. I would use the gc at Homegoods for that.

  • Kimberly M Heavner at

    My daughter and I will rush to HomeGoods and shop for decor items for the house she and her roommates will be renting the next three years as they complete college!

  • Anne at

    I can’t wait to see what you are going to do house, I love the porch I am trying to spruces mines up

  • Ashley at

    We are about to have our first baby so I would buy something nice for his room! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  • Cheryl Hindman at

    Your porch looks inviting! HomeGoods just opened up in our town so I would be more then happy to feel the thrill of the hunt in the new store!

  • Karenann at

    Beautiful front porch.

  • Robin at

    Definitely would have to shop for my back patio!

  • ASHLEY at

    100 dollars could go a long way at HomeGoods. If I won, I think I would work on organizing my bedroom, it is the messiest room in my home.

  • Sandra K at

    Love your porch! I would use the gift card to spruce up my bathroom…new rugs, shower curtain, and accessories!

  • Jamie Huff at

    Hi Michael👋🏼 I’d save mine for Christmas items. I love the holiday pretties! Although I’m NOT ready for summer to end yet! Love all of your inspiration 😘

  • Vickie at

    wowa!! Love the stools too. They remind me of our Florida cypress knees protected now.
    I am deep in the middle of a huge 62 ranch Florida home now myself. A gut job on 10 acres and an acre lake. Excited.
    Will be put to great use. Trust me.
    I want to be sponsored myself. How does that happen @homegoods 🙂

    I hope to find these stools.

  • Barbara Wynn at

    Love what you did on your front porch. I think I would check out the rugs at Home Goods if the dishes didn’t call to me first.

    • laura at

      I saw your comment Barbara and had to jump in. I forgot to mention the dishes at HG! I could stay in that aisle for an afternoon.

  • Carol at

    I love what you did with your front porch. It looks so good!! I would definitely use the $100 for new curtains for my bedroom!

  • Mary at


  • Audrey Stewart at

    I loved all the throws they have. I also loved the pillows.

  • Mary Kleiner at

    Hi-So excited to enter your giveaway the best of the best for me is HomeGoods I get so excited each time I enter the store Always say just do some browsing today but it never works my home has many many pieces Love and many
    many pictures on my wall who ever enters my house they always say “Where did you get your pieces from” and I say
    where else HomeGoods my favorite. I would love to add somewhat new pieces to my decor. The best place to be when you need to escape it’s wonderful!

  • laura at

    Look at all these comments! Okay I join your mailing list when you posted that easy breezy jalapeno dip your step mom makes. It’s scary how I am learning about the family! Okay, was the bench from HG. I love the Turkish towel, I love the deck. I have a very similar size deck with rod iron on opposite ends too. Only problem is the Colorado sunshine hits the front door and porch hard in the afternoon. With a HG gift card I would head to the seasonal (I love their pots too) and I need lamps! I love this idea of a group giveaway. hmmm… laura

  • Nancy H at

    i was just in Home Goods this afternoon. I have my eye on a nice set of lamps.


    I would like to get some lamps….Thanks,,,

  • Sharon at

    I would buy new planters for the deck.

  • MPaula at

    No HomeGoods store in Canada, unfortunately. Love the stool/table; kinda resembles a mushroom.

  • Tanya at

    Your new stooI is a must have. If I couldn’t find one’d of those, then let’s face it I would discover something else fantastic that I could not live without!

  • Leeann Hutcherson at

    I would love the $100 gift card to make my foyer more inviting. It’s the one area in my home that has been neglected with decorating and I would love a table, mirror and some Knick-knacks to make a great first impression. 😀

  • Deb C at

    We close on a second home in Florida on 7/19. I would use the gift card to start furnishing our new home.

  • Vanessa at

    I really love using different containers and pots for plants and I love what you have done…I would probably buy a basket and then something metal…maybe an outdoor rug!! Already subscribe to email! Yay!!❤️

  • LD at

    My daughter will get this gift card if I’m lucky enough. She just bought a townhouse and it is amazing. So proud of her.

  • April was in CA now MA at

    I’d love to get a new set of sheets and some pillows for our guest room!

