Thanksgiving is on its way. That’s why I inviting you into my dining room to share my cozy and inviting Thanksgiving table decor. I hope my space gives you inspiration and ideas to style your own holiday table.

And be sure to stay tuned to the end of this post. I’m giving away a $300 credit to Balsam Hill to help one of you add a little seasonal style to your home.

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor

While I typically don’t host Thanksgiving, I do know a thing or two about styling a table. I’m excited to show you my setup and share a few tips and tricks along the way. I’ve also included a full source list for everything in this room at the end of the post. Looking for a source? Check there first.

Now let’s get going!

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Thanksgiving Table Décor: Select a Centerpiece

Whenever I’m styling a table (or anything for that matter) I like to start with a color scheme in mind. For this particular table, I started with the colors in the Briarwood Cottage Garland (currently out of stock) as my jumping off point. I love the mix of greens, neutrals, and browns with that pop of bright, rusty orange.

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

While I’m typically not a big fan of faux florals, I could easily make an exception for this beauty. It’s beautifully made and the colors are just so yummy!

Speaking of decorating with garlands, adding one down the center of your table is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a big statement with minimal effort. I love how this looks. There’s no need to spend big bucks on fresh flowers to line your table. This works great for Christmas as well; you can use an evergreen or pine garland for a more festive look.

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Thanksgiving Table Décor: Place Settings

With the garland in place, I added in my place settings. Here I’m using this beautiful vintage set I found at a local antique store. I found this set back in February and I’ve been in love with it ever since. (Remember when I used the same set for my Garden-Inspired Spring Tablescape?) I think the gold accent is perfect for Thanksgiving. It adds warmth with a little sparkle.

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

In keeping with the gold theme, I added in some gold flatware and some vintage gold-rimmed glasses. My flatware is from West Elm though I don’t believe they sell the same style these days. This set is similar.

To tie the colors from my garland into my place setting, I found a beautiful plaid napkin from my personal collection. Then, as a finishing touch for my place setting, I added one of the mini pumpkins from the Tabletop Heirloom Pumpkin Collection.

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

And I would be remiss not to give a little shout-out to my Salted Caramel Apple Pie. I styled it on this table and it fit in beautifully. I have to say this is THE BEST apple pie I’ve ever eaten. I typically don’t make grand statements like that, but for this pie I’m making an exception.

Salted Caramel Honeycrisp Apple Pie #saltedcaramel #honeycrisp #applepie #pie #dessert #recipe #fallbaking #caramel

Thanksgiving Table Décor: Beyond the Table

With my table set, I wanted to add a little coordinating decor to the sideboard that sits just behind my table. You’ll notice more of the Tabletop Heirloom Pumpkins along with some of the Rustic Heirloom Pumpkins. I love how realistic these look and that I can use them year after year.

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Once again, I wanted to make that rusty orange color in the garland stand out, so I cut a few branches from a tree in my yard that had some similar tones. I just added them to a pitcher of water for a quick, easy, and free, fall arrangement.

If you’re not lucky enough to have the perfect color leaves in your backyard, I highly recommend these preserved fall leaf branches. I used them in my fall dining room décor. They still look as fresh and vibrant as the day I put them up.

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

With all of that in place, my table needed one final, but very important, finishing touch: candles.

Thanksgiving Table Décor: Add Candles

The glow of a flame is a must for any gathering. It adds warmth, light, and movement. For this table, I decided to use the Miracle Flame Wax Pillar Candles. This is my first experience using a faux flame candle and I must say, I really love the look and ease of using them.

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Yes, nothing beats the glow and warmth of a real candle, but it’s so nice not having to worry about hot wax or the chance of setting something on fire. And to be honest, from a distance you wouldn’t even know these weren’t real. It’s even hard to tell in some of these photos.

As you can see, scattered down the table and across my sideboard these candles add the perfect amount of magic and welcoming glow.

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

And with that, I would say my table is ready! Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving table complete. What do you think?

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

Now let’s talk about the giveaway.