  • Susan at

    Your front porch looks inviting and amazing. It’s so true that size doesn’t matter. We added a portico to our front entrance, and although it isn’t very big I’m going to try some of your ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jeanne Larson at

    We just got a HomGoods in our area, and I would love to find a great little chair or table for our front porch. Looking at yours gives me inspiration, as always!

  • Tammie at

    I would use the gift card to buy a new quilt and shams for my bedroom. I’ve been using the same one for several years now and it’s looking tired. Your front porch looks so welcoming!

  • Sue Vanderweele at

    I absolutely love the crocheted pillow on your bench-would hope I could find that very one
    at HomeGoods with the $100 gift card!

  • Karen Medders at

    Definitely would look for outdoor pretties for my newly stained deck.

  • Adecia at

    I would buy a rug since I just replaced carpet with luxury vinyl plank flooring at a beach house.

  • Eloise Fitzsimmons at

    I would love to use this $100 toward a TV cabinet/stand since I recently sold my big brown box that dominated the room.

  • Shirley Emitt at

    I would like to get a new rug, for when we move, or maybe ?.

  • Dianne Lanier at

    I am in love with your porch! How talented you are to have maximized the space, while creating such a beautiful and inviting place to visit. (Be sure to spray that gorgeous pillow with Scotch Guard to protect it from the elements!) Since I am a senior citizen with a limited income , I would be thrilled to take my cart through HomeGoods and pick up “pretties” without worrying about spending the money.

  • Karen Mary Miles at

    So inspiring! Thanks Michael! And thanks for the chance to win a HomeGoods shopping spree. I love HomeGoods for plant pots and outdoor decor, so that’s where I’d spend my $100. My front porch, side porch and back deck all need sprucing up! Your new home is super!

  • Kayla Harmon at

    For all my plants of course.

  • Iliana R at

    I would buy pillows and picture frames!

  • Kim Dickerson at

    I’d love to buy some new goodies for my kitchen. A bit of a summer spruce up is needed. =)

  • Galen at

    I’m moving to a new (very old) house in a month. So, of course I’d spend that gift certificate on items for the housewarming party we’re planning.

  • Sue at

    Well Michael,if I had 100 dollars to spend at Homegoods I would try to find an ottoman. You did an amazing job on your porch. Your hanging basket looks like a professional florist arranged it. Great find on the towel.

  • Katherine Tino at

    I could use a new sheet set, a lightweight comforter and my plants are in desperate need of some new pots! ✌

  • Sandy Bonesteel at

    If I won, I would spend it on new decor items for my living room.

  • Joni Polson at

    would love to win a $100.00 would spend on my front porch. No pots for fresh flowers?

  • Jennifer Ray at

    I love homegoods! I recently got a divorce and got my own place so this would be great!!

  • MelodyJ at

    I would buy organizers.

  • Joanne Slotterback at

    Love your porch! Love Homegoods—my #1 home decor store! I would buy some items for my patio!

  • Rebecca Reif at

    I would buy a cute bistro set for my patio or a cute bench for the end of my bed! Fingers crossed! thank you!!

  • Catherine Kichler at

    Lovely outdoor space! I need to finish my entryway with art and HG has great selection.

  • Melanie at

    I have front porch envy also! Mine is just a covered stoop. But you did a fabulous job with your small space. I need a new bench for my back patio, so I would use the $ for that.

  • Cathy T. at

    I discovered you via Courtney at French Country Cottage and just signed up for your newsletter! I usually go into HomeGoods and let inspiration hit me! Lol would love to win the gift card🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • Courtney B. at

    Home goods is a favorite of course! I’d be spending the gift card on a summer spruce up for my living room. Probably new throw pillows and curtains. Everything at home goods is so amazing it would be hard to decide!

  • Melanie Brooks at

    Inspired by your post, I would use it to get some pretty planters.

  • Shannon Combest at

    My husband and I are moving into a new home with a sunroom so I would use it to decorate the new space.

  • beverly e at

    I would head straight for the planters, of course… your decorating posts are always so creative and inspiring! Thanks for the chance to win! (I am already an email subscriber).

  • Barrie at

    I’m so excited as a Home Goods store just opened 30 minutes from us! I would use this gift card for towels for our bathroom and throw pillows for the living room!

  • Crystal at

    We’re prepping for a move- so what don’t I need from Homegoods? (But, that’s always the case!!)

  • Erin M at

    I would use it towards refreshing my third bedroom

  • Pamela at

    I would love to use the $100 on new outdoor cushions. Love your blog.

  • Boudreau at

    I would use to to buy things to help organize my closet.

  • Leann at

    I would use the gift card to spruce up my living room a little bit, and let’s be honest…I’m sure I’d buy some sort of kitchenware/serving piece, because they always have so much cute stuff and you can’t say “no”!

  • Nicole at

    I would put it towards (b/c I would likely spend >$100) plantar, a nice chair, throw or pantry organization items.

  • Susan Smith at

    I would buy a new comforter for my bed. It’s been a couple of years since I replaced it.

  • Carol at

    The way you mixed different pots, wood, basket and metal makes your porch look as if it came together over time and wasn’t staged in one afternoon. Nice. I shop at Homegoods all the time, love it. I would use the gift card for a desk lamp and some new accessories for the desk/art area I’m setting up.

  • Annie at

    Throw pillows! Or, maybe towards an area rug for my bedroom.

  • Mell at

    I’d use it on linens, pillows and decorative accessories for my newly redone guest bedroom

  • Laurie Shoaf at

    Love.your new house! Can’t wait to follow your decorating journey. I would head to my Homegood’s and shop for nursery decor. My first grand daughters (yes two,twins) are due in early August!

  • Ora L. at

    I think I’d use it for a bedroom refresh or to add to my throw pillow collection.

  • Candy at

    Beautiful porch love it! I would split the gift card with purchasing a few items for my in progress “new” bathroom and help with some items for grand baby room.

  • Marybarney at

    I’d pick an assortment of throw pillows

  • Amy S at

    There’s so much to choose from at HomeGoods. We’re remodeling a bathroom so I’d buy some new rugs and towels for that.

  • Susan Christy at

    I’m a subscriber.
    My dog needs a new bed and I found a nice one at Home Goods that I’d like to get her.

  • Emily at

    I would use it for patio furniture!

  • Jennifer Keefer at

    I love your hanging plants! I could use some patio furniture if I win,

  • Penni at

    I’d buy a bunch of colorful planters to fill with plants, to decorate my backyard patio!

  • Mary W at

    Looking for a rug for the master bedroom! Love the porch. So cute.

  • Cathy Van Duyne at

    I would love to add some outside decor to my backyard patio.

  • Leanne Pruett at

    I’m planning for a big yard and porch refresh next year ( doing the inside of the house right now). That said, what I’ve got on my porch could use some freshening – and I’d love some indoor outdoor rugs for the space, for a little texture – so that’s what I’d use my HomeGoods $100 for!

  • CW at

    I would use it to decorate our rental. A new start needs some new decor!

  • Deena at

    Hmmm…since this season is dedicated to doing some hardscaping in our backyard, AND since your porch served as such inspiration of what a difference a few well chosen items can make, I’d be shopping for patio items!
    Thank you for the giveaway and for sharing your talents!

  • Lisa at

    Michael, your porch is as inviting and beautiful as all the spaces you do. I LOVE shopping aHome Goods for all of the surprises I find. Right now, I would use a gift card to outfit my home with fall and Halloween goodies for my big party in October.

  • Roxanne at

    Your porch looks beautiful! I would use an HG gift card to spruce up my back patio!

  • Sandra Pace at

    New towels please!

  • Laura Wells at

    We bought our dream home on the river and I’m inspired by pretty decor that doesn’t cost a fortune, so we can update whenever we want! I love making the trip down the mountain to go to Homegoods and would head straight toward the outdoor decor dept as we are working on our outdoor living space! 💕

  • Lynne Gaylor at

    Beautiful blog and wonderful decorating style! I would definitely use the Homegoods gift card on a basket like the one you have on your porch!!! Love it!!! Whimsy and natural texture added to the outdoor vibes! 🙂

  • Kristen at

    I would redo my front entry too. This has inspired me!

  • Melissa Storms at

    Your porch looks gorgeous. I love the idea of slipping ugly planters into baskets. I bought several shockingly pink pots from our dollar store because they were big enough for tomatoes and okra and have good drainage. They are too bright and ugly and don’t match my pretty planters they are grouped with. I am going to have to check Homegoods for baskets.Thank you for the idea.