Balsam Hill Giveaway!

This holiday season Balsam Hill asked me to be one of their brand ambassadors. I was so honored as I’m such a big fan of their products – especially their Christmas trees and décor. I always like to pass along my good fortune to you whenever I can so I asked if I could host a giveaway for my amazing audience and they said, “Yes!”

Let’s get into the details:

I’m giving away a $300 Balsam Hill credit to one lucky IBC reader!

To enter to win, input your email address in the box below to join the Inspired by Charm Mailing List* That’s it! Bonus entries are available for follows / shares on social media.


This giveaway has ended. Congrats to Hannah K! You’re the winner! I’ve sent an email to the address you provide. Please reply to coordinate your prize. Thanks to all that entered! 

This giveaway is open to readers in the United States. You must be 18 or older to win. Void where prohibited. This giveaway will end at 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, November 5, 2020. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email.

*Your email address is used solely for the Inspired by Charm Mailing List. Your email address will never be sold or used in any other way. I send 2-3 emails per week. Want to enter the giveaway but not join the mailing list? No problem. Once the giveaway ends, click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email to be removed from the list.

Cozy and Inviting Thanksgiving Table Decor #thanksgiving #tablescape #table #tablesetting #decor #decorations #falldecor #friendsgiving #diningroom

I hope you’re feeling inspired and a bit more equipped to tackle any holiday decorating project. I hope you found my space, along with the tips and tricks that I shared, to be helpful as you create your own intimate and cozy Thanksgiving celebration.

Happy entertaining!


Fall Decorating Dining Room Sources:

Paint Colors:
Wall Paint: Sherwin-Williams Snowbound SW 7004 (Emerald Interior – Satin)
Trim Color: Sherwin-Williams Extra White SW 7006 (ProClassic Semi-Gloss)

Dining Table: Vintage
Sideboard: Vintage
Chairs: At Home (no longer sold)
Tall Cabinet: Vintage

Dining Room Chandelier: Radcliffe 30″ Round Bare Bulb Chandelier (Oil-Rubbed Bronze)
Tall Lamps: HomeGoods

Fall Leaves: Preserved Oak Leaf Bunch (1/2 lbs)
Tabletop Pumpkins (Large and Mini): Tabletop Heirloom Pumpkin Collection
Heirloom Pumpkins: Rustic Heirloom Pumpkins
Miracle Flame Wax Piller Candles: Miracle Flame Wax Pillar Candles
Gold Rimmed Glassware: Vintage
Champagne Flutes: French Champagne Glasses
Rug: Medallion Border Area Rug in Rust


Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links as part of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Programs and other affiliate services. This means that receives a small commission by linking to and other sites at no cost to the readers.

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  • Jeannie at

    So beautiful! Last year was the first year I used a garland as a centerpiece (it wasn’t as nice as yours though!) and it is SO EASY! I put down the garland and just filled in some pumpkins and candles. It looked great, didn’t impede on conversation or eating/drinking (as some centerpieces do) and, again, was super easy. Thanks for the tips!

  • Caroline at

    Beautifully inviting as always, Michael!

  • Kristin at

    Oh my goodness. The whole set up is absolutely gorgeous. My favorite is a centerpiece running down the table. Just stunning!

  • Manda at

    Beautiful table setting!

  • Deena at

    Just lovely, Michael. I too am loving the faux lighting from flameless candles. Love the textut re of the real foliage. Beautiful colors.

  • Lorinda Turley at

    I am so inspired by your classic creativity with such warm, inviting touches of beauty. Thank you for sharing your talented ideas with us.

  • Cindi at

    Very pretty Michael you are so creative

  • Teresa at

    Absolutely stunning Michael! I love using centerpieces that are on the lower side and don’t block conversation with dinner guests sitting across the table. I love the wooden pillars you used for your faux flameless candles. I have been using flameless candles for some time and apparently they were so realistic looking they fooled my son when he came to Christmas dinner last year. I can’t wait to see what you are doing for Christmas this year! I don’t know how you will top last year’s but you always manage to.