  • Susan Harlow at

    You are fantastic! I can’t believe you turned that space into something so inviting! I want to sit here and have coffee and a smile! I love everything you do and usually go to your blog first. I would freshen up my porch and Home Goods is always a great place for beautiful and unique finds!

  • JoEllen Giani at

    I love the idea of using a big basket to cover up a less than beautiful planter. I would use the gift card to give my master bedroom a little summer sprucing. Love Home Goods!

  • Carol at

    I’m on the hunt for new bed linens so maybe that, but there are so many distractions at Home Goods that I may wind up with anything! Thanks for the chance & I can’t wait to watch your new house come together!

  • Kate Horrell at

    I’m redoing my bedroom n a CG would be a great help

  • Helena at

    Hi Michael, you hit it out of the park. Porch looks amazing. Love the white pillow. Not hard to spend $100 at HM. Looking for new bedding. Congratulations on the house.

  • Rhega at

    Well I would say I would use on planters but then I would pass by the dishes, the pillows and the throws and to be honest there is no telling. Love Homegoods. Love your porch.

  • Pamela Smith at

    I love HomeGoods! There are always so many great things to choose from! I’m looking for some great outdoor items too, especially some pots to add some plants to. Thanks for the giveaway!

    ps. Your little porch looks so inviting!

  • Kathie Mennetti at

    My front porch needs some color and coziness itself so definitely could probably find something at Home Goods.I also have a niche to fill snide the house.


    i would update my porch and hope it would turn out as cozy as your!

  • Annie at

    HI, I would get some new pillows, new bath mats and towels. Thanks.

  • Colleen Johnson at

    I would buy bedding!

  • Cyndi Damron at

    Our Home Goods has amazing and unique planters so I would upgrade my current backyard decor with new planters, pillows and a small table.

  • Lee at

    I would share it with my 2 youngest kids. At 12 and 14 they are starting to really care how their personal spaces look!

  • Taylor Hill at

    I need some decor for the back porch!

  • Barbara T Whitaker at

    Michael it looks great. I would love a great pillow for my outdoor bench …

  • Keith at

    Great job on the front porch, Michael.

    If I win, I’m looking for lamps and furniture.

  • Lisa at

    I’d look for items to make my porch homey and inviting like yours !!

  • Paula Diekhoff at

    Hi Michael! Thanks for showing us your front porch and the amazing items you got at HG. I love that place too, but ours seemed to have changed a bit and I don’t find as much as I used to. However, if I won I would be heading there to look for bedroom lamps or wall art.

  • Erica Jurisin at

    Hello Michael! I love food and wine, but not a huge fan of cooking. Your recipes make it easy and are such crowd pleasers. They make me look like a star! I recently moved in to a home, built in 2003, and we are just finishing a major guest bath remodel. (practically a gut) I love Home Goods, I recently purchased a beautiful shower curtain from there for the space. I would plan to use the gift card to purchase the finishing touches. Towels, mirrors, art, decorative accents.
    What a treat!
    Thanks for keeping us all inspired!

  • Dawn at

    Love your porch! Sooo pretty! Let’s see ~ I would get some new linens for my son’s bed, find a few cute goodies for my dear mom and choose a new vase for myself!

  • NormaJean at

    Home Goods is my favorite store and I would love a $100 gift certificate for them! I would use it to buy summer accents for my living room/dining room,

  • Brenda Schenck at

    Love your porch and I’m enjoying following along as you turn your gorgeous house into a beautiful home…
    If I won, I would like to update my bathroom…

  • Stacie Stanbery at

    I would buy beautiful plant holders from Home Goods and fill with them with beautiful flowers to admire. Thank you for inspiring us. 🙂

  • Jen at

    I would love to get a colorful rug for my entryway.

  • julia beck at

    I would split it with my daughter so we could shop at homegoods together.

  • Jaycee McCarthy at

    My boyfriend and not only just bought our first home, but are moving in together for the first time. From his fraternity bro styled house, my cluttered collections of hyper female decor; designing a house that blends our styles can be challenging. $100 goes a long way as recent grads in this new found exciting, but stressful, blending period. Help us make our house a home! Pretty please(: oh, and our kitty Elliot could always use a little home goods goodie too!

  • Coleen at

    Have I ever left HomeGoods empty handed? That would be a “no”. I would pick up new cushions for the sun room chairs!

  • D Scherbarth at

    I love the hunt for treasure when you walk into Home Goods. It’sone of my favorite places to shop. You never know what you’ll find! So I can’t say for sure what I’d find but I’d be on the look out for something special for the front porch of my Victorian house.

  • Terry Ann Mayfield at

    I adore Homegoods too. I have to drive an hour to get to the closest one. I would love to redo my front porch this summer. I am a subscriber to your lovely blog.

  • Jennie at

    I would buy some stuff to make my daughter’s freshman dorm room more cozy!

  • Nancy at

    Now that I’m retired and spending more time at home I’d like to redo my family room and HomeGoods has so many things that would help to spruce it up!!!

  • Beth at

    Accessories for my living and dining room!

  • Carla at

    I would add some of their lovely planters to my pool area.

  • Vera V at

    Oh, I’d love the Homegoods gift card to add some freshness for Summer !! Thank You for the chance !!

  • Karen K. at

    That wood stool/end table is so cute! I think that it’s my favorite piece. All of the porch is beautiful, though! It looks so calm and cozy! For my house, our living room is in dire need of a cohesive look so I would invest a nice end table and book shelf!

  • Bridget W at

    Love what you did with the porch! Great job. I would love to spend my $100 gift card on linens & towels. They aren’t “fun” but they sure are necessary!

  • Erica at

    I think that so far this is my favorite blog post. I love what you have done with your porch! Your hanging planters are to die for! And I love your bench and turkish towel. That’s what I’d put my $100 gift card toward! I am so excited to see what you will do with your house. You just keep getting better and better. Thank you for this respite in my day!

  • Robin C. at

    I’d buy something for the front porch of my new beach house!

  • kesha at

    I would buy some decorations for my covered sunporch. I am already subscribed to the IBC newsletter!

  • Vicki at

    I would like to find something for the front porch of our log cabin!

  • Rebecca at

    PILLOWS! HomeGoods always has the best decorative pillows at fantastic prices. I love that for $100 you can completely change the look of your room with new pillows.

  • Nancy H at

    I just moved to a new beach house that needs major updates!

  • Jennie miller at

    You never know what you are going to find at Home Goods, it’s like opening a box full of surprises!! I would love to shop for new bedroom decor!!!! Tgank you for this opportunity! Looking forward to what is next!!!

  • Lisa Thoreson at

    I love HomeGoods! I love the hunt and the thrill of finding a perfect piece as a great price. Thank you!!!!

  • Diane Williams at

    My favorite thing about shopping HomeGoods is never knowing what you will find when shopping there. Even if I am looking for something specific, I always walk out with a great find in my hands. Who knows what I would do with $100 from there!

  • Debra Ruffing at

    I would head to the garden center and get some of the fabulous pots and porch accessories! I love your porch! If I was living in your neighborhood I would feel so invited to stop and chat and perhaps have a sweet tea! Thank you!

  • Sandy at

    A weekly visit to the Home Goods stores in my area. Love this store. Lesson learned if you like something, don’t think on it overnight. Or else, it might be gone. Thank you for this opportunity! Love your posts.

  • Susan at

    There are always so many things I want when I go in Home Goods and I have to put on the blinders! It would be fun to take them off and splurge on something! Loving how your new place is coming along. You made a great choice!

  • DonnaMarie at

    We painted our kitchen last year and I have not re-hung what I had on the walls. I’d shop for new bright and cheerful things to decorate our kitchen.

  • Gina at

    Looks great! I’d use the gift card for planters to perk up my patio or deck!

  • PattiAnn Green at

    I already get your email. Yay!
    I would use this on decor for my dining room that we are remodeling.

  • Allie at

    It Would be a surprise as to what I get as Home Goods is a mystery store! You always end up with a treasure when you least expect it.

  • Heather at

    I would absolutely take my 5 year old son and let him go to town picking out fun pieces for his room! He had a classic Pooh nursery but that has long since be taken down and ever since it’s just been a plain old room. With him getting older he definitely should have a more exciting space.

  • Mary at

    Your porch looks awesome, I love the bench! We are redoing our master bedroom so if I won the gift card it would be put to good use for that.