  • Teri at

    And to think I took off my garland this year because it was too “orange”…yours is beautiful! Thank you for the giveaway-my lovely artificial Christmas tree was ruined when our basement storage room flooded earlier this year (what else could happen in 2020?!) and having ordered from Balsam Hill before I know what beautiful and high quality trees they have. $300 would help me buy a new one!

  • Marti at

    Love the mix of new and vintage! The faux pumpkins look great, usually I opt for real, but I may have to invest in some from Balsam Hill. I love your vintage sideboard. Can I ask where you got the metal tray? Thank you! Always inspiring!

  • Tracy Suzanne DeLoach at

    Michael, your home is styled so beautifully for the season, actually it’s always styled beautifully. I’m really loving the softer, more natural colors with pops of color, rather than looking like a pumpkin exploded orange. Anyone would feel so at home at your table. <3 Balsam Hill has the most realistic seasonal decor. I'm loving their fall line almost more than Christmas. It has such a sense of warmth and the way you display it is impeccable. Your rug looks like it was bought just for this season & display. Gorgeous. And your photos are so pretty. Okay, now I'm just gushing. lol Thank you so much for the opportunity to win and add some cheer to our homes. Lord knows we could all use it now more than ever.

    PS. That salted apple pie, oh' my!!!! I'd be shouting out if I created something to pretty to eat & mouth watering too. πŸ™‚

  • Stacey at

    One of my favorite posts…all the cozy vibes are just so inviting!! I think fall is one of the best times to decorate! I love the candles you used to make this space just glow!! Your dining room looks fabulous!

  • Cathy Claus at

    love this setting! Your dining has come together beautifully! love everything! can’t wait for Christmas pics!!!!

  • B Shepard at

    So lovely! Everything you do is gorgeous and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us! Also, I found a 12 place settings of these dishes on Facebook Marketplace FOR THIRTY DOLLARS, and I missed grabbing them by 2 minutes. I was so bummed!

  • Betsy Cornell at

    So beautiful; I’ve pinned most of the pictures. I look forward to your holiday posts, both decorating and recipes. I sure wish you lived next door! Thanks for creating content that is inspirational, peaceful, beautiful!

  • Cherie at

    This is soooo lovely! Warm and inviting. I have to say, I think that pie is the star of the show. 😍😍😍 You captured what Thanksgiving is all about for me: I would love to invite my loved ones around this table! And thanks for the chance to win such a generous giveaway!

  • Mimi Matthews at

    Goodness I want to go to YOUR house!! It’s so beautiful, and I am going to make that pie for Thanksgiving! Wish me luck—I don’t make pies. lol
    Maybe I’ll win this giveaway and get a new tree!! Would be sooo lovely. Thanks.

  • Deb at

    Beautiful as usual Michael! I truly enjoy receiving your emails. Always something fun to see and ideas to gather. Definitely will make the apple pie! Would love to win they gift card….don’t you love Balsam Hill?!

  • Ivory at

    Your thanksgiving tablescape is stunning. I love the fabulous fall colors. The creative way you decorated, not just Your table, but your buffet and added a little extras by placing pumpkins on the floor next to the table. Nice touch.

  • Lisa at

    Michael- you never disappoint!!! Beautiful as always and I LOVE your color and texture choices. You are by far one of my favorite designers!!!! Great job again!!!! Thank you for your inspiration!!!

  • Kim Henrichs at

    Those chairs are amazing!

  • Erin Prohaska at

    So beautiful Michael! You have such a gift! Thank you for the endless inspiration, eye candy and the opportunity! 🧑

  • Tracy at

    One of the most beautiful tablescapes! Warm, welcoming & gracefully done! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  • Jess at

    What a beautiful set up!!

  • Homeia at

    wow! It look amazing..Thanks Giving day is coming up..I will take this note into my account.

  • OGYOUTUBE Apk at

    You made some nice points there and very interesting info.

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