  • Denise Barrozo at

    Oh how I LOVE HomeGoods! If I win I would first go to the dishes – look for some Italian or Portugal bright colored dishes to add to my summer table. Then I would go to the drinking glasses, something fun and bright for the Summer Sangria, ohhh there are too many things to buy at Home Goods, never enough money!! LOL. Michael, your house is gorgeous and your special touch is making it a beautiful home! Congrats on a dream come true!

  • Patti at

    I’d decorate our screened in porch and patio.

  • melisa sollenberger at

    Beautiful post! I love Homegoods and would use the gift certificate to buy pretty things for my newest grandbaby’s nursery. (Third girl in a row!)

  • Mindy at

    Patio refresh for the win!

  • Kerry Ann Masoner at

    I would find a large basket for a new fig plant that I found. Love you, IBC! P.S. those key lime fudge things were the bomb, yo

  • Sarah at

    Lovely porch! I like what you added to your hanging basket. Great combination! Thanks for the inspiration and for a chance to win the gift card. I would love to have some extra spending money for new linens for the master bed and bath remodel that we are beginning soon.

  • Christy Fugate at

    I would head to the lamp department at Home Goods as I really need table lamps in my almost finished guest room.

  • Jaclyn Reynolds at

    Would love a new mirror for our home.

  • Monica D Abel at

    Your front porch came out super cute! Love the hanging baskets so much. I now want to look up the magazine you have sitting on the bench…the whole spot made me think how sad my small front porch is looking right now so I would use the card to spruce up my porch too. Thanks for the inspiration as always! xo

  • Jill at

    I would purchase decor for my master bedroom that I’ve been painting and redecorating!

  • Jenn K at

    I would get some new pictures for the walls!

  • Jana Gramaglia at

    I would get some canvas art to hang in our new home!

  • Becky at

    Congrats on the new home! It’s fabulous! I myself just bought a home in March. I’d love to win this $100 gift card because even though I just bought a house I still haven’t finished decorating it! My style changed so much since renting apartments and houses that most walls are still bare. You have no idea how much this $100 would help me and inspire me! I just don’t have the money to go out and get more decor right now and have been holding off on having a housewarming party because I feel my house is too underdecorated right now. Help us make this house more of a home (first time homeowners here) thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  • Isabel O at

    I would use it to buy some new blankets, kitchen items and decor

  • Lea at

    I’d get some new indoor decor items (mirrors, frames, etc)

  • Jen at

    Oh my! I’d finally be able to fill my empty walls!

  • Stacy Eubank at

    I’d use a $100 gift card to spruce up our patio. Even though it’s hot in Las Vegas during the day, the nights are perfect for sitting outside and watching geckos and finding a moment to regroup with my husband.

  • Angela Manus at

    I’d probably buy a bedside table, a slim storage area or a slim entertainment center for my Mom’s bedroom for when she comes to live with me…hopefully very soon.

  • Kristie Hinshaw at

    This would be wonderful! Bedding for our daughter’s newly decorated room!

  • Rachelle Roque at

    I’m always at HomeGoods searching for treasures. I’ve been trying to complete my bedroom for a year, so this gift card would definitely help!

  • Sue Symens at

    I have a spare bedroom that need a little life breathed into it! I would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  • carol clark at

    id buy some curtains and new pillows to spruce up the living room

  • carol clark at

    id buy some curtains and some pillows

  • Lizzie at

    You have so many great ideas…$100 to spend st Hone Goods, no problem. Some new towels, maybe a tray or pretty platter. Hope I win, thanks!

  • Pamela Bain at

    I’d use the $100 to jump start my fall decor.

  • Eileen Caulk at

    I want to brighten my bathroom with a bright floral shower curtain and matching towels to make it feel bright and summery!

  • Danielle Lee at

    We moved into a new house 9 months ago, and it still looks sad and empty. Need to pretty up the living room!


    I would love to buy some gifts for my sister she just moved from Colombia to a new apartment and is expecting her first baby this would be a sweet blessing to buy her some lovely things. Thanks for the wonderful chance 🙂 very generous!

  • Julana at

    I am remodeling my entire house … probably heading to the bedding section.

  • Krissa Secrist at

    your porch is perfect! I would totally buy something for my porch. Probably that pillow….or something like it. I love the size.

  • Krissa Secrist at

    Are those purple geraniums???

  • Patricia at

    I am in the process of getting my hour ready to sell, so I would love to get some updated art for my wall or a nice throw blanket for my living room chair.

  • Mary W at

    We just remodeled our bathroom so I would splurge on new towels.

  • Daisy at

    Omgosh so I just moved in so I would buy decorating items! Well anything pretty much! Lol fingers crossed

  • Marce Pancio at

    I just finished staining my deck and would like to add some new decorative pillows to the patio furniture and home goods got such a great selection

  • Susan at

    I need some accessories to brighten up my balcony. 😊

  • Steph T at

    Oh my goodness! It is a toss up as to how this would be spent. I’m looking to spruce up (and keep alive!!) my front ‘garden’, so I might go for some soaker hoses and more flowers with pretty planters. That, or I would look for some cute front patio decorations. I want our small front to look cute, too!

  • MJ Moore at

    Oh it would be hard to choose between lighting and planters- thank goodness Home Goods has a fantastic selection that makes it easier!

  • patricia caradonna at

    I would purchase a new bedspread, bath towels, Yankee candle and a matching bath mat.

  • DeAnna Keller at

    I would buy a few throw blankets and a nice comforter for my bedroom

  • Susan P. at

    I would get new bed linens and towels.

  • Janet Nolan at

    I would get some new outdoor chairs to spruce up the patio.

  • Jenn at

    I want to update my dining room, just got a new table and now I need to update the room with some new decor and accessories.

  • Ozzetta at

    Home Goods is one of my FAVORITE stores!!! I’d buy more candles for my candle storage and new throw pillows for my living room.

  • Oscar @OscarBravoHome at

    That wood side table is super cool!! The patio looks so inviting, Michael 🙂

  • Aleta at

    Love that wooden table and HomeGoods. This time of year, I’m always looking for garden pots and entertaining gear.

  • Viviana Vazquez at

    I love all the plants!

  • Amanda Wilson at

    Great Giveaway! I would buy things for the kitchen- dish towels. glasses, decor !

  • Jennifer P at

    I love your new porch! it’s so cute! I would spend that gift card on new pillows! 🙂

  • Judy at

    LOVE the wooden side table on the porch. Wish I had your eye for detail. $100 would come in handy to spruce up my porch too. I have a swing on it and it needs some new pillows and I also need some greenery. Got my fingers crossed and hope I am lucky. Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card.

  • Linda at

    Pots, pots and more pots for me at Home Goods!

  • Linda at

    I have only recently started really, really enjoying entertaining. Maybe because I retired from my job in January and finally have time to do the things I’ve always wanted to do. I would spend my $100 at Home Goods on serving trays and unique serving utensils. We’ve only had a Home Goods in my area for a couple months. LOVE HOME GOODS!

  • Janet at

    I love what you are doing to your new home, Michael! The front porch is so cute and looks relaxing and is a real inspiration for me. If I were to be lucky enough to win the Home Goods gift, I would use it toward outdoor seating for my front patio as we love to sit there in the morning when it is still cool in that spot. May your summer continue to bring you much happiness!

  • Leslie Felmlee at

    🌸I love the cozy atmosphere that you created on your front porch❣️😊
    I would use the gift card to purchase the “not now “ things that I always love to see at HomeGoods. (Fancy baking tins, new porch pillows, and the list goes on 😊)

  • Kelli at

    I am moving soon and I work for non-profits, so money is always tight. I’ve rarely had an apartment feel like home, so a little something extra from Home Good’s generosity would help with the transition to a new city.

  • Alisa Decatur at

    We are in the process of remodeling our master bath so I would load up on white towels, soaps, and other bath accessories from HomeGoods to create a spa-like atmosphere. HomeGoods is my absolute favorite place to shop for home decor.

  • Patricia C at

    I would spend the 100 gift card on outdoor items, yard decorations and outdoor serving ware.

  • Barb at

    I need something for my mantle & a small rustic end table.

  • patty at

    I just ripped off our deck and had a cobblestone patio put in. Just need to decorate the new outdoor space. Happy 4th July

  • Kim R at

    Just beautiful, Michael! Your outdoor spaces are always inspiring!!
    After reading your post I think I would use the $100 card to replace the big plastic pots on my front steps. 🙂

  • Kathy at

    Would buy something for my son’s new apartment and a plant hanger for the front porch.

  • Caroline at

    You’re making so much progress already, Michael.

    I’d probably look for a rug or some pretty pillow for my not-so-pretty back porch!

  • Cindy Smith at

    I would decorate my extra bedroom! 😀

  • Carol Clarke at

    my front entry needs some ❤️ to make it inviting

  • Debbie Kupronis at

    I would use it to update my living room. I haven’t been able to buy anything for it since the 90’s. It would be the best day ever if I won.

  • Trish at

    I would love to update my throw pillow collection. I am obsessed:)

  • Odie at

    HI Michael,
    I Love the front porch!!! You have made a lot of progress. I am moving into a new home too (from 1200 sq, ft to 2500 sq. ft.), so I am going to need LOTS of new things to go into all of the extra room I have.

  • Jan Hayne at

    Front porch or back deck … which will it be? I’m sure when I walk into HomeGoods I’ll be “inspired” with the perfect treasures for one … or both. HG has lots of interesting and beautiful things to choose from.

  • Dawn Kuc at

    I love your porch!! It’s very refreshing!!!!

  • Connie Thompson at

    I would like to upscale my deck

  • Julie at

    I’ll be moving into a new home soon so I’d spend my $100 on shopping the store and finding special treasures for it.

  • jan at

    I’m needing some pillows to freshen up our patio.

  • Rivka K at

    I love HomeGoods! Really like what you found there! I’m moving now and will need lots of new decor.

  • Sharon at

    Home Goods is my happy place! I would browse the store and let my heart decide in the moment. I’m enjoying watching your lovely home come together.

  • Catherine Szabad at

    I would love to win a gift card from HomeGoods – I always say its my home away from home. My husband and I are building a home and this would help a great deal! Thank you!!

  • Lisa A Mercier at

    Michael- I am loving all your decorating posts- the new house is amazing and can’t wait to see upcoming posts!! Also want to thank you for sharing the nook “Girl Wash Your Face”. OMG- love it and her! I am really into personal development and that book is spot on!! Have given it to all my friends!! As for the Home Goods gift card- I am always looking for perfect statement pieces for my living room. Working on a bedroom re do as well!! Thank you for pouring into all of us through your blog!!

  • Sydney85 at

    Great Ideas! I would buy some summery pillows to add lots of color.

  • Andi McDonald at

    I’m working on redecorating our living room and would love to shop at HomeGoods. It’s one of my favorite stores.

  • Katy Judy at

    I love Home Goods and with a gift certificate I might never be seen again !

  • Joy West-Stuart at


  • Andrea at

    Your porch looks so inviting! I would use a gift card to get some pieces to freshen up my bedroom. I spend time and money on my living room and neglect my poor bedroom!

  • Donna at

    So lucky to have a HomeGoods in my city. I think I’d get a few things for my home office.

  • Tina W at

    Since my Dad will be moving in with us soon I would probably get some new curtains and bedding for his room. And maybe a few pillows. For me to scream into.

  • Marilyn Nawara at

    I would use it toward a new rug for my sun room — Home Goods has some really nice ones!

  • Tina at

    Lamps for the bedroom!

  • .Pink at

    Just found your blog. Looove it!!!!
    I would head right to the outdoors section…. Pillows! Bistro tables! Garden goods!.. Oh My!!!

  • Jeremy McLaughlin at

    We are redoing our bedroom, would get stuff for that.

  • L. Mercier at

    Michael- This has nothing to do with your posts because I love all of them and look so forward to what you are posting. What this does have to do with is thanking you for sharing the book :Girl Wash Your Face”. OMG_ completely life changing with me and have purchased it and shared with so may of my close friends. What’s more exciting is that she was a keynote speaker at a skincare convention in which I am a business partner and got to hear her. WOW- thank you thank you for sharing her with me!!! She is real, she is transparent and she is just her authentic self. You are a rock star yourself!!! Keep on blogging!!!

  • tricia barile at

    Michael, I absolutely love all your Spring ideas!! The mantles are perfect! I feel like they are clean, and light, if that makes sense?
    The front porch is so inviting!! I’m so inspired for the change of seasons now! Thank you!!! 🌿

